Afrojack - My City Lyrics

This my city, nigga

This my city, this my city
This my city, this my city
This my city, this my city
This my city, nigga

This my city nigga, everybody know it

This my city nigga, everybody know it

This my city nigga, everybody know it

This my city, nigga

My city, this my city
My city, this my city
My city, this my city
My city, this my city
My city, this my city
My city, this my city
My city, this my city
This my city, nigga

My city, my city
My city, my city
My city, my city
My city, this my city, nigga

Everybody fucking jump!

This my city nigga, everybody know it

This my city nigga, everybody know it

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Afrojack My City Comments
  1. We Are Angelle Josue

    Excelent Song 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Indah Funay


  3. Radu Nicola

    Litteraly the best drop Ive ever heared

  4. Muh Rafi

    Terror Squad

  5. Mark Chavez

    When disto play with afrojack samples

  6. ¿Podemos llegar a 10,000 subs con solo un video?

    0:58 🔥


    1:14 Hands Up with Hardwell


    Hands Up 2.0

  9. Kenny Flor

    Better than the originals

  10. Hanssel Acosta


  11. SHMK official

    Great track but i think its kinda inspired by Terror Squad by Zomboy. Especially first drop . But song its dope .

  12. Basanti Wangkhem


  13. A-LINE

    This my city, Nigga !

  14. XNerve Music

    Ftampa sahar pre drop vocal 😂

  15. Just A Person

    Thank You , Im Now Blind

  16. Saad Iftikhar

    Afrojack is highly Overrated

  17. massada radidine

    My city city I wannna wanna wannna who s ready for afrojack musik


    Amazing Afro

  19. Hilmy Fawwaz

    I need the 1st drop for 1 hour version

  20. AJ Hammond


  21. Raj Khare


  22. Jacob Aceves

    Aftojack too advanced for his time 😥🔥

  23. UnStoppable

    2:41 - Damn!!!

  24. Kayro Official

    its fucking!!!! afrojack

  25. SHADOW

    comme hardwill

  26. zgniła szynka

    Everytime I listen to this track i have goosebumps

  27. iStéfxno HD

    ia dubstep? lol

  28. BOZZ VIZ

    First and second .🔥😬🔥😬🔥😬🔥😬🔥😬🔥😬🔥😬🔥😬🔥😬🔥😬🔥😬

  29. Gigi Hadid

    I like it

  30. shakuntala hiremath

    Awesome music bro.... keep it up collaborate come music with Mr David and Martin.....

  31. TanyCast

    DISTO!!!!! 🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷

  32. T-SLADE

    Sounds like "All is fair in love and brostep" by Skrillex

  33. Vicho Muñoz

    Omg, yesterday i know the phrase *this my city...* its a fragment of a song “the game, 100 and drake” oh my god men u ar a fckng amazing men, so creative!<3

  34. Eric Ellison

    pls upload ultra Eroupe 2018 , everywhere else just removed it ........

  35. benjamin carreño

    Zomboy - Terror Squad (Afrojack Remix) WTF


    benjamin carreño no nigga

    Mohnish Bangera

    benjamin carreño nonsense

  36. hardik shah

    afro sound the most unique 💯

  37. TofuDeliveryBoy

    *Penang is My City*

  38. Roger Wakemup Jr.

    raw as fuck

  39. Mimi Telefon


  40. ましまろう

    This song sounds very Afrojack😘

  41. Ash D

    Is this#dubstep

  42. mohit shrestha

    England is my city

  43. Nick108s

    Sounds like terror squad and hands up

  44. Mudskuyrem10

    RIP my replay button

  45. HGR

    Meiz...Disto and Afrojack are GREAT! ♡

  46. DriftErKidZ

    EnGlaNd Is My CiTy

  47. Julissa AT


  48. leo xd

    Hands up, part. 2

  49. ニンジャー隊

    Afrojack UMF 2018!!

  50. John Pidathala

    Lots of love from #Bangalore Love Afrojack

  51. -Ðot Snipper

    Zomboy - Terror Squad (Afrojack Remix)

  52. Vic


  53. RDNTs Gaming

    Big Room+Bass House+Trap!!!!!!

  54. Zaf R

    Bring it back like the afrojack !!!!

  55. Esmeralda peñaloza

    Sumamente épico y hermoso 😍😍
    #obradearte 👏👏💕💪

  56. The SPARKX

    Thiis iis liit😈😈

  57. Shivam Raval

    Let's fucking goooo

  58. Dylan Guerrero


  59. Cristhian Espinoza


  60. Oz ul

    That was sick thoo

  61. Afrojack

    #1 on Beatport you guys are the best!!!! Thanks for all the support, more tracks coming soon

    Pranay Gurnule

    Why didn't you released this on your main channel?

    Junior Martinez


    -Ðot Snipper

    Ok, Afrojack makes a song with Martin Garrix again!!

    George Samudio

    What about "Move bitch" Remix ??


    🤩éxitos para Afrojack 🤘 2019

  62. Teribor

    DJ Afrojack > Afrojack


    Afrojack> Zomboy

  63. C I A

    finally came out !!

  64. Ahmed LAGHFIRI

    OMG 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Josboot

    C Y M A T I C S A F

  66. Robin Rajesh

    The sound is like Dubstep

    RDNTs Gaming

    Robin Rajesh Sound like Bass House

  67. Kuÿorì's Wōrld

    Afrojack is back!!!!

  68. Ali Akhmet

    Beautiful! Trap, Bass house, Bigroom in one track.

    Liam C.

    I would say Trap and Duch House but not Bass House and Bigroom

  69. Ali Akhmet

    This track sounds like the 'Zomboy".

  70. Christopher Mina Caicedo

    QUICK! I need an extinguisher, cause this track is 🔥🔥🔥

  71. Ton Nao

    OMG bro -0-

  72. GR3G

    Umf flames 🔥

  73. Anya Dudley

    Yo this fire !!! 🔥🔥🔥

  74. Arrkaditya Nayak


  75. Yanco Zamora

    100% fire.❤🔥

  76. TheAngeloF

    Sounds like a mix between All is Fair and Squad Out. Definitely sounds more Skrillex inspired then anything. Parts like 1:23 - 1:26 sound very similar to the ORIGINAL first drop of Squad Out. (3rd drop in the final production is somewhat the same sounding) Sounds amazing, but I just felt the need to comment the similarities.

  77. Farid Saiful

    <3 From Indonesia

  78. sukesh kurba

    soooooooooooooo hit drop Afrojackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  79. Máté Kovács

    its so dopeee omfg

  80. хуй пизда

    11111 view ^^

  81. Berrinz

    I hear Cymatics.

  82. Fakhri Nugroho

    so fucking dope!!!!!

  83. Dj 15

    Ready to jump like a afrojack

  84. Abv Abhijit

    Ears longed for some drops like these.

  85. Yael Cortes

    UMF 2018 Intro

  86. shake 99

    Yeah Afrojack amazing track!!!!

  87. Mario Hernandez Garcia

    Por fin 😍

  88. Cristian Gonzalez

    Holanda x Costa Rica ♪

  89. Cozone Electric dance music

    Drop was🔥🔥💯

  90. Junior Martinez

    The anthem of the festival season

  91. crossonsight

    since when there is a DJ in front your name?


    he's using "DJ Afrojack" as an alias

  92. Electric Beats


    Eyup Batı

    Sreehari ok.



    Trop belle playlist j adore

  93. Renaldo Anthony

    This my city everybody know it 🙌🤘⚡⚡

  94. silver fernando

    Awaited soo long

  95. Zé Pedro Salgado

    KURA - Thunder