AFI - Fainting Spells Lyrics

Give me this before
I slip,
before I sink,
because I think
I may have found
the short way down
Just give me something
Somethings cold and clear
the love spent here,
as I had feared,
means nothing dear.
I pray to reason Il forget
Ill trade whats left

Im the devout,
praying just to
get the blood out,
bound by this flesh I own
Im the devout,
cutting just to
get the blood out
Desecrate til we die alone

I will defy
the pulse disguise
but please pretend
were still alive
if it gives you hope
I sung and drowned,
Im taking the short way down

Just give me something
Im the devout,
praying just to
get the blood out,
bound by this flesh I own
Im the devout,
cutting just to
get the blood out.
Desecrate til we die alone

Give me something I can take
to make the memories fade,
Poison kiss, remember this,
I was never meant for this day

Just give me something
Im the devout,
praying just to
get the blood out,
bound by this flesh I own
Im the devout,
cutting just to
get the blood out.
Desecrate til we die alone

Just give me something
Im the devout,
praying just to
get the blood out,
bound by this flesh I own
Im the devout,
cutting just to
get the blood out.
Desecrate til we die alone
we die alone
we die alone

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AFI Fainting Spells Comments
  1. Jeffery Martin Cromer

    Short way down

  2. Kyle Reaume

    0:16 That's some fan art I made 8 years ago haha!

    Kyle Reaume

    Wow and at the 0:48 mark! Haha I made a bunch of Crash Love covers back in the day. Glad to see them get a second life elsewhere!


    I'm just happy to see you still listen to AFI <3

  3. RandomMikael

    Best song on the album for me right now

  4. Kaylyn Zoe

    Decemberunderground tied with Sing The Sorrow as their best. But I also like Black Sails, Art Of Drowning, & Crash Love about as much.

  5. tomaž vidmar

    Shut your mouth, Black sails the Art of drowning and Sing the sorrow are my faves, although Dec.und. and Crash love are also awesome summertime-ish kinda LPs. I've listened to Burials once and to my surprise didn't hear a track I liked. No wish to go through that again.


    I think Burials is probably their weakest effort - but their new self titled album is a return to form, do yourself a favor and check it out.h

  6. Adam Mann

    the person translating this video thought that "before I sink" was "before I think," classic accent mistake


    Haha, what I thought

  7. Flinn Prendergast

    See it's words like " better" that you cannot use under the context of creation and indeed music because someone and in this case alot of people do like Crash love , meaning that you have essentially said your taste is inferior to mine because i dont like it and you do.

  8. Nippleheim

    This is a good song, I think that Crash Love was a bad album. Does that mean i don't have a diverse taste in music? no. It just means i didn't like the direction they went in with that album, it was pop and guess what? people who listen to punk tend to not like pop music, punk has always been counter- culture against pop. This means that when a punk band starts playing pop music then yeah, a few people aren't gonna like it and they're allowed to not like it... just hope the new album's better :p

    Logan Sos

    shuuuuttt uppppppp. the 1980s are over. the ramones are dead.


    Totally agree! It is my least favorite AFI album...however, I bought the reg. version and am just now finding this off the deluxe version...easily one of my top 10 favorite songs of theirs.


    so u dont like veronica Sawyer smokes please that song is lit son u just hating

  9. Burnham420

    that's the point he is making..

  10. ThePacifist1733

    Sorry to say that this is from the Decemberunderground sessions :( no screaming on Crash Love. But there's hope for the future!

  11. Loix

    AFI and The Offpring can't be compare to each other.

  12. Loix

    This song was recorded in 2006.

  13. M Carlson

    how this didn't get a guernsey on decemberunderground still baffles me to this day.

  14. glamayhem13

    and believe it or not, as people grow up, their life experiences change, their personalities mature, and maybe the message they want to send will change as well, so the augment their music to fit their growth as people and as a band... nothing to cry about, just enjoy the music...

  15. glamayhem13

    Cant blame Davey for wanting to take it easy on his voice... ever heard of nodes, and how delicate your vocals are after getting them removed... rather hear him just sing, than throw his voice out for good...

  16. Dezi Olivas

    i agree :) im 19 and ive been listening to AFI sense i was 7 hehe. i was just a little girl. I LOVE ALL THEIR MUSIC.

  17. ThePacifist1733

    I wish that were true man :/ but this is from the December Underground sessions

  18. Illucid Morgue

    lol such a wide gulf between AFI and The Offspring

    Greg Gotti

    this is such a ripoff of dirty magic

  19. tina s

    So I guess for all of those people who think only OLD AFI is THE AFI... you must still be listening to Barney? Because your argument is ridiculous. If you no longer watch Elmo and Barney, BECAUSE YOUR TASTE HAS CHANGED, what makes you think that AFI'S taste hasn't changed? Fer cryin out loud, it's been how long since they started out together? I love Manson's Smells like Children, but I ALSO love his newer stuff. It's not mutually exclusive!
    Grow UP, or go back to Barney, where you belong.

