Aesop Rock - The Tugboat Complex Lyrics

Oh my God
They've got angels sweatin' like Hell, it's
workin' their little halos to the bone combing them deserts
my figure eight knotted
lifeline defined traffic
the way my schoolin' end-less-ly defined every day
one exquisite fitted crisis rivets an octagon of red
to the ceiling above my bed
it's not a conversation piece, like public spectacles
unleashed more of a clue
so when I wake up to the rains I'll be one step ahead of you
I slide like Kodakrome [?]
wrote a poem for every planet
tracked their mileage from the sun in an envelope
licked it, stamped it
got eight thank yous in the mail, but nine planets means there's one left
only the earth would thank me later with a breath taking sunset
(man, I'm just a bum)
zip that waterfall around your skeleton
tell it to boil
loyalties, the shovel in the soil
dig it, I split my lip kissing the winter
nursed the blister in the sun
strung a hammock between spring and where the willows turn to blood
might of worked
sip a little, litter it, love it
without big beetles trying to sell him sunflower seeds by the bucket
might of, tugboat for the boxcutter above those ashes
without hot air balloons floatin' their four passenger baskets
and I'm asking you
to let a captive lacerate a caption
splash out massive
apolster plastic glasses with famine patches
i-dentify all saints linked around the fountain's warmth
and for a second taste of pain when removing that crown of thorns
[?] born hostile, pacifist huddled in subtle masochist
stamp the blame on [?]
my fire escape overlooks ghost town market place
artists bought out passes
then fast themselves to the target's face
you're killin' me

if I had a hammer, I'd build a city on stilts
so my feet would stay dry when God's wine glass tilts

if I had a shovel, I'd dig a hole in the dirt
and I'll be hiding when his drunken stupor lands upon earth

and if your little wing is broken
I'll see the poacher in hell
I can't afford another [?] in a cell
my carousel mimics the interests of a thousand leaking spickets
and a colony of graziers raised to justify the grimace
(and yes I read the treaty)
I prescribe the remedy plus the premises
my pin cushion, my limbs pushin' the knitting needle
evils, idle, peddle past the greeting
where the sleepers feed the cycles
stop, watch the eagles board the little engine that could not
ghost in a shell
and it fell in my lap
passin', postin' the bail but the guard has misplaced the key ring (that's wonderful)
I lead a flee to blaze exact songs directly into the village
power supply burning the bridge between the magnet and my eye
now how many cadavers satisfy a mad man?
and how many crooked samaritans turn plesantville to bad land?
I can count my own dusty nickels with you laughing
about you'll turn my poor ass ebony and navy with cane lashings
(well, you're right)
grip your pointed stick, incite your riot
I'll sell your worth in a bottle at profit, explain my bias
atomic box cult, downward spiral rapidly
cast to hell with hate mail, forged Christ's autograph
laughed itself, drastic catastrophe
biting my lip
skin and bones, stringent
bingin' on rancid baits
mummified well inside a muddy New York minute was it
your remnants my smoke rings have cocooned prior to fading?
well, it wasn't conscious spite but it might have been that

I am not your friend anymore
my arrow head dissertation [?]
when narrow bed sleepers occupy the basement
and I am not your friend anymore
come the dawning of [?] in your pity blend that whispers in the wind

man, if it were only that simple
I'd add a guilt frame to [?]
I'd board myself inside my room to trace the wilting contour
one petal falls to the rug, she loves me not
town crier lugging a boom box with spirit plugs
and a red radio flyer
tied to irony like twenty burning igloos with a sailors knot
fiddler crabs build sandcastles while high tide off azalea crops
in the icicle field I portray, cats get antsy
and ask 'why if every light is dark do I continue dancing?'

why if every light is dark do I continue dancing?

why if every light is dark do I continue dancing?

why if every light is dark do I continue dancing?
well if it ain't finally a question that's worth answering

I boogie for the raindrops
for the purity, the anger
for my childhood recollections
for the comic book in my heart
the mocked intentions
the clarity, passion, seclusion
those cool summer nights
for the mark emerging across the street selling me stog's at half price
for the mights, the maybes, the nauseating pitfall
my girl, my friends
for the fact my window opens towards a brick wall
for the three legged dog I saw dragged on a leash
for the homeless man who walks my block in rainstorms with plastic bags on his feet
see I throw away the tenders over one shoulder
and walk across broken glass
through every wicked world to kiss tomorrow's morning
not for nothing
you'll drown in a pool of your crooked morals
whispering 'maybe Aesop Rock was on to something'

maybe, no promises

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Aesop Rock The Tugboat Complex Comments
  1. Biggie Mac

    trapfrom 2001. see, not all trap is bad!

