Afrojack - Own Game Lyrics

Nothing to lose
I like to my play my own game, game, game
My own game, game, game

Ain't got no rules
I like to my play my own game, game, game
My own game, game, game

I bet they don't know how to turn you on
Just follow me, I'll show you how it's done

Nothing to lose
I like to my play my own game, game, game
My own game, game

Nothing to lose
I like to my play my own game, game, game
My own game, game, game
Nothing to lo, lo, lo, lo...

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Afrojack Own Game Comments
  1. Music EDM Drops

    Wow nice track afrojack 👌💪💪

  2. Fer Ger

    < I want a new Chasner x Afrojack music <3 always great

  3. Isaac Clarke

    Sounds like the same as "No Heroes"

  4. King Kranawetter

    Am I the only one thinking that this track is underrated af?
    ln my opinion it's a freaking Banger!

  5. Sergio Ruiz

    *this is the crazy bigroom*!!! ohh yeahh

  6. Dj Diagnostic

    ohh la la! this is sick this is beautiful song We Love u Afrojack I am the biggest fan of u

  7. Chuy 18

    No Heroes + Rave After Rave + Plur Police

  8. Lucas Fernandes

    B I G R O O M


    The vocals be uglys

  10. JPortilla

    Organic twins🔥🔥

  11. nicko adjie


  12. Islam Nuryev

    Afrojack’s the best song

  13. Maxim Bolotov

    I like this style

  14. Jesus David Coneo Monterrosa

    The best!!!!! So happy now Im listening this EP!!!!!

  15. 09 si

    Nothing to lose 🎶
    I like to play my “own game”🎶🎶

  16. João Neves

    It's exactly Kshmr &j Firebeatz - No Heroes

  17. Glamorous D

    Love this track ❤️ can’t wait to make a mix with it

  18. Big Boss Man

    Big room ?

  19. Stan Bokma

    Hoe kan ik deze video 1 miljoen keer like want DAMN!!!!!

  20. Islam Nuryev

    really good song

  21. Emix .s

    Muy bueno

  22. Gaming feel

    So gooood😊😊😊
    I loooovvee it😍😍
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    You are the best

  23. Caike Vieira

    Nothin' to lose I like to play ma own game

  24. Afrojack

    Calling all producers, DJ’s and remixers!! We’re looking for new talent to join our team!! GLOBAL REMIX BATTLE I. Visit to find out more. #remixbattle

  25. Dániel Szegedy

    wtf?? very bad song..


    My friend

  27. 亀山社中坂本龍馬

    nice love trax

  28. Dapokermon

    This melody is on FIRE

  29. Rico Gamer

    This one sounds like Plur Police by Knife party and Rave after Rave by W&W
    20% originality by the vocals

  30. Mai Takahashi

    Drop reminds me of No Heroes and Rave After Rave, great track :)

  31. Roberto Megatraxx

    Good track.


    Best Album Of the Year!!!


    Drop sounds like Knife Party - Plur Police

  34. Erhan Barut

    I was waiting for this since I heard in tomorrowland.. Loved it! Great work guys!

  35. Nelix

    good work afrojack

  36. газинур гараев


  37. One Beat

    2014 is here i guss

  38. 【動画投稿者】田所浩二

    David Greta - Your Love

  39. FarcodeMusic

    Afrojack is the Eminem of house music


    hey own game is fire

  41. Valerie Palmen

    This song is good!😍😍👌🏼

  42. Rockhands

    yeah afrojack is the best

  43. Edwin Chae

    Kinda sounds like Crunk (Afrojack Edit)

  44. Rockhands

    Now Afro is came back his own way

  45. Fabri yair Aguilar vargas


  46. Michall Martyna

    Afrojack number 1 this Year!!😁💣💣

  47. Criss Leiva

    Afrojack está evolucionando, sus ritmos son más movidos que los de antes

  48. B Blaze

    rave after rave? o.O

  49. Jerem P.

    Reminds me 'Rave after rave'
    POWERFUL track guys 🔥🔥🔥

  50. Cynthia Martinez


    Wemderson Pantoja

    Oi tudo bom com vc

  51. MusicIsLife

    back to 2014

  52. Raffaele Esposito


  53. Risha !!

    10/10 love that drop.. Perfect 👍😃👌

  54. Jimmy Azl

    Finally 🌹❤️

  55. Ma Fo

    Such a sick track! Really love the style on this track!!! 😍 😍 😍

  56. Forever Madridista

    Whole album sounds like trash, only this one is good.