  20. usefulidiot81

    People who can't get into their new albums just don't have a diverse taste in music i guess. If AFI was still writing immature punk songs, i'd have to assume they were a one trick pony like The Offpsring or some other sophomoric pop/punk band.

  21. usefulidiot81

    I have no idea why people think AFI should still be writing the same music they wrote so many years ago. This band is one of the bands that continues to grow up at the same right that i do. As they're musical style matures, my taste seems to as well. I love everything they do. Blaqk Audio is also amazing.

  22. Smellzalot TheGreat

    One person disliked 'cause he can't come up with a song as good as this.

  23. usefulidiot81

    i agree. i love it all.. whats not to like. even blaqk audio is amazing.

  24. Shawn Lewis

    Its not not the worst but It far from my favorite. They did try to come back with Crash love though.

  25. brandito27

    Nah not quite..This is from the decemberunderground sessions, it was left from that album:P


    Couldnt have said it better myself.

  27. soccerguy012

    Exactly what I said when I heard this song. Fuck yes.

  28. quanta muon

    AFI is the most unique band ever. They are the only band (that I know of) that can cover what ever subgenre you can think of. Davey can rap, he can scream, he can sing fast, he can change his voice from high-pitch to low-pitch beautifully, he can hold his voice louder and softer than most singers. No album from AFI is EVER the same. And there's the beauty in AFI. Because they FUCKEN HAVE REAL TALENT. They have a far range of talents and all of them, Adam Davey Jade and Hunter.


    Would be really funny to hear Davey do a rap song (like a legit one). He has enough Sass that I'm sure he'd become a chart topper LOL

  29. quanta muon

    The only reason why you think you're the only one is because someone, on all AFI videos, starts the stupid conversation of 'well AFI changed and now they sound stupid.' Then all the people that believe that come and advocate it. No one comments like you did. Which I praise you for!

  30. Alphoter

    his voice is fucking awesome, and hunter screams have always been awesome too

  31. Megan Caird

    Easily their best song in years.

  32. Shawn Lewis

    This song would've saved DecemberUnderground. Why the flying fuck wasn't this on it?


    great record without it u just a clown trying to bring the sing the sorrow days back. Decemberunderground Is a great record!


    You can actually get it when you buy the deluxe version of Crash Love. That version has two discs one which is the Crash Love CD and the other is bonus from between the Sing The Sorrow era on through Crash Love and it includes four songs if I'm not mistaken.

  34. Silas Allums

    dude... I wish I could upvote this even more... :)

  35. Ax PE

    Classic AFI!

  36. Tyler Lumpkin

    Where can I find this song, Off CL or DUG b-side?

  37. Alexa Ginnis

    Why does no one appreciate all of AFI? They are an amazing band. ALL of their music is fantastic so get over yourselves and listen to it or don't.

  38. victoria hatcher

    yum, love it when he screams

  39. jakob ponce

    fucking love this song

  40. raymanthestampede


  41. Wanghun loe

    If this wasn't recorded during decemberunderground I would be the first person to celebrate with you.

  42. OurPastLives

    jesus you couldn't have said it any better. thank you

  43. Ravencullen95

    I think they moved away from the hardcore because of Davey's "monster" which turned out to be cysts that formed in his throat because he was screaming improperly, he had surgery for it I think.

  44. Fuchsia Grasshopper

    People trashed 30 seconds to Mars to for this is war and like wow people calm down bands grow up Jes uz chill!


    Now look at them lmao... and some people are praising 30STM... they literally are just singing over generic pop beats now.

  45. Fredrik Eriksson

    You're not the only one ;)

  46. RosstaCrizack86

    i just cant not hate whatever douche bag instructed davey not to scream like he used to n start the "every hardcore band ever" kinda scream that shit was unique its what originally attracted me to the band and im not hatin i understand bands grow and change but its undeniable that they're slowly drifting towards sounding like any other radio rock band out there right now

  47. Mari Driftwood

    @FeelingFreshSon Wait, if we love camp? What do you mean?

  48. Hirsch Patel

    @AFIrock13 the first music i heard from them were singles from STS and DU
    never bought an entire album until crash love because i never fully appreciated music in general at that time (maybe it was my age idk why)
    but now i enjoy all of their works and have every album from black sails in sunset-crash love
    idk why it's so hard for some people to appreciate the multiple great works AFI created

  49. ally marceau

    @n00bwich Ooh Ook thankxz! :)

  50. ally marceau

    This song is AMAZING! But it wasnt on my Crash Lovee Cd?

  51. Marissa Somers

    @CrazedTeenz Um okay I was just wondering. And I never said I was a fan. So like, yeah. Wow aren't you cool for cussing people out. Loser. Get a life. XP

  52. Milo Trinity

    @CrazedTeenz song

  53. Milo Trinity

    @MacabreMarissa kay you are obviously not a true afi fan. they have a son called despair factor. but their fan club is called despair FACTION!! dumb fake wannabe fan

  54. Catie Kelley

    @MacabreMarissa it says Faction on the website.

