AFI - The Last Kiss Lyrics

Hung in your room, swaying, hoping only that you'll see.
All by myself, I'm alone in such poor company.
The deeper I think, the deeper I seem to sink, I can't stop the insects that are feeding,
pull the needles from beneath my skin. I broke myself, shattered, tied a bow around every piece.
You'll love the eyes. Have they always shown so vacantly? The more I show the less you'll want to know.
I can't stop the insects that are feeding, pull the needles from beneath my skin.
Now I'm on display. I am becoming. Hurt myself today. It's all for you.
Do you like what I'm becoming? Cut myself today. It's all for you.
I part the night, flashing, approaching as I watch you flee.
Pushed through your panes. Seems I've landed quite uncomfortably.
But as I pass through souls of broken glass I can't stop the insects that are feeding.
Pull the needles from beneath my skin.

Now I'm on display. I am becoming. Hurt myself today. It's all for you.
Do you like what I'm becoming? Cut myself today. It's all for you.
Please don't ask me just what I think, trust me, you don't want to know.
Please don't ask me to open up, trust me, trust me, 'cause I can't.
Stop the insects that are feeding, pull the needles from beneath my skin.

Now I'm on display. I am becoming. Hurt myself today. It's all for you.
Do you like what I'm becoming? Cut myself today. It's all for you.
It's all for you.

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AFI The Last Kiss Comments
  1. andres reng

    It reminds me of when I was young and healthy!

  2. titekeu

    Those gang vocals... black sails is a masterpiece

  3. Rattattattatt

    I need to listen to AFI more often,...
    brings back so much of me that has been locked away; life and the mind, is fucking intense.

  4. Jeri T

    11th grade me thought this was the deepest song ever and usually had some of the lyrics as my AIM away message. Not gonna lie, its been like 16 years and I still think it's legit.

  5. nicholas sully

    SO, is this about drugs?

  6. L.D. Wilson

    stop the insects that are feeding
    pull the needles from beneath my skin

  7. Mar DoggyO

    This song just yanked me by the neck back to 2002.

  8. TheStormofStorms

    Pretty dark lyrics

  9. S D

    Best cleaning music, ever. Thanks for the motivation, AFI!

  10. GlamPhantasm

    This song will always remind me of being melancholy and frustrated and alienated in suburban LA in October.

  11. Dinba

    At 0:54 the album's engineer got a message on msn.


    Always thought that hahahaha

  12. Lance Davis

    Genius order of songs

  13. Albert Antal

    Favorite album.

  14. Nevin

    dear :),

    you're awesome! ...duh....

  15. Nevin

    agreed with best...first album that brought a whole new melodic thing on..I think this album introduced Jade as full time shredder... probably had a lot to do with the melodic tip..

  16. Jerry Jiron

    I am becoming! damn good song

  17. Ammar Kuljuh


    Rizzo Repulsive

    chris hansen here. have a seat.

    Killed In Advance

    You should have a seat

  18. Midnight Haze

    please dont ask me!
    just what i think!
    trust me,
    you dont
    wanna knoooow!


    Yes! Best bit!!!

  19. Sawbones Quad

    That guitar part after the second chorus. Jade fuckin' Puget ladies and gentlefrogs


    +Sawbones Quad drummer needs the most credit. He sets up that guitar in every song.


    Toggle that pickup switch!


    Killswitch engaged :)

    Joni Deen

    He's fuckin killer


    Joni Deen fuck yes!


    Never gets old I tell ya.

  21. 8591aic

    Actually the term "emo" originated around 85' or possibly even earlier. Honestly do some research before you start saying shit like, "this album was around before the word emo was even thought of." Just because you haven't heard the term "emo" before the early 2000s doesn't mean it wasn't already around. Trends start small.

    Rey Rojo

    I think the first band that was considered emo was Fugazi. Do some research kids emo is just short for emotional. Wich was denoted to the lyrical content of the songs.

    Damián Ojeda

    None of you guys know what you're talking about. No, fugazi weren't emo, they were just plain post-hardcore. Emo (or otherwise known as emocore or emotive hardcore) is a subgenre of Post-hardcore. Bands like Chino Horde, Anasarca, Rites of Spring, Breakwater, Undone, Embassy, Hour of the Star, (early) Piebald, Embrace, One last wish, After Words, Plunger, these are emo bands. Bands like American football, panic at the disco, my chemical romance, BVB, Pierce the veil, Sunny day real estate, these are NOT emo bands. Emo is a hardcore genre. AFI were Hardcore but they weren't Emotive hardcore.


    Antón Ojeda Who cares what the fuck it is. If it's good, then it's good.