  2. Lone_Ronin77

    Time for Tugboat 4. Do it. You playing? You scared Aes??? They drain you? Your essence? Scared to reach old man?


    Even shadows have shadows.

  3. ur4n1um

    Down from a huntable surplus to 1.

  4. Jerry Bell

    Still the best video on YT. Hands down.

  5. Bazooka Tooth

    “This friendship sunk with a barrel full of Taro’s pull”

  6. Wolf Doug

    Stilll here👊🏼

  7. Jonathan Flores-Sosa

    I misss you its been about 5 year i haven't heard you aes keep rocking always need these words just to remember from crap

  8. Land Creature

    If you don't like it fine - but I suspect you just don't get it - same ones drop a dime with no sweat claiming they straight *Zona' - *Ari arid if art was an atmosphere you'd die - without rise again phoenix no living zeitghost one'd cry - what you can't take the time to get a line? Well you're beat when the Benny Frank death focus comes into view - you gotta focus on more than this moment - aspects - dynamics - intracasies - just to name a few

  9. imback bitch

    frozen ground

  10. Patrick Kavanagh

    I've often wondered why he's still here... Or even I, but i also believe that reason is a part of mine as well. Thank you Aes, And Im sorry!!!

    Jason Gilbert

    Every humble move we make adds a little to our worth and every positive add I'd worth the energy

  11. Twargan

    "Why if every light is dark do I continue dancing?"

    This to me is "Even when everything you know is awful, just find one thing. Literally anything to keep you going. Even if it's just a window that opens towards a brick wall." If it gets you out of bed, or brings you back from the brink, then it's not trivial.

    For me, it's just being able to feel the sunlight again. Just...warmth, true and complete.

  12. Aerial Penn

    The first one is my favorite. Actually heard the 3rd first and didn't love it but after hearing and falling in love with this one I love the 3rd. I throw this on the playlist with the rest of Appleseed EP.

  13. Brian Obey

    Melt it tryin to milk it.

  14. funny man

    "I am not your friend anymore," is such a powerful phrase.

  15. ND77

    Illest MF'r to EVER touch the mic!!!

  16. Benjamin Miller

    i can't hit the thumbs up... no matter how much I like these tracks

  17. Jesse Hatch

    for the three legged dog draged on a leash

  18. Jesse Hatch

    god is a drunk bastard but God is a free mason good thing nature is better then god

  19. Super Luminal Probability Cloud

    "I'll sell your worth in a bottle and let profit explain my bias"

  20. Super Luminal Probability Cloud

    I'll never get sick of Aesop Rock. just so many layers, so much to hear. of the greatest lyricists alive


    Super Luminal Probability Cloud Yesssssssss

    Adalberto E

    can't forget slug..........

    Super Luminal Probability Cloud

    atmosphere estate bueno

  21. Him Bub


  22. Roger mucroy

    What albums are these on?

    Thomas Graham

    Roger mucroy I know part 3 is on Labor Days but I don't think the other two are on and album

    Roger mucroy

    Part one is so incredible.


    Roger mucroy part 2 is on Appleseed

  23. derick landreth

    xcxg that used tydytv

  24. TheCynicalDouche

    Never heard the first two before this YouTube video. They're doper than part 3.

  25. Maitiu Jarrett

    loyalty is the shovel in the soil.

  26. Ryan Ayers

    "Why if every light is dark do I continue dancing?... for the market merchant selling me stoges at half price..."


    Oh man that's a good reason

  27. Bazooka Tooth

    That clash wouldn't make sense hence my fucking tape-deck!

  28. Bazooka Tooth

    "I know that sob story, it no longer turns my stomach"

  29. Bazooka Tooth

    This friendship sunk with a barrel full of Taro's pull.

