Afghan Whigs, The - I Got Lost Lyrics

A kiss from the dealer
And this one's for me
All for me
All for me

Chaos and fire and complicity
All I need
All I need

You made me need you
Made me concede you
I'd forget everything I ever learned

But it don't come for free

Fate takes the corner
At 40 degrees
All for me
All for me

And I
Wanna leave you
Make me believe you
Forget everything I ever learned

Call out or fall out
You're all out for me
Jump in the fire
And find you're redeemed
State your Intent
Or get back on your knees
All for me
All for me

And l'm
On a wire
Hold the door
Am I a liar?
Well, I can't be sure

Maybe you're two faced
Or maybe or three
Maybe you think that you're
Better than me
But my eyes
Can see what no others can see
And all I see
All I see is


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Afghan Whigs, The I Got Lost Comments
  1. David Owen


  2. Quinn Nugget?

    Probably first

  3. Robin Thompson

    just beautiful💔

  4. hulla balloo

    this is glorious.