Afrojack - Another Life Lyrics

I'm waking up, thinking how we used to be
I still hang on to our tied up dreams
I wish we could turn back the hands of time
Replace the poison that you left onto my mind

Maybe we'll meet again in another life
Maybe we're better in another paradise
Maybe we will meet again
Maybe we will fall again

In another life
In another life

I can't imagine what this life would be
We holding on to fading memories
I love you, you love me, but this love sets you free
But if you choose to leave, well I hope we'll meet

Maybe we'll meet again in another life
Maybe we're better in another paradise
Maybe we will meet again
Maybe we will fall again

In another life

Maybe we'll meet again in another life
Maybe we're better in another paradise
Maybe we will meet again
Maybe we will fall again

In another life
In another life
In another life

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Afrojack Another Life Comments
  1. Youssef Atef

    Imagin avicii was on this track 2 what would it be like!!

  2. PROguez the great team

    One of the few good EDM songs in the last 3 years

  3. Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro

    Tu me amas o yo soy otra vieja virtual?

  4. Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro

    Heiy se les manifesto el brazito virtualmente como dios

  5. Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro

    2:01 10 herrores en la pelicula del hombre araña descubiertos despues de 10 años:haora herrores de la cancion; -2:14 2:15, enano vete ya? -xbox one S go 0:30 1:06
    Siganlen cantando a l chuy y se les apareseran herrores como estos en la cancion, bajadores de vidrios se les manifesto el brazito en la puerta de su cabina diciendose a el mismo, enano por que no te bas? Y el niño del brazito todo el tiempo ha sido muy griton y chuy lo arremeda mucho y la novia del chuy es cantante pues cibernetica yo creo y virtual que no hoye a los niños que se asercan gritando siempre pues menos veran a los enanos novieros siempre

  6. Muhammad Farhan

    Never get old😍

  7. Bhavneet Singh

    Maybe on the mars

  8. Bhavneet Singh

    Are you ready for another life

  9. Mama Febrianyasah

    Another Life
    Afrojack & David Guetta Feat.Ester Dean

  10. Liliany Pereira


  11. Luismish88

    These comments are the best of youtube


    ¿2019? UwU

  13. Anant verma

    You can relate to this song when you have seen ghost in the shell

  14. Jair White

    Noviembre 2019? :v

  15. Alan Walker

    ¡ Yesss love it !

  16. polly flamestar

    I put a story behind the android. The humans had destroyed the earth. Thye managed to scan an girl's brain transferring all the memories into an artificial body. The ship was created by humans and sent the andeoid off to start again the human race. However. The girl remembers everything that had happened toher. Her family and lover all killed in war. so she destroys the ship so that the human race wouldn't harm again. Leaving the humans extinct forever

  17. Fatima Rego

    This is related to all fans of xxxtentacion (I'm one of them 2 I k ur pain guys)🙁☹😔

  18. Taylor Styles

    I wasted an hour trying to find this song because I couldn't remember its name or lyrics or music even.Just remembered its video

    Rahdav Vision


    Aimless Bullet

    1 hr is too less

  19. Antony Joy

    What if Sia had sung it!!!!

  20. Cécile M. Auteure du livre Pas avant 24 ans

    Elle est superbe cette chanson !

    Clique sur ma photo de profil...

  21. Francisco Adolfo Chamorro meza

    Uff q cancion aun sigo escuchandola

  22. Ana Jessica Pérez Cortazar

    Los amo💚

  23. Артур Нутфуллин

    Soundtrack project World of warcraft Legendary song

  24. Ëll Jhenri


  25. Wicho Luna

    Me encanta

  26. Tom Collins

    Does anyone have any theories to what this video is about? I've looked all over the internet and haven't found anything solid.

  27. Dave Coloma

    Quien 2019

  28. Cristina Rivas

    Algún lagino

  29. Fabiojose Fabio

    WHO's here in 2019

    Brett Bretzman

    3019, actually

    Fabiojose Fabio

    @Brett Bretzman haha lol

  30. Damelapynshai Syiem

    Lifetime song of my life...

  31. ambar delarosa

    Noviembre 2019 ?

