Aesop Rock - Shere Kan Lyrics

[Sample from Sing-A-Song]
"You can come, I'll leap right over
Any day you like
System 605, Union 91"

I forever wallow in glitches, grimly distributed by side effects
Consumed, cocooned in antisocial trenches, drenched!
Gridled between dense pillars of polar value lies
a grey so blueless it's got I fiendin for the sky.
Synthesized lies rise synthetic
Sittin' inside solidified plastics who's lateral burns germ compatible...
My firm's radically piloted, dodging a fire swiftly
Yellow brick stalker walking shifty...
I am but a prototype Metroid programmed to Holocaust style
while you're soakin' in the stages of denial.
Your petty soldiers seem fragile like Giacometti sculptures,
embedded in aromatic cultures. We's rock steady vultures
Plus I's the guise of rowin' a soul.
My wingspan stands flags in the snow of the poles.
Swerve my alignment towards solitary confinement and jade it.
Stripping, color my passion mitigated;
I'm Slipping...

[Ann Colville]
You always seem like a small grey cat to me
Sleepin underneath the silvery moon...
Paws curled beneath your head
'til the sun came round just around noon.
And you would greet me, purring in your doorway,
Drawing up your tail around my hips
And I would go to your mouth wide open,
waitin' for my language to come from your lips...
And I move you.
And you like it.
Just enough
To let me.
But I hate you...
Cause you're lonely.
And you know how
To forget me...

For the love of my personal practice I reside
where obstructive fluxes and societal withdrawl collides.
Slide fuel by the fury
Spun a ring around my honor
but the opulence took shelter in my horror.
Melancholy masquerade
Cast amongst the braiding of belligerence
and blazing terror that blew the lock down off my placement.
I stay special agent till the sky falls
Reverse the curse till my fellow lost children disperse

[Ann Colville]
And your footsteps leading down the pathway
never seem to be quite like my own...
Your mind is smokey circles
it blinded me till I turned towards home...
And you would watch me far in the distance
hands held high above your head.
I only leave the territory when there's nothing left to be said.
And I move you.
And you like it.
Just enough
To let me.
But I hate you...
Cause you're lonely...
And you know how
To forget me...

[Sample from Sing-A-Song]
"You can come, I'll leap right over"

I make music and connect color to canvas,
swoop down from the trees with potpourris and other bandits.
Landed randomly upon the valleys of the grimace,
saw my planted leaf start burnin from the oustide in.
Meaning your clout lies thin;
Salt prep the blades prior to five phase in my ever changin underworld.
Serate a day to decorate a traitor
That sting never fades like belly wounds from sling blades
Follow my portion, I'm gonna swallow distortion and spit the filter.

[Sample (Sing-A-Song High Tone Voice)]
"You can come, I'll leap right over
Any day you like
System 605, Union 91"

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Aesop Rock Shere Kan Comments
  1. Kelso


  2. Max Man

    Proceed with caution this song is known to cause respiratory problems & heart palpitations

  3. Your Mom

    Your a horrible person and everyone involved with this should be shot dead. Andrew's minions broke me. Glad it is sooooo funny.

  4. hippie jr

    Just amazing

  5. TerraNova

    This song should still blow up... any day now...

  6. Beretta249

    Worst intro hook to an Aes track maybe ever.
    Good beyond that, but fucking awful start. That's _75 seconds_ that does nothing for the rest of this track.

  7. MrEpic7203

    Am I the only one who sees the dog on Aes's shoulder?

  8. WLG1

    production is super impressive for '97

  9. Lupa Satanas

    this picture taken just to the left of windows background

    Sebastian J Tallman

    You mean right?

    Dan Fontaine

    xD it fits really well with this song

  10. Alan Cooper

    Aesop Rock is still great, but his 90's work is a masterpiece.

