AFI - At A Glance Lyrics

No haven now as I watch it pour from everywhere.
Just like the storm that has come out of thin air.
Gentle caresses, just as paper thin -frail and only- lack the strength to hold.
What if could go to sleep for days, would you count the hours,
or would your restlessness consume fading memories of me?
Fall into open arms that offer their protection.
Quick to deny that their open to deceit.
Long to believe that support will never cease. Bitter and lonely, those they've left before.
The vibrant heart so quickly growing old, the warmest eyes so quickly growing cold.
Just a glance for they don't care to see what becomes of me.

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AFI At A Glance Comments
  1. Sarah S

    Davey is such a Scorpio OMG!

  2. RED Knuckles

    WAAAAOHHHHHH WAAHOOOHOOO WAAAHOOOOO! Woooo Hoooo-Punk rock morse code

  3. Amitai Schwartz

    Best AFI album. Only time the balance was perfect.

  4. Boots O'Riley

    haven't listened to this record in a good while. at least 2 or 3 years. probably more. this song randomly popped up in my head and has stayed all day, so hear i am.

  5. one H

    maybe i'll found a band called, a hole inside ;)

  6. Anwar Lopez CheerierNevada1

    At a glance...

  7. David Hershberger

    This is my favorite song on this album

  8. brett barreras

    The whoas at the end are just glorious

  9. Rao

    Mite be the best AFI song ever written.

  10. Ross McBride

    Just perfect

  11. SatanicLovechild1991

    great band i don't really like there newer stuff that much but i give em props for them changing, it's what made bowie, siouxsie and many others so great was they tried different stuff, plus i met davey in pomona and he was really nice , means alot in my book

  12. Richie Dagger

    love this album

    Richie Dagger

    what new friends will the day bring. lol +michael

  13. John NoNameGibbon

    I was listening to this while reading Berserk: Lost Children Arc. It was too good.

    Now I can only imagine Puck singing this as he flies around Guts's head.

  14. Connor Richardson

    Best AFI album. I was 3 when this came out so by the time I found out who they were, this wasn't their sound anymore. Glad I had older friends to introduce me to this tough.

  15. Greg Stone

    oops   I messed up

  16. Greg Stone

    They're best album period...


    You need to learn english. Period.

    Niko O

    They're = They are
    Their = Belonging to them

    John NoNameGibbon

    I agree. 

  17. stephen allen

    By far their best album. Art of drowning is a very close second.

    Baffling Barnacles

    I like AOTD more overall. This has some amazing tracks on it though.


    @Baffling Barnacles Sing the Sorrow for me. Black Sails second, then Art. My pref song is God Called in Sick Today tho, but overall, Sing the Sorrow is boss for me.

  18. Tyler Jones

    AFI from like black sails to sing the sorrow was their best period. I still like some of their new songs, but they were amazing then.

  19. kevin mags

    totally agree. what in the hell happened????

  20. hrkrd

    Always some fucking moron saying their old shit is better, yeah I do too but it doesn't mean shit. People like what they like, if you care so much get fucked and die.

  21. willbirkin666

    clearly you havent given crash love a full listen cause sacrilege is very punk A Art of Drowning feel that song has.

  22. Redsoxxplayer

    I understand that bands change their sound over time. It would be unnatural for them to stay punk forever... but in my opinion (and a lot of fans' opinions) the new direction they went in sucks. Honestly, they should've pulled a beatles and gone psychedelic. Sometimes I blaze and listen to AOD and STS and certain aspects of the songs stand out as pure genius to me. They could've gone in a much more interesting direction

  23. Doktore Zoidbergo

    thanks for playing live never again, i like ur music, but not error inside ur boddies!!!

  24. AssassinJ2

    That's what MTV did. Look where that got them.

  25. AssassinJ2

    Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground: The depressing kinda sad.
    Crash Love: The happy kinda sad that is just more depressing.

