Aesop Rock - Lotta Years Lyrics

The kid that work down at the local Baskin-Robbins
Got a tattoo of a lipstick print attached above his collar
I watched him relocating pistachio to a waffle
Thinking I had lost the plot if not the passion for the novel
He asked me what I wanted, I ordered something daft
He said he liked the tattoo Alex drew me of the bats
I like it too but modestly confess
In present company, my coloring is not the main event
Look at that neck
The message is immediate, the guy F's chicks
I spent a lot of years making friends with cool artists
So when they drew me tattoos I could truly feel important
Now some 22 year old inside a cube of brick and mortar
Got me questioning my morals and their corny pecking order
I should give a shit less

Lotta years
Uh, lotta years

The girl that work down at the local juice place
Got a head full of dreadlocks down to her waist
I watched her add the spinach to the ginger to the grapes
My hair was underwhelming, my juice was fucking great
Some lady orders Maca, compliments the locks
She asked how many years it took the girl to grow the crop
"It took a lot of years and then eventually I cut 'em, kept 'em
Reattach 'em anytime I want 'em"
My mind's fucking blown
The future is amazing, I feel so fucking old
I bet you clone your pets and ride a hover-board to work
I used a folding map to find the juice place in the first
These kids are running wild, I'm still recovering from church
You should have seen me in the 90s, I could ollie up a curb
You should have seen me in the 80s
I was bumping New Edition, dragging acne into Hades

Lotta years
Naw mean? Lotta years

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Aesop Rock Lotta Years Comments
  1. Mario Wright

    he looks pretty high

  2. redhotchilifan98

    Dudes so underappreciated

  3. Christian Black

    Why is this not renown?


    0:01 when my GTA character is in a cutscene

  5. Luke Snatchko

    Need another verse like Aesop needs another size on those jeans.

  6. Arekusu

    I thought that was a Monster snapback at first. What a Kyle.

    Alien Soko

    Arekusu Kyles am i right

  7. Wolf

    He is so good at making fun of his self

  8. chris fuentes

    whyd they put the man in skinny [email protected]!?! wtf is wrong with publicists lol... this cant be aesop or it has to be part of the video

  9. Gavin Knight Jackson

    Loving these live versions

  10. Chadstravels

    These kids are running wild I'm still recovering from church!

  11. The PM

    Aesop still as sharp as when he first started


    Fuck those jeans bruh but Aesop the man.

  13. Sam Snead

    Wack as fuck

  14. Who's Led Zeppelin

    Yo Aes is walkin mad weird tho lol

  15. Shill for Science

    this song is too real.

  16. OfficialLedMusic


  17. Pete Magallanes

    People worried about his jeans lol. If you're dope, you're dope. Doesn't matter if you walk around in a speedo as long as you're spittin fire. Lol. High af though.

  18. SuicideKid1979

    ✊ 🎶 🖤

  19. Vangelis Venetsanopoulos

    look at that neck ....

  20. William Gehbauer

    Got a love a hommie that knows himself...24/7 refreshing

  21. Kevin

    Reminds me of when he did a track "Live From the Burgandy Camry"

  22. C. Holmes

    so far every video for genius kid have perfect.. keep is going..

  23. C. Holmes

    Aesop the story teller, Aesop the genius..

  24. m40dotcom

    Hadn't watched this for a bit now but how the hell doesn't it have millions of views yet? Man the kids just don't like the artform as guess. Lyrics are bananas, video and overall creative work outta Aesop is beyond bananas. Sorry to anyone that doesn't know about his work yet.

  25. Matthew Schultz

    I have never seen skinny jeans I could accept before this. Aesop crosses LINES

  26. CreepShow

    how did i miss this video?

  27. H Frost

    He gotta sass walk

  28. logicone

    Man, Aesop looks baked in this video..

  29. Roman Kappert


  30. Ozymandias !

    This is on my street!!!
    Now I'm learning Aesop has lived around here for about 2 years. Had no idea LOL
    I bet I saw Aesop at least once, didn't even realize it was him, and though "fuckin hipster"...