    Dan Fontaine

    I rarely like his newer shit :( he got soft.. but yes his early shit is in my top 3 along with early Atmosphere and Mos Def in his prime as far as great poetry goes

    Dan Fontaine

    I rarely like his newer shit :( he got soft.. but yes his early shit is in my top 3 along with early Atmosphere and Mos Def in his prime as far as great poetry goes

    Dan Fontaine dig this shit from early Atmosphere. He's raw lyrical talent but less abstract than Aesop. It's hard for me to say who was better.

  11. lion zion

    Cold ass jungle beat

  12. Alan Cooper

    Second favorite Aesop track, after Big Bang

  13. Joey Baldwin

    That beat is Fucking insain hip hop

  14. Amiclare Hutton

    He's a better looking hallucination than he used to be
    This vintage Lysergic sweater crawls all over me.
    Man my clothes are attacking me.
    I'm gonna freeze

    Amiclare Hutton

    I go so much abuse for putting that metal in my face

    O.G. Simpson

    Wtf are you rambling about?

  15. Amiclare Hutton

    I used to hallucinate like someone was yanking on my hair, so I cut most of it off. It's growing back.

  16. Amiclare Hutton

    I used to pray like this "God spare me from being ungrateful. Being ungrateful is bad for my wa." X-D

  17. Amiclare Hutton

    Do i feel bad about killing the zombs? Nah. They don't care about me.

    Non Compos Mentis

    What in the fuck are these posts?

  18. Amiclare Hutton

    Angels is bad porn stars

  19. Amante

    Mad props to the dude who hooked me up with Appleseed and Music For Earthworms in 1998, shit changed my life

    Dan Fontaine

    Amante good shit, I've managed to turn like 3 people onto Aesop. Most people think it sounds like garbage *shrug* guess they need a catchy tune to appreciate musical art

  20. Amiclare Hutton

    Yes it is flimsy. That is the plan:' dashing sir i am terribly chilled and glittered! ' *cuddle* 'oh thank god for you sir!'

  21. Amiclare Hutton

    It's a date post modern expressionist synapse silver until...1980 something. Don't move me back in time

  22. Amiclare Hutton

    Is this the inside of your brain? It is very beaitiful

  23. Amiclare Hutton

    See! You said money i said synapses.

  24. Amiclare Hutton

    It's for wrapping around the flowers! Stood there in the shop "but it's great! Like blade runner! So nevermind. Fine. I'll make the dress you can kiss your teeth later."

  25. Amiclare Hutton

    F*ck that it's a lot cheaper than crack

  26. Amiclare Hutton

    Coffee withdrawal :-0 i got sick

  27. Amiclare Hutton

    No it's thr coffe: you don't really want my words you want my coffee

  28. Amiclare Hutton

    No they're all gonna pay for a left side snake bite it ain't nothing but trouble.

  29. Amiclare Hutton

    Go get myself stabbed in the head again? *see saw hand* it doesn't really bother me in the long run but some folks have the proverbial problem "what's wrong it's just a tiny gem, "
    "Just take it out ! If god wanted to cover you in sparkly lights he would have done it himself,"
    "What if he didn't know? If he'd seen the magazine would he have said 'you know that's true you all look much prettier covered in twinkle gems'"
    "Just take it oooooout."

  30. Amiclare Hutton

    Pot pourri of underbandits?

    Steel Wolf Six

    I make music and connect color to canvas
    Swoop down from the trees with potpourris of other bandits/// He paints pictures with words... From a higher plane of with smoking herbs that he got from gangsters.

  31. Amiclare Hutton

    "Melancholgy masquerade! cast beneath the braiding of belligerence..."

    Andrew Freeman

    Cast "amongst"

    Serio _0

    I read this just as he said it, was weird.

  32. Amiclare Hutton

    'Lies a grey so blueless it's got I fiendibg for the sky,'

  33. Amiclare Hutton

    Lol Mister Vain was the guy who ran the refugee knock off designer rag factory :-D lmao. Shiny purple glitter pvc puffa jacket. Baaaaang.

