Afghan Whigs, The - Demon In Profile Lyrics

I'd bet you're bad
See the knife in the water
Send you back to bed

All over your body
This electricity
It was all that I wanted
Now it's killin' me

You say you're ready
If I'm an animal
Let's get a room real soon
We'll call it supernatural

All over your body
Now say it back to me
Some call it chemical
I call it bittersweet

If your light should go unseen
And I'll be there to share
If you don't mind the company

All over your
Your bastion bed
So far inside you now
I am your silhouette

You can believe me now
This isn't happening
You're not the first to be stoned
You're not the last to believe

If your light should go unseen
If you're not ready now
You're never going to be
All over me
All over me
If you're not ready now
You're never going to be

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Afghan Whigs, The Demon In Profile Comments
  1. Betsy Hasircoglu

    omg---the solid gold dancers


    There is a timelessness to this

  3. T Moody

    Electricity on the titty..... turn this shit UP yo!

  4. Cesar Farinassi

    Great song! I wold like to see QOTSA cover this music.

  5. bill bailey


  6. luvisacigarette8

    The cut though @2:10 sooooooo good

  7. Izaak Diggs

    Best song on an amazing album, like a cross between the best of the Afghan Whigs and the best of the Twilight Singers

  8. Sevtro !

    Kowze en avance car je suis trooo choo

  9. Joe G

    My favorite song from the Afghan Whigs along with Gentlemen

  10. James Charles

    I saw The Whigs with Har Mar and he didn't have the girls with him !?!? I mean WTF !! HIGHLY disappointed

  11. Frank Skir

    Yup! rocking guys..

  12. Lizardio Thing

    My favorite band and one of my favorite songs by them but it can’t beat debonair

    mark spencer

    I was in debonair ...

  13. Joe Cicala

    Love this song, reminds me of a song i wrote, these guys mustve had the same influences as i had, maybe not, but these guys know how to write some good music

  14. Lisa Gibson

    Who is the cat on roller skates?

  15. Jan Sayah

    108 sexless frigid freaks don't like this.

  16. Jan Sayah

    Sexiest hottest song ever! I'm obsessed with this and have played nothing else since hearing it. ALL OVER YOUR BODY.......

  17. O Justiceiro

    Ufa... Rock'n Roll is save again.. thank you

  18. Wicked Marc

    I don't get it, is this good music?

    Wicked Marc

    I feel like Stan Marsh... all I hear is shit =(

  19. Dr Elvis Valentino

    THE best song of 2017

  20. Samuel Placensis

    I freaking love it 👌🏻👍🏻💙💫❤️🔥

  21. Anthony cleevely

    Is it just me or does he look like that guy from the critic? Jay Sherman I think is what they called him XD

  22. Samuel Placensis

    I love this video

  23. Rebecca Rail

    Thanks mista 53 (nearly, you child) Don't show off too much to Mistress or you'll get bruised all over yo bodee. Taste the whip......

  24. leifjellow

    Miles Izen`t Ded , sometimes

  25. Doug Smith

    RIP Dave 😞

  26. bill bailey

    When I first heard the Afghan Whigs back in the 90's Greg Dulli was an awesome songwriter with a terrible singing voice, he's aged like a fine wine.

  27. lunatik

    the goosebumps man

  28. Sébastien Allemand

    master class pop music

  29. A Night of Passed Over's

    _Understaaaaaand.. I'm a gentleman.. do you, understaaa-a-aand.._

    A Night of Passed Over's

    Anyway, great to see Har. Sounds good, _bel video_, Greg. Will you bet..

  30. Ronny Vandenhouweele

    awsome as always.....

  31. Chris Robinson

    Wow. The years have not been kind to Greg... But that's not him in the video. Do some research.

  32. Katie Villegas

    This song haunts me. I LOVE it BUT only until 2:38 - then it totally flips for me... I actually can't stand it after that. I just keep wanting to hear the beginning again.

  33. bofors2

    beautiful blonde woman in this teledisc is very interesting..

  34. Janet Cornacchia

    Love this song!!! Great guitar, piano and horns! Wow, you guys rock!!!

  35. Chicarcas Palazuelos

    danny devito singing? Wow! Luv it

  36. Mike L

    Proof that anyone looks cool having makeup applied to their face in the midst of several beautiful women.

  37. iluvugoldenblue

    so far inside you now i am your silhouette

  38. asher

    Ron Jeremy

  39. My Name is JAFO

    "So far inside you now, I *am* your silhouette"


  40. johnnyatab

    Wow. Very impressed with their new music.

  41. Себастьян Перейро

    отстой какой-то

  42. Gary Skirrow

    it's about fuckin time boys, Rock n Roll baby:)

  43. Jesse Sarmiento

    Sounds like the intro to "It kills"

  44. Mark Copeland

    Why is Har Mar Superstar lip synching this?

