Aesop Rock - ZZZ Top Lyrics

Somebody in a cultivated moment of distress
Composed himself to artfully carve Zoso in his desk
They was probably thinking fuck you fuck you fuck you in they head
With a hell bound arm and a acidy wash
Homemade curfew a thousand o'clock
And a pot leaf tattoo his friend did drunk
Like a badge of mystique that technically sucked
Taking the name of the father in vain
On the way to the blade in his locker, it's strange
A switch he lifted from a siblings skivvy drawer
Who branched off into ninja stars
And never knew his shit was sharp
To here with a higher purpose
And a prime alert to juvenile beserkers
Like kush Van Morrison an Arcade Drop Floor
Down to the valley time for miss Ahkmar, watch
Capital Z (ed), slowly maneuver the O
S is the most difficult to control
Finally O
Into the eye of Goliath you goes
That levee crushing percussion
Will pull the monkey up right
Twelve or ghetto blaster
Blacken her technicolor telecaster
Lecture at a faster rate
The class was making them develop backwards
It would appear you spelled out all the answers

Somebody in a cultivated moment of distrust, composed themselves enough to magic-marker "Zulu" on these chucks, they was tryin to do the buckle font from 'renegades of funk', in a 3d frame of exploding brick, and whiz-lines for the locally motion sick, beyond gross but evoked a host of "oh dip" where a social neurosis owned the whole strip, heart of a cat with a lark in his mouth in the marrow of waiting his guardians out, flashlight, chisel tips, milked venom, pistol grip, images relocated from milled vellum to scissor kick, silent agreement at hand, king of the hill for a queen of the damned, she in the doorway seething began "that clean white pair had a 3-year planl", oops, capital "zed", radical "u" in the cut, truly to beautiful "l"oser it up, and he done, collateral damage a future alum, that key to Shambala, planet rocking, Bambaatta, sample chop, churning out a cancer for the vandal squad, analog, and he finds, animated colors on a page, like synthesized cultures on a stage

Somebody in a cultivated moment of resolve, composed themselves enough to publicize "the Zeros" in this stall, they was scoping every dog and pony previously scrawled, with a festering hate for the gum drop edge, 'disco sucks' tee, punk's not dead, but a transient teen unsung godsend, via 3 bar chords and a mugshot grin, cheese, sign of a runaway tone in the face of authority thumbing nose, cutting it's teeth
Pretzled up in special order vinyl, and birds that dip their belts in little metal porcupine quills, 2 dutch at a show in the front, low-key to the can for a smoke and a fuck, Trixie, fixing her lipstick up, when his mitts got bit by the mischief bug, snatchl, capital "zed", terrible "e" in vermillion red, gimme an "0" and a slippery "s", over a web of the shittiest bands, that beat your heart out, never bleeped your favorite parts out from a learned curve, of bird fingers bursting out of germs burns, urgently, offered through the circuits ofan earlier plot, I'll see you at the

When they ask how you, feeling you, tell em you, feeling like, something important died screaming, you, tell em you, feeling like, something even more important arrived breathing, something you should probably try feeding
When they as how you, living you, tell em you, living like, something important died hissing, you, tell em you, living like, something even more important arrived giving, something you should probably try willing

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Aesop Rock ZZZ Top Comments
  1. Derek Gnitzcavich

    Damn rob sonic got a lot better at throwing knives since the last show

  2. Ryan Cavanaugh

    ...bark fooz erwhere...

  3. Leon Sandall

    Best MC alive.

  4. Bradley Goo

    Still recovering from church?

  5. Aggreablejellyfish 1

    Who else is here from cosmonaut verity hour

  6. Odins Volk

    That sloppy crash cymbal is epic. Gets me hyped everytime i hear this jam.

  7. SaintedPlacebo

    the drumming reminds me of a flobots song but i cant put my finger on which one. and the break into the womans vocals at 2:02 is something i remember from a flobots song too. cant remember which though.

  8. Jess Hart

    I love this song and this vid, but I HATE SOUND EFFECTS IN MUSIC VIDEOS.

    Salvitore Gachione

    Jess Hart here, here!

  9. Michelle King

    Stuck in my head. But don't ever stop. Promise me.


    Patti Li I want one.

  11. Poeina


  12. John Jones

    This is from the AZZHOLE family at festivals.... and i said that shit first at folk fest right at their camp site

    John Jones

    its A ZZ TOP/....

    John Jones

  13. SquidBear

    This video would have been better animated and literal, but what do I know? Love u Ace!

