AFI - Clove Smoke Catharsis Lyrics

Lean against the night and laugh as I try to scale the walls.
Ingnored futility fills the air. You're only there to watch me fall...
If only pure sweetness was offered, why's this bitter taste left in my mouth?
If I could catch my breath just to exhale, I'd know that I held it in to long...
From above comes a faint smile, a new vantage such a view. Familiarity know disowned.
Just sit and stare as I walk away.

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AFI Clove Smoke Catharsis Comments
  1. myopinionmma

    Man I still love this song as much now that the first time I heard it.

  2. Carl Joseph Friedrich

    Good, soulful music. Any down wote is just the results of brain dead fools being allowed out of the asylums;)

  3. Jacob Betz

    Suffering at its finest..

  4. GM K

    who fucking disliked this

  5. Aaron Montano

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  6. Blake S

    Regardless of your feelings towards the evolution of AFI's art, this band is fucking legendary and will forever hold a concert in the chasms of my heart, and you know it's true for you, too.


    in my heart too

  7. Joe Cicala

    this album and the art of drowning is AFI at their very best

  8. dfk

    Tried to enjoy their newest album, but god damn nothing compares to this.

  9. Greyson


  10. Vegan Pop Tarts

    I love this song

  11. Urethral Implosion

    when afi was good

  12. Burnham420

    Dexter did guest vocals on this track and The Prayer Position.

  13. mtlien88

    dexter holland signed AFI to their first record deal

  14. Andrea Cook

    Best height of greatness in this track begins at 3:00 :) love this song an his voice.

  15. elspleendeparis

    Lean against the night and laugh as I try to scale the walls.
    Ingnored futility fills the air. You're only there to watch me fall...
    If only pure sweetness was offered, why's this bitter taste left in my mouth?
    If I could catch my breath just to exhale, I'd know that I held it in to long...
    From above comes a faint smile, a new vantage such a view. Familiarity know disowned.
    Just sit and stare as I walk away.

    anyana sutoia

    I watched these guys at Phoenix.. and held them while they croewed walked then someone sprayed pepper spray at someone and they got pissed and said they weren't going to play anymore, but they came back on and rocked. Love this band

  16. Vancouver EP

    dexter holland??? 


    Holy shit I never noticed that voice at the end being him crazy

    Anthony Sforza

    Yea, I know, right? Though... isn't Nitro Records his label? That being said, I know Davey did background vocals on some Offspring albums around the time of their residency at Nitro.

  17. Raenona Harvey


  18. stealthmurder

    Imagine you singing this song in live concert!


    stealthmurder lmao I was


    thanks God, I did!

  19. Simon O'Toole

    Did anyone notice Dexter from The Offspring? He does backup vocals starting from 3:40. It isn't listed in the track notes in the album cover.


    +Simon O'Toole it is however, in the liner notes.

    Buttered TV

    Simon O'Toole thanks man I always wondered who that voice was. def. not jade.

    Jl Discord

    He's all over the album

    Jl Discord

    Nitro was his record label

    Ash C.

    yep there it is

  20. Sebastian Schultz

    @Daniel Xu(reply button not working) All Hallows EP, by a fucking mile.

  21. a person on the internet

    And there's the reasonable way to say you're not a fan of the later stuff, instead of declaring, "NEW AFI IS SHIT RUINED FOREVER," or insulting people who do like their more recent stuff. :P

  22. knoweffects

    Im not a fan of the new stuff anything after this album. Nothing really against it, just not my bag

  23. Daniel Xu

    so which afi album do you guys think was their best?


    Daniel Xu this one or the art of drowning

  24. Bad Habit

    Dexter Holland Rules !!!

  25. Nocturne

    Lean against the night and laugh as I try to scale the walls.
    Ingnored futility fills the air. You're only there to watch me fall...
    If only pure sweetness was offered, why's this bitter taste left in my mouth?
    If I could catch my breath just to exhale, I'd know that I held it in to long...
    From above comes a faint smile, a new vantage such a view. Familiarity know disowned.
    Just sit and stare as I walk away

  26. SoulscriptGaming

    Is it just me, or does this remind anyone of something on crash love a little bit.

  27. dfk

    Sickest album, what a great brutality, lyrics and melody. Just fucking beautiful.

  28. Nick Phares

    I would say this is their best album, Black Sails in the Sunset.


    the second best. sing te sorrow all above

  29. Lokirasu

    Don't say new "sh't". AFI always changes their sound, and if you can't accept that, GET OFF THE F"'ING AFI TRAIN!!

