AFI - Where We Used To Play Lyrics

I might seem a bit peculiar
A bit not right
for though I try, I remain a stranger - not of this time.

I swear I'm almost there
though I've been wandering for days.
I may be chasing ghost trains hoping they'll arrive
where we used to play.
I may be hopping ghost trains for they terminate
where we used to play in those days.

I know I'm with strangers I recognize and I realize my own disowned me. Were never mind.

I swear I'm almost there.

This is right where we used to play.

I may be chasing ghost trains hoping they'll arrive
where we used to play.
I may be hopping ghost trains for they terminate
where we used to play in those days.

I never will let it go until I find the place I called mine.
I never was truly meant for this time.

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AFI Where We Used To Play Comments
  1. 55zena

    this song brings back my youth, the feeling is incredible

  2. Matheus Oliver

    I'll never stop listening to this song... ♥

  3. skorpia g

    2019 and found a new afi song i love🎶🎵🎧

  4. Pablo Orellana


  5. ant awesome

    loved this band since I was ten from answer that and stay fashionable to now and always will my tattoo's say the same

  6. Melinda Jane Harrison

    Who's listening 2018!

  7. V on neopets

    Can't believe I just found this... :( So good

  8. Emerald Carrier

    Bass tabs-
    E- 6,9,2,2,open,4,9,11,open

  9. Dr. 2006

    Wait.. this song doesnt say "I may be Jay-z?"

  10. sgv.98

    Does anyone know the meaning of this song? I love it but I'm never sure what it is about... Nostalgia? °-°


    It's for you to give a meaning to it. Or you can simply enjoy ;)


    I guess you're right :) such an underrated song :(

  11. Rebecca Beatty

    omfg i love this song

  12. No One

    This song!! <3

  13. yeedig01

    I still listen to them til this day!


    I love this so so much has one of my fav lyrics from afi" i'm with strangers I recognize"
    cause that's how I feel..thanks for the lyrics good job!

    Chris Olson

    URSULLA BINX OFFICIAL try The Test by The Academy Is... Sorta a softer band but if you're into that I think you'd like it


    Chris Olson OK I def will thank u

  15. Darko Panic

    This song always makes me fucking beautiful

  16. Tritriren

    I may, may be chasing ghost trains
    Hoping they'll arrive where we used to play

    This chorus is so awesome..

  17. thatscalledyes

    I'll be honest, I hated this album when it first came out but now that I listen to the album again a few years later, I'm starting to like it a lot better. I don't know if it's because I've matured or what but I used to hate Beautiful Thieves and now I love it, along with a lot of the songs on this album, including this one

  18. thoms667

    They're used to doing sh*t, since 2006.

  19. SGT Cloudrunner

    This is the best string of comments I've ever read :P

  20. sevless no...

  21. DKG XX85

    this song is one of their best

  22. Atolocus35

    epic song, love it

  23. Sara R

    I feel like my life could quickly be turned into a terribly addictive fanfiction.

  24. Sara R

    But then why does this song exist? What was I really doing when I thought I was listening to Coldplay? Was I still repeating this song? Was I just sitting in silence, making up my own song? Maybe I was listening to this song, but backwards. Oh, the possibilities of my sanity.

  25. Sara R

    Man, trust me, I'm quite familiar with the google trick. I WISH I could remember anything of that song. I've also tried to listen to every track I can get my hands on, still without any luck. I can't even remember the emotion of the song or the basic premise. It's like it was an episode of Twilight Zone or something. I bet the song doesn't even exist anymore. hahah .

  26. Sara R

    One day, I listened to this song and an amazing Coldplay song over and over and over again from the time I woke up till I passed out.

    I have no idea what that cold play song was.
    I'm still searching.


    @ ExNoctemNacimur i got there last one i know of its Crash Love and decemberunderground and Sing the sorrow there kick azz cds + other song off net

  28. ExNoctemNacimur

    @copo1969camaro Question: what album did you get?

  29. Erik Wik

    @copo1969camaro they have definitely not stopped making music, and they never will until they die, check oit Blaqk Audio, Davey and Jade's side project band, they have their second cd coming out in a few weeks. Davey is doing theatre and acing projects for a while then later plans to continue with a new AFI album


    O M G I LoVe A F I there music is good can"t stop playing all there cd"s. there no 1 Favorite CD been playing there stuff for 2 month now find unreleas stuff just as good .wish they where still makeing music they stop in 09 i see sad it is be miss in short time i find there music ....Amazing song this song shured be called ghost trains

  31. EndlesslyDxH

    his voice is so handsome just like him <3

  32. Laluu Leto

    I love the song! Good job with the lyrics

  33. SasayakiYuki

    Guys're AWESOME!!

  34. sadare765

    its aboring song

  35. 1cjl2

    @sithmasterjedidode I don't really know. I don't remember writing that comment :p I don't think I did so I don't know what I meant.

  36. 1cjl2

    @sithmasterjedidode I can't quite remember. I don't even think I wrote that comment. :p

  37. JudgeHoldenDF

    I agree. Davey is always appropriate. AFI is the best band in the world.

  38. Rosemary Grace

    loveee this song its one of mah three favorite by AFI evah <3 love the band, love hunter the most js hahaha hes so underrated XD

  39. ThroughLidlessEye

    one of my childhood friends moved VERY far away (like halfway around the world far) and when he came back, this is exactly what it felt like.

  40. itbbe


    i like this song

    and of this moment thre are 1, 420 views haha 420.

  41. sourpunchfan74

    This song nearly made me cry. I thought of a little Davey Havok in a cute little uniform running down a street with this song in the backround, It made me cry!

  42. Marc180sx

    this song is amazing!! thanks for the lyrics.

  43. savageryeloquence232

    favourite song off crash love :)

  44. MrChambonable

    i love this song :)

  45. Sebastian Olesen

    Amazing song xD Daveys voice is truely awesome in this song^^

  46. 1cjl2

    I love this song! Of course, Davey slides a lot in this song, but that's okay. Some songs it's appropriate.

  47. Holly Nicole

    Thanks! And I totally agree with you, this song is awesome =]