Afghan Whigs, The - Oriole Lyrics

Light the candle
Lock the door, too
Draw the circle
I'll fall into you

Comes the card that
I refused to see

The was a violence In my head
I was surrounded In my bed
And from a slender perch
I vowed that I would fly forever


Thru love I wander
Seek my thunder
Slip my number
Free at last
Cage burned
Cages burn
So true, unglued
Where and when no matter
I will find you
Until then
Hang on, hang on
So true, unglued
Where and when no matter
I will find you

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Afghan Whigs, The Oriole Comments
  1. Adrián Sanabria Sanabria

    Just 201K views?! How rude

  2. Jean-Michel Bedrin

    Criminally underrated as i read in all of afghan whigs video

  3. OriginalKarasu

    How did the put my most erotic dream into a song? Perfect, now i can watch my dream :)

  4. Rich Dick

    Bring back the bell throughout.... please

  5. I Rate Your Comments

    That was awesome.

  6. Tony Sproule

    If David Lynch only wore a Greg Dulli certified white suit and directed this video..

  7. Richard Dempster

    This track is so good! It makes me sad, in an awesome way!

  8. Samih Faghirzada

    Why is this called the AFGHAN WHIGS ????

  9. Justin Peterson

    "Yeah boobs! Huh, huh, huh"
    Shut up Beavis. That was an elbow, Don't make me kick your ass again!"
    Everything from the 90's is still great

  10. Jevon Edbert

    i came for the tits, but the only thing i got is nice music

  11. HootieTang

    What a track. They still got it, after decades. Same amazing sound.

  12. Kevin C

    Light the candle
    Lock the door, too
    Draw the circle
    I'll fall into you

    Comes the card that
    I refused to see

    The was a violence In my head
    I was surrounded In my bed
    And from a slender perch
    I vowed that I would fly forever


    Thru love I wander
    Seek my thunder
    Slip my number
    Free at last
    Cage burned
    Cages burn
    So true, unglued
    Where and when no matter
    I will find you
    Until then
    Hang on, hang on
    So true, unglued
    Where and when no matter
    I will find you

  13. None of Your Business

    the official propaganda video of the men's rights movement

  14. djonakachopper

    I liked the music better before the video.

  15. Mag Neat-O

    good god. if you thought the whigs were sexist back in the 90s......

  16. Lore Ranfagni

    I can't stop listening to the Whigs!. From 1992 till now, from teenage years throughout my 40s!. Man, this band is hunting me. What a great discover was back then.....Amazing band

  17. Glenn Cerna

    Recién encontré esta banda y me guste.

  18. Jonathan Ian

    Man....I love this band :)

  19. Valar Morghulis

    Some sick MK ULTRA?? (yes, I know..the term is worn out but that's wtf the sicko f***s named it...there's new & older names as well... Ahem, f***in child predators & slavers...& NO, it's not just "men" who conduct & behave in such "programs"... Women, also, seek out young children to *f*ck* with &...nevermind..)

    GO, ask Alice.......what the bad men said.

    F**k this bs. Yeah, yeah, yeah...Libbey Liberal, call me names. You're not "liberal". F**k your box you check & believe you're in. There's no left. No right. No red, nor blue...just truth. This is twisted. Admit it. Lesbian poisoning? Idfc what the lyrics or strings & other instruments played are, idfc...this, video, here...they're begging you to get "for real" & find a real snuff film. Will you be satisfied then? Or...must ya then do it yourself...go chasing rabbits? Go ask Alice. She's f*d in the head staring at a wall - not 10 feet tall.

    Ah, I'm the loon eh? Nah. Let's talk about truths... The truth is censored/black boxed/sorry this video is unavailable &/or sorry this video has been removed due to..............


  20. Wicked Marc

    Can't hear the song, music's too loud....damn kids!

  21. Masacarman BiH

    kul staff,.poz from Bosnia

  22. Zaroff's Trophy Room

    someone's been watchin Love Witch and Kill List...

  23. giatros giannis

    Fucking Beautiful..................

  24. ivan geld

    Can't wait to see you soon in Toronto!!!

  25. AUJIK

    How I was interpreting the police academy movies as a kid.

  26. Joe Yunger

    Love the Whigs, but this is garbage.

  27. -D. gorn

    I love this song, love the album. Saw them @ Koko in London, don't miss them!

  28. Troy Davis

    The editing on this video is sick! This track is one of my favorite Whigs songs now. Fell in love with the band after watching them play on 120 minutes back in the day. Greg is as amazing as ever.

  29. Franki P

    Betty Page witch lady looks like Hillary Clinton....

  30. Ken McGuire

    Now with 30 percent more hot lesbian witchcraft

  31. Andrea Vona

    thanks. From heart.

  32. Markku Koljonen

    Huoh! R.I.P. Dave by Tinja&Markku

  33. lutov

    R.I.P. Dave Rosser :( -

  34. Ixxgxx

    Saw whigs at the offramp seattle 92? On congregation tour. Blew me away with their opening up of lashes from JC superstar. Great to see
    Them on sub pop!

