AFI - Too Late For Gods Lyrics

Come with us
To the water as we celebrate poolside
Silver lined sons and daughters
Take the big dive
Celebrate before rejection
Before this pool shows our reflection
Too well
Diamond impressions
Lay where we fell
Without discretion
All the questions they’ll ask
Were we raised this way?
Such a promising past

Go down in glory
What did I tell you, I promised they’d take me too
Down with the heroes before me
What did I tell you, I promised I’d give you a story
Tell me a story

Now look down
From these great heights
Soaring pristine and private
Through the storm
We will cut right
Across the skyline
Celebrate, conjoin with this storm
And radiate
We international wraiths
With hearts we’ve stolen
Flee but can’t keep
A thing that is golden

They say nothing was found
When we hit the ground
Did I forget to say

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AFI Too Late For Gods Comments
  1. Daniel Burley

    I can't believe I only just heard this... in 2019

  2. Trash Bat

    On google this song is in the "pop" genre, its literally a ROCK band. I am mad at google lol...

  3. Justin Teal

    First time I saw AFI was Warped Tour 1999 I think it was. Amazing the growth they've had since then.

  4. Sarcastic Simon

    This is fucking shit jesus christ what fuckheads listen to this vegan shitbags

  5. Tong Po

    This song is amazing

  6. Rochelle Rick

    Jesus, Davey's voice is just sex incarnate. Loved AFI for 12 years now. When I was a wee lass. ❤️

    AFI Chile

    too much years <3

  7. Christian Dave

    this is the best song from the Crash Love sessions. Should of been on the album and have been a single with video.

  8. EndlesslyDxH

    this is too good -_- always been a favorite

  9. James Matthews

    Just too much... Too much perfection, too good for mortal ears. 

    Owen Nash


  10. Hernandezzy09

    I enjoyed Crash Love, but each of these "bonus songs" were way better than anything on the record.

    Chris Ficeto

    'End Transmission' was on the record and it was fucking AMAZING!!!

    Bastard Mike

    yeah i feel almost the same, but there were a few really good ones on the album. really should have put these on the album though.

  11. CountDruckula

    In the eyes of a tiger!

  12. CountDruckula

    AFI really doesn't play much of their old stuff that much live


    lol guess you hadnt seen them live they played the majority of black sails and art of drowning this whole last tour!

  13. jefferson herdoiza

    y por ultimo dice ahora mira hacia abajo a partir de estas grandes alturas a traves de la tormenta iremos derecho a cruzar el horizonte ,acompañanos a celebrar la tormenta esta ultima parte para mi significa miramos el pasado desde el exito atraves de las criticas y nos reinventaremos acompañanos en la tormenta es el pedido a sus fans verdad es lo que entiendo puede significar otra cosa pero eso es lo genial que siempre puedes interpretar a tu manera y sentirte identificado que opinan

  14. jefferson herdoiza

    no se xq pero me da q tratan de decir con esta cancion al especialmente al principio acerca de su exito "ven a celebrar con nosotros la linea de plata (disco de platino)" y "celebra antes del rechazo" imagino habla de las criticas que reciben por su cambio de estilo y que algunos los llaman vendidos lo que me parece ilogico luego dicen "todas la preguntas que pedire ¿nos levantamos de esta manera? un pasado prometedor

    david taipe

    en realidad esta escrita desde el punto de vista de un "profundo" una raza mitologica del universo de H.P. Lovecraft véase en el relato "La sombra sobre innsmouth" xD

  15. YITT Mashups

    we are 138 likes

  16. Angela Gayne

    in English to plz

  17. AFI Chile

    Si efectivamente, son de la edicion deluxe de Crash Love, super "fanatico", deverías ser un
    AFIcionado, creo yo !

  18. Pablo Javier Zombie

    wenaaa !!

  19. Niko V

    @w0mbhanger :'(
    Heart= broken

  20. wOmb Hanger

    poor sapphirechild i knowpeople that own stardium andi get in for free! they dont really own it but own it

  21. Joshua Gagnon

    @extraxdropdead It was released on the itunes deluxe edition.

  22. ally marceau

    @SapphireChildXD OO yaa ik , ik likee every lyrics too likee all thr songs aha and thats really cool tht it helped u!

