Afrojack - Ten Feet Tall Lyrics

I'm clumsy, yeah my head's a mess
'Cause you got me growing taller everyday
We're giants in a little man's world
My heart is pumping up so big that it could burst

Been trying so hard not to let it show
But you got me feeling like
I'm stepping on buildings, cars, and boats
I swear I could touch the sky

Oh, oh, oh
I'm ten feet tall
Oh, oh, oh
I'm ten feet tall

I'll be careful, so don't be afraid
You're safe here, no, these arms won't let you break
I'll put up a sign in the clouds
So they all know that we ain't ever coming down

Been trying so hard not to let it show
But you got me feeling like
I'm stepping on buildings, cars, and boats
I swear I could touch the sky

Oh, oh, oh
I'm ten feet tall
Oh, oh, oh
I'm ten feet tall

You build me up
Make me what I never was
You build me up
From nothing into something
Yeah, something from the dust

Been trying so hard not to let it show
But you got me feeling like
I'm stepping on buildings, cars, and boats
I swear I could touch the sky

Oh, oh, oh
I'm ten feet tall
Oh, oh, oh
I'm ten feet tall

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Afrojack Ten Feet Tall Comments
  1. Muchlis Hasnurda

    This song remix of one the best from Afrojack, it’s beautiful rythm and dinamic. Awesome 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  2. raynx 100

    Ada yang dari indo ? Like n komen y

  3. Felipe Sousa

    Nostalgia boa, 2013-2019

  4. Flo Loewen

    Who came back to this song in 2020?

    Đức Đỗ

    ure not alone bro!!!!!

  5. Unicorn lol

    0:22 - 0:38 Wow! So Beautiful💕

  6. Farooq Khan

    Can u guyz plzz recommend me this type of song with related music 🙏🏻

  7. Perla MV

    My favorite song for ever

  8. Big Dog The Hedgehog

    Been trying so hard not to let it show!
    But now I just feel like
    Hunting for arch-fiends everywhere I go!
    Destroying everyone in sight!
    I'm ten times madder!
    I'm ten times madder!

  9. Big Dog The Hedgehog

    dragon age IV, shadow hearts III? DRAGON STORY II! DRAGON'S CROWN II! DISCIPLES IV! MORTAL KOMBAT 12?!?!?!?! ZOMBIU vs godzilla or MARIO PARTY 10 or SHADOW HEARTS? or STARLINK?!?!?! MARIO PARTY8 and SHADOWRUN TRANSFORMERS DARKSIDERS?!?!?!?!?!?! Spyro Reignited Trilogy with SFX (with and/or without BGM) from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory please? - BIG REQUEST!

  10. Big Dog The Hedgehog

    Funny how a song evolves like this!
    The Original Version as Wrabel performed alone was a ballad, and Afrojack's version made it become an EDM song.
    So funny...!

  11. Big Dog The Hedgehog

    Who be watching this in January 2020 while having a very tough time stopping COPPA from affecting YouTube? (OOPS SORRY DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD?)

  12. Big Dog The Hedgehog

    Parody on this version would be:
    "Two Eggs Hatched"
    I'm crazy, with my Agumon!
    Feeling like I just want him to Digivolve
    Into a Samudramon
    But then I wouldn't make it like that at all

    I've been trying so hard not to pass this on...
    But you've got me feeling like...
    Trading a lot of Digimon!
    I swear that I can make it right!
    Loooooooook.... I've got two eggs hatched!
    Oh, looooooook... I've got two eggs hatched!

  13. Heavy Buffalo

    This songs remind me of winter everytime i listen to it

  14. Jason Roeroe

    I just lost my friend a month ago. This song randomly appears and reminds me of a pleasant memory with him.
    Sigh... I miss how we used to hang out, do some stupid stuff, and party together.
    It's crazy when a song can give you a short video of your memories.
    Love you bro!


    He died . Thats sad man i kniw how ya feel . I lost so much but that is all part of life you just need to believe that he dont wanna for you to suffer

  15. Ranjan Biswas

    99 percent of people may not see this, but...

    Who comments like this are the most annoying creeps of the internet.