  32. Knight_Girl_Pt ツ

    2019 November???

  33. Mielo Shreya

    Evolution was already said!

  34. Raw Ooo

    This song very sad

  35. Israel Salchicha

    Al menos fueron casi buenos tiempos cuando escuchaba esta música :'3

  36. Bresli Thoughts

    Ésta canción está desde hace dos años pero yo recién la encuentro y ya me gustó :3

  37. Faye Mey


  38. Marcos Cota

    Puro desodorante de bolita ROLLON 🥰

  39. QB Film Room

    listening in oct 2019 but song sending me back to summer 2017

  40. Beatriz Lima


  41. Laura Guillen

    Esta musica no fué muy famosa, pero amo la letra y me hace llorar cada vez que la escucho, es hermosa❤😭

  42. goku

    another life reincarnation.

  43. MR Arjun Moha

    This track means alot 😘

  44. fire fire

    this video sucks xo

  45. Ader Cruz

    Maybe we'll meet again in another life😥

  46. Intuition Knows

    In another LIFE

  47. elliott vincion

    Can anyone tell me how long it took to make this amazing music video?

  48. CrazyAKo Official

    holy shit 2016/17 had good music

  49. RJ Motivation


  50. Davit Saragihi

    Afrojack ❤️🇲🇨😍

  51. Naelí Silva

    É como voltar no tempo. Lembro do minuto que lançou essa música...

  52. Jack Mallma Huanhuayo

    Buena musica quiesiera ser como tu :(

  53. Rishi Rathnayake

    David Guetta + Afrojack ❤
    - October 2019

  54. By Atta

    This song is, window to future robot be come human

  55. lombomkigam lombomkigam

    I could believe

  56. Maxime

    MrSuicideSheep are you here ?

  57. Yashit Kumar


    *I'm from future guys........*

    ulpiana Dedinca

    Really? Who's life in the future like?🤣

  58. Camilo Muñoz

    Quién 7 Octubre 2019 ❤🙈


    yo bro, sigo enamorado de esta canción tras 3 años casi

  59. Fan OfBioshock

    keep hearing this at my work, finally had a chance to look it up

  60. FatalCrash

    Nice song :3

  61. Tomas Orrego

    David Guetta-Sia 👽💛
    David Guetta-Afrojack 🔥🔥

  62. The Jonny-A Show!

    Just the saddest song to people with a heart! Love it!

  63. Brett Bretzman

    This is one of those songs that's so good on its own and doesn't need a remix

  64. Andrius Sarkys

    this end lay down on my lie that it is end...

  65. Ghalum Gumilang

    september 2019??

  66. Sebastian Legends Santiago Rosales

    2019 😂

  67. Kirshna Salhotra

    Why great song r always underrated

  68. skv thapasya


  69. 14 Kevin Griffin

    The vidio seems nonsense but touching..

  70. Manuel Huarcaya Castañeda

    View 2019

  71. Manuel Huarcaya Castañeda

    The beat song excellent

  72. olen dita

    To my fiance thomas pinto. Maybe we will meet again, we will fall again in another life💓

    I MASTER graal

    olen dita RIP

  73. emmanuel wilson

    maybe we will meet again in nther life maybe we will fall again in other ditch

  74. Shook_Llama


  75. creator Space

    It's done well.

  76. Hazza

    Should be in rocket league


    To my ex 😔.

  78. ulpiana Dedinca

    2019 anyone?

  79. Jack Del Rosal J:DR:

    Hello. 25/08/2019

  80. Manfredy Barraza

    Nice ❤❤❤❤🕺

  81. Sheila M

    Enjoy this song very much. I feel these much🥺💔


    the lirycs are so deep

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  83. Gamer Saber


  84. Amanda 1111

    Right in the feels..... ❤

  85. Hayk Yeghiazaryan

    Wonderful !!! So original mate. Thank's.

  86. Maria Jose Martinez

    This song makes me cry

  87. Blaze P

    Repeat relax and enjoy

  88. FerLife_GL Studio Studio


  89. THE Chakri

    Can someone explain this

  90. Chintamani Deve

    Very nice song. Love it

  91. THE Chakri

    Hearing this after a long time

  92. Avik Nayak

    Really underrated song .It deserves more views.😣