Aesop Rock - Odessa Lyrics


[Aesop Rock (Dose One):]
(Well or, and this is, New York City)
Where the shiftiest sources leak out the back door
For more and this is New York City
(Oh, I see these hear walk
I, simply a shade of shepherd
Seems we share fate, honestly)
Oh, now wait a minute
I notice there making mockeries of mad men
Tend not to bend in the honesty
My twenty thousand leagues ending grants sardonic, the sea
(The view from this here segue crowds a listeners nothing special simply
Listeners, how we dissolve it's spores and I'll tell you not flying)
And I live beneath the scenic yeah, where the fossils pledged allegiance
Where the centipedes and serpents bigot on territorial disagreements,
The uprooted turned booty and hacked pleasure to skinny ribbons and I'll
Suckle my skull caught beneath assumptions pumping pistons
(Left the joke to wick, it,
He walks whose out now, we, Aesop walls up)
We tune out the pouts of hiding,
Twilight street merchants, we, deity freely and been here before...

[Dose One (Aesop Rock):]
Murder, of holy, in cushion
Partisan, part of the ceiling seems to be leaking, oh, oh, it's the wall
Forbid box been broken, from man of everywhere, that's what I sleep, I love you
It's not easy tying knots, whose paycheck may get rained
Outstanding I shall smudge, invest, it's dull here, since we need I go beyond
Grey, lonely, this forest is very very different,
Friend hail things like magnets all the way meant was (It only takes one slacker)
Traveling up, it only takes one slacker

[Aesop Rock:]
It only takes one slacker, to attack a lack, gritty and complies with time
With regulations poachers poaching just to jump the batteries
I'm juiced, noosed father, no dissed deduce
By the ambiance of motives and the modus operandi's
I'm supportive, sort of here to modify those monsters
Tried to side wind pleasure captains round my hip line,
My sit times on some here I lay my bricks alone to build these walls among
Us dreams can spread our spores but can I run with the alumnus fungus
After date rape, and it germs, and I burn for less fortunate starlight
Chasers forced to use there last match to ward off the glaciers
Pack a day profess cloud spitter literate pencifist missed the pissed drunk of concert
Dull and system missed the funk I'm in a lull

[Dose One: Overlaps Aesop Rock's lines]
I'm thinking of a number from one to red, is a beautiful color
To shade paper hat ink, I'm thinking of a beautiful color...
Paper hat

[Aesop Rock:]
I'm thinking of a number
From one to home, one riduiculous tennament with no wings to spread
I'm home again inside my box of cardboard daze, I'm thinking of home
And I'm home again...

[Aesop Rock (Dose One):]
(Funny how, faces show up, waters for me, my mouth and snore)
It could've been me but it wasn't
The crash and burn and burn and crash infected could collect fee indirectly but it doesn't
(These are broken cards given
To dues missed of friendly lips tied life is going blank, slap look,
It's mirrored universe and one god per so many square feet, and
Everything counts, higher life forms are dirty, dirty Aesop, every penny
Saved, is this the city of dreams?)
And I'm down to Earth
(I'm down to earth, road)
My zero hour snuffed doc, where the marked the day the mirth burns
The time allotted, knotted loops around the plotted, boycotted the wattages
Toys for the prodding of the rotting bottled hostage
One time down cloud me as the useless playtime string and think it smirked
Worthy well, your with me, from the icicle sweat to the self pity
Sickly thread bare slid back my needle point life willow
Man I purposely spun straw to gold to lace each last stitch perfectly
It must have been the dust, the dust, my god, the dust he clutched the
Dust, father to rust encrust the luck with which I touch togetherness...
(Toy, bird, in my teeth, empathy, dwell, in merciful spring, friend)

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Aesop Rock Odessa Comments
  1. Felix

    I've been listening to Aesop for years and this still fucking caught me off guard. Sick doesn't hardly begin to cover it.

  2. Starving Bruddah

    Dose one is underground even amongst the underground lol and yes they are very special together indeed

    Private Account

    I wouldn't consider doseone underground after enter the gungeon blew up

  3. Mortis Album

    Aesop Rock makes music that makes you turn of you're thoughts, and listen to someone else's messed up outlook on this so called life. Most under rated emcee EVER.

