AFI - Narrative Of Soul Against Soul Lyrics

[To the wounded:]
I have seen the self image they've forced you to reduce to shattered glass,
with the only remaining value lying in its jagged edges.
But the few who warrant waking for await their recognition.
No fear of death but with fear of life, your weakness kills everyone.
So live. Angels for everyone. For no lack of searching I can't seem to find one.
Angels in everyone. What of all their promises? Can't seem to find much more than lies.
Angels in anyone. A permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Before I'd lay me down to rest, I'd throw away everything to live.

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AFI Narrative Of Soul Against Soul Comments
  1. dfk

    My favourite song from then, sickest shit I've ever heard.

  2. LJfromIB

    err, maybe shut your mouth and open your eyes

  3. tom5677

    i feel your pain brother, it was a great album, but this is afi i know and love, at least the new directions work, unlike some bands out there

  4. IchStehDraussen

    Takes me back to the young days .... not a bad time at all ;)

  5. xxcorey23xx

    where did this go? :(

  6. alexinsc2008

    The best album they have made and will ever make, without a doubt.

  7. benny israel


  8. fortunefox

    Best Album EVER!!! :)

  9. scurlcube

    should i do a drum cover of this song???

  10. PyroNeko

    Love this song and album!

  11. FamiPunk

    AFI was, and still is so unique in their musical style (Black Sails/AoD era especially). I've been thinking of throwing a band together, and I've thought of how to be unique, but I can't even fathom how AFI came to be so naturally unique and powerful in what they do... It makes me appreciate just how awesome AFI is

  12. Ze Vegan Muffin

    @ray69play yeah sacrilege is a really slwo song and clove smoke catharsis is really fast

  13. Oskarr Sanchez


  14. kelloggcerealxoxo

    @DaveyH123 The Art of Drowning is where you starting to sense the shift into mainstream, though TAD was still a great album.

  15. ShinobuoftheSensui7

    afi has to be the most original and talented band i think ive ever listened to been listning to them for years since the all hallows ep still love them

  16. trinigirl8skater

    I'm crying thts how amazing this song is afi forever

  17. Ze Vegan Muffin

    ummmmmmmmmmm yes they do, each album is very different from the rest and as they keep changing the change... well gets even more

  18. Str0wned

    This is fricken it me or do their newest album sound completely different from this album?

  19. JadePugetRox

    Only one word for this song... AMAZING!!!

  20. Dustin795

    yup, definitely one of their best! Exsanguination is fucking amazing, probably my favourite.

  21. Cecilia B

    absolute favorite song ever by AFI.

  22. Ze Vegan Muffin

    no it is their best album i think everyone would agree with that ^^

  23. christopher Hernandez

    seriously. its flawless.

  24. Dustin795

    just fucking amazing... nothing beats black fucking sails

  25. Ze Vegan Muffin

    im sorry its ok if u dont like the new afi stuff but u dont have to trash them im glad u liek the old stuff though >_>

  26. Ze Vegan Muffin

    does it really need a slide show i think that this song speaks for itself

  27. christopher Hernandez

    fucking beautiful.