  35. Whisky&Art

    genial mehr als genail, ein Jahrhindert song !!!

  36. My Name is JAFO

    Just a bit of trivia: The "runaway blonde" starring in the vid is actress Amy Hood. She also directed the vid.

  37. Victor Krothe

    The guy they sacrifice in the woods kinda looks like Rick McCollum. Coincidence?

  38. lespaulfanofsparta

    Nice try on the video but, it's not half as disturbing as the music.  Sounds like we've got another masterpiece coming.

  39. Adam Unknown

    whats with all the satanic shit?

    Mopars bear

    adam unknown 👌👁⛰📸💸🔮

  40. skateski

    Am I the only 1 feeling that unfortunately there were a few weaker tracks on the album than all the three excellent singles?

  41. John Mejia

    Did anyone see the movie "The Neon Demon"? Kinda similar


    Yeah...that was some crazy sh*t. Nicolas Winding Refn made something even more messed up than 'Only Gd Forgives'

  42. Wences Acosta

    I just discovered this band. I want more

    mike curry

    like christmas for you. they have plenty of music for you to hear.

    Marc One

    Enjoy going through their back catalogue! And dont forget to check out Twilight Singers, Greg Dullis other project.

    bill bailey


    Ricardo De Haro


    Victor Krothe

    BLACK. LOVE. Sonic velvet. Sweet despair. Opens with a suicide note and ends with Purple Rain. The most tragic rock opera. Sweet. Dour. Angry. Sad. Just listen to it. You'd be hard pressed to find a more compelling album from that era.

  43. N2DEEP

    Afghani Wixxi ...Satanic Shit

  44. Kev Kavanagh

    Gratuitous everything! Song's good too...

  45. A. Dekker

    Dulli is a genius.

  46. Laurence Moore

    Apparently The Whigs can not make a bad song. My God Greg is talented.

    Wicked Marc

    Guess you haven't heard this one XD

  47. Josh Graham

    Came for the music, stayed for the nipples

  48. paul elliott

    Whigs are back, thanks and interesting video
    Music damn fine as always

  49. Guilherme Amaro

    Look! At is Gerg Dulli in the picture!

    My Name is JAFO

    A cult that worships Greg Dulli? Sign me up! :)

  50. Михаил К

    so cooool)

  51. Christopher Maynard

    Been a Fan of this awesome band since I saw them on 120 minuets back in 1994 when Gentlemen came out........Got bit by the AGW bug until they broke up followed the Twilight Singers (another incredible Greg Dulli band) Seen them about 8 times my first show was at Irving Plaza 1994 I was 22 at the time and people were moshing to the songs...........which seemed very strange to me at the time......And yes Crystal the video does remind me of a DA movie very much like Suspira........very good observation

  52. govtiss

    Greg Dulli is the most underrated songwriter in rock history.

  53. Mithridates VI

    Hell yeah!

  54. James Wold

    Is this the official end of the "music business?" It doesn't suck? -a drunk nobody.....🤖🤖

  55. ABrookeByTheTree

    It should be called Areola.

  56. Isidoro Maich

    La verdad este video me confunde. La canción está muy bien, pero el video... al parecer está muy bien aceptado que una mujer mate un hombre en los videos sin que se menosprecie el mensaje que da y no ocurre lo mismo al contrario.

  57. Ian James

    Love it!!

  58. Ian James

    Love it!!

  59. Leonidas Kotrozinis

    Greg is the boss......

  60. Jarrod Peterson

    Pretty dark guys, even by your standards. If the director of that video's trying to move in on you, Greg, you should probably beware!

  61. Jeroen Gillard

    there's something of the Sheila Devine at the start of the song

  62. DIsulfotON

    This is beautiful, im stoked for the new album!

  63. aa3

    Perhaps this video portrays the vicious nature of the entertainment industry. I've been a fan of Mr Dulli's work since 1991. This my least favourite song on the new album, to which I've listened about 25 times. From the first, startling song to the last, it's a brilliant work that's full of little, slowly building, beautiful symphonies. In particular, the drumming demands that we listen closely.

  64. 1965 official

    Didn't notice the NSFW warning, opened the video at work and I was lucky the boss (I mean my boss, not Mr. Dulli) hasn't walked in to my office.

  65. fuzzylumpkin49

    Awesome tune. ^_^

  66. cardiacade

    Hope it's a grower, doesn't really grab me yet.

  67. edgardo gregorini

    Beauty femmes

  68. My Name is JAFO

    I've been a Whigs/Dulli fan for over 20 years. I've enjoyed pretty much everything Greg's done, but I always felt the pinnacles of his and the band's work were to be found in Gentlemen and Black Love. As much as I enjoyed the Twilight Singers, Gutter Twins, and 2014's Do To The Beast, Gentlemen and Black Love have always been in a class by themselves, in my book.