  4. Cassitastrophe

    God, this shit right here is pure early Aes Rock. Weirdly mixed overly-loud instrumentals using some kind of wind instrument, super nasal delivery, lyrics you'd need a few hours to unpack, I love this shit.

  5. Desire Amaraz

    I cant fucking beleive this song has this little of likes

  6. Father &Sun

    Haven't heard this in forever. Gems like this and so many others missing on other streaming services is one reason I love youtube for underground hip hop

  7. J. Baked

    I listing to this song after I start feeling the effects of some mushrooms. Gotta love it

  8. siru moon

    what if the other rapper with aesop rock as a name took this beat and rapped on it and made lots of money?

  9. TheLightBearer

    Goddamn Nostalgia seeping in.

  10. Regan May

    I can't find this on spotify. Where do I find it?


    You already found it

  11. alex perienceur

    real hip-hop ...underground shit !!!

  12. Chadli Mascarenhas

    this song is a beat buffet

  13. ART BY ACT

    Aesop Rock and Doseone need to collab again!!! If i was rich i would fund that shit.

  14. Jason Sanchez

    Dose and Aesop should have made a fucking album together. they work well as a team.


    while that probably wont happen, TOBAXXO confirmed he has some work coming out between them by the end of the decade


    Fuck yes. I am addicted to tobacco.

    x x

    @CaligulaClone listen to Malibu Ken yet

  15. Jay Schibig timeless.

  16. Mike H

    i herd cattle and beat bitches to dis right here....dis right hear

  17. Nega Framtid

    allah akbar! this is great

  18. Jeffrey Focht

    Dose is so fucking dope... IT'S THEMMMMMM!

  19. Jeff Adams

    Holy Shit! What an amazing song!

  20. Jeff Adams

    Holy Shit! What an amazing song!

  21. Bazooka Tooth

    "And I live beneath the scenic where the fossils pledged allegiance
    Where the centipedes and serpents bigot on territorial disagreements
    The uprooted turned moody and hacked pleasure to skinny ribbons and I'll suckle my skull caught beneath assumptions pumping pistons"

  22. Bazooka Tooth

    Assumption pumpin' piston.

  23. Ryan Ayers

    Odessa and Drawbridge are two of my all time faves, love the Aesop Rock/Dose One vocal juxtaposition... wish they would collaborate on an entire album.  

    Bazooka Tooth

    +Andres Elgin Rob Sonic and Aesop are a far greater duo and that's fact. Though, I can't disagree with anything else you said because that's also fact.

    Doran Krotan

    @Ryan Ayers Hell yea! I have to thank you Ryan. I been lookin for "Drawbridge" for years! I never knew the name of the song so it was hard to find.


    Dose is probably the one rapper I'd most love to see a full collab album with Aesop Rock (other honorable mentions are MF DOOM and Daveed Diggs.)

    K R

    Who would release it though? Anticon and Rhymesayers couldnt both release it... could they?

    Bridge Related Arson

    Aes and vast aire are incredible together as well e.g. Apology

  24. Oded Fried-Gaon

    Cool that there's so much happening here, yet it isn't too much. NICE, and "Down to earth"! :)

  25. LeyNOS13B

    No, he had worked with Dub-L, Blockhead and Omega One prior to Float

  26. Michell Dykens

    Not to start an argument on a 3 year old comment, but do you listen to sixtoo by chance?

  27. Daniela

    You win win.

  28. TheGrimKeaper

    ha well put.

  29. Samuel Velasquez

    im from odessa area. tight jam

  30. Branden Parisella

    Love the Irony aesop drops in his tracks

  31. WoojBanks2


  32. Standouts Never Fit In

    i hated this song at first...way ahead of its time

  33. noah osucha

    dont suppose there would be an instrumental anywhere. haha.

  34. yorkshireguese

    Does anybody know what the Rabab (i think) sample is?

  35. mist ermanic

    Aesop is a god, he can make a dope beat that everyone will respect, then step on it with his soul and mold it into the shape of angels pouring MDMA into your mind.

  36. theORIGINALd1rt

    all those cats helped me be a better person, by showing me how ugly the world is, and how beautiful it could be.

  37. Shpira LTD

    love that song.

  38. Gingerscantbepirates

    Really? A dislike? I'd like to meet the mongoloid that voted this down...

  39. Gingerscantbepirates

    @risingpauler "there are too many man?"

