AFI - The Conductor Lyrics

Drop like the needle
Today I felt the drain
I’ll climb back up to you
On ladders of the rain

Break them down, shake up their beliefs
I’ll show them, show them a believer
300,000 amps
And I’m your warm receiver

When they kill the lights
You’ll remain my conductor
And if they didn’t drain your life
I’ll become your conductor
Don’t cut the connection

Bleed in to black clouds
And I will lick them clean
Turn to a tourniquet
And cinch yourself to me

Strike down now, shake their frail beliefs
And make them new born believers
300,000 amps
And I’m your warm receiver

When they kill the lights
You’ll remain my conductor
And if they didn’t drain your life
I’ll become your conductor

When they kill the lights
You’ll remain my conductor
You’ll remain my conductor
You’ll remain my conductor

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AFI The Conductor Comments
  1. Super Nova

    Love the Gothic vibe of this album

  2. Morgan Slauson

    story of burn out. and partnership.

  3. bat jams


  4. Dave

    He really loves the lightbringer don't he lmao.

  5. Xavier 76th Man

    My 4th of July song😍

  6. Elizabeth Rebecca

    ❤ this song

  7. Mia Pet

    finally a lyric video in the playlists

  8. Michael O'Malley

    I wish they would have let the instrumental carry on as an outro.

  9. Simon J

    They have had the exact same sound for to long now. And its not interesting any more. I loved them when I was a teenager and could relate to their lyrics. But they really have to evolve with their audience if they want to stay in the game.

  10. Last Anunnaki

    This song is about me the greatest energy vampire

    Last Anunnaki

    @cliff torres Three hundred thousand souls and I'm your warm receiver

    Christian Burroughs

    So hey, anunnaki guy, is Ted Cruz any good at giving head? I have a feeling he's an expert blowjob queen, and Im not just saying that because im a muslim woman with no husband, thirteen kids, who lives off of government welfare while simultaneously working to eventually take down that very same government lol dont forget that cuttlefish make bad pets and the last jedi sucks


    Now this ^^^ is some jedi level trolling right here. Kudos to you sir. And Make America Great Again, or something......

  11. Burgundy Black

    I love this album, it's their best, lyrically since sing the sorrow. This is like a cross between sing the sorry and crash love- the album I mean. However my favorite still remains : The Art of Drowning

    Jennn _ 11

    @Burgundy Black My thoughts exactly!

  12. Shane Adkins

    This song is referencing satan from Luke 10:18, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven." 

    Stephen Eifler

    No, really, it's not. 

    Shane Adkins

    Yeah, really, it is

    A Fire Inside

    You must be crazy dude


    Freekin' sweet dude. :P

  13. JuanDa Granados

    This should be a single.

  14. bee cmpbell

    i cannot stop listening to this album!

  15. Tanya Y

    I admit, I wasn't too sure about this album when I first heard it. The only songs I knew I liked for sure were this one and the face beneath the waves. But now that I've heard it several more times, it's an absolutely beautiful piece of work. AFI has done it again. Davey is overflowing with genius. They're the only band whose new music I've grown to love as much as the old.

  16. Celine Müller

    Am I the only one thinking it's supposed to say "one receiver" instead of "warm receiver"?


    @Stephen Eifler whats it about then?


    @mynameshelena Not that.


    +Stephen Eifler it is lol we aren't like super Christians calling him a heathen. He literally is a satanist lol



    Trash Bat

    He is an atheist not a Satanist, everyone who answered your comment sucks. 😂

  17. Jessica Skye

    I do not think there is anything I can say that will do this song justice, it is just simply amazing. Dat chorus :D

  18. kiiwiifuzzzz

    wwesome song, i dont even like it THAT much but when i heard it, i just knew i had to shazam it bc of that chorus' chord progression and when it said AFI i shreiked! had no idea this album came out, so happy to find new music :3 
    an hour later this song was ringing through my head, now i cant get enough of it.<3 

  19. Kyrstin Dickson

    Davey can you feel the pulse? I dont think so because your dead.

    Biohazardous Misa

    @Javiera Sofia i think shes trying to insult him because the music has changed...  it's really a matter of taste. As a long time fan of AFI i let the changed music grow on me.. 

    Biohazardous Misa

    @Javiera Sofia i agree. i love this song. it's one of my favorites off this album. it's just her opinion.. 

  20. The Nena Blog

    My favorite song form AFI so far!

  21. Cordelia L.

    remain my conductor ...
    when they kill the lights....

  22. Michael O'Malley

    Grim Reaper Gutters, I won't leave til' I make a sale.

    Michael O'Malley

    We can tastefully accent the roofline...

  23. Norse Paganism Outdoors

    ths song gives me chills

  24. Norse Paganism Outdoors

    one of their greatest......

  25. thirtysevenism

    *Shake their frail beliefs*

  26. Roberto Vasquez

    Fucking awesome song!!!!

  27. Ian Chikyuu

    this is now my favorite AFI album...

    Ian Chikyuu

    album song I meant

    Michael O'Malley

    @Illuyan Sabbat do you just mean "favorite song"?

  28. Illyasviel Tensei

    I love this song!!!!!! I've begun to think, that AFI writes songs after reading my soul.

  29. Jamie Frederick

    I really like this song and album. It's like they went back in time and took a different path to somewhere darker. 

    Maxwell Thompson

    I know, right?!?! <3

    Natalya C

    exactly...glad you also feel this!

  30. Mastema

    wow wtf that riff almost sounds like something you'd hear in a power metal band like dragonforce.

    Ross William

    no it doesnt, but this song is pretty great 

  31. Wes Broome

    i like this song instrumentally. but i don't know if i like the lyrics

  32. Vance Anders

    three hundred thousand amps are required to listen to this song ^.^

    Daniel Carabajal

    Fuck yeah!

  33. Dan Syrotynsky

    Crap song

    Reece Ives

    If you don't like the song why did you put it on then

    Dan Syrotynsky

    i used to listen afi earlier and now i am completely dissapointed with their musik quality

  34. Ryan Rebalkin

    Freaking awesome song, from a hugely underrated band !

  35. Georgia Robles

    I don't trust music i just enjoy it and live it and that's it.

  36. Georgia Robles

    you're an expert depressing people!

  37. chicagoelectricbicyc

    This song sounds like art of drowning and sing the sorrow styles put together

  38. Georgia Robles

    Oh i'm not a van,you're talking as if you were a car.

  39. MartyHaVoK337

    Oh boo hoo.

  40. thirtysevenism

    I fucking love this song, I fucking love this album. I am fucking happy AFI is back.

  41. mahorn83

    This song is awesome, something uplifting for the first time I've heard from AFI. This is a very rare song, lyric wise. I love their style anyway, but this is a good switch up. It doesn't hurt to try something different sometimes so no one gets bored of the same thing.

  42. Yrene


  43. des1o

    Sold after hearing this song. Definitely picking up this album.

  44. untitled memories

    I hate how you put an exclamation point after "dont cut the connection". So lame.

  45. ikridk

    First comment:D

  46. OpRedDawn

    davey is a power bottom

  47. rocksarenotreal

    Did Davey go and find Jesus? haha, joking.

  48. mikanolthetinman1

    Can't wait to see them, once again, Saturday night. Proud of my brothers. 20 years and going strong. :-)

  49. vexeri

    Definitely my favourite off Burials.

  50. Biohazardous Misa

    god damn davey <3

  51. kafipilko

    <3 this song