AFI - Breathing Towers To Heaven Lyrics

I saw this alone.
The city was aflame.
Did I turn right in or turn away?
Seems I went back home, holed up for a day.
Some say a year passed but that's okay, I'll stay.

Disappear, with me here, where the sun shows no fear,
as it burns my resolution to remain,
to refrain from contending the flame
as we join, this great illusion reappears.

Summertime is long.
In God's name who would stay?
God left yesterday but I remain.
So I left my home, took a whole new name.
Blessed be the ghost the fire claims today.

Disappear, with me here, where the sun shows no fear,
as it burns my resolution to remain,
to refrain from contending the flame
as we join, this great illusion reappears.


"Who will sing my name?" So
sang the flame that gave my name. [X3]

Disappear, with me here, where the sun shows no fear,
as it burns my resolution to remain,
to refrain from contending the flame
as we join, this great illusion reappears.

Dissapear, disappear...dissappear

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AFI Breathing Towers To Heaven Comments
  1. Daniel Burley

    I never heard this before. This song is unreal

  2. Pablo Orellana


  3. Christy Clyde

    Thank you, Rose and AFI. Could you tell me where you got the picture starting at 0:57, please?

  4. Sara R

    Is it interesting to anyone else that the verses to this song sound so exceptional, but the chorus is easily consumable arena rock? I feel like they're so contrasting that it seems like they're their just two songs spliced together.

  5. Edgar Banuelos

    Oh, how this brings me back high school nostalgia. I always accosiated this song with the feeling I had when I was rejected by a girl I liked. In retrospect, it felt pathetic. But when I hear some AFI, it reminds me my feelings had meaning. Now I'm an artist.

  6. Rochelle Rick

    Oh Davey, how I love thee

  7. No One

    I get a lot of Erasure/Depeche Mode vibes from this song (minus the chorus). Really love this song. They left so many awesome songs off Crash Love. Too bad they didn't put this song, We've Got the Knife, and Where We Used to Play on there, too.

    Greg Gotti

    This for sure. My personal playlist for this album is

    1. Torch Song
    2. Too Shy To Scream
    3. Medicate
    4. We've Got The Knife
    5. I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
    6. Darling, I Want To Destroy You
    7. Where We Used To Play
    8. Breathing Towers To Heaven
    9. Cold Hands
    10. Okay, I Feel Better Now
    11. It Was Mine

  8. VOIDSHIFTER Official

    This song kicks ass !!!!! \,,/

  9. a person on the internet

    I genuinely don't get the utter hatred for CL...I mean, it's a really great album imo. Do people REALLY still expect them to be playing the same stuff they have in the past? ...They've grown and matured and changed, as people, of course their music will, too.

  10. xporsiemprex7

    i have the two disk version and this song and "too late for the gods" weren't on either of them i heard "ether" "rabbits are roadkill" and another were on a bonus cd that came with december underground but i tried finding it and i couldn't i'm wondering if it isn't a regional thing? i don't get it

    Christy Clyde

    Just figured it was iTunes exclusive. I let the Deluxe Version of this album be imported to me. To make sure I'm getting to hear it all. But also didn't get these two songs, that were iTunes exclusive :D Sometimes I despair so much, I almost try to join the Despair Faction.

  11. Vincent Mercado

    Thanks for the upload. Id say Crash Love is the most underrated AFL album. It was different just like every AFI album before it. They are in their mid late 30's now. I don't expect them to Gothic punk rockers forever. Hard for a lot of long time AFI fans to except that.

  12. Rosemary Grace

    Broke 20,000 :DDDD

  13. TheSMTitas

    Awesome song, isn't it :D

  14. Dale Simcoe

    sounds kinda like a Danzigs stuff

  15. Alphoter

    2:24 eargasm

  16. DeanWinchester

    I listen to an insane amount of different styles of music, and AFI is like The Beatles every track ever, ever has an insane hook line and sink! Yahtzee! except unlike the beatles AFI changes their sound every album, amazing, and they didn't let a little midget asian break up the band suck it Yoko!

  17. DeanWinchester

    Fire!!!!!! AFI and Blaqk Audio 'til the day I die! Then at they will be playing at my wake!! whoop whooop by the way, jackyU's comments down below says implies jackyu doesn't know anything about music!! whoop whooop

  18. AFi Autumn

    pirveli afis simgera romelic unda vagiaro yleobaa

  19. Jackson Ulstrom

    All of the bonus tracks give the whole album a run for its money. Too Late For Gods on its own is pretty much better than all of regular-edition-CL combined. Great record from a great band, but undoubtedly their weakest effort.

  20. DeathovSeasons

    I still don't see why this, where we used to play, and we've got the knife never made it onto Crash Love so much better than some of the songs on the album

  21. EndlesslyDxH

    Davey's voice heals my soul -_-

  22. Charles P

    lol, probably would have been my favorite song off Crash Love if it was on it.

  23. Elayna Whitten

    I havent heard alot of their crash love songs. Just 4 or 5 but this one is pretty good. I'm a huge AFI fan and weirdly, everyone I know has never heard of the band. Maybe I'm not hanging out with the right group... :D. JK I love my friends but still, this band is amazing, how could you not love them?!


    this is ona the few AFI songs i havent heard before.. and at 0:30.. i decide i like it ♥

  25. yakabox

    WTF i have this cd never herd this..

  26. Rosemary Grace

    @deathafi Oh I didn't know it was on the 2 disc set! Ya I just knew they were bonus tracks so

  27. William Reyes

    @roseakitohavok yeah they do i saw it at best buy it was $20 2 disc with this song and too late for the gods

  28. mentalguy316

    The very minute Davey sang, the notes of his voice reminded me of "Beautiful Stranger". (If no one knows it, it came from Austin Powers.

  29. Rosemary Grace

    @dirt311 Um off the Itunes version of Crash Love, they didn't have it on the regular disc version :)

  30. Elliot Derry

    Where did you get this track...?

  31. Rosemary Grace

    @answersInNemesis haha yur very welcome :) its probably one of my favorites on the album and its an awesome bside :3

  32. answersInNemesis

    Thanks for uploading! I had the album as soon as it came out but I've never heard this song. (:

  33. hmraleman

    FIRST! YES finally got one. NICE VIDEO. LOVE THE SONG

  34. Rosemary Grace

    100 views! thanxx yall :)