    Wolfang Von Mefistofeles Goethe

    Shadow Storm Productions. Go fck ur self , Afi suck A Fire Inside is right now = A fashion inside

  30. Lokirasu

    If you listen closely, you'll find that AFI is NOT a poppy band. Punk rock is their specialty. If you want pop songs, Girl's not Grey and Miss Murder come to mind. Otherwise, drop AFI and go elsewhere for all you pop needs.

  31. aSquareApple

    Yeah.. as I said in my last reply to someone it comes down to an individuals opinion.

  32. xXEnkilXx

    And every album before that is 100 times better than Sing the Sorrow. :/
    Don't get me wrong. I love StS, but there just isn't anything like 90's AFI.

  33. ThePacifist1733

    I completely disagree with you. DU has practically nothing poppy on it, even songs with little rock elements like The Interview were still no where near pop music. I'm not really into the whole electronic thing but I still enjoyed the album, it gave me a look into music I wouldn't usually choose. But CL I found had very little sincerity. The lyrics seemed a bit forced, as if they were more abstract and the writers didn't relate to them which was a shame. The other albums seemed from the heart.

  34. NJNetsdwill8

    DU is great, not their best but what the hell am I saying I cant put one song over another because they are all fantastic.
    AFI is their own genre

  35. JesterEve

    No, it doesn't matter what my opinion is. Yours doesn't matter either, because I'm pretty sure nobody cares you're alive. Please spare me any more lengthy replies.

  36. JesterEve

    Thanks for your reply to a comment I made 5 months ago...but I have opinions just like anyone else. And there's no way you can say that Sing the Sorrow is their best album ever...It had some decent songs but the only people who'd call it their best album are people who only listen to their new shit. Either that or people who have listened to their old stuff, but don't appreciate it because they're a bunch of new school whiny fucks. Like you.

    Briana Incognita

    JesterEve I know this is ancient, but no shit.. their first 3 albums I'd say were the best if anything.

  37. FamiPunk

    @squarepumplenumber2 I posted that comment a while ago. Since then I've found many new bands and great albums, a lot of which have been critically hailed (Pink Floyd, Arcade Fire, At the Drive-In, etc). Before I only was into AFI. Now I can certifiably say that Sing the Sorrow is by far AFI's magnum opus - other records (mostly Black Sails and Drowning) succeeded in effort, but STS is the only AFI album with complete cohesiveness and an artistic, clearly communicated message.

  38. aSquareApple

    sing the sorrow is my favourite album of theirs, followed by black sails and art of drowning. It's all opinion, just because you say that's when they started to suck doesn't make it true for everyone. Just like my previous comment, I personally thought sts was a lot better than decemberunderground but that doesn't make it fact, 32 people just happened to agree with me.

  39. Nick Corson

    no it was bad. davey did a signing in my city for that release and i brought my "all hallows ep" and he asked me if i got December underground. i said no that shit sucks.

  40. Nick Corson

    sing the sorrow is when they started to suck though...

  41. xXEnkilXx

    December Underground is widely considered by long time AFI fans as a slap to the face. Consider AFI like an apple tree. I bought the apple tree because I wanted apples. For a while, the tree produced the most beautiful, tasty apples in the world. Then, seemingly without warning, the tree started producing oranges instead. I'm allergic to oranges, so now all I can do is watch the fruit drop to the ground and rot....

  42. xXEnkilXx

    Really? I consider crash love just DU part 2.... horrible poppy shit with the exception of like 2 songs.

  43. headbanger2867

    DecemberUnderground Flipping rocks!! Sing the sorrow is also completely great. But to quote Stephen King perfectly in this "They are like apples and oranges, both are delicious but completely different." He was referring to books and movies, but it works for this too. I know that Sing the sorrow was so good, but seriously DU is also just as good. Some of the songs on DU are not so good, but same with some songs on STS. The great songs on DU are some of their best ever.

    Briana Incognita

    Both albums signaled the end of AFI. You should be fucking ashamed of your ears.

    Logan Browning

    @Briana Incognitayou should be ashamed of yourself, just because somebody likes something you don't, doesn't give you the right to trash them. If you don't like it don't listen to it.

  44. galacticyoyo

    This has to be my favourite song throughout the ages...

  45. Michael Sernan

    Came here to listen to music. Fans of the old A Fire Inside don't want to hear about their newer albums. Its just a heartbreak to us

  46. RyanAntiHero

    I just love hearing Dexter scream at the end.