  34. Amiclare Hutton

    Knee jerk clear gel pornography: this was a great game with the morphine til the magazine got stuck to me...and so: a full 360° spin reveals more of thd same sin: how far?
    How long since that guy had sex?
    Damn shame: well it looks like that when we're sat here with his hospital fetish all over our hands

  35. Amiclare Hutton

    *still laughing*"special agent 'til the sky falls re-verse the curse 'til his fellow Lost Children disperse."

  36. Amiclare Hutton

    *pouting* no it's mine dammit. All the other girls have machineys for sewingzi :-( what stood there in a velcro lean to indian knock off since i can't sew a stitch? Slave labour pitying me? Nay. I shall be shiny.

  37. Amiclare Hutton

    *sneezing* wotcher: residental snotvil

  38. Amiclare Hutton

    Fly means you were lying about effing. Proverbial F

  39. Amiclare Hutton

    What's not to like? Banana joy :-D

  40. Amiclare Hutton

    Ladysaurus ano rexia

  41. Amiclare Hutton

    *peeling bananas and holding them out*

  42. Amiclare Hutton

    *rubbing my phone on my fluffy cat's belly* cheapest beautiful waster on the block

  43. Amiclare Hutton

    If a pint of milk costs 60 copper bits, how much money do you need to make a rock the size of a cat?let alone the sun?

  44. Amiclare Hutton

    *pitching my voice up to Cypress hill frequency*
    "So you wanna be a rock superstarrr?
    You ate the carbs?
    No flaws, and bond hard!"X-D LMAO

  45. Denis Mysenko

    Massive Attack vibe

  46. Amiclare Hutton

    "But he's a jerk,"
    "Yeah but i'm a girl "

  47. Amiclare Hutton

    Systemic relative ratio of Prisoner...
    You coulda said Eddie looked like he had it nice.
    City lights/car on the turnpike but the dragon.
    If you're in pain it ain't an "if" but a "when"
    And then there's the scene: the fact that it's unclean is the least of it, stealing lying crying scratching for a hit.
    Nothing like a parallel universe to get you off the junk.
    It was systemic. Something he couldn't walk away from,
    That's a prisoner.
    You can take comfort in the knowledge that he was leaving before he was even born, it was the only reason he was alive. That's life.

  48. Amiclare Hutton

    Lol today, i sound like a cinnmon cake, which is sweet and high and brief

  49. Amiclare Hutton

    Breathing around the complicated things,
    The delicate feather ether precious moments,
    Dreams of a hundred thousand people i'll never know to the back,
    But they're there, and there's whispers, vapours, fingers.
    The smell of sweet synthetic strawberry;
    Just a mall ghost,
    Don't tell them I'm here. For god's sake

  50. Amiclare Hutton

    *walking my fingers over my face* zombies in the perfume?
    F*cks sake.
    If we could dezombie it [email protected]

  51. Amiclare Hutton

    'Is this perfume wishing i broke my back? Don't ask. Just put it the f*ck back."

  52. Amiclare Hutton

    Yah sure i smell like a bag of pennies. Take it away

  53. Amiclare Hutton

    *appreciative gasp* wow you look butch in glass. That's a thing.

  54. Amiclare Hutton

    Who cares about hayfever? Spray me with money XD LMAO

  55. Amiclare Hutton

    Lol that's sweet of you. This perfume costs loads more money than hayfever.

  56. Amiclare Hutton

    Lol Gotham Lady perfume: vaguely irradiated, like the safety of your money

  57. Amiclare Hutton

    I can't get into this. Did you know it's common to put sex pheramones in men's perfumes? "Do you mean what you said to my nose? I doubt."

  58. Amiclare Hutton

    *swilling the coffee in my my mug* just a box that says Dior on it: don't tell me I'll tell you. Forgive my newyorkese on the subject XD
    *head resting on the wall* "she'll live forever in her material which eas:POISONOUS TO HUMANS! HOORAY!"
    Don' Sit on the Quackenbush.