    As in there are too many of just that one guy?

  40. formandzen

    the sickest track to get blazed to...pure zen...

  41. TheBLDP

    I Play this song while playing red dead redemption.

  42. Fudelan

    @SoDamnGangsta Wow. Got him

  43. MrCujo956

    @SoDamnGangsta ok? so who do you think has amazing lyrics???

  44. groalerable

    he didnt produce music for earthworms actually he says ina n interview

  45. Ty Steger

    aes rock and Doseone together thats just beautiful shit right there

  46. mpchead621

    @SoDamnGangsta thats not exactly true. he produced some before float but Dub-L did too.

  47. goldmember987

    this beat gives me a boner
    does anyone know what it samples

  48. mermes11

    This is the shit.

  49. Iceberqe

    @MrSimpleFuc as i said, its from Appleseed. but only about 1000 copies were printed so the chance that youll hold the official CD in your hands or find it on a shelf in a store is pretty low. sometimes people sell it on the internets for ridicolous prices, like at least 80$, for an EP!! so i guess youll have to download it from somewhere if you want it.
    btw: you can check wikipedia for his whole discography.

  50. Alexis Muñoz

    And this is? New York city
    Where the shiftiest sources leak out the back door for more and this is new york city

  51. Alex Zahn

    Fuckin sick album cover

  52. McPest Pan

    ALLTIME FAV...GREAT.....summer and summer again

  53. Seradam Frampton

    the beat and the lyrics are fucking gifted

  54. StairFox11

    @succinylcholine1 Lmao, thank you

  55. Taylor Batchelder

    @StairFox11 They say "Nigga", because they can't pronounce "Negus"

  56. Iceberqe

    @sarahkessner its from the Appleseed EP

  57. Takumeh


  58. Lokvarlem

    liking this stuff, reminds me of a more easy listening cLOUDDEAD

  59. Jordyjg

    mannn I'd like to hit this instrumental, done ones weirdo style fits perfect

  60. mpchead621

    @SoDamnGangsta thats not true, he had a lot of production from Dub-L on his first record, he didn't start producing until after he started rapping

  61. SoDamnGangsta

    @alberts1985 aesop rock produced all his own songs before float

  62. alberts1985

    Dose one and Aes have good chemistry on this track. Anyone know who did the beat? Sounds like blockhead

  63. Hauffenschweiler

    @SoDamnGangsta I think you've said enough boy. Also shutup.

  64. trappinglight

    wonder whos doing the beatboxing... its been recorded with perfect fidelity

  65. SoDamnGangsta

    @StairFox11 nigga please

  66. StairFox11

    @SoDamnGangsta He's not going far on that comment, the keyword is arguably, he probably isn't the BEST realisticly speaking, but people will try and argue with you about wether he is the best compared to sombody else, like right now :)

  67. mnugs

    It only takes ONE slacker to attack alacrity

  68. Padooshka

    @SoDamnGangsta well its hard to argue with that. To me, once you get to a certain point of hip-hop (the good point) its impossible to seperate one or two artists as "the best". Its like trying to tell the differece between 96 degrees or 105 degree outside. Once you get to that point, the exact number doesnt matter, cause its just really fuckin hot.

  69. antsorter

    aes and dose should make more stuff together

  70. SoDamnGangsta

    @Padooshka canibus probably has the widest vocabulary


    Actually Aesop was said to have the biggest at 7,392 unique words while Canibus had 5,991 unique words as of 2012. here is my source.

  71. Padooshka

    @SoDamnGangsta i dont think so. he is the most unique and has the widest vocabulary

  72. SoDamnGangsta

    @northpoleproducer i think youre going a little far on that comment

  73. Charles Hahn

    fuckin love the instrumental.....

  74. SoDamnGangsta

    @TheEvanNoah bitch dont be advertising shit in my comments do you want me to beat your ass

  75. Nick Pstrike

    I cant get over how this beat is so just.........Perfect the way the guitar delays but still seems to fit the drums. and the fact the drums as pretty simply let ppl foucuse on the horns.....PERFECT and it also that AESOP is just ripping on this

  76. wertyokmijn

    Can't stop listening to this.

  77. SoDamnGangsta

    @DynoSpec1 word up!

  78. DynoSpec1

    This is one of the tightest Aesop Rock songs ever