AFI - OK, I Feel Better Now Lyrics

There is nothing to me
There is nothing, though there was a time
I had felt elation
Before all sensation died
I cannot breathe
I can't deny
That I've been feigning, for you, every vital sign

This means nothing to me
This means nothing, so spare me the lies
I deny you sympathy
Just as I have been denied
I cannot breathe
I can't deny
That I've been faking, for you, every sign of life
I died

For the last lie
And the heartbreak
For the first time
I could not take
I could not take
'Til I made you cry

This is what you taught me
This is what you taught, and I learned well
To recognize that feeling
Easily can be dispelled
I cannot breathe
I can't deny
That I've been faking, for you, every sign of life
I died

For the last lie
And the heartbreak
For the first time
I could not take
I could not take
'Til I made you cry

Show your wounds I'm bored with mine
Nothing is new
Don't despair, I rarely cry
Oh my

Oh my, dear, please dry your eyes
Who could harm you?
To hurt you is to be despised
As I'd love to

For the last lie
And the heartbreak
For the first time
I could not take
I could not take
'Til I made you cry

'Til I made you cry [x3]

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AFI OK, I Feel Better Now Comments
  1. Master Rodrigues

    This is the best song

  2. Aiden Espinoza


  3. Jade Za Fur

    Put this on 1.25 Speed.

  4. Derek Testorff

    "Show your wounds i'm bored with mine, Nothing is new don't despair I rarely cry" ....... "I died for the last lie and the heartbreak for the first time I could not take" These two sections are just so great! Dark, but great!!

  5. lol lol

    every one of their fucking songs are awesome! even their motherfucking latest!!!

  6. Bobby Z

    I love the lyrics- they cut both through the self (speaker) and the other so effortlessly and so sincerely. Haunting to be the recieptient, but tantamount to be the speaker.

    Grell Sutcliff

    Eloquently put, my friend!

  7. steveinstereo

    This album is so awesome. I don't understand why most people talk bad about it? I also love the title: CRASH love. Maybe because I fix crashed cars at work lol

  8. Kathrin

    this is so beautiful

  9. Jerardo Vazquez

    Tell l make u cry. Best. band ever AFI. 🎃

  10. Cynthia Davis

    The more I listen to this album the better I like it..enjoy getting the lyrics thank you!

  11. Toni Stevens damn ***as id love to....***

  12. so FN Talented

    to hurt you is to be despised as I'd love to******€

  13. Kevin Papac

    Sing the Sorrow was their best album.

  14. NoMortal M

    fuckin amazeballs!

    Ethan Taylor

    fucking Christ get that dumb as fuck saying out of here...

    NoMortal M

    I know I'm amazerockets, and a case of awesome god gravy, whats your prob, kid, jealous? gtfoh 😂😂😂💀

  15. Hannah Bosch

    kinda sounds like the killers c;

  16. RandomVids282

    Why is this band not extremely popular?!?

    J H

    Hmm...a vocabulary twisted together with energy and stories of pain. Plus you can't tell if the singer is a guy or girl...probably some type of vampire. Does that help in understanding this phenom.enon?


    lmao.... where have you been.......

    Butter Johnson

    MFJon777 decemberunderground was peak AFI popularity.

    Gareth Adamson

    @Butter Johnson Yeah Miss Murder was everywhere in Canada and one of the top videos for weeks

    Daniel Jimenez

    afi was a very popular band in their time, after them music just did something funny and died

  17. Eternamm

    thank you my dear ^_^

  18. jordan gower

    Amazing song.

  19. a person on the internet

    This is not just one of my favorite CL songs (and I do like the album quite a lot), it's just plain one of my favorite AFI songs.

  20. Maren On Extasy

    CRASH love..

  21. EleosGamoto

    Best song from Crush love.

  22. ElLorenzoMagnifico

    The Gods are dead.

  23. Cody Lightburn

    first youtube comment ever…. this song is perfection..

  24. Camila Flores

    Una de mis canciones favoritas de AFI

  25. Sammy Havok

    This song is so beautiful in many ways.