  23. Niko V

    @118ally xD I just LOVE AFI. They helped me get through so many life issues and the music is just mesmerizing!

  24. ally marceau

    @SapphireChildXD l.m.f.a.o.o ik i just wish it was a full concert

  25. Niko V

    @118ally You. Are. So. Lucky.

  26. ally marceau

    @SapphireChildXD i saw them open up for Green Day but they only played likee four songs, but they wer stl amazing! <3 ill makee ma parents by tickets lol i dont havee any mponey and my Dad noes ppl tht work for Thee Stadiums and stuff soo wee can get them cheaper

  27. Niko V

    @118ally ^_^ They better, I haven't seen them in concert yet! D: I WILL AT THEIR NEXT TOUR THOUGH! I'm already saving up money for tickets! :D

  28. ally marceau

    @SapphireChildXD omg! i nvr even relaized that!! ur smart! :) lol samee heree im in Lovee with Davey Havok <3 haha i reeeeeeeeally want them too tour again! which thr prob gunna doo wen thr album comes out llol

  29. Niko V

    @118ally I really think that that's the release date for their next album! And yes, it would be so awesome! I mean, it would just be so clever, like how they released DU on 6/6/06! Oh, and did you know that CL was release ONE DAY before my birthday???
    I just LOVE AFI to death!

  30. ally marceau

    @SapphireChildXD lmfaoo omg if ur right tht wud bee soooo awesomee! and unbelieavblee!

  31. Niko V

    @118ally how awesome would it be if their next album comes out on 12/21/12?!?!


    Andy Lara

    Niko Mesic sorry you were wrong

  32. ally marceau

    @SapphireChildXD Oo alright thankxz! :)

  33. Niko V

    @118ally They will in due time. I'm pretty sure they're writing, but there are no updates. Plus, Bright Black Heaven (Blaqk Audio album) Is suppost to come out sometime this year.

  34. ally marceau

    aree they coming out with a new album?

  35. xSonsofNerox

    Oh god damnit. This is off their new album. Why the fuck did I click on this.

  36. 16triley16

    wow just wow...amazing

  37. jessejaymz100

    @SikoNoriko Ok I respect that...glad you didn't you know blow up the whole thing like most people do on the internet...:) anyways...sorry for bothering yah...hope you have a nice day...or rather night...

  38. jessejaymz100

    @SikoNoriko Technically they've been out about eighteen or twenty years...I guess it depends on how you look at it...just thought I'd tell you...I'm not trying to sound like a know it all douchebag...I just want to help...plz don't be an ass about it like most people on the internet...

  39. Sloth Sadegz

    @86andipe thats true their known for stuff like that

  40. Sloth Sadegz

    @Jar3D226 no,i think by 2013 they should have something out

  41. Fantym

    Is AFI making a new album anytime soon?

  42. Michael Hannah

    I'm an idiot, it's a B-Side on the iTunes version. Fainting Spells, 100 Words, Where We Used to Play and We've Got the Knife or on the 2-Disc version XP

  43. glamayhem13

    I cant stand people who cant understand that bands grow and evolve, they cant sound the same forever. Their true talent is shown through their diversity... (not to mention their old music is always there and they will always play it... they are still AFI)

  44. Carnage337

    @PaMeLaBbY13 Yes the b-sides from CL are what make the album. The regular album is a disappointment.

  45. athabascka

    This is a great song. It should have replased Beautiful Theives. I just dont like Beautiful Theives.

  46. xAuthorUnknownx

    AFI never cease to amaze me.
    Such a beautiful song..... <3

  47. Jisker

    @Evilstoys Wow. Your intelligence is astounding.

  48. Jisker

    @Evilstoys With spelling like that I am not surprised something like this bored you.

  49. Dirk Bravo

    fuck yea

  50. LionVsTheWorld

    @kirbienstien nope you can get it on Itunes

  51. honkysaxophone

    I would die if they played this live...

  52. Isaac Unt

    @MAzuReK217 i got it off of limewire, cuz my album did not come with it as well... mines stopped at "it was mine"

  53. LionVsTheWorld

    @kirbienstien nope it on the Itunes extended edition

  54. Alex Salvaggio was on Crash Love expanded edition.

  55. Rymie Yanis

    Nice song!!!

  56. Rymie Yanis

    Nice song!!!