    Cammy Walker

    8591aic yes

    Mark Johnson

    dropping knowledge....i like it

  22. 8591aic

    @yoitssteve if you were born may 18,1991 and this album came out may 18, 1999 you would have been 8 years old. Not 10 years old.

  23. graphicvideoscene

    I saw AFI in a small little venue when I was 15 play this song. xxxx

  24. Liam Huxley

    AFI at their best

  25. Pepik

    Kocham te stare kawałki afi.

  26. CTCAC2000

    this album, in my opinion, is the highest point in their career

    luis castro

    Haha Ok man, take it easy. I forgot, you're the guru of music.


    luis castro haha you guys crack me up...correct....calm down Yoda

    norcal native

    bob webb their new shit is 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

    Art P.

    I have to agree. This and "Very Proud of Ya" are my favorite albums.

    Kiko Smith

    Bands evolve assholes. They matured unlike some fans hahahah. I play all their albums- this one takes me back to being 19 in 1999

  27. Jessica Skye

    Do you you like what I'm becoming...?


    cut myself today!

    Greg Gotti




    This spoke to me so much as a teenager.

    Arnulfo Segovia


    A Fire Inside

    Pull the needles from beneath my Skin!

    mj jordan

    Jessica Skye what’s with the hair

  28. rocket83cs

    Troubadour 2013.

  29. willbirkin666

    i call bs on him not being able to sing like that he still does these songs live and still got it its just during december underground he couldnt casue of his vocal surgery a little bit after sing the sorrrow and crash love was pretty much him taking it easy on his vocals since he screamed alot on du. but hes got that sts pre sts growl in his voice back you can hear it in I hope you suffer.

  30. Austin Miller

    Dexter Holland of The Offspring was featured in a couple songs on this album including this one

    nicholas sully

    shit i didn't now that, thanks for that info 5 years later.

    Cevin Ladd


  31. Jerymiah Wilfredo Banchs y Lujano

    wtf is that supposed to even mean? I've listened to AFI since I was a kid. Same with Misfits, don't even get me started.

    nicholas sully

    I think it's about drugs and feeling suicidal.

  32. Dososo

    Ah I loved this song so much, good ol' teenage angst.

  33. agent4477

    hardcore alert

  34. Jorge Barrios

    That guitar verse... amazing!

  35. LickHimself

    i so much enjoy when there is unity between batman and nightwing :*)

  36. Jacklight Baptism

    This song will always make me tear up some.

  37. 777xdanx777AxFxIx

    I hope they release something soon...

  38. chicagoelectricbicyc

    Still AFI's best album !!!!

  39. Jerymiah Wilfredo Banchs y Lujano

    Stop crying, you're not supposed to cry to old AFI songs, you're supposed to get pissed mosh and break shit and tell the world that's getting you down to fuck off and eat shit and die.

  40. Audioman45

    Oh where, oh where can my baby be?

  41. xXEnkilXx

    It has a lot to do with Davie's personal tastes evolving over the years as well. Around the time of STS's production, he started experimenting with more electronic sounds and synthesized music. These new influences were first implemented rather subtly in STS, and expanded upon in later albums. Davie's even got a side project called Blaq Audio. Personally, I don't think it's all that great, but that's only my subjective opinion.


    why? :(

  43. William Prosser

    @aduhgreat ur so true

  44. Alex Rehoric

    @RANDOMCATS100 Agreed. AFI can only get better, there is no "sucks"

  45. alexinsc2008

    i'll never get tired of this album.

  46. Kurrupo Ppo

    the art of drowning and very proud of you will always be their best album to me

  47. Kurrupo Ppo

    i love afi but ill admit crash love sucks i thought december underground was a big change but crash love took it way to far for me

  48. mikepenning1

    @jordanwantszacefron9 It''s mine too. I have the album cover tattooed on my calf.

  49. Jackson Ulstrom

    @hkkwnevil Stop fucking spamming AFI videos!

  50. rcnator101

    one of my favorite songs

  51. flopimus


  52. Jordan Melys

    @mikepenning1 That's my fave album.

  53. mikepenning1

    @jordanwantszacefron9 No STS?

  54. Adam Schultz

    afi's sails were in the sunset when sing the sorrow came...old afi forever man. i am a fan of afi. of the real afi.

  55. exsanguination

    This takes me back to 8th grade. I've been with AFI since "Answer That and Stay Fashionable". Every album they ever create evolves from the one before it and it seems as though they've evolved as I've grown and evolved. I'll always love AFI. They got me through a lot of shit.

  56. Andrés Felipe

    Epicness, been fan since 98, loved everything AFI has done.. but Black Sails in the Sunset is fucking perfect, Favorite album

  57. Sumdumguy


  58. Dwayne Millz

    EVERYTHING from these guys are 110 % ill never stop listening

  59. YoGurtDale

    @TheFlameDeluge definately hear it every time.