  14. Davis Shadenhand

    Holy shit that's the best 5 minute kungfu flick I've ever seen! Dope ass soundtrack too!!

  15. KhromeKidd

    Stupid dope video!!

  16. Simontheseshmaster

    Black scout anyone

  17. Derse

    Disclaimer: No Aesops were harmed in the making of this video.

  18. lame

    This footage is from a movie? This is the actual video for the song? This seems really high production quality for a Rymesayers music video... Either way whens the full length feature film "Hip Hop Granny vs The Mob come out?

  19. No Sleep

    Aesops lyrics have some killer dance moves.

  20. CerebralDataJack

    new favourite Aesop Rock video..

  21. sachin yadaw


  22. Josip Lehpamer

    Woad watch multiple tims

  23. 12yearoldscotch

    I have no more faith in humanity due to the fact this doesn't have millions of views after being up more than four-and-a-half years.

    Devil's Advocate

    none shall pass has over 7 million views....

  24. Matt Norris

    holy fukin killer fukin the this...yo can you please check out any SASQUATCH BROTHERS song and leave a comment...real great song..keep killin it !!! yess

  25. kersh

    this is utterly ridiculously great

  26. Iskandar Ishud

    best song best video

    dont fuck with the asian

  27. ExecuteAllNazis InMinecraft

    2 things.
    1. I love this song. My favorite Aesop Rock song.2. Older asian people are not to be fucked with. You gon learn today.

    ExecuteAllNazis InMinecraft

    Aesop Rock?

    Victor Vaughn

    lmao i totally misinterpreted your comment, I'm sorry

    ExecuteAllNazis InMinecraft

    It's cool bro. Lmao happens to everybody sometimes.

    Troy Lewis

    Rock is Hip Hop :) think about it !!!

    Mussolini's Head

    if ain't rock it must be roll.

  28. Chris Sheldron

    damn this is awesome

  29. Art Vasch

    Had to hit replay, forgot I was listening to a song, haha

  30. melvinism

    Still one of my top fav Aesop songs

  31. i ebouns

    Zumbi. Zion

  32. Matt Smith

    With MF DOOM and Aesop on rhymesayers label my hometown Minneapolis. They has gone above and beyond my expectations and respect.

  33. Brian Banegas

    I love this

  34. Spencer Clark

    z z z TOP. Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you (fuuuuuuuck you)

  35. Jack Gillespie

    well that was badass

  36. Adam Seneca

    Aes Rock been watching too much Tarantino

    Tha Swami

    +Caughter Eyes That's what I thought.

  37. Adam Seneca

    When the original underground hip hop artist makes a significant charting on Billboard, is it still "underground"?
    Aesop Rock is easily the most talented rapper I know of, an artist of artists.

    Andrew Applefunk

    Most definitely

  38. Antoine

    0:42 OOOOOOh

  39. idontwannabealoneanymore

    I kind of wish music videos matched lyrics nowadays, but eh, it's cool

  40. Master Giegue

    This video is prime reason why guns shouldn't exist. People would learn more talents, as opposed to pulling a trigger, they could swing a sword. A bat. A knife.

  41. Banjo Yokel

    84 people don't know what's up in hip hop.

    awf dwa

    Banjo Yokel now 126

  42. wissen

    anyone else feel like Eyedea was rapping this?

    i felt his presence for some reason...



    +556FATHOMS Who wrote the blood and water chapter anyway?


    a drunk lonely man 


    Keanu Reeves is the one, doe.

  43. John W

    4:18-4:35 Wu-Tang Clan said protect ya neck, This guy clearly didn't listen

    John Jones

    But do you know why.... folk fest magic

  44. Joe Baumgart

    remind me to never f around with that lady

  45. SLumChem

    Think aesop watched kill bill couple too many times... dope song but video doesn't seem to fit haha

  46. erazmus123

    Haha i actually hoped for that black dude to win


    erazmus123 haha..that would be us

  47. Dustin DeBolt

    Ohhhhh no. This beat is so dirty.. and Aes Reezle brings it again..People better recognize. 

  48. Zip Marketing

    unreal video.

  49. LetsGetHighOnMorris

    i fucking love this song. 

  50. Coral Rose

    I thouroughly enjoy this video. ♥

  51. Scooch

    2:35 where did this knife come from? great video it just sticks out, i probably am missing something

    Joe Babisky

    stuck into the wall i think

    G A Z E

    i kept pausing it, and saw she pulled it up, not catched it.


    The knife holder thing held 4 knives, she threw 3 into that one guy, so she still had one more...where it came from? I have nooooo idea lol.