  45. govtiss

    I had no idea there was a new Afghan Whigs album coming out until I stumbled onto this video just now.

    Holy shit, there's a new Afghan Whigs album coming out!!!

  46. Jamie Light

    Tune :)

  47. Randy R

    I just heard these guys on an Alternative Rock station today. I was very impressed and ordered two of their C.d.s.


    Randy Valon check out congregation. The best after up in it.

  48. deepspace28

    FIRE ...

  49. Ger C

    Motherfuckin chills!

  50. unlitdarkness6

    Goddamn I cant wait to buy this album

  51. Old Man Rolling Home

    Can't stop watching it over and over. :)

    Old Man Rolling Home

    Okay, this is seriously killing my productivity today :)

  52. AltBren

    Subpop again.. pretty reliable

  53. DIsulfotON

    Sooooo good!

  54. cardiacade

    Wouldn't be out of place on Black Love. Can't fecking wait for the new album.

  55. Noel Dabreo

    wtf, brilliant !!!!!

  56. audradean

    I'm officially singing this in my sleep, and it's in my head every waking moment. Can it be May 5 now, please? #afghanwhigs

  57. jed_beezel

    Purple Rain Reference at 1:44 <3

    Slimeriffic Family

    jaredbellow made by urs truly! excited to see my puppet in their new video!

  58. Geoff Ashmun

    Very much a fan of the band, but I'm underwhelmed. Hoping the overall album has more edges to it.

  59. lyricalsteel412

    So far inside you now
    I am your silhouette pimp

  60. wordbabcock

    Those drums! That brass!! THE voice!!!

  61. Laurence Moore

    Can not wait for the full album and of course when they hit Chicago!

  62. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Demon in Profile" debuted at #10 on the New Alternative 20 Chart this week:

  63. Paul Adams

    I swear to christ, this video is like crack. Cannot stop watching. I hear it in my head even when I'm teaching. This shit makes me feel like I'm a teenager all over again.

    Kevin C

    Paul Adams there’s still a few older bands still doing great stuff. guys in their 40s. after that things seem bleak.

  64. Tim Griffin

    So much beautiful Afghan Whigs scuzz. Great tune!

  65. Skymad Recording Studio

    yes! i cant wait for this to drop in May. So excited.

  66. Magister Nome

    PERFECT song, with a fantastic visual supplement. This song sounds like an instant classic!

  67. antonio ricco

    it was all that I wanted/now it's killing me

  68. gabe baldwin

    Har Mar just keeps getting cooler as the years tick by, huh?

  69. Samuel Placensis

    I've been a fan since 1993. Not one song disappoints me. It's the Gospel of Greg Dulli's

  70. Andrew Weekes


  71. Loretta Studios

    That is a magnificent song.

  72. Ken Lydo

    "its Dealers Choice .....and i m the fuckin dealer " Galway 2016

  73. 108 969

    It's great. The only thing that's missing is a guitar solo.
    But that's a general problem of this great band.

  74. somethingyettocome

    Superb Quality as ever from the Whigs!

  75. Starry&Bohemian

    Har Mar ZuperTzar was the 5th beatle !
    I want to see him play the next Zorro :-p

  76. Rafael Nunez

    This video is on par with Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love video.

  77. Baldpoodle

    Great tune and guitars sound excellent!

  78. oldsport71

    One of the greatest rock singers!

  79. steelydan133

    looks like Van Morrison!!

  80. cj22cj

    So damn good! Mr. Dulli comes through AGAIN!

  81. Jay Tomlinson

    Hell yeah!

  82. AlxFitz

    Got addicted to this pretty quickly.

  83. Chad Davis

    This is just killer. Hell yes.

  84. Sebastian Dumitru

    Baphomet worship.

  85. Maya Quartz

    i like this song the best at 1.25x speed :)

  86. Taylor Givens

    hachi machi! i'm glad that the guy from The Critic got work after his cartoon was cancelled.

  87. Han Salo

    Afghan Whigs have not yet disappointed me. Great first single!!!

  88. Toni Mahoni

    can someone english native transcript the lyrics please?

  89. David Daub

    FUCK YEAH!!!!

  90. Sulfur Fiend

    Hail Hydra!

  91. drivel2

    I'm upset Mr Dulli, I wanted to be a screaming girl in your video. Would have done it for free too. Love the song, so good.

  92. guatoman

    so far much better than do the beast

  93. pinkfloid79

    I love the parts of the video featuring Har Mar but the rest is boring and cliched. LOVE the song though.

  94. Joel Sather

    Cheers to Har Mar doing the opening in the First Ave women's bathroom.

  95. David Money

    you waited this long to come back and make this poop video? lil girls screaming for ya? who directed this #pizzagate

  96. Ruby D


  97. Malcolm Bliss