  26. CountDruckula

    Crash Love Had its moments...While DU only had what 1 or 2 Good Songs. I guess AFI realized they weren't The Cure haha

  27. Bryson Andrew Davis

    Honestly the only album of AFI that i dont love, is decemberunderground. I think crash love went away from the emoish music. i mean yeah its not hardcore. but its just straight up rock.

  28. NJNetsdwill8

    Look, if AFI had never changed their sound people would complain "its the same shit." they change their sound people would complain "it sucks" as for me i like everything they have ever put out from Answer That and Stay Fasionable all the way to Crash Love.

  29. DeathovSeasons

    I don't see why everyone complains that they are doing something they love! Change is the only constant in life. Hell the sing the sorrow album was based off of rebirth, bands change if not we'd still be listening to songs like rolling balls. At least they don't forget about their old songs like most bands, when I saw AFI they played quite a bit of the old stuff

  30. alexinsc2008

    most of the people that make these new vs old afi comments didnt even know who the fuck afi was before 2003

    Frank Stachulski

    Brownie bottom sundae was one of the first bass licks I learned growing up.

  31. Afireinside912

    I read that your music horizon is stuck in the 90s, learn to expand your horizon....

  32. Noah

    I read the truth. Shouldn't you be listening to Beautiful Thieves?

  33. Afireinside912

    You read the wrong story, try again.

  34. Adrianna Sandoval

    All albums they've put out are good idk what the hell you guys are talking about

  35. Begonias Scarlet

    all afi is good but crash love in my opinion... du is eh

  36. 336Blanco


  37. Noah

    new AFI sucks. old AFI kicks fucking ass end of story.

  38. SGT Cloudrunner

    Personally, I love everything they've put out....well maybe not Decemberunderground so much, but that's not really related to my point. I must say I respect you for not trying to bash their new stuff for being different.

  39. JeffryFeffry

    I love the old stuff,and sing the sorrow. I think sing the sorrow is just fantastic XD But I know what you mean

  40. TheMasquerade6

    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

  41. kris stoker

    go die.

  42. Llewxam888

    man, the last part of this song always gets me. The harmonies are just so damn good, Davey's got some pipes.

  43. Capnsensible80


  44. Angela Gayne


  45. WarlockAshlii

    It's a shame they changed from playing HC to emo to well...I'm not even sure what their new stuff is. I can tolerate up to Decemberunderground but the punk side of things is totally gone on Crash Love.

  46. willbirkin666

    @AFIForever1 replace at a glance with clove smoke catharsis and our lists are the same =]

  47. willbirkin666

    @tysnowboard too bad it wasnt davey that wanted the mohawk it was his brother he said so in an interview lol but this album is really effing good ive been listing to it alot recently this and crash love are my favs decembe undergrounds my 3rd then sing the sorrow then art of drowning thenvery proud of ya answer that and my least favorite is shut ur mouth and open your eyes.

  48. Sam Carson

    @willbirkin666 Sure dude! I know it's a different thing but I suppose the principle applies to wrestling too. I used to watch it as a kid all the time but now all my favorites have gone I just don't see it as the same anymore. It's okay to watch, but not the same. I think music and bands who change also works in a similar way. Thanks too! :)

  49. RadioVctive138

    @rg813 Most punks listen to whatever the fuck they want.

  50. Brennan Mock

    one of the best albums ever written

  51. willbirkin666

    @assssin3 i applaud you december underground is great crash love too who else released a great album on 6/6/6 afi thats it and they play their older songs at shows anyway to please the new fans along with the ones who like there older stuff and never gave up on there change to something greater.

  52. The Truth We Seek

    1999 was the greatest AFI era! It was back then when we got "All hallow's EP" and "Black sails in the sunset".

  53. athabascka

    @Shabelluh: Sorry some of us don't like shitty albums like Decemberunderground. Sorry some of us cringe when we hear Davey's clean vocals. We don't fucking like it, get the fuck over it.