  60. Edward Bensley

    @bretzagar Wow you're retarded.

  61. Sean Denizen

    @TheFlameDeluge Dude I hear it too. I don't even have an account

  62. appelsnoranges

    @rlrdh10 agreed. and anyways, they always play the old stuff at their shows.

  63. neonrick

    all afi is good

  64. Anna

    @bigballzs You, sir, are only saying that because you're so old you can't even dance to them without being laughed at anymore.

  65. bigballzs

    blah blah blah. AFI is dead. all this talk when yall should have been listening to them 16 years ago. wait yall werent even born or had pee pants.

  66. Sean Denizen

    and I don't even have an account!

  67. g3rrar1

    afi punk rock, WAYYYY better than nowadays.

  68. ExNoctemNacimur

    @SamsonOff7 emo is more than just that, this song may include references to suicide but it doesnt mean it is emo there are references to love and stuff

  69. Jordan Melys

    Whether it be Black Sails or DU or Crash Love, I think AFI will always be beautiful.

  70. Kirby Jackson

    Sing the Sorrow was decent and Decemberunderground was tolerable, but Crash Love is awful. THIS is AFI.


    Kirby Jackson preach!

  71. GreenDayMnority

    If you read the lyrics, they're amazing! I love this song! X)

  72. Jason Hastings

    @darkepiphany666 what does it matter? they already did this, so why not hear something different, but is still good. Crash love is a great album

  73. YumeSuicidoll

    @PaMeLaBbY13 say what you want. If your principal is tracking you on the internet, sue them. Tell chicken to screw off.

  74. Erik Petriccioli

    1 :42- 1:49 , The best shortest solo I've heard in my whole life!

  75. ThroughLidlessEye

    @b0dysnatchers4ever on the cd the song titles were mixed up

  76. Grumpy Canadian

    Oh, thank god for "Crash Love" now. I don't have to look band into the history of AFI. All the best songs have returned. Oh, wait, no, A.F.I. missed some. God called in sick today.

  77. rambow70

    @darkepiphany666 No, sing sorrow and December underground are AFI. This is run of the mill punk band. AFI has such deep lyrics and meaning for this

  78. ethanissoamazing

    @PunketteKittySoso I see having different tastes but I just hate to see an amazing band strip themselves of pretty much all that made them great to begin with. Theres so much energy and passion in this thats just completely unmatched. Well they were good while they lasted :/

  79. Paul Di'Anno

    song sends chills down my spine every single time...... <3

  80. ThroughLidlessEye

    @PoliticsAddict oh, and the random bass at the very end sounds like its about to break into death of seasons

  81. ThroughLidlessEye

    @PoliticsAddict haha thought it sounded familiar

  82. Andrea V

    1:42 <3

  83. ethanissoamazing

    For anyone who likes the new stuff I'm not going to bash you for it, but really how can anyone deny how much better this era was? So much more energy and passion here. I mean you can just feel it. The glory days are the best.


    Exactly. I don't even mind them not being hardcore/punk anymore, I just want them to have the same passion, energy, and creativity.

  84. Christine Phillips

    I saw AFI live in 1999. They were awsome. It was at call the office in london ontario and i got my picture taken with davey havok.

  85. PoliticsAddict

    has anyone noticed that the opening guitar riff to "the last kiss" is also the bridge guitar riff in "death of seasons?

  86. Mswolfhugger

    Everybody!!!! My afi poeples!!! Go to "baby oh" now and flag it as innapropriate, or dislike it!!! Then we will slowly bring justin beieber off the web for good!! ( lmao this is corny :p) so, my afi fellows, we shall ALL untite as afi fans and bring the "beaver" DOWN!!

  87. coolbeansguy

    I love the old AFI as much as the next guy but I respect there new music. Bands should be able to play what they want to play and say hey if you don't like it then f**k off and don't listen. They'd be sellouts if they'd played what pricks on youtube complained for them to play

  88. Elcurto

    Ahhhh when AFI was still good.

  89. PoliticsAddict

    I wish afi would play this live again. Clearly a fan favorite and they refuse to play it live..

  90. TheFuzzynose

    @poopyscoopy5 I heard it o.o. Glad I'm not the only one, haha.

  91. YoGurtDale

    what is this song abbout?

  92. TheFlameDeluge

    @poopyscoopy5 Thanks for the conclusive remark ^_^

  93. TheFlameDeluge

    Either I heard the MSN messenger sound at 0:55, or I've gone completely bat shit mental.

  94. Dustin795


    lol yea man, I never bought CL because it's awful. Not sure why I bought DU... but whatever, black sails still is my fav and honestly is in the top of punk albums