    Joni Deen

    I feel it

  26. UndeadFlygon

    its okay... it will get better, i was the outsider in those days too. but whatever happened, i fought back. just push on and dont listen to these discriminant assholes

  27. UndeadFlygon

    why is this so downvoted? just cause hes ten?

  28. chow mein


  29. Otsisossi

    Well... At least you don't have cancer.

  30. RSARYR

    *I have no right to tell you that. Just like no one had the right to tell me that because they know they cannot tell me to stop feeling what I know I feel. I know this is really long and I apologize for it. But I just wanted you to know that I am here and there are many more people who are here for you and care for you and I wish you all the happiest in the world. Before I go I want to give you a virtual hug from this comment and here you go (*biggest hug in the world*)

  31. RSARYR

    Even a stranger like me cares for you well being. I want you to know that if you ever feel alone the next time think of what i said and imagine me and all the people that care and love you, hugging you. Surrounding you with security and know telling you that we are here for you no matter what the situation is. I can tell you to stop being depressed, sad, to not feel alone but I know that I have you right to tell you that.

  32. RSARYR

    Sweetie, never think you are alone. There are people that love you and care for you. If you have never been told that you are special or you are important, then let me be the first to tell you so. I have been bullied in high school and I can understand your pain, frustration, and above all sadness that has consumed a little part of you.But you have to know this here and now. You are never alone.

  33. Theresa Ratilff

    I`m ten and i`m depressed, sad,lonely .I have no friends. i`m bullied ALOT

  34. Leighton Gardner

    I came on the computer to play one AFI song... this is like my 30th but I'm tired now and i don't wanna stop!

  35. Quest Martin

    this song.... amazing... sooo beautiful. the fact that davey actually uses educated words just speaks to my soul

  36. Nikola Bulatovic

    LOL :P

  37. shawn surratt

    how can someone dislike this song?? this world needs more songs like this

  38. rima

    when i saw those 4 dislikes. i got their ID and killed them...okay, i feel better now :)

  39. Kenna Coppenger

    1:44-1:52 <3 best part of the song! Just because that part sounds so awesome :P seems like theres one absolutely amazing part in every AFI song thats just mesmorizing! Haha:) maybe its just me but.. AFI is fucking amazing and they will forever be my favorite band:) dont matter how much their music changes, it's still them! :) and they are AWESOME!!

  40. ❤️ Glitterberry Jukebox ❤️

    <3 AFI <3

  41. 173logan

    I love waking up to the sound of robots fucking every morning, or people puking into somebodies asshole, great stuff, man I can't wait til the next generations to come take over.

  42. Auzzo102

    Yup. @AFIrockshard

  43. AFIrockshard

    is this crash love??

  44. mercyconspiracy

    Fuck yea, maaan!! :D

    Best religion, EVER. Haha.

  45. mercyconspiracy

    I wish AFI was an organized religion. I'd start going to church..

    Cort Milks

    I guess you weren't around for the Church of Havok

  46. NothingButLove6

    They're still together! You'll get another one if not more.

  47. NothingButLove6

    I'm not sure if god got lazy and just wrote my life according to AFI lyrics or AFI knew I was coming and prophesied my struggles through song but either way I don't believe in god and I fucking love this band.

  48. Maddie Wilson

    I love this song like a fat kid loves McDonalds :33

  49. Angela Gayne


  50. Christiaan Bothma

    miss this kind of music, wish AFI would just release one on more album :(

  51. TheForsakenCornflake

    global warming jo tjena, in Norrbotten in Sweden we got snow and minus 2 degrees in the middle of may...

    but this music is so good i dont care what happends as long i get to listen to it :D

  52. Alexandra Nastase

    I love it,too! :)

  53. Zinny-Beans

    Okay, i feel better now

    with titals like that how could these not be replayed on the radio?

  54. Ookami no Byakuya

    @sitstandnow Our Lady Peace? I think I've heard of them, but never actually listened to anything of theirs. Will do. :)

  55. Ali Zaidi

    @KarasuButler you gotta check out songs by Our Lady Peace :) theyre my favourite band and the singer's lyrics are so cryptic and poetic, its beauitful :)

  56. Ookami no Byakuya

    @sitstandnow They are, and he is. Definitely one of the best I've encountered. And his voice is just gorgeous. :)

  57. Ali Zaidi

    @KarasuButler that's my favourite line too. Poetic lyrics are so amazing, and Davey is a great lyricist.