  54. athabascka

    The problem isn't that the new AFI is bad. Its not bad music at all. A lot of the songs on Crash Love are amazing, beautiful. But it doesn't have the same kind of darkesss and power that this music has. Maybe someday they will go back to their Halloween era. It would be cool, even if its not this aggressive.

  55. Pat Bateman

    God damn, AFI used to kick some ass. I'm not gonna be a dick and bash on new AFI, because no matter what, I'll always have this shit. I actually didn't even mind the sing the sorrow shit, but the shit they're doing now has just gone too far for me. Long live the old shit though.

  56. Sam Carson

    @TheXStrickenXOne Just your opinion! It's just hard for some people to accept the new AFI that's all, they might not be able to help it. Its your choice though. I like almost everything AFI too, hoe heard it all yet haha :)

  57. TheXStrickenXOne

    I've just recently got into AFI seriously and I've been working on listening to their albums backwards so I'm up to this album now. Funny thing is, I really like all of them so far =D I think Decemberunderground might still be my favorite (gonna get raped for saying that, I know) but all of them are great.

  58. Maria Ozombie

    @ApparitionOfficial well you dont know what is emo music ...

  59. River Ashby

    Damn, i mean.. i hate how AFI turned like emoish screamy farts, but this is some pretty good punk! i love the 90s

  60. Robert Grant

    best album ever

  61. ALLEXXX321

    @Shabelluh so if i don't like a few of their albums...then that means im not a "real fan"....doesnt seem that fair if you ask me

  62. Konwai

    @Shabelluh I stand behind your statement i'v heard these guys for over 10 yrs! All you ignorant fucks dont know ur ass from ur elbow if shit talk these guys lets you do any better!!

  63. niok123

    the breakdown in this song is so much better than any one I've heard in a metalcore song, no hate, just what I think

  64. John Baylor

    @Shabelluh Oh, alright then.

  65. John Baylor

    @Shabelluh I feel as if you got the ass part from Let's Go To Prison... (:

  66. Mswolfhugger

    Everybody!!!! My afi poeples!!! Go to "baby oh" now and flag it as innapropriate, or dislike it!!! Then we will slowly bring justin beieber off the web for good!! ( lmao this is corny :p) so, my afi fellows, we shall ALL untite as afi fans and bring the "beaver" DOWN!!

  67. Alex Lara

    all of their songs from art of drowing & below are the real good true a.f.i. the new stuff sucks and is a complete disgrace to the band.

  68. BlakeTahoe

    people dont really understand.....when you form a band it IS all about the music,making fans happy,and having fun.....but when you get that "deal" you've been gunning for for years.....and all that money starts comin change and your band changes without you even realizing it not gonna say who i am but my brother whose a country singer got that "deal" and i became more well known as a comic...the money changed both of us(more him than me) and now we hardly even sucks

  69. babyshaker90210

    I remember this was the first album I got from Napster when my family finally decided to get internet. I wish they didn't change after this, but whatever.

  70. eric turner

    @richnfillproductions i agree to an extent, but i wouldnt say the beatles, jimi hendrix and basically any big name in the history of music isnt true music because its sold millions of copies. but i suppose its different nowadays, the record companies decide what sells leaving the true music in the dust.

  71. MrJoeboy24

    AFI was cool before they went mainstream now ther just sellouts... punks dont do it for the money they do it for the kids the people that dont have shit to turn to but the music.... thats why new afi sucks!!!

  72. Edward Bensley

    You all think that AFI sucks because theyre selling more albums now. Are you saying that they don't have a right to make more money? Why don't you answer that and stay fashionable?

  73. Reagan Dewell

    why is it that every time i go on youtube and listen to afi people are arguing on how much they suck now? seriosly, poeple give it a break! afi may have changed, but they didnt sell out, they just epirimented. and i feel fo one they got alot better. people say they sell out, but they still have a unique sound, which means they havent sold out. just listen to their new stuff, actually give it a try, and you shoud see its all great stuff.

