AFI - Too Shy To Scream Lyrics

I come quietly. Silent entities
Can lack a certain weight when unseen.
Do they speak of me?
My voice left with the breeze that
Whispered "you should flee or you shall be seen."

I'd die
If you only met my eyes.
Before you pass by,
Will you pause to break my heart?

I'd die
If you only met my eyes.
Before you pass by,
Will you pause to break my heart?

I am everywhere, everywhere but here,
For here is where you grace the nameless.
Were I not so weak, could I even speak
I'd warn that you should leave before
You're seen with me.

I'd die
If you only met my eyes.
Before you pass by,
Will you pause to break my heart?

I'd die
If you only met my eyes.
Before you pass by,
Will you pause to break my heart?

Will you pause to break my heart?
Will you pause?

I am everywhere,
Everywhere but here.
I am everywhere,
Everywhere but here.

I'd die
If you only met my eyes.
Before you pass by,
Will you pause to break my heart?

I'd die
If you only met my eyes.
Before you pass by,
Will you pause?

I'd die
If you only met my eyes.
Before you pass by,
Will you pause to break my heart?

Will you pause to break my heart?
Will you pause?

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AFI Too Shy To Scream Comments
  1. trilogy

    Feeling nostalgic and revisiting some of my old emo kid favorites. Still love this fucking song

  2. Elise Schleicher

    I am officially addicted to this song.

  3. xXLegit PPV ProductionsXx

    if anyone break your heart Dave, I'm going to break their expletive neck, lolz he said that neck thing in an interview💖

  4. Joni Deen

    Yes I will pause

  5. Michael O'Malley

    I really like Crash among the recent albums cause it's more of a strange but straight up rock record.

    Jonathan Parris

    Michael O'Malley: definitely one off, but artists need to branch out of their zone sometimes.. Mostly power chords, a poppy twang, after track 6 they grow back to roots. I respect this band sooo much, Davey Havok and Jade make miracles. Their older shit is good, skater shit definitely. I wish I could break a few rib bones to "I want a Mohawk"

  6. No One

    This is by-far the most upbeat and dancey song that AFI has ever made and I love it! It's so catchy that I can't stop listening to it! <3

  7. Crist Barros

    I do not know why, but whenever I hear that song I feel like dancing

  8. DragonLuver1579

    Cant believe ive only just discovered this song recently!! Only been listening to this band about a year or so but i love them so much! This song is deffo one of my favourites :)

  9. Mika Cthulhu

    I am officially addicted to this song. I have to get up and dance when hearing this song

  10. Sadie Menke

    i love you AFI C,: 


    I always though it was "will you boys to break my heart"

    Michael O'Malley

    Merchiodos there's maybe something Freudian in that.


    what is it actually

    Cynthia Davis

    @ELIZABETH OVERHOLSER will you pause to break my heart?

  12. Jacob Matthew

    a BAND'S appearance/image is second only to the music when it comes to performance artists; that's why.

  13. Vanessa Birrueta

    I know damn i can't get it

  14. tsvate

    And now it's 65 thousand.

  15. Jordan Triggs

    65,000 now. xD

  16. Danielle Lazenby

    but still love this song hehehhehe :3

  17. Danielle Lazenby

    lol yeah 64,714 thousand XD ehehheheh

  18. Maleea A

    As of now 68 thousand lol

  19. Sticky Purple Marmalade


  20. PiXeLkAeLa

    Nice username. xo

  21. Jade Luna

    That sounds amazing :3

  22. CountDruckula

    Bonfires burning bright
    Pumpkin faces in the night
    I remember Halloween


    you mean 60 thousand right? xD :3

  24. Micki Stafford

    Holy shit you're right o.o

  25. por13siempre

    This song makes me think of Slenderman.

  26. Christiaan Bothma

    this used to be my favorite song, but by the time i heard it over 1000* times I moved on to the next song "we've got the knife"

  27. Nigel Patberry

    My favorite AFI song!

  28. Angela Gayne


  29. Vanessa Birrueta

    i freakin LOVEE!!!! this song it has an awesome beat but my family grounded me from rock music but they cant ground me from listening to AFI cuz ill always find away to listen to them <3

  30. Heidi

    i can't stop listening this

  31. Skyler Black

    @977eli Wow. It's weird how many people go from Medicate to this song. I did the same thing. :D

  32. Eli Crank

    @lorddwan You'd have to consciously try to not be an AFI fan, I can't even imagine why you'd do that:P

  33. Eli Crank

    @lorddwan I was listening to Medicate just before this, and saw one of your comments. Good to know you're and AFI fan(:

  34. Esteban Roa

    lol idk just thought he looked cooler thats all still love there music no matter what

  35. Esteban Roa

    @canesrule96 all im saying is I dont like his new hair when its short

  36. Esteban Roa

    miss there punk look

  37. AMVLover058

    I don't know why we got the dumb Like and dislike, thing cause its so dumb... Really cause people see a video with 0 dislike, but just do dislike to be a dick x.x its just so dumb... i see no reason to keep it... Why don't it get removed already Dx

  38. WanderingHobbit

    im new to listening. this is a great song. wat does afi mean? any song recommendations by afi?

