Afghan Whigs, The - The Spell Lyrics

It was sabotage until
Dream transcended purpose
In time the revelator comes for thee

Who cut the demons down?
Laid bare to show you how
One comes a distant memory

Play dead for a moment, child

I wanna go deep down
To where my soul lets go
And take my fantasy
And lay it on the table
And are you gonna see the light?
Or are you gonna be the light?
I wanna free the light
And lose control
And lose control

Here come flat top candy cane
He come slithering down again
If I'm on fire
Then you best follow me home

If black is invisible, baby
And fact indivisible, baby
Be the light
O, lord
Free the light
O, lord

Day not wasted
Dream not tasted
There's no faking lust this time

Be the light
Free the light

And so it goes
And so it goes

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Afghan Whigs, The The Spell Comments
  1. I Am Rod

    This is amazing! Afghan never let you down.

  2. Alberto Argenton

    Greg.....un grande.Bellissimo Spell, non si smette di ascoltarlo.

  3. Bojana Krajcar

    Greg is not the best singer in the world that for sure, but I will always put him in my top 3 best singers in the world...why?
    Well he's got that something in his voice that makes me comfortable and makes me smile even when I'm down.. ❤️

  4. Electric Gypsy

    noo.. doesn't suit the title nor the cover art.

    Joshua Cox

    there's a song called "Demon In Profile"

  5. Liliputian07

    this dude's voice is trash
    and, frankly, the melody is super basic
    I was so prepared to like this band

    Gary Beltrand

    Every once in a while some misguided ding dong has to talk shit about the Afghan Whigs and Dulli. Dude sings with enough character, soul and passion to transcend your perception of vocal quality. His music is art and you don't criticize art by analyzing the few parts of it you grasp. You appreciate it whole or if it's not your thing and you move on. You insult yourself by talking shit. Dulli is an under-appreciated genius, a rare true artist and his creativity is not meant for mass consumption. Honestly, most people don't deserve it.

    Nora Ende

    Sick pig.

    Eric Guerra

    Why are any of you wasting time on troll boy liliputian 07(subconsciously describing his dick)? Waste of time...


    *You're* super basic.


    Its unfortunate that this was your introduction to Greg Dulli. The older shit is way better (Gentlemen to 1965) Twilight Singers as well as The Gutter Twins are the real deal. When I first heard the guy, I was not into it but after one of his albums really struck me, I was ready for all of the "hard to listen to" stuff. Try Blackberry Belle and try 1965 and see if you like that stuff better.