  47. Scott Riley

    i dont see why so many peole diss on Decemberunderground becauae listened from start to finish it is brilliant but STS is better due to more meaning old AFI has something about it though but it annoys me that you cant hear a word davey says

    Briana Incognita

    Scott Riley what album is this again? Shut up. Why talk about their crap albums?

  48. Angela Gayne

    all are great chill dude

  49. godcreatedinfantry

    Straight edge? Il drink to that!!!

  50. godcreatedinfantry

    Hey the last good afi album! Suprized this came up as top hits on my phone

  51. aangelracer

    i love the old AFI, these are the songs that got me hooked on them! This song in particular got me listening to all their old albums. I'm just not a fan of all their new stuff, a bit too electric and mainstream for me. Just my personal opinion though.

  52. thebaconflapsable

    what i thought loads of people loved DU it's a great album so is "shut your mouth" and this is a really good one also crash love is good most of them are great albums

  53. JesterEve

    @wecosvinosec HOW can you ppl even say shit like Crash Love or Sing the Sorrow are their best albums?? Black Sails puts both of those to shame. But I guess you were still crawling around in your emo diapers when this album was out

    Nicholas Romig

    actually, I saw AFI touring off Black Sails and I still think Sing The Sorrow is a better and more consistent album. This still rules, though.

  54. Jacob Matthew

    I appreciate how they change because it gives me more motivation to express myself as I evolve.

  55. Jacob Matthew

    @willbirkin666 I's not recorded as well as "Answer That..." Neither is "Very Proud..!"

  56. Jacob Matthew

    @FamiPunk I like DU better than CL but I give you a thumb up (I don't really mind when people talk about puns in parentheses). Sing the Sorrow is honest like you say.

  57. willbirkin666

    @xXEnkilXx lol at this pwnage i still say then whys this bitter taste left in my mouth.

  58. FamiPunk

    DU isn't a bad album. All of the songs are good (except for Miss Murder, it just doesn't fit, and Affliction's outro, sounds like something from Grey's Anatomy), and the sounds are interesting enough. It just doesn't compare to Sing the Sorrows sincerity, that awesome earthy tone of the instruments, and just the mood and flow of the album's tracks. I honestly think because DU was so "poppy", it lost prestige just because of that. CL is a good album, better than DU in my opinion - It was sincere.

  59. willbirkin666

    @Norris3MCr Well davey said in the crash love interview before the album came out that the album is gonna be way different sounding then any album theve done but they think its one of the best works theyve done and I agree the album is beautiful.

  60. willbirkin666

    @Norris3MCR i think you should give crash love another shot i love all there albums since 92 as well but crash love and decemberunderground are really underated i love those albums so much all though sing the sorrow and black sails are my faves out of the older ones i think shut your mouth and open ur eyes is the worst to be honest besides a single second the rest of the album just doesnt do it for me but i love all there work including the rare demos and unreleased songs from both projects

  61. xXEnkilXx

    @goneaway1989 I'm going to have to strongly disagree.

  62. xXEnkilXx

    @schumisenna About the only good thing the Offspring did.....

  63. xXEnkilXx

    @sickmicbiscuit Why's this bitter taste left in my mouth*

  64. keith price

    'if only pure sweetness was offered, what's this bitter taste in my mouth?"

  65. alexinsc2008

    i wish there were a video for this song

  66. Aris94

    @fudgemonkeyz79 you're so funny, everyone likes you now -__-

  67. impuri7y

    this is a great song to bounce my tits to

  68. SpanishFly120

    Man, that last bit kinda makes me wish Dexter did backing vocals either for more of the song or on more songs than just the 2. Dexter and older AFI oddly enough seem to compliment each other. But...that could just be me being an Offspring fan for the past 13 years, lol.

  69. Elizabeth

    i knew that the backing vocals sounded like dexter holland. it is him.

  70. RadioVctive138

    @canesrule96 lol my bad

  71. RadioVctive138

    @canesrule96 I don't know man I was drunk

  72. Hugo Meneses

    Dexter Holland from Offspring in backing vocals :D

  73. AFIrockshard

    @fudgemonkeyz79 your freaken duisgusting

  74. RadioVctive138

    @Norris3MCR Because they've gotten lazy, they didn't even write the songs together on CL they put together a bunch of pre-written shit, Having said that though, I enjoy the shit they out together, not as much as this though

  75. onceuponatime55

    what´s the meaning of this song?

