Afrojack - Flawless Victory Lyrics

Flawless Victory

Ha ha ha
Like, like, like, like...
Everybody know that we're killing like

Everybody know that we're killing like
Like, like, like, like...
Finish him!
Flawless Victory

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Afrojack Flawless Victory Comments
  1. Sonia H.M

    It sounds like hardstyle

  2. 1peruvianguy

    2019 anyone??

  3. efanization


  4. Osama Gamal

    makes me feel like a fucking badass!

  5. El Turro K-Popper

    Esta canción la espere desde Afrojack UMF 2017, no sabía que Afrojack ya lo había subido :v

  6. mommapacolyps

    deze is zo goed, ook goed te gebruiken voor mijn boss fight gamemode in mijn game

  7. Davi Batista

    Cesqeaux edit haushushsjah

  8. mallu gamers

    Worst track

  9. Ritukanta Reddy

    I love Afrojack

  10. Clarence Pesodas

    Its Mortal Combat !!

  11. Rayane Andrade

    💥🔥🇧🇷 só paulada!!! Cadê os BR gente ?

  12. Az Santiagoz

    0:50 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Az Santiagoz

    Dammmmmmnnnnn !!!

  14. Isaac Valdespino

    This should be in Mortal Kombat 11!! 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Jeremiah Macheke


  16. Jesus David Coneo Monterrosa

    All i have to say is that every single track of this EP is just amazing!!!!
    Im loving this EP!!!!!!

  17. iMartyn -MUSIC-

    Awesome broooo ! Greeting from Cuba !!

  18. VATIIX


  19. Steven Peter

    That Cymatic's Free Pre-drop Though lol

  20. EL drop de LOLZ

    brutal 10/10 rip oidos 1:40

  21. EZE #

    aaaa shit like I love music we're crazy ...................

  22. Baby Driver

    finısh hım

  23. Big Boss Man

    Old school

  24. Nessa Tovey


  25. Nessa Tovey

    kill it! like AFROJACK!

  26. Kevin Aceves

    Brutal se lucio

  27. Afrojack

    Calling all producers, DJ’s and remixers!! We’re looking for new talent to join our team!! GLOBAL REMIX BATTLE I. Visit to find out more. #remixbattle

  28. JustChandlurr

    This new album though 😍.. old Afrojack vibes!

  29. Jaen paul Puello

    Fetality 💣💣

  30. zoop

    fucking love this track

  31. Antonio Silva

    afrojack the best

  32. ArtSubtitle

    Amazing, no words to describe the feeling.... Brutal

  33. vivek shukla

    flawlesss :*

  34. André Carvalho

    The best track of the album 🔥

  35. Riccardo Tucci

    Sei qua per KLAUS?

  36. DJ Sadi

    finish him !

  37. Minaz Pathan

    Was waiting for this when afrojack played this in 2017 ultra music festival 💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

  38. Diana Navarro

    Fantastico 👏👏💖👌👌💗💗💗💗

  39. D.A S


  40. Hanaga Hanaga

    dillon francis edit ))) , please !!!!

  41. Rosario Pepe

    minchia che bomba

  42. Chris


  43. Martijn Garitssen

    Flawless victory + spotless (by martin garrix) = tracks of the century 21

  44. arianit jaka

    Everybody know that we're killing like...
    Finish him!
    Flawless Victory!


    mortal kombat :)

  45. Christian Blanco


  46. MusicIsLife

    back to 2018

  47. TEAM 28

    what is style at 1:45 ? I want more bass like this

    José Miguel Silva Lopes

    Its a jumpstyle kick...

  48. wenndell mota

    1:41 This is a bomb omg

  49. Luis Barboza

    Esto es lo mejor Afrojack. Gracias por esto

  50. Oleksandr Husiatynskyi

    Thank you mr.Nick for releasing this track,because its FUCKING AWESOME!!!

  51. Florian Cassiede

    what is the style of this music ?


    hard trap and a bit of moombahton rythm,check the terror bass remix of a carnage son,don't remember wich song but is popular,another one is prision riot-gta and flosstradamus,saymyname and lit lords do a lot of hard trap

  52. Risha !!

    *That second drop is Flawless!* 👍😎

  53. Pranav Nair

    Legend is back to his roots

  54. Krominate

    the most awaited track

  55. justrolock


  56. Soham TIkhe

    Killer track ...🔥🔥

  57. Redyn Rafaael

    uffffff que bueno estuvo eso :v me dejo en otra dimension

  58. J.RO. Official

    This tracks feels like a bomb being dropped and exploding!!! 🔥🔥🔥 So hard and so brutal!

  59. Juan Jose Kronno Zomber 666

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 👌😍

  60. Erick Dj

    Super kicks😍

  61. Urikee G.

    That collab with dillon francis

  62. Abhi gawande

    Second Drop 🤩🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥

  63. Jimmy Azl


  64. Hari Krishnan

    Flawless 😍

  65. cecozxc

    Dillon Francis where😮

  66. Jesus C. Bueno

    Suena Increíble! 🎧☻

  67. Sagar Puri


  68. Meekzy Meekz



    Meekzy Meekz whoop

  69. Jesus de Nasaret


  70. Sameh Nagy

    when afrojack goes HARD 🔥🔥

  71. Anuja Kadam

    Afrojack u r just awesome and I love u 😘😘😘

  72. Chaithanya Bhat

    Good to listen to good music after a long time

  73. Christian Ozorio

    This Track is brutality

    A kid that can dj

    heh nice

    Young K

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, you are lame! BRUTALITY IS REALITY :D:D:DSD:SFLFFL


    Nah, this is no brutality, this is a fatality

  74. Ulises Ruiz


  75. Pika2

    Bye Garrix, and now bye Dillon Francis :'v


    I thought this track was feat Dillon :'D


    Dillons part is not even in this version, I'll link the Dillon version. You'll notice that the drop is a bit different.

    Hz Brayan

    Ese weon de dillon Francis taba ocupado,

  76. LG leo guerrero

    El mejor track del EP 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    André Carvalho

    En eso estoy de acuerdo.

    ay caramba!

    put it down tambien esta bueno


    Wheres is Dillon Francis? I think that it was a label problem and he is going to release his album in September so he doesn't want to appear here

    Music Listener

    ALANRAFAELTV64 the version with Dillon Francis was bad and it was a second version, this version by far the best and greatest

  78. Math Hagen

    Where is Dillon Francis?


    with Gerald

  79. N I

    Welcome back 🙏🏻 old afrojack


    old 😂

  80. CBBS Label.

    Good Track 😍

  81. KAS PA

    For me the most waited one, the best from all the album tracks and maybe the best hard trap track I've ever heard!!!

  82. テニクソン

    Dillon Francis とのコラボじゃなかったんだ


    テニクソン Dillon Francisがメール返さなかったからAfrojackが打ち切ったらしいですよ


    @Tomoki そうなんですか。ありがとうございました

  83. Mohnish Bangera


  84. Puneet Shukla


  85. WIFI Gamer MX

    La estube esperando desde ase medio gracias por sacarla antes de mi cumpleaños ya se poner en mi cumple 😎😎😎😎😍

  86. The loki

    Finally the ID reavealed 😘😘

  87. Tim de ligt

    Lekker beat

  88. Shyam K.shyam

    Iam waiting for this music since 2017 😚😘😘😚😙😘😚😘😙😚

    Leo Messi

    Not me indian londe