AFI - Sacrilege Lyrics

I'm never gonna understand this.
I'm never gonna let it be.
I just can't understand this aged plan. It's obsolete.

How could you recognize and cherish hysteric fairy tales.
They've come to life. Now sit by and listen...
the whole world wails.

I feel as though I've been abducted,
or maybe I am just misplaced,
As I watch these rash hysterics lay to waste the human race.

Just ask them if the sky will open and save us from the truth.
They say that they'd leave today
just without, without you.

Is this one big joke?
I can only hope.
Say your prayers, they're the final punchline.

I don't see the love
below or above.
I see you're scared well
I feel fine.

Oh please believe I'm doing just fine.
For what's deceased I shall never grieve.
Just let your faith die.

I feel I have been abandoned.
I alone seem to see disgrace
as I watch these mad dogmatics govern our entire race.
Don't tell them you can walk on water or they may drink your blood.
Why live for pain, in the name
the name of, name of love?

I can only hope
this is in one big joke
with your prayers as the final punch line.

How is it divine
when it's flawed design?
Fill the cracks with faith I can't find.

Screaming for pure love
you venerate
delusion based in hate

Bleeding from pure love
for this I pray:
We've got to shake the faith

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AFI Sacrilege Comments
  1. Theo Cedar Jones

    Because religion is bad, you should therefore have no faith in God? Doesn't make sense. Jesus was a good and great being who was killed by the church and state authorities of his time. Shouldn't Davey Havoc have sympathy for someone in Christ's position? Please don't throw God away just because the idea of God has been misused. And BTW, I am creeped out by Dave Havoc wearing an inverted cross - that is a luciferian and satanic sign - does that mean Davey Havoc is down with the illuminati and the freemasons, who are satanic secret societies???

    Matt Beebe

    No, we have no faith in god because there isn't any demonstratable evidence of his existence. And inverted crosses make you uncomfortable? Fuck off and get out of the punk and rock scene, we've got that and plenty worse.

  2. NoMortal M

    "guitarness" @ 1:11 YUSSSSSSSSS

  3. FourHorsePersons

    So much truth here.

    A Fire Inside

    Just shows how people who believe in religion so serious they make other people lose faith

  4. Kimberly Duncan

    I am Christian and not once have I ever tried to force my religion on anyone nor have I said my religion is better than any other. My belief is this, if you believe in God, fine, if not then that is fine also. Who am I to judge anyone else for what they believe in? I have friends from all religions, agnostic, atheist and everywhere in between. I do not judge or lecture them and they are the same with me. We get along and that is all that matters. I guess you can say I am not a ''typical Christian", but I don't care. And for the record, I am a huge AFI fan. Love and peace and awesome music to all. <3

    Robin Dude

    Very well said

  5. Sammy Havok

    cool lyric video! Love the background used! Love this song, I find that I agree with DXH on many things.

  6. Cal McPorkers

    I don't get religions why can't people just do what is right for the sake of doing what is right not because of fear that you will burn in hell or something.

  7. Morphadyte

    Nice :3