  58. Ookami no Byakuya

    "Show your wounds, I'm bored with mine..."

    God, I love AFI, and this song is a prime example of why. The lyrics, the's all so incredible, and nothing like I hear from any other band. <3

  59. Nekroman

    i think this song is really good.maybe 1 of my favorites

  60. Kendils1

    @sadare765 Me too. I love it :)

  61. Kaleb Badon

    Yes, I LOVE AFI and I only heard this song yesterday...... BUT NOW I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  62. BrittneyNelsonHerrly

    This song is just so amazing<3 It s deserves much more attention

  63. sadare765

    This song gives me CHILLS.

  64. Jason Hastings

    Okay i love this song and AFI, but why is there a saxophone cover under all their songs? lol

  65. Niko V

    @lfcfun4ever Everyone is so uneducated from good, MEANINGFUL AND BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!

    What has this world turned to? First global warming, now this...

  66. RadioVctive138

    @TheLostSoulaod File 13 DUHHHHH

  67. Stephanie St.Lawrence

    @opticon28 Nice I love that song

  68. opticon28

    @TheLostSoulaod File 13. And no, I didn't google it. :p

  69. Chris Wagner

    way to fuck the lyrics up dipshit

  70. jacky6274

    true song

  71. turbo4shell

    I am still a fan of these guys, no matter how much people think they've changed. I don't give a fuck.

  72. Stephanie St.Lawrence

    ok AFI triva if there are any older fans don't answer i'll give a lyric name the song and album (look it up if you want but its cheeting hahah) ...
    " my mom thinks I wear womans cloths"
    ok now go go go

  73. Edward Bensley

    @MissLuckyAnonymous This song never made me feel better, but it mde me feel less lone.

  74. MissLuckyAnonymous

    Whenever I'm depressed I listen to this song.... OK, I feel better now. :)

  75. August Gilbert

    i love this song top fav afi songs

  76. kesschan

    So much love this song, beautiful written & meaningful

  77. Daniela Waslewski

    Davey's voice is BEAUTIFUL.
    I always listen to there slow songs to get relaxed and to go to sleep.
    His voice......absolutely gorgeous

  78. fernetsrumom

    0:40 - Forever young by Alphaville ?

  79. WingZero75

    I hate to say this, but this is my favotite song on the CD's Where we used to play would be second, followed by 100 words. Picking a favorite song on this CD is like trying to choose which child is your favorite
    I would say these guys are awesome, but that would be like calling the Atlantic ocean a tiny body of water.

  80. mentalguy316

    @BeyondBirthdayL Yeah, same here. This song and shadow of the day is what gets me through my down times. :-}

  81. Elk

    @mentalguy316 completely agreed AFI's music has gotten me through so much.........

  82. mentalguy316

    I just went through a very serious break up

  83. TmanTheLord

    @blackrabbitxx well afi should be embarassed by you

  84. AliceGiggles

    @artfanatsymanic O_O HOW COULD U NOT LOVE THEIR NEW SONGS!!!

  85. AliceGiggles

    mine and my bfs song FOREVER!!! LOVE YA FRANK

  86. πετρⲁ

    @blackrabbitxx shut up.

  87. artfanatsymanic

    @blackrabbitxx I get you. Its weird for since I really don't like the music their writing now, but sometimes return to their new songs to give it another try, since I love/loved them so much. Always the same outcome.

  88. ally marceau

    @blackrabbitxx why r u embaressed to lik thm???

  89. suicide6seduction66

    you have done great jobs on the videos!! Thank you so very much!!!

  90. Sid Drees

    Really good song at first I didn't like the song but now I do. It is one of my favorite songs.

  91. Aliss Winter

    They tour in Germany on the 25th of April and i am going!!! Yuhuuu the concert of the year :D

  92. DefBrif

    Crash Love may be my new favorite AFI album... lol.