    Except maybe now. Based on the 3 tracks that have been released so far, I honestly think In Spades could be as good as either of those two albums. Dulli is in his musical prime here. His voice is stronger and smoother now than it ever was in the early 90s (thanks to giving up the smokes) , and the musical influences and complexity of the released tracks are just blowing me away.

    May 5th can't get here soon enough!

    My Name is JAFO

    TS are really good, too. I was a little disappointed with Dynamite Steps, TBH, but I really enjoyed Blackberry Belle and the Stitch in Time EP.

    Jeff Clegg

    I've listened to the promo copy of In Spades at my local record store several times this week. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


    No way. Up in it the best. Nothing beats retarded. You my flower.

    mohamamd alsirhan

    I couldn't agree more the same apply to pearl jam and sound garden and more.... there performance and style declined over the years. i wonder why they could not make golden albums like gentleman


    Opinions vary, but without scuzzy Rick McCollum, this IS NOT the Afghan Whigs. This is the Twilight Singers (version 2.0?).
    That’s no strike against Rosser/Skibic — it’s just a fact that Rick was the uncontainable, hard-edge.

  69. The Light

    C'mon this video is pure shit. The Afghan Whigs and this song (and fans) deserve better than this. Crap video for a good song..Bunch of Los Angeles cliches, posers trying to act and look mysterious, tacky wing tip eyeliner that every female conformist sports along with the Bettie Page hairdo. trying toooooooooooo hard to look cool and of course don't forget about the lesbianism and witchcraft. Not orginal. Not a very intelligent, intellectual, mysterious or cool video. As a fan, I feel ashamed of this video and looking at it

    Victor Krothe

    I don't think it sucks at all. It's a metaphor. I won't try to bore you with it, as you clearly don't get it. I pity you.

  70. Olivia Wadsworth

    If Suspiria and The Love Witch had a baby and left it to be raised by the girls from Picnic at Hanging Rock, it would result in this video. It's perfect, the song is perfect, and I'm so excited for the album!

    Kyla Meyers

    Olivia Wadsworth OMG!!!! Susoiria and Picnic at Hanging Rock both instantly came to my mind as well!!! My parents took me to see Picnic at Hanging Rock in 1978 when iI was 7 years old and it was re-released for a limited time. I think I had nightmares about that movie every so often into adulthood!!! Anyway, awesome comment and I agree 💯 !!

  71. Ghosts in the Graveyard

    Beautiful, Haunting song and video!

  72. Byron C Miller

    Really cool video, and a great song! I did the sub pop preorder and have listened to the album a few times now; love it!

  73. vohlky

    lowkey anti feminist so pretty good

  74. Udonge

    naked lesbian witches! just what i needed

    Lea Williams

    I can't understand criticism of this video, I think it goes well with the song.

    Joseph Fuller

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    Joseph Fuller

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    Joseph Fuller

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    Joseph Fuller

    @The Light 83yyuyurrrttr9try yyyy9y4ţ9g4tt/tightrope4trttty27desert put 49y5t8y3eeerrrr83yeryt

  75. 80AKL

    Perfection. Starts like a dark version of "Judy and the Dream of Horses."


    Now that's a great comment! And, yes, actually! huh!

    Matthew Dyer

    "Judy where did you go wrong.."

  76. Walter Sobchak

    The video sucks - but who gives a fuck?
    It´s a new tune from The Afghan Whigs and the music is pure gold.

  77. the jacket in monsta x beautiful mv

    nice song

  78. matsutakneatche

    stupid fucking video

  79. D22

    Deadly! Looking forward to seeing the Whigs in Dublin next month!

  80. They're Alive!

    Drop Dead Gorgeous

  81. Claude Siegrist

    Great Afghan Whigs ! Thanks !


    killer track

  83. Jose Schmoe

    Wot's the vid go to do with the song?

  84. yoxall27

    Boobs and lesbians FTW. Cheers Greg.

  85. roarboy

    this album seems to be a lot better than do the beast......!!


    That's a bold statement.


    I think, they are both great

  86. Las Vegas Carnivore's been done...

    But kudos for the ritual symbolism. Made me want to watch Eyes Wide Shut again🤔😂

  87. thanoscult

    Amazing Art!

  88. Redemerd


  89. Redemerd



    it's here YES!!!🤘🤘😎

  91. Bruno Provangenoia

    I completely forgot about the afghan wigs

    theoctofish 1

    Steven Parsons you blew your cover. Undercover Grammar police operative detected

    Steven Parsons

    It's the little things...

    bill bailey

    That was spelling, not grammar. The grammar police have no jurisdiction here, they can fuck off.

    Bruno Provangenoia

    ... They were so unimpressive I fuxD up the spelling of their name
    That's a shame


    Bruno Provangenoia

    Steven Parsons
    Grey gray
    Pact packed
    Their there
    Reed read
    Cream Creme

  92. Jonas Oskinis

    Total late 90s

    Las Vegas Carnivore

    Jonas Oskinis yeah, super lame...

    Grauzone bay

    best decade , youre right

  93. Moldragon

    lovely nudity