  59. Amiclare Hutton

    She's the one who genuinely adores Dior. *shrug* you csn sit and riff on a personality perfume if it bothers you X-D it might : most of these women are just trying to fit in. Anyway it's a happy day. I like it.

  60. Amiclare Hutton

    It's a chatm set for flowers: big fat daisies and a tiny rod of orange opal. A sunshine, a leaf a pink bowtie and a milky moonstone. What perfume is that? I bet it's class. Lol sweet.

  61. Amiclare Hutton

    She's made of your own DNA You could whistlecand suck it back to yourself like Sandra Bullock in practical magic

  62. Amiclare Hutton

    That's what he wants: a girlfriend with no teal sensevof the past, but only the future and who can blame him? And he gets to be his own stepford wife which looks fitting. Lol

  63. Amiclare Hutton

    Lol in a hundred years when the protected buildings from four hindred years ago are all inhabited by psychics who can cope with the windy omnipresent whistling ghosts... s'funny if you can run away.

  64. Amiclare Hutton

    I don't know the answer except skip the scene: which might be harder than it looks or not. Try up and down levels if you don't have loot

  65. Amiclare Hutton

    The other clowns in the gang are bringing her down to downeorld: just your ordinary blonde hair and pearls edition: but here some kind of Alien. She has to change this world to her will before it makes her crooked. And they will

  66. Amiclare Hutton

    He's a psychic. Psychic and drunk and representing a male chauvanist paper fan, like vikings drowning in the north sea. Poor f*ckin quackenbush.

  67. Amiclare Hutton

    How do you cope with life this way?Medicatedly. Keep your head down: if you didn't do the crime you won't do the time but take a big guat of the air and know time is fleeting, personality hums like a blanket decorated with all the defense mechanisms you found lying in the gutter when you were concussed and your nose was bloody.
    Hardly anything has a permanent effect.

  68. Amiclare Hutton

    *bummed out* Quackenbush is dead like the ghost of Laura Palmer in twin peaks and she never had a f*ckin chance. Poor Quackenbush. The she was rude ey? Really rude. But her dad is this monster.
    Where's this balance?

  69. Amiclare Hutton

    "Yellow Brick walker stalkin' shifty" X-D lmao. I love this guy

  70. Jester Logic

    Made literally around 20 fucking years ago................


    And I still play it and always will.

  71. little

    20 years later. still a fucking ripper


    melancholy masquerade

  72. Detritus Reaper

    Misanthropes Unite!

  73. F020

    GR8 BEAT

  74. Andres Elgin

    Look at the youth in his face. Ugh getting older.

  75. MrEpic7203

    Best song on the album.

  76. Life.Sucks.Die.

    every bit of scratching in this tune make's my heart flutter.

  77. Johnny Love

    where is the whistle sample from? i know he uses it in other songs. i heard someone whistling it the other day.

  78. Sneezac

    Someone knows the meaning of the mispelled khan ? Knowing Aes it means something, but what...


    its spelled right. Shere Khan is the tiger from the jungle book.

    Ricky Spanish

    TheOneAboveAll Thank you so much


    Ricky Spanish No problem. It makes sense when you think about it, how the title fits with the song. I've read the jungle book and seen the movies, ( I would preferably read the book rather than watch the movies because the films are more for children where as the book is more descriptive and graphic). In the book Shere Khan is presented as this polite yet dangerous character who hunts as he pleases whilst following the law of the jungle. Mysterious and often in solitude, Shere Khan was challenged by none because of how skillful he was in the arts of battle. Being a tiger and all. Soon when discovering a human boy was accepted in the tribe of wolves, Shere Khan convinced the wolf pack to overthrow their leader and assumed control. So in relations to the song, Aes has great skill with few to challenge him, while being among wolves(other rappers) he feels like he's somehow Shere Khan in the jungle (world, rap game, etc.) It's what I gather anyway.