  39. Xephinroth

    @lorddwan Indeed

  40. Xephinroth

    @lorddwan You gave no opinion, you never stated "This is my opinion". I don't read magazines really or articles about bands, if I want to know a band better I'll go see them live.

    I was just stating what I believe AFI did, I believe they betrayed themselfs and their fans and in the process turned into another "Fall out boy"

  41. Xephinroth

    @lorddwan Well whoever this "naa" is they aren't very nice. I was just pointing out facts. You sound like a 13 year old fangirl TBH. If you were a real fan of AFI you'd see they sold out, but alas you're not.

  42. Xephinroth

    @lorddwan I don't exactly know who "u" is or why he/she is happy by ignorance but whatever =D

  43. Xephinroth

    @lorddwan You only say that because you know it's true and you don't want to face the facts.

  44. Xephinroth

    @MrTeezball You call my music fucktarded, but yet even the worst bands that I listen to are more unique than new AFI, if you were a real AFI fan you'd see they betrayed not only their fanbase but themselfs as well. but you probably just hopped on the wagon when December underground released like most other kids.

    Willie Ellis

    Xephinroth this is still the same AFI that made "Answer that and Stay Fashionable," if you can't hear that than you need to stay away from their music because nobody cares.

  45. Michael Mangao

    @Xephinroth we don't care.. it doesn't matter if AFI changes their style as long as it makes us fans happy. AFI is AFI bitch. go back to your den with your fucktarded music.

  46. Nichol Catherine

    why do people act as if their OPINION is a fact? since it is an OPINION, don't knock down others for their OPINION. just like my opinion is that AFI changes with every album which i think is something more bands should try to do. it keeps the fans on their toes :)

  47. Xephinroth

    @Reliveable Uh, hate to tell you but this sound is not unique at all. If this is "Growing as an artist" then I hope a lot of bands dont grow. Silver and Cold blows this and their previous two albums completely away

  48. Xephinroth

    AFI just sounds like fall out boy now, way to sell out.

  49. Yenihime Naxanonna

    I would pause... But it is just... This song is too good to pause. Sorry AFI!

  50. Gợi Cảm Sát Thủ

    the intro reminds me of lollipops

  51. jacob young

    listening to this band is like being on extacy

  52. Lmastro1221

    One person is on crack.

  53. msfattietice

    FUCKING LOVE this song!

  54. Themaidandthepocketwatchofblood 92

    Awesome song!!

  55. Dasman86

    Of 150 votes, 1 is a douche. I have A Fire Inside, and I feed the flames with the passion in the music.

  56. Ise SanJin

    i adore AFI
    forever and ever

  57. Long Live Punk Rock!

    @XnumberXthirteenX Can u do a Never Enough - TenPenny Joke lyric?

  58. Lmastro1221

    Awesome song.

  59. Vanessa Birrueta

    @ThroughLidlessEye oh i know he was about to like start screaming but he didn't

  60. ThroughLidlessEye

    woah...second verse, close to the end, does havok actually almost scream for like half a second???

  61. ally marceau

    first time hearin this song an i aready luv it

  62. Gracie Cantu

    i love thiss song it is the best AFI RULESSSS!!!!

  63. RattleheadAnthony

    @ThroughLidlessEye Me niether. I guess people just love to complain about trivial shit. :/

  64. ThroughLidlessEye

    honestly i dont get why so many people rip on the "new AFI", I think their old music is good, I think STS, DU, and CL are great, and I like Blaqk Audio.

  65. rambow70

    want to see them in concert, does anyone know when they are coming to indiana? tour dates are only for 4 concerts in advance?

  66. Roleplayer 2

    It sounds like he's singing it all in one breath -- anxious, afraid.. all in a rush.

  67. Roleplayer 2

    I wish I'd found this song sooner.

  68. TheRealDanteAlighieri

    I luv this song so much...... but does anyone know the meaning of the song....?

  69. SGT Cloudrunner

    Love this song so much. The drum intro kinda reminds me of Longview by Green Day.

  70. Bloodfromthevampires

    : 3 One Of The tippie Topest AFI Songs in my opinion : ))) <------Omg! Double Chinds. Heheh!!

  71. Jorge Jara

    hahaha only one person goes against this . you suck

  72. conversekitty20


  73. Dustin795



    Exsanguination, Porphyria Cuteana Tarda, Narrative of soul against soul, Let it be broke.... oh AFI you used to be fucking amazing.

  74. Elk

    at the chorus, am i the only one hearing "i'd die, if you'd only me met my"? still a great song, and i love all the extra things davey puts in the songs ^_^

  75. Munro Cerulli

    this is a just a BIG middle finger rite in the face to boybands cuz they suck BAD

  76. Jackie E

    amazing song AFI now and forever:D

  77. Bisha

    this song is very good

  78. Holly Nicole

    You most likely will see more if you haven't looked at my page yet :)

  79. Steven Surette

    One of my favorite songs job well done on the lyrics hope to see more :)

  80. Holly Nicole

    I also wanted to ask if you have any suggestions on any other songs you think I should do a video for. I want suggestions from people other than my closest friends, if you know what I'm saying XD

  81. Holly Nicole

    Thanks! I love doing these things XD