  74. MissKuchiki

    @1cjl2 nice.

  75. Martin ev

    @Dustin795 yeah i really dont like most of the kids in the new afis scene, most of them all weirdos i think theyre still pretty good, sometimes

  76. Illucid Morgue

    Im retarded and 18 or younger and dont know what goog music is so I listen to it for free on youtube all day, I guess Im a loser because I know Ive just gotta be the only one who does this. Also make fun of jews haha jew suck!

  77. Andy Hardie

    @genitalgoddess And I notice you're 22.... so don't get being too harsh on the 18yr olds - You were hardly there in the hayday now where you! I only just caught the end

  78. Andy Hardie

    @genitalgoddess Exactly....

  79. Dustin795

    they are shit now... but i will still continue to listen to them... their old songs that is

  80. yelserrs

    @genitalgoddess i bet youre over 30 and live with your mother AND are a virgin

  81. Cloudwalker

    Great music.. and come on guys just respect music for what it is.. bands change as do people. At least im not reading about his hair >_>

  82. Chelsea Railing

    I personally think Davey sings better than he used to...only because he shows his actual voice in the songs more than he used to. All the screaming probably made it really tough on his vocal chords, and that's why he had surgery.

  83. Richie Disch

    ugh i hate their new song this is the good shit

  84. Mark Mattox

    thats not the only reason why they changed. they changed just like any other band. they grew. with progression comes change. thats life.

  85. manthatyoufear777

    When did Davey have his operation?

    Stvrgazin Paroxysm

    Shortly after Decemberunderground I think.

  86. 1cjl2

    Listen to me, assface, I'm not gonna play nice with you shitheads anymore. I DON"T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK! okay? Not shut the hell up and LEAVE ME ALONE!

  87. fargol

    i highly doubt they'd still being music if they didn't want to be making the style they are making

  88. christopher Hernandez

    AFI at their best.

  89. Dustin795

    pretty good, but scratch sing the sorrow and add

    shut your mouth and open your eyes or art of drowning :P

  90. tudey5

    Black sails + sing of sorror = THE BEST ALBUMS EVER MADE BY ANY BAND

  91. 1cjl2

    They changed their style because they WANTED to. Maybe you should take your own advice and stfu!

  92. 1cjl2

    They love their fans and they care of your opinions, yes, but they want their albums to sound a certain way and they will make their albums sound that way and your complaints won't change that.

  93. 1cjl2

    Six words: Ask Jade how much they care.

    More words: they were interviewed several times about it, and they said themselves that if they started really caring about chart position or whatever fans say, then they'd really fail because the top musics could change away from you. They're just plain proud of the sound they create because THEY LIKE IT, it doesn't matter who else does.

  94. MrSodaBelly

    they do give a shit bitch cuz without their fans they wouldnt be who they are

    musicians who think like they dont give a fuck drop cuz it shows iin their music

  95. CroatianNSensationN

    This is definitely their best CD. Art of drowning is when they took a turn for the worst, although it had a couple decent songs

  96. 1cjl2

    I love all AFI. Perhaps if you were real fans of them, you'd understand that they don't really give a shit what you think and do whatever the hell they want. That's what TRUE musician think like. If you really love them, you'd know that by now.

  97. NightmareGanon

    Well, eveyrone has different opinions.

    Anyways, we can only hope that they say what wrong they've done and go back to do better (yet nowehre as good as their old) stuff.Has happened to other bands.

  98. NightmareGanon

    OK, I agree with the part about nowadays.

    I personally highly enjoy Sing the Sorrow (though less than the two previous albums) and find decemberunderground to be somewhat good (though flawed in many aspects, such as production/mixing).

    Crash Love, however, has three great songs, a couple of acceptable ones, and tons of crap. 4/10 (and 1/10 as a true AFI album), if you ask me.