    Jessica Landis

    Its Kahn bro...jungle book?


    Kahn is dyslexia, Khan is correct.

  79. Rahlin Rigsby

    yellow brick stalker walkin shifty

  80. wissen

    this is a weird fucking song

    Gavin Brawner

    +556FATHOMS His flow sounds so different and smoother in this song compared to the songs he was making at the time. Too bad he doesn't rap very much in this track :/


    @Gavin Brawner True that, he went hard on this song at the parts he rapped. He has some insane flow on other songs like Coffee, Pigs, Zero Dark Thirty, Try Not To Die, and my absolute favorite, Bug Zapper <3

    Gavin Brawner

    +556FATHOMS The flow he uses on Bag Zapper is kinda melodic whenever he begins a verse. It kinda drives me away from it but I really like the lyrics on that track.

    Joshua Simpson

    +Gavin Brawner bag zipper


    You nee to listen to "Numb (To Tge Guns)". His flow is really catchy on that one.

  81. ergman

    I think this might be *the* hardest to understand aesop song.

    Shut Up

    Checkout a website called Genius


    nah check out "a mayor and a crook" i dont know if thats the right name but its easy to find

  82. Benjamin Adams

    Intro reminds me of the rugrats inro

  83. J GHOTI

    check my page for a quick visual i put together for this junt

  84. spaarks84

    @dundalkfights "does anyone know which song has the line "senoritas suck the woodie like termites, then wonder why they get labeled dick hungry damsels in distress"? i am pretty sure it is off "Music 4 Earthworms""

    It is part of some group freestyle on KQRX or something like that that appeared on the same album with "Night Train".  He singes a verse of "Shere Kahn" in the session and he singes the bit you referred too.  I have never heard that part in any official song, but it looks like he went on to make a full fledged version of "Shere Kahn".  He might have made "Shere Kahn" first, but I heard the radio freestyle version a year or so before I heard the album version of "Shere Kahn".

    That being said, your snippet inspired me to finish as much as I could from memory:

    "We all new and improved, poetically portable. Aesop Rock available in stores with my, highly suggestive parental discretion, in 99 brilliant new dimensions..bust it"


    It's off"wake up call". And I think dude already figured that out

  85. Never Alone

    What album is this off of?

    A͏NN͝U͡ÌT CO͝Ȩ͜P̨TIS̵̶

    Desc. says Music For Earthworms.


    It's on Spotify (last time I checked)!

  86. Andres Ramirez

    Very good hip hop ! Burn the imposter

  87. skilllager10


    Heather Sitz

    I freaking love this guy...😍

  88. Jughand

    47 52 flow from the computer

  89. RYAN F


  90. Devon Ripley

    Don't read the comments.


    Lol Sometimes it's best to just watch to videos and move on (at least on YT).

  91. mario mandujano

    This beat is freaking insane !!!!


    @mario mandujano pretty much the case with all aesop songs

    Christopher Joseph

    When I first heard this song, I thought I will never make a song as good as this.

  92. Haiku Lord

    Guys,guys,guys, stop bitching about grammar and shit like that. We came here to listen to aesop rock, so shut the fuck up.

  93. dundalkfights

    By the way typing one letter ever 15 seconds is a pain in the ass. Don't act hard, you'd shit yourself if I came at you, so don't front.

  94. dundalkfights

    Lol I love how KEEPitLIT420 still tries. Real stoners do not make their usernames unclever pot references you dumb fuck. You are probably 12 and if I met you in real life I would take you off for lawn clippings and I am positive you would pay me for grass off my front lawn.

    Samuel Baker

    well he is 16 now, so you got owned


    dundalkfights real stoners like its something to ascend to?

  95. Joe Babisky

    that's subjective, maybe he's a gimp with gimped up fingers and typing on the ps3 is the hardest thing he has to do in life.