  16. Karry Maravilla

    This is my favorite song. I met my husband when he was a poor man with only a bicycle and a $50 dollar check to his name and I was making six figures, but for some reason, I felt he was the one I should be with, 7 years later we got married have a little family and he's an engineer and we're so happy. Never underestimate the potential of anyone! To this day his heart is as beautiful as it was the same day I met him. Life is about taking chances even when in a logical mind they don't make sense.

  17. Jake Myers

    December 2019?

  18. Yeiver Jimenez

    And the lyric?

  19. patrick Trieling

    Yubjnhi i nu ij ij in oi oi uooioju i kijk best eer j h r y gr 7 g nu en t h y y 'n Y v ij hub u hobby ih hi om ui kl hui op k ui igtyi fr h u u


    December 2019?

  21. christiellen matos

    2019 e o Brasil aqui 😍 ícone de música .

  22. YatGames


  23. U. Yudha Pangestu

    December 2019?

  24. A lo bueno

    Ahora si puedo empezar en dia con mucha energía .

  25. Franz Glodo

    Travelling the World with this song is Priceless!

  26. Emmanuel Milien


  27. Raghav Sharma

    didn't know Casemiero from real madrid can be a very good dj as well

  28. Mytheous lastname

    luv the melody of this song, lyrics too, within context of the music,
    read em dry, their not genius (as i had read) just straight fwd.

  29. david rojas

    viva la musica electronica!! mi vida puede ser una tragedia , una comedia , o lo que sea ......pero es extasis con la musica jaaja

  30. Axel Rodríguez

    Hawkeye and cassandra Caín Team up hawkssandra

  31. Tobias Haas

    Irgentwie wünsche ich mir mehr von diesen Oldschool Tracks zurück 😍

  32. Raw Hit Chh

    Still listings

  33. Diego Alcarde

    Listening to this, my teenage memories came up, and also the dream of going to tomorrowland in 2012~2015

  34. Daniel Lyons

    It's 5 years old WTF I thought was new since hearing it alot on club mtv lol


    *NOVEMBER 2019??*

    Hayanne Grünbauer

    Im littlerly lisening 9 hours after you

    daimyjason80 blasa

    I lising this all day

  36. Richard W

    Who ? 2020

  37. Tùng Dương Khách sạn


  38. CrazyAKo Official

    I listened to this when it had like 10k views... :)

  39. Subhash Chandra

    whenever i listen to this song i remember my past andalmost get tears :(

  40. Isaac Diaz

    Im Ten Feet Tall.

  41. Deppy Deprox

    *i like*


  42. Bruh Moment


    Dutch people:

  43. Валентин Стрілець

    turned on the speakers, all the neighbors call, they say make louder

  44. septianto arief

    As a 5'7" person.. I can't relate this song

  45. Susu Baroud

    Afrojack ft widy

  46. Noixel

    Only 90m views really many ppl got bad taste of music

    First name Last name

    Noixel that's not how it works. The viewers can very easily be people who dislike the song. Just because they watched the video doesn't mean the like it, you can't really like something you haven't seen/heard yet after all.


    First name Last name I think he’s tryna say that it should have more views


    Rice absolutely

  47. 7ala _H


  48. Mpzcore 283

    Great song 👌🏻

  49. Dolores Yoc

    La canción de la nueva cajita feliz papas habungersa un jugo de naranja y un pude de manzana y la canción de palyeda manga larga con lobelor de lona

  50. Harsh Chandra

    Who else is watching this in 2020 now?

  51. Roberto Daniel Malti

    2019 2020 2021 a ful amo la electonica😎

  52. Herr Biomdo

    Here because of edm 2013 😍


    nov 8 2019.

  54. Jorge Marreros

    Come on to 100 views

  55. taleta nasi

    Papiiii.. lindu

  56. taleta nasi

    Dendi jam berapa datangnya sayangku?

  57. taleta nasi

    Dateng aja dendi

  58. 냥냥이


  59. blex

    this shit never existed in my timeline and im glad i remeber these days.

