Aesop Rock - The Mayor And The Crook Lyrics

No more pencils no more books
I built the city out one brick
I had a mayor and a crook
I made the crook stab the mayor then slay himself in the guilt
I stole the brick back and migrated east, now let's build

Every tenderfoot cadet better they be slit-throat percentages
Chicken penmanship tied the thirteenth knot (Hangman)
I arrange panoramics of a plastic catalogue
And where wild dogs sing tailor-made lullabies tried by my offspring
I'll bring the butterflies and he can bring the centipedes
And she'll bring the cadavers set em' free and let em' feed
The devil tree penciled me in but I slept thick through my alarm sock
Slick Willy hid in the barn while farmer charmed the crops
And I'm a warden
My tongue is full of glass
Because I promised my friend I'd chew up the bottle
If he truly drank the poison
I'm alienating the mating man to the high ride, base tied
Face mine's and make God clones
We can manufacture medicine
Cut into 5-digit slide clock the essentials in (I'll be a bill collector)
My destinies resting with red worms chewin" off the carcass anyway
Let me slay artists for tips in the penny tray
By the way if that diamond ring don't shine
That's cause I bought it at the five-and-dime but don't neglect the sentiment
I'll pedal my tricycle through the f-5 logistics of a twister
Soaked in the religions of a nit-picker


If I botched the operation I apologize (sorry)
The air's rooted in carbon
I'm but a mortal archer parked in amber waves of starlets
I'm fresh out of Geppeddo's woodwork asylum
Cedar frame, wire-bound knuckles
Let a tug of the puppeteer steer my hustle
Well when a page becomes a squire, re-engage, clap your wings
When a noble's demoted hope it don't sucker-punch the colony
But when the catapult releases lease your claims behind the bunker
And fasten stinger pageant results to the public eye (glory hunter)
Is it genuine enough to feel baby felon
Negotiate comradery of wills
Hows this my little loom
Perv surgeon with dirty dominion monitor boxes
Hovering inches 'bove pertinent urchin toxins
Now y'all ain't excused from table side
Till the dinner plates fly
Slurping' liquid happy citzen enhancer
I got this slicky sycamore head shaker
Mimic stitch and splinter entry
Thereby filtering citizens hit-man prior to acts descending (tight)
Cats know the ambiance calm beyond comparison
Captive, passive spring loaded serenity
I'm trying to give this city acupuncture
Shovin one-way pins in subway systems
Stand up where I'm layin, now that a runway vic (push)
Made you go batty, spreading spawn legitimate
Spice the bishop, sever the ties, splinter the kinship
See every now and again I love life but hate to admit it
Cause it spreads the jinx on a sleeping cynic


I'm quadruple six plus scruples category mayhem stems
So one overlooked the scene including loopholes
When Christ studies the return ramifications
I'll burn the campus to impress him
Then rock like medusa glances
You ran the final mile before the blanks blow
Home alone sippin beetle juice
Just to numb and then shimmy the needles loose
I built a castle out of fifty-two cards
Plus jokers with an image
Modern theory jars us while remaining harnessed to the vintage
I'm mad at how far this is dishonoring Occam's Razor
But it seemed so being fatigued knuckle work (labor)
I've patched the little leakage in the shell around my greed
In case Tommy Turbulence located the matrix then impedes

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Aesop Rock The Mayor And The Crook Comments

    LORD PHAROAH SPEAKS.......... the needle is a computer program........ its on a computer disk and every time its in the computer it........ gets the list of victms longer....... then it comes out and you un-od......... and thats controll...... it is a korean jammer signal..... i gave it a virus called 86 mickeymouse....... be looking for it in the year to come........


    LORD PHAROAH says if you put your clock..... in the mirror...... your rotary clock ....... the crystal radio in it cant communicate ........ making your computer clock turn your computer older....... making 911 impossible......... the same is true for the number pad on the computer changing the order if you do so long enuff....... see its all incoded and therefore the thing im doing is........ by spending as much time on the computer as possible it is impossible to not be doing code the hole time....... thats because the iso and the technology are time traveling at diffrent speeds........


    LORD PHAROAH says that if you keep pressing the last diget in your banks phone number....... it is the first number ever entered it to the banks ......$$$$...... data base and it can eventoually..... change your account number.......

    RT & J

    Holy shit you fucking loon, can you just shut the fuck up?

  3. Diodes

    CD skipped twice during upload. thanks regardless

  4. a guy who left home to spread gods word

    Aesop is the cynic king. This guy is a burning cross thatll keep burning till theres nothing left. Must not sleep, must warn others. .

  5. Vinge Ren'Gaoma

    I don't for the life of me know why bit this track sounded completely different at certain parts than the last time I listened to it.

  6. Jesse Hatch



    the pharoah would like to announce that eternal life is a haircut and a slice of bread ........ kinda makes you think about where the stem cells come from am i right????
    yours truly THE PHAROAH
    maybe we should no longer throw the baby out with the bath water???

    pharoah pharoah

    message recived there IS BUBONIC in red deer..........
    yours truly THE PHAROAH
    p.s. Im so embarrased right no *sp

    pharoah pharoah

    pharoah pharoah

    reminds be of the hand of cosa.........

    Jesus Christ

    this is fucking weird

  8. LyricalCoffee

    One of my top favorite songs from him :3

  9. Jake Fettes

    Does anybody have any idea where the sample in this track's from?

    Elephant Men

    +Jake Fettes Tin Hat Trio - Foreign Legion. The same band and album that he sampled Big Bang from.

    Annie Social

    @Elephant Men THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH.

  10. Luc A

    now how many prison bricks did it take to build down town 214 or downtown 50/10...... I mean literal bricks....... no.....then where did the rest of red deer hospital go........ probably down on paper....... or maybe its just relocated....... all they needed was a couple truckloads to build the storefronts and someone would cover the spread.......... if you don't believe me I got half a photo to prove it........ I'm telling you..... you can turn a phrase but do you seek truth......


    I rock keys cut with anthrax vaccine.............. PEACE OUT

    LOrd pharOAH

    I'll give you a hint........ its buffalo bones and...... like boiled water??? an nickle maby........ a spot of plumb........ anthrax is smallpox....... smallpox = eating road kill................ watch out for that train!!!!!!

    LOrd pharOAH

    ya everyone was too cool to buy your brand of cocaine anyways luke....... but hey their not well anyways..........

  11. daCorasla

    great! beautiful! amazing!

  12. aubrey wharton

    Love this shit

  13. austin landry

    only two comments for this badassery??? dafuq is this!!!!!!

  14. Tarkier12

    just gut wrenchingly true, i never though music could be so good

  15. Miles Bickford

    You sir... You're a good man.