  57. Maryam Haffejee

    What genre is this? Bigroom? House?

    Adrian Mohamet

    Maryam Haffejee Big Room

    NivaX Music

    Is big room with dutch house

  58. Maryam Haffejee

    Second fav on the EP

  59. Flowmotion

    Chasnerrrr <3

  60. Oz Dabah

    Rave after Rave 2.0 ?? lol, great track.

  61. Dilan Espinoza

    ya extrañaba ese afrojack <3

  62. Deadpool Power

    Loved this one when I heard it at Tomorrowland 😍

  63. Afrojack

    Wooooop This is how we do it !!! Chasner put his magic on this one!

    Dan Smit

    Afrojack wacht maar tot onze producties klaar zijn. Dat ga jij top vinden

    Rizsky Setiawan

    Similar like W&W old-style ♥

    Bruno Wilson

    Rave After Rave 2.0

    777 iogrande

    Thank you

  64. Basanti Wangkhem

    Best track.afrojack🙌🙌🙌🙌

  65. J.RO. Official

    The vocals and piano is stunning, so catchy and well done! The build is terrific building energy but perhaps the highlight is that beautiful drop!! It has so much energy and the way the synths are crafted it is very well done, the melody is so catchy and the percussion is the cherry on top!! The break is very well done too! This is one of the best on the album!!

  66. Muhammad Tank

    Like this drop 🔥🙌😍

  67. Teribor

    The best track.

  68. Juan Jose Kronno Zomber 666

    Asombroso!! 💪🔥🔥🔥

  69. Akaash Kumar

    Nice track Afrojack👌💪💪💪

  70. OKAMI

    Own Game❤❤❤❤

  71. OKAMI

    what plugin or effects are needed to get such a voice

  72. Eric •

    Been waiting for this since Tomorrowland 😍🔥

  73. Der Graf

    extended mix ?


    The Drop Sounds like Rave After Rave by W&W :)


    Not Sound Same But The Lead And Kicks Are Same

    Isaac Clarke

    No Heroes by Firebeatz


    @DHRUPAD OGALE Kicks same???😂😂😂😂 Are reaaaallly different and with another sound...

  75. Franz Karl

    Banger 🔥🔥🔥

  76. The loki

    Best playlist of all of course this song is looping infinity times 😘😘😘

  77. The loki

    Best playlist of all of course this song is looping infinity times 😘😘😘

  78. Christian Ozorio


  79. olaftijhuis

    Favourite track of the EP by far, you can hear the Chasner sound!!

  80. ChasnerMusic

    Hope you like it ❤
    Had fun working on this one 👌🎉

    Mees van Puijenbroek

    Are you the guy that remixed Afrojack and he played it on a festival?


    @Mees van Puijenbroek I am, he played my Rock The House remix like everywhere 😁


    Well done on the release of this one bro!

    Guru Banait

    Absolutely amazing track

    Victor Mejia

    ufff :D

  81. DavidXUX

    My favourite track of this EP!!!!



  82. Mario Fan

    One of my Favourites! <3
    Good Work!

  83. Puneet Shukla

    Nailed the game🔥🔥

  84. うんこちゃん

    (´⊙ω⊙) ~~~OMG😍😍

  85. Fox's Dream's

    Oh my fuc**** godd, this track is
    stratospheric !!!!!!!!!

  86. issa yacoub

    This is a hit

  87. Tomoki

    own game!😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍

  88. Arvind Kumar Singh

    Heyy plzz chk out @ministryoffoods on instagram