  60. Nolan Rhey Saraña

    We need more songs like this today. #2k19

  61. DJ C'LION

    10k short people dislikes this song

  62. ΤS_G21

    Seriously I was searching this song for 6 years. Finally found it with a simple lyric

    Edm Nation

    Congrats you have found an masterpiece!


    @Edm Nation I know 😊

  63. Will Wisdom

    great song!!!! video is meh

    Joaquim Araújo

    Fuck that, the important thing is the song that is a masterpiece, not the video!

  64. Janeth Jakqueline Aranda Mejia

    Love it the first time.....Still, Love this song in 2019 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🌠✌😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  65. taleta nasi

    Tenang yaa, santai aja ,

  66. K A N O •YT

    I like music...😁 And the afrojack

  67. R A

    Who's here November 2019??😜😜

  68. Games Mobile Jooh

    Alguém? 31/10/2019?

  69. mohammed darbi

    Heard this song live in bahrain, it was the day i hooked up with my crush back then ill never forget how happy inwas thay day.

  70. 장시훈

    My best song!

  71. Tejas Bhadri


  72. Mung


  73. Jan De

    I dunno why my memory is with Coldplay with this song

  74. 真島吾朗


  75. Drake SMITH

    😭😭😭😭😭que recuerdos :'v
    2019 sigo escuchando su música ....

  76. Aswin Pradeep

    Which festival is this

  77. Samuel Rodriguez

    To be honest .. I am a Trance Soul.... but really Afrojack is the best EDM Producer ... d|-_-|b

  78. Mandy Hernandez

    Cada vez que escucho esto me viene una nostalgia , que recuerdos Guatemala octubre 2019 🙏🌬🍃🍂🌿🌱🍃

    Drake SMITH

    X2 😭😭

  79. Bayu Wikanjaya

    2019 and still gimme goosebumps

  80. taleta nasi

    Papiii dendi gendooong

  81. Chandra KongZ

    Miss this song

  82. taleta nasi

    Coba deh denger makna lagunya. Bukan masalah tinggi badan tp makna tersirat di lagunya. Trus beat trancenya bagus.

  83. taleta nasi

    Kalo aku stel lagu ini tdk ada keinginan merendahkan org lain. Dengarkan lagunya. Ini hanya soal makna lagu.
    Yg terjadi kalian salah paham.
    Aku dengar lagu ini amat menyemangati ketika di lemahkan. Aku kan sdh di sihir 3 bulanan sakitnya luar biasa.
    Malam harus jaga hingga berjam2.
    Rasyid juga menderita krn ada tegangan energi setan yg membuat jantungnya berdetak lbh cepat.
    Aku dengar ini hanya senang

  84. taleta nasi

    Aku setia dendi

  85. taleta nasi

    Aku harap akur ya semua.. semua keluarga kesayanganku

  86. taleta nasi

    Aku sifatnya membantu. Back up aja kalo di butuhkan

  87. taleta nasi

    Dendi ga usah jadi jamaah tabligh, tetap jadi pekerja yg kamu sukai..
    Yg jamaah aku aja

  88. Sangsangi Fanchun

    I like dis song

  89. Pedro Ramírez

    Una de las mejores del género!! 😜

  90. Intel com

    best song ever man

  91. Jenus Yengkhom

    October 2K19

  92. Jesús Gomez

    Muy bien lograda, hasta el día de hoy sigue siendo mi favorita.

  93. Shreyas Verma

    I miss this kind of music. 2013-15 was the time with the best EDM music.

    karan mhatre

    Shreyas Verma now edm is crap , i cant take a single edm track from this generation
    Switched to techno😄


    I thought my music taste was struck...I'm glad everyone feels the same... It's 3 years since I have updated my track.


    I've cried many a times over this song, it's soo sooo good, the feeeels, WRABEL 😍😍😭😭😭, need more like this, love it more and more every year 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥

  94. zulfiandy60 atjeh sabang

    Live music jong..t😎😎😎👍👍👍

  95. Connor Wolfkill

    This was one of the first songs I ever listened to when I started getting into music.

  96. Resi Thresia

    This is the best from afrojack 👍

  97. ronny ramon zambrano coello

    na guara q electro