AFI - No Poetic Device Lyrics

I've been dreaming.
I was lucid.
I was dreaming blood was seeping from my pores.
Who'd believe that it was all my own decision?
Cracked faces and medicated smiles.
Set fire to my home before I turned and walked back in.
For every needle open my chest and insert ten pins.
I just anticipate what awaits when I awake... break.
I die in my daydreams.
The gardens have all been overgrown.
I pushed my hand through the thorns to crush the final rose.
A deadly secret only I suffer to know.
I can't eradicate what awaits when I awake... break.
I die in my day dreams.

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AFI No Poetic Device Comments
  1. Warren Gore

    This is my favorite album easily

  2. Chris Zablocki

    You are a legitimately guilty pleasure. Music has been lost for a while now.

  3. Varekai570 Levick

    Oh A Freaking Idiot always sounded the same but when they were ATTEMPTING to be punk that that was GOLD

  4. Joji The Buttered Salami

    I can't eradicate what awaits when I awake!

  5. Richard K

    People change.. assholes

  6. Insert funny Username Here

    1:04 I've got a turd in my pantry.

  7. poo hole

    I listened to this a long time ago.  I cant believe I used to listen to this shit.

    poo hole

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    Joshua Franco

    @poo hole LMFAO! Oh fuck! That was beautiful! Hilarious mate. Just hilarious.

    Richard K

    It sounds like your life really went to.... shit, poo hole?


    This music rocks, fuck you.

  8. Faulther

    who'd believe it was all my own decision..... stfu critics this was AFI at it's fastest and in my own personal opinion the best

    Joji The Buttered Salami

    This song is trippy, reminds me of cloning facilities. "I've been dreaming, I've been dreaming, I was lucid, blood was seeping, it was seeping from my pores.


    Shut your mouth and open your eyes was there best, this was a very close 2nd.

  9. a person on the internet

    This is why I don't like listening to their older stuff on's the same damn thing every time, people whining about 'new AFI', and insulting people who like 'new AFI' and all that shit. Guess what? Since they got their current line up, with Hunter and Jade, they're the exact same AFI. They never STOPPED being AFI. They obviously like their direction. If you don't, move on. Stop whining everywhere, it's obnoxious as fuck.


    man i came here to remember a fallen friend....then i looked into what afi has not one to play the card, but they went to horrible shit. this album was FUCKED it was so good.

  10. AlxMiNeR

    THATS what we cal REAL OLD FKIN PUNK :D \m/ with the muff at 0:20 that remember me pennywise as hell xD

  11. TheGabsterella

    I listened to this album all day today! :)

  12. Bryson Andrew Davis

    its still a great album in my opinion. absolutely nothing like this in any way what so ever. but. its still a solid album.

  13. Matt Doyle

    Reminds me of the Bad Brains. Wish AFI was still like this

  14. JesterEve

    Maaan I miss this album!

  15. NightmareGanon

    @TheShplaa Half of it was terrible, the other half was half-assed tributes to 80's bands. Also, I really wish Jade still updated the blog.

  16. j4yj4y411thew4y

    afi dont get my blood going anymore, besides this era...sick sick amazing tunes

  17. Dru Nature

    @umbora do you want the real answer or my opinion, cause the real answer is: men get tired of playing punk songs album after album after album, and they just play differently now since they have enough money to do whatever makes them happy. im sure they still love to play these songs when they are jamming, but lets face it, any artist wants to progress, they are usually concerned with their latest stuff, not their beginnings. yeah it sucks we get no more great punk, gotta play these old albums

  18. Matt Pierce

    @nightmareganon It's mostlty due to Davey Havok blowing out his throat during the tour for Sing the Sorrow. Don't get me wrong there was a huge difference in vocal style then as compared with this album, but the last time you ever hear Davey sing like that is in the Sing the Sorrow sessions (Song called "....Now the world") and even then, it's only briefly

  19. jefferson herdoiza

    ...........they were in the top every single song was amazing just like in december underground may be in crash love its too much difference but its because 20 years singing anyway i like this new album too just i like his old music i think they has learn a lot and now are just getting fun but they still rocks

  20. jefferson herdoiza

    thats not been sold out is his just singing his kind of music if you know something about him u know he likes a lot of kind of music and bands yo creo q ahora q son famosos y no tienen que probarle nada a nadie estan cantando lo que les gusta ademas a o d y black sailslos hicieron grandes por canciones q fueron exito como totalinmortal the days of the phoenix third season ever and a day abdother songs i love but it was not a great album is because of that with sing the sorrow

  21. Brett Hetherington

    Its completely their own choice what they do, as band they were done doing punk and i respect that and even tho their music has changed their art lives on through new sounds. people need to quit bitching so much and just learn to respect that they are getting older and want to pursue new sounds. I say keep it up AFI! show us how much you can evolve!

