Afghan Whigs, The - Toy Automatic Lyrics

White light
If I saw what you say that you see in me

My Love

Too late
My lie
Had been cast to the dark side of
Do or die

My love
My dear
My love
My tears

Too soon
Too late

And from way down deep inside
Like a wave I had crashed on the
Reason I
Was there

My love
My dear
My love
My tears
Come See

Tell me, is this real?
Everything I feel?

Tell me this is real

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Afghan Whigs, The Toy Automatic Comments
  1. Terence Burgers


  2. Aidy Gerrard

    Allez, my love.

  3. augustuss


  4. ged C

    Yes it was always gonna be just as special as all there lpsthanx

  5. Dave Sinclair

    This song has been my earworm for about 5 days now. Can't get enough of it! Brilliant.

  6. Freddy Trejo


  7. Brenna Gallagher

    God.... that's all. God.... I could play this song on a continuous loop and never be tired of it.

    Mateusz Bobek

    Brenna Gallagher McGann that's what I'm doing since half an hour and I can't stop.

    John Galt

    Been there. Done that. Will do again. Simply amazing!

  8. Steen Brølling

    I guess I'll continue to live/survive as long as Greg Dulli keep writing stuff like this. Brilliant melody....

  9. Fabian Bohr

    one of the best songs they have ever released, definitely my favorite on the new album

  10. drivel2

    whoever plays the trumpet is amazing. such a stunning tack

    Joe Jensen

    it's really solid orchestration, and interesting sounds through the whole album.

  11. alberto meli

    Allez my love yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !

  12. alberto meli

    Tell me, is this real?
    Everything I feel?

  13. one KICK

    ... love it - my favorite album song...

  14. alberto meli

    So long as we can breathe and ears can hear, so long lives this (song) and this gives life to ROCK ! Thanks again Greg and band.


    Sono tornati alla grande!

  16. 1965 official

    So far it's my favourite song from the album.

  17. Shoaib Farhat

    This is the one!

  18. Ger C


  19. msd rtr

    Digging this shit!

  20. bear sets fire

    Great record.