  30. wissen

    the one dislike never heard of truth before

  31. Bazooka Tooth

    The last smirk of the Damian mainframe

  32. noel cruz

    "If I had a hammer, I'd build a city on stilts, so my feet would stay dry when God's wine glass tilts. If I had a shovel, I'd dig a hole in the dirt, and I'll be hiding when his drunken stupor lands upon Earth."

    Not even exaggerating, these are probably my favorite lines in Art. These transcend mere poetry and music. They're something more.


    noel cruz I literally started reading your comment as the part started in the song. tripped my balls


    Yep. Really some amazing lyrics. Almost too much to take in at once. Luckily we get to listen and digest again & again. Great post!


    Right!? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ricky Balboa

    The power of an Esoteric raper


    "and if that little wing is broken, I'll see the poacher in hell!"

  33. MitchMBowring1

    Thank you JTank334 for this epic upload and fuck you Aes Rock for my newly developed inferiority complex


    +MitchMBowring1 Embrace it :)


    I did, and now its lead to anxiety, paranoia and insomnia...

  34. Ayanda Mgidi

    " so my feet stayz dry when Godz wine glass tilts"..

  35. upbeatdisturber

    The second song is named "Same Space" but it is the second tugboat complex

  36. chu y

    Das Racist would've just said Mcolly Culkin instead of "Aes Rock home aloner" denser and denser.

  37. chu y

    part 2 has a dope as pic. Going super saiyan

  38. Jordyjg

    So why if every light is dark to I continue dancing? Well if it ain't a question that's worth answering.

  39. TheDarkstar6996

    This is what music should do to people. When i listen to Aes, i close my eyes and rethink life.

  40. Xenomoth

    I like skeleton.. but i know what you mean.

  41. Anna M

    You've come a long way to skelethon! Maybe you should remember....MUST not sleep MUST warn others...what happened aes? We miss the real you...

  42. katprrrr

    i think i just got high off that....not kidding...

  43. iraplikeyoubreathe

    -v- The digital taking comment makes no sense your just dumb I bet.

  44. digitalcatking

    Use to love this guy...then sought to not get an aneurism. This fucker injures himself with this shit literally.

    Adalberto E

    even if he does its his life and can do whatever he wants with his own life. simple as that. but yeah I see what you talking about. he had good music going then idk what was happening with more music he was coming out with maybe he was going thru some crazy unexplainable super natural shit. who knows idk.

  45. Ethan KorpiLove

    Not hate at all, this is the best video I think I've ever found on Youtube, but aren't the songs in the order 2, 1, 3 in this? Just curious, as I've always known the first song ("Oh my gooood...") as Part 2 and had never heard the second song until now. Just looking to get my facts straight.
    Again, DOPE video.

    tim bryant

    The second song is off music for earthworms so your right

  46. TGO5V

    pt.3's rhythm is so fucking hypnotic

  47. TrueElements

    Aesop said he probably wont do a Tugboat Complex 4, and that everysong now has its own tugboat feelings. Something long that nature atleast.

  48. WoojBanks2

    Aesop Rock - The Tugboat Complex 4 PLEASE!

  49. BurningSun226

    oh, alright thanks man

  50. TrueElements

    Was on a B-sides and rarity's mixtape, I don't think it was ever officially released.

    Arno Helm

    thanks to napster, kazaa etc.

  51. BurningSun226

    what album is tugboat #1 on?

  52. King Harlan

    100 years people will be dissecting aesop rock. real talk.

  53. Patrick McCrindle

    As I continue to listen to more and more of Aesop im liking more and more the older stuff they did. New stuff is good to! Just older stuff I feel more soul being poured into it.

  54. Abaraxus789

    This....all of this.

  55. TillSimilarsRepel

    Being an AR fan is like growing your own food. It takes work and reflection, but when you eat it up it is extremely satisfying.

  56. Vincent Suriani

    good move....all 3. some of my favorites.

  57. ilylac

    thanks a lot, man

  58. allflawsweakzen

    pt 1..... very satisfying

  59. Hollo4ever

    Whadup check out my check .sub if u like it.

  60. ilylac

    yo thx for this.saves me from making a playlist.

  61. humpdaydose

    smooth mesh to my energy. thanks.

  62. Matt Bosin

    Nothing but urban poetry in the finest state

  63. Alex Bland

    Me too! Thanks, dude!