  52. Dom1118

    Did this get video of the year nominations?

  53. Jay Butler

    Trixie was fixin her lip stick up
    Til her mits got bit by the mischief bug

  54. Alpha 6 Games

    Anyone notice zumbi with the baseball bat?

  55. stefdelev

    Funny as hell that Aes himself gets knocked out by Zumbi at the beginning.

  56. Ben Lanteigne

    Haha.. clearly Aesop just wanted to make a video with a little Asian lady karate chopping some wankstas: dope.

    Derek Rogers#1

    It is not called gung-fu. It's called Kung-fu from confuscious.


    @***** i know, right xD LMFAO!


    That last guy put up a good fight


    @Derek Rogers#1 It's spelled gōngfu

  57. yugang08

    Zumbi of Zion I appears as the bat-man!! (no pun intended)

    Michael Ruby

    No, pun intended

  58. enforcingpidgeon

    is that zumbi as the baseball bat thug? fucking awesome

  59. classicslayer456

    is there a version without the sound effects?

  60. Bloodcider

    What's the photo they're interrogating her about? I feel like it's a reference I've been missing. Or are they just trying to find Aes or what?

    Deiwin Sarjas

    Well for one, the last scene looks quite similar to that picture

  61. Chelle G

    Amazing video! (Love the song, too, but the video kicks ass. Literally.)

  62. Itzdadiabolical

    Ayeee Zumbi was a beast in this. Too bad he died LOL

  63. Jada Marie Evans

    my science teacher brought me here

  64. gregory licea

    got those drums man! there just so catchy!

  65. Anthony Saldana

    This video is on some John Woo type shit.

    Love the song though.

  66. Arman Shohel

    I scanned some of the posts but I realize this is a brilliant vid. My bro just would like to become spectacular with chicks. He uncovered a fuck load from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The strategies with regards to how to get women at nightclubs in those emails from that website helped get got him his 1st lustful encounters in 2 years. I’m bothered though coz I heard them all. Nasty.

  67. Slavic Travels

    LISTEN to this song with lyrics and other songs by Aesop Rock at my channel! /watch?v=iKLcftNdADs

  68. Josh Chittenden

    totaly touching my self over this tune 00o0o0o00o sexy cats mmmmmm

  69. ben reck

    ill give u that it would be pretty damn funny to see how lost the ball gets lol

  70. andthatwas

    This guy is gonna be big.

  71. wanderlustwarrior

    I'd actually like to see Aes messing UP a bouncing ball.

  72. ben reck

    how can someone even say that. The bouncing ball would get lost in a track like this.

  73. pete

    I don't usually comment in my own videos, but I'm STOKED that somebody picked it up. It was a little thing we threw in there just for giggles. good eye!

    -Pete Lee, director of ZZZ Top.

  74. Sipriano Solis

    Seriously did you want that?!

  75. Gypsy Jew

    This is why you don't mess with Asian people...

  76. achmed2112


  77. 2badSosad1221

    thumbs up if you watched this twice cuz you barely listened the first time lol

  78. VoelGinger

    i hope thats a joke

  79. ALLhailBEN7

    But you mentioned A$AP...
    Oh my god, *I* mentioned A$AP..
    Dang it! I mentioned A$AP again!!!

  80. Kyle Bove

    Every time A$AP is mentioned on an Aesop video, take a shot.

  81. Nikil Kamath

    I looked at most of the feedback on here however I realize that's a brilliant clip. My older brother wants to become effective with gals. He learned a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The support concerned with seducing women in night clubs in those emails through that site gave got him his very first sex in a couple of long yrs. I have been annoyed though coz I heard them all.

  82. Autumn Snead

    love this video! i love Aesop More..

  83. Denis Kapic

    you ugly as hell bruh fuck outta here

  84. Denis Kapic

    why did they kill aesop

  85. Sonia1978NYC


  86. giangialdo


  87. SquidBear

    aesop kills it, but this video has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrical content.

  88. RoninjoeChronicles


  89. AndrewJoachim

    Aesop is one of the greatest storytellers of all time

  90. Marc Pitcher

    just go away

  91. transformersloverjon

    To all: An example of verbal diarrhea.

  92. DropShotHero

    I hate this rapper, and song, I listen to old school rappers and new school. Nas, ra rugged man, hopsin..

  93. MtMASEtadon

    If this is gonna be the only damn non-instrumental of this song on youtube take it the fuck easy on the video fx this is absolutely bullshit.

  94. Zack Smith

    The Uncluded is awesome too if you're implying that it's not...