  76. Chad Johnson

    Do your research guys. Davey had nothing to do with the fact that AFI isn't a great band anymore. And by "had nothing to do with" I mean it wasn't his fault. He either had to give up the screaming and wailing that we all know and love.. Or lose his voice, permanently. So, yeah. They do suck now. But quit being 15 year old girls about it. Stick to The Art of Drowning and before and you'll be just fine.

  77. aSquareApple

    @Phoenixsinger93 Sing the Sorrow is 100x better then decemberunderground.

  78. DarkJoker7

    @GreyShadowUchiha i could say the same about you, personally i understand all the lyrics to most of their can't say any of their lyrics have less meaning and in the same sentence tell others they can't say the same about the old afi's lyrics without making yourself sound like a hypocrite

  79. blackbubblegum47

    @helloieatchicken i didnt mean that they aren't deep i just meant that they could be interpreted any number of different ways, some of which are "profound", i personally think they are and love all afi's lyrics(even the crash love ones :P)

  80. blackbubblegum47

    hahaha i love the way that despite the potentially deep lyrics the song is really about nothing more than smoking a clove cigarette

    Hanz Flackshnack

    And Edgar Allan Poe was really just talking to a raven... The song is filled with intentional metaphors. Every AFI song is

  81. BlakeTahoe

    @haiguizeify great reply....must have taken a lot of brain power on that one....just next time...atleast TRY to be witty or hurt my feelings haha, have a great and glorious day my friend

  82. MBIIdollaBill

    @bearblaster420 oh wow you have me convinced.

  83. Erc Misanthrope

    @MBIIdollaBill wrong. new afi is bullshit

  84. MBIIdollaBill

    @outlaw45cal haha thats so sweet... i gotta check it out

  85. MBIIdollaBill

    @michaelstraley haha yup i finally found dexter in this song :P

  86. MBIIdollaBill

    @GreyShadowUchiha actually i can understand that stuff, i can relate to it, and i think its deep/meaningful. thats not to say that the older albums, like black sails and art of drowning, didn't have decent lyrics. you do know its entirely possible to appreciate AFI's newer work without taking anything away from the older stuff? i can honestly say the only AFI album I had really no interest in is the latest one, crash love

  87. MBIIdollaBill

    @jugwinedrunk AFI is one of the few bands that has changed their sound dramatically without selling out. I dont know about you but I dont see teenage girls walking around screaming "i love davey havok!" that dubious honor is usually reserved for the likes of justin bieber

  88. MBIIdollaBill

    @michaelstraley thanks! davey did some backing vocals on a few offspring songs, i hear. you have any idea which ones?

  89. Edward Bensley

    @BlakeTahoe If you'd stop watching and listening to gay porn you might enjoy everything AFI.

  90. clairebear5150

    i like afis old stuff alot better now they arent as hardcore

  91. BlakeTahoe

    if only time and money never changed people or bands....we'd still have the badass version of AFI....not this 80's lookin J-pop style dudes that have kinda forgot what road they were supposed to be on....can only hope one day they go back to being badass(im a fan and all..but i honestly cant bring myself to listen to december underground...infront of people)

  92. MBIIdollaBill

    @GreyShadowUchiha yea those are my top 3 but i think i put sing the sorrow on top, and now i gotta decide between AoD and BSiS for 2nd place

  93. MBIIdollaBill

    @schumisenna thank you i was wondering when he sings!

  94. MBIIdollaBill

    @GreyShadowUchiha well i meant ppl here who actually searched for a very specific song from black sails in the sunset. but yea im sure there are tons of ignorant ppl out there who dont understand the depth of AFI, be it their old stuff or their new stuff

  95. MBIIdollaBill

    ok for life of me i cant hear dexter holland's vocals on this. i think I can maybe hear him in prayer position, but i cant pick him out here. anybody knows what he sings?

  96. MBIIdollaBill

    @GreyShadowUchiha nobody said their old shit doesnt havent meaning, at least not this album and art of drowning.

  97. Alexander Shibilski

    @a7xfan208 fuck yeah man

  98. EpsilonX

    The progression in their sound is obvious when you listen to their albums in order. The changes just got a little bigger with each album. But the change in sound from whatever came before this, to this, to art of drowning, to sing the sorrow, is pretty logical. They slowly progressed away from punk and into rock.

  99. Linda Surbida

    beautiful song....afi always.<3