  55. Marissa Somers

    @CrazedTeenz Do you mean despair FACTOR? >_>

  56. AFI Chile

    @2503717 perdon por no responder, pero lo que pasa, es que si te das cuenta, subo los videos, por CD, tendria que subir el STS para que lo veas ok, lo are i promise !

  57. Ragnild Rubinstein

    I Love the new sound!
    Afi rules!

  58. poediddy

    @CrazedTeenz Very Proud of Ya is better I think

  59. MrTinchoel8

    a los :15 es slip-astes de que resbale, y la siguiente es sink-antes de que unda....y mas

  60. Anna

    I'm the devout, praying just to

    Get the blood out,

    Bound by this flesh I own,

    Cutting just to,

    Get the blood out:

    Desecrate 'til, we die alone!

  61. Ahmed Mustafa

    bands wouldnt be good if they didnt mix it up... theyd just get boring and old they need to be original... i dont see whats so bad about them changing

  62. BlindMkd

    @EVVIIT How mature and intellectually deep is to call a band "sellouts" cause they started singing about love ?
    A band can't sing and create music about what they feel and what they wanna express but they must be closed inside a quadrilateral parallelogram filled with subjects who they are allowed to take as an inspiration in order not to be called sellouts? And mainly , this song isn't about love , neither is the album . Learn to read between the lines.

  63. ExNoctemNacimur

    @EVVIIT how do you know this is about love?

  64. ExNoctemNacimur

    @CrazedTeenz really? mine was black sails

  65. ExNoctemNacimur

    @AFIrock13 No you are not

  66. Luis Zambrano

    @jozzewinter q bueno sera q pueden tradusir el tema death of season porfa ese tema me gusta resto

  67. hellokittydolll

    still amazing

  68. Illucid Morgue

    Who the fuck listens to afi in espana?

  69. persnikity12345

    i think i may have found the short way down.

  70. MiliebWoW

    @CrazedTeenz same here. Sing the Sorrow is one of my all time favorite cds by anyone.

  71. twoevileyes

    This song is good, but too Sing the Sorrow. I really miss the darken days of Black Sails and AoD.

  72. missmelli936

    i fucking love it

  73. billyg89

    @RandomRuggles Fuck yeah. What if the whole album was like?!?

  74. p0g0ChillP4nd4

    amazing voice, the old davey ^^

  75. Rio Collins


  76. yugoterror

    damn this songs sick

  77. Eric Wall

    This song is good, But AFi's punk days were much better. Like Very Proud of Ya or Black sails in the sunset. But Im a die hard fan so i lsten to every album. But i prefer A.F.I's punk albums.

  78. Rio Collins

    Daveys voice is just well....awesome!

  79. Rhea j

    such an amazing song by an incredibly amazing band!! <3

  80. PKG96

    sacrilege is a really good song too! :)

  81. Natala Balla

    i luv this song. i fell in love with it as soon as i heard it. A.F.I <3

  82. 1cjl2

    It's DU

  83. superman12211331

    That's a different song, man.

  84. Milo Trinity

    i agree i absolutely love sing the sorrow the most out of all their albums, its the first album that i can can honestly say i love every single song on the album! DESPAIR FACTION FOR LIFE!

  85. Fop Culture

    Damn, You know, I'm so glad they released this. I already have Crash Love (not the deluxe version) and I got the vinyl when I saw them on the ninth and now I'm wanting to go to hot topic and get the deluxe version just for this song. I could have cried over the slight disappointment I felt with DU and CL but this makes up for it big time.

  86. Talita Anthonio


  87. StarstrukkBre

    Best Fucking Song Ever.
    So glad i got the deluxe that day it came out.
    It was soooo worth me being poor for awhile lmao.

  88. Necroparasit

    Totally agree, bro!

  89. cupcakeflowercrap3

    lol i agree with you...this is the best song on the album

  90. 7ye

    Its on the Deluxe version of the album (CD 2)

  91. mstachife

    One of Afi's best songs imo . .

  92. adobea

    it's from the Decemberunderground sessions.

  93. Lexa Sae de Moph

    it is very good and you can see how they have grown musically talking, the guitar rifts are much better now, more technical and structured, guitar solos like medicate's with great effects, specially wah and tappings, better drums and great voices, i onlymiss the good bass rifts from sing the sorrow, black sails in the sunset and art of drowning with songs like god called in sick today, lost souls, sacrifice theory and girls not gray, the bass is the only instrument not good on this album...


    crash love is fire people just need to listen harder they r too shallow to grasp the complexity and evolution that has been made.

  94. James Martin

    sucks they got rid of the downloadable video. thx for posting this!

  95. AFI Chile

    Subscribe and listen to the songs on
    "CRASH LOVE" ... I have them ...

  96. cricketrox4ever

    I can't wait!!! a week