Afrojack - Bringin It Back Lyrics

Bringin' it back, like the Afrojack
Bringin' it back, like the Afrojack
Oh my god, is he nuts?
Bringin' it back, like the Afrojack

Though I'd include Dutch house sound
Um, what dutch DJs do you know, I mean, blowing up right now?
Um, I don't know any Dutch DJs right now
I didn't know Afrojack was Dutch (What?)
I had no idea

Bringin' it back, like the Afrojack
Bringin' it back, like the Afrojack
Oh my god, is he nuts?
Bringin' it back, like the Afrojack

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Afrojack Bringin It Back Comments
  1. Shreesh Pandey

    loved it

  2. Sonia H.M

    going crazy 👌 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

  3. Dj Jimmys

    Subscribe to Armanda Music and Afrojack and we bringing back;)

  4. Dj Jimmys

    Sh*t !!! That’s fire !!!

  5. ay caramba!

    BANGDUCK 2.0 ;)

  6. DJDominikR2015Offiziell

    super Hammer musik DJ Afrojack Daumen Hoch

  7. ah pak


  8. Srijana Banjade

    Wow whtaa music! Soothing

  9. Smallex PT

    Alguém português

  10. *MINI MELLO*

    Comentario 189

  11. Pranit Mehetre

    Too much creazy

  12. Jesus David Coneo Monterrosa

    That Afrojack melody!!!!! As always! What a masterpiece!!!!!
    Amazing amazing!!!!!

  13. Adipatankar 7781

    Really nice he is back!!

  14. Horizon

    Dutch Dutch Dutch, 👌

  15. Red Noise

    Ya sen nasıl bir Kralsın !!

  16. Dj Afroish

    Afrojack Style!

  17. Márk Döbrönte

    Good music Afrojack

  18. Mustafa Sadik

    0:48 Bangduck?

  19. Siihouettes

    This is serious? This sounds like fuckin Tremor and bangduck

  20. SurferHawa

    I'm liking the bassline a lot

  21. Aleksandra Krysińska

    I'm not a fan of Duch House, but this track is amazing

  22. francisco antonio prieto galarraga

    Afrojack Amazing!!!!!

  23. RDNTs Gaming

    Quintino Style!

  24. Btw_NelooKs 15

    Like quem veio pelo video do vski! 🔥😎🔥


    Nice music

  26. Jonny Bernthal

    Wtfack? @[email protected]

  27. Rudy Alexander Ccorimanya Ccorisoncco

    Afrojack the best, again comes back with his own style in Big Room follows like this the best Wow!! amazing 😍😍😍😍

  28. Carlos Salcido

    Why in Armada and not in Wall?


    Carlos Salcido Armada bought Wall's contract years ago

  29. Jared Morales

    Back to the past 😎☇🤘

  30. Prasad Misal


  31. Sangam Idalakante
    Ringtone for this Song

  32. prajwal m

    Bangduck 2.0

  33. Rohit Kadam

    sexy in

  34. Breaking Noise

    Dude that supersaw part in the drop is badass!!

  35. Allens Edg Meza

    alguien sabe porque AFROJACK? esta sacando su musica por ARMADA MUSIC?

  36. DoubleR

    Boom Afrojack Retun¡¡

  37. Antoine CUERQ

    1:15 Turn Up The Speakers!

  38. cotiestoo

    this is sooooooooooooooooo powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! love this afrojack style <3

  39. kcire coria

    esto si es Afrojack

  40. alexobeatdj

    yeah!! 2010 when I heard "no beef" wow beautiful memories.

  41. SrJoco :


  42. Your Lyrics

    afro back so Bringin It Back

  43. TSF & SYROX

    that "turn up the speakers" sound is nostalgic af


    Nice Track, Afrojack is back

  45. chirag Viradiya

    This is my favorite track from Afrojack set and Afrojack is my Dj 🎵🎶

  46. Nishant Manchanda

    drop was so WEIRD

  47. Dj Zorrito

    Afrojack people, yes one song more to my playlist

  48. Elena Luca


  49. Connor r

    Afrojack is back at his best!🤗😎

  50. Farid Saiful

    Finally, after 999 years!

    LOL :v

  51. Việt Hùng Đỗ

    What a track!!!

  52. Switchers

    Afrojack is BACKKKKKK !!!!!! #DutchHouseKING

  53. NOXX3S

    Bangduck V2.0 is it you!? :O
    Also the drop reminds me of a new version of Turn Up The Speaker V2.0! :P

    Afrojack is Bringin his Dutch Sound Back! :D

  54. - BAïSS

    Bangduck 2.0, Nick killing it as always😍

  55. アーリオオーリオ

    この曲もめっちゃ良いけど、when you’re goneもこのアルバムに入ってるとか最高かよ。

  56. mallu gamers

    It sounds like 2005-10 era

  57. Jorge Cabrera


  58. André Cordeiro

    Nostalgic Drop Bro *q*

  59. ay caramba!


  60. Christopher Mina Caicedo

    I need an extinguisher, cause this track is utter 🔥🔥🔥

  61. Clorox Beech

    Turn Up The Speakers 2.0 🤨

  62. Carlos V Gomez

    Back to memories. 2009 Afrojack

  63. Zsombor 7


  64. Glnn /\

    I love it but plz tell me there is an version without the lyrics in the break

  65. Krominate


  66. paweł szczepanik

    amazing sound! bang!bangier

  67. The Fact Hub

    One of the best Afrojack tracks ever

    adam bucek

    his best track is unstopable

  68. upol chodna

    hmmm 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  69. Dope Vibes

    Wow, so sick!!! 🔥

  70. Madhav Bhatia Clips

    Banging it back


    Music is youth !!

  72. Sudipto Ghosh


  73. J.Jones


  74. Chinmay Trivedi

    2018 turning to be 👍✌️ after 2013-14


    Chinmay Trivedi hopefully



  75. sai fadte

    Is that ne-yo voice?

    Sölace GZ


  76. sai fadte

    The banger god is here

  77. #J# #S#

    0:31 *TONO DE PHONE*

    ay caramba!

    bangduck 2.0

  78. Christian Ozorio


  79. Forever Goat

    what is Dutch house? sorry I'm new to edm

    Andrew Felip

    Forever Goat a style of music

  80. Alesso Vermudi Galán


  81. Miscellany Sounds

    Afrojake back 💯❤

    Ashcatchem Ashcatchem

    It's not afrojake it's Afrojack 😂

  82. Dimas Prayoga

    Love this banger

  83. Infinity Mao Space Gumball Angel Music

    Ultra Miami 2018.

  84. Mercurial Empire

    BANGDUCK 18’



  86. Aguilaheroica

    Good tune 🔊

  87. livny is here

    Annoying computer game

  88. rBeatz Radio

    🌏Ui❦ ₮ℏ🅰️ȠƘ ¥ǾƲ Ƒ◉Ɍ 🎼ℏ🅰️℞ℹ︎₪Ǥ👄

  89. iintrnt frndss

    0:30 love that part

  90. LMBTG

    00:30 :)))))))))) Finally