  22. skam1000

    AFI murio con el album de Crash Love nada que ver con AFI de antes ya con los jonas es suficiente no se para que cambiarón de estilo

  23. ExNoctemNacimur

    sorry for all the butthurt stuff

  24. ExNoctemNacimur

    Ok, I'll admit, I first knew about AFI from Guitar Hero 3 . . . which is sad . . . and i got DU. Then I bought the AFI compilation next (not sing the sorrow!) and discovered what I was missing out on and it introduced me to Hardcore Punk. Then I got STS, then AoD, then CL when it came out, then Black Sails. Now the point of my comment:

    There is no doubt it, AFI sold out. I am still a fan of their newer works, but AFI really did sell out. (continued below)

  25. ExNoctemNacimur

    How can you got from punk to pop rock and NOT sell out ? From what I gather, AFI were leading the punk world with black sails, and AoD got on the fucking billboard charts. How could they get there without their punk fans! But then with Sing the Sorrow, if I was a fan of theirs before, I would refuse to support the band anymore because they totally SOLD OUT. But if a 9th album of theirs comes out I think I’ll have to buy it . . .

  26. Aidan Hilt

    the lyrics for this song are AMAZING. PURE AWESOMENESS.

  27. Joe White

    @NightmareGanon Yeah there is and its not a GOOD difference

  28. Dale Simcoe

    @yoitssteve ya kidding arnt you? its far weaker and he doesnt yell,ye screams

  29. Anna

    Needless to say, this song is the best song in the world to sing. Makes you want to dance and you automatically forget about everything else in the room; no time to get nervous! :)

  30. Anna

    Oi. I sang this song in chorus class the other day, and everybody was like "Wow! You're so good! What's the name of that song?!"

    The best things in the world never get proper recognition. *sigh*

  31. GreenDayMnority

    Just awesome!

  32. Jason Hastings

    @NightmareGanon obviously but does that matter? It just shows he's very versatile which is awesome

  33. Rosemary Grace

    i luv all the songs off this album and i love the titles <3 also luv the cover art

  34. Anna

    Still lovin' it. :)

  35. naoseiee

    @NightmareGanon and that totally sucks but whatever, once a fan, forever a fan

  36. Tim Cassara


    haha that comment made me laugh, yeah just a slight difference

  37. Anna

    IMPOSSIBLE to go to sleep while listening to this!

  38. Anna

    Still f***ing awesome! ( And yes, I AM responsible for at least a thousand of those views. ;) )

  39. Veronika M

    @NightmareGanon Davey had surgery on his throat around the Decemberunderground era.

  40. kelloggcerealxoxo

    i usually hate loud music, but AFI is AMAZING!!!

  41. Mswolfhugger

    Everybody!!!! My afi poeples!!! Go to "baby oh" now and flag it as innapropriate, or dislike it!!! Then we will slowly bring justin beieber off the web for good!! ( lmao this is corny :p) so, my afi fellows, we shall ALL untite as afi fans and bring the "beaver" DOWN!!

  42. DextroAddiction

    @DaKilla623 Do you know what a Poetic Device is...? The name doesn't mean that he's not a poet, it is just like... a name lol
    No Poetic Device means using no devices of poetry like rhyme scheming and shit

  43. Anna

    *melts* There's what my days have been missing: AFI. This is awesome! As much as I like Green Day and Evanescence.... AFI is still a thousand times better.

  44. three30seven


  45. izzyshreds

    it would have been sick to have seen AFI back in the old days now i have to see the new AFI dont get me wrong they are freaking amazing none the less but old AFI would have been awesome

  46. shinigamiryuk

    they just played this live at the concert on june 2 and it was amazing

  47. Anthony Boehler

    @NightmareGanon Was that a serious statement?

  48. DefBrif

    @Dustin795 I honestly do not like their first 3 albums much... I prefer BSITS, TAOD, and CL. ahah.

  49. Dustin795


    Not so sure about that... Shut your mouth is one fucking amazing album, probably my second fav after Black Sails.

  50. DefBrif

    AFI made their best albums with Jade.

  51. DefBrif

    Sing the Sorrow?

  52. DefBrif

    I think Davey was unaware of how much his singing was damaging his voice. And I think it was the STS screaming that messed up his voice.

  53. Luis Munoz

    well no shit sherlock

  54. NightmareGanon

    There's a clear difference in vocal style between Crash Love and Black Sails in the Sunset.

  55. Cecilia B

    one of my favorite songs by them :]

  56. nephilim

    lol, i mean "i've been"

  57. nephilim

    freakin amazing! one of my fave songs! i was dreaming i was dreaming i was lucid! blood was sipping it was sipping from my pores....

  58. ・ ω・

    yes, there are techniques to scream without hurting your throat. Just look them up.

  59. Infinity545

    I'm not saying his singing is bad, but screaming takes a tole on your voice, I think there are techniques in which you can sing like this without it hurting your voice, I don't know of them though.

  60. afi_ch1ck

    I'm gonna have to disagree. Dave's voice was much more powerful before Sing The Sorrow.

  61. shayne scott

    Great pick, I love this song