  31. Aeon Quiz

    The Impossible Kid is a classic album.

  32. Moon Brush

    Aesop is the goat for me and I derive so much inspiration from his lyrics. The only time I feel blessed to be alive is when I’ve his thoughts to ponder. Pay this comment no mind I’m just sorting through some shit and felt like musing to the ether.

  33. FredrickVonShwinkel

    I like the subtle pause at 0:25 when Aes briefly mistakes the bucket of spoons for the tip jar.

  34. daffkuh

    James Acaster sent me!

    Jack Pepper


  35. Smyth

    still the illest shit

  36. Steph T


  37. Marshall Nelson

    Love me some Aesop, but yeah... those jeans?

  38. Dustin Richardson

    Bro those eyes are slammed shut.

  39. Steve Burley

    This album is ridiculously good

  40. Check It Out

    Wish they would have kept the homeless dude saying lota years on the album.

  41. Wavy Vaporizers

    Jabawockee super fly bent left

  42. Matt Potts

    Aesop Brock

  43. jollyjollyO

    damn, this is live. you can hear the reverb of the room, and the meter at the part about the guys neck is different

  44. John Osucha

    Bro omg. I'm super fanning right now but you're my absolute favorite. New, old, damn. All so good. Much love to you and fuck your wig picker bro, cold turkey-ing benzos is uncomfortable as well as dangerous! Loving The Impossible Kid.

  45. Wade Inn

    that good mood kinda song. love it

  46. Aeon Quiz

    The greatest rapper alive, I refuse to debate this unless you bring up Royce da 5'9.

  47. I Am Reptar4

    that shirt is rad

  48. Reverend Ghoul

    Woah, feelin' like a big man watching this.

  49. Jestah

    Fan for life, lyrical genius!

  50. The Skunk

    I think Aesop Rock is the only dude who can walk into an ice cream parlor spitting mad bars and it's socially acceptable.

  51. Court Draper

    Aesop is one of the most unique artists ever. His wordplay is amazing

  52. Josh Townsend

    fucking dope, +1

  53. ThisISCozmo

    I love this video

  54. Malice Sutton

    looks like me walking down the street listening to his music fr when hes vibing to it w/his hands

  55. MarkSoupial


  56. Alek Chyliński

    where are his eyes

  57. Codeine Clique


  58. iShockStudio

    My minds fuckin blown

  59. Tony Julian

    Aesop's pants are way too tight yo...

  60. Nick Oviedo

    aes riddty rock never disappointes with the word play

  61. LYNX

    Why you walking like you on the catwalk in begin of vid? lol

  62. Johnny Test

    he looks stupidly fuckin high lol

  63. imeatingursnack plz

    Ian Matthias bavits

  64. RyanGiggsOBE

    I want to see if its possible to for Aesop to create something that isnt a masterpiece

  65. thomas hudson

    Where are his eyes? lol.. Keep rocking bro.

  66. nathan moreno

    Lol I feel like this is how the lyrics were written. Just kinda free styling

  67. Black ST

    Drew Gooden? ;)

  68. LittleCthulhu

    Man why's he always wearing skinny jeans, he was wearing them when he played live in pompano, near the science museum, it was a great show but c'mon man, you're 40, wear like cargo shorts, or something that fits

    First Last

    what? cargo shorts are disguting, brah. but if you wanna look like a lame ass.....

    Somewhere Sunday

    Why are you concerned with what another man wears!?

  69. Carlos Miranda

    Aesop is one of the greats. Dig the live rapping and great story on this vid. So fresh big ups Aesop.

  70. bigbugbomb


  71. YourPalHDee

    as soon as the track ended I just heard in my head "If I die in my apartment like a rat in a cage! would the neighbour smell my corpse before the cat ate my face?'

  72. Vassenato

    look at that N E C K

  73. Illavick

    Aes, why do you chose to wear those skinny jeans?

  74. 13TRIBEZ

    one of the almightiest under-rated keep it rockin brother dope!

  75. Eclectic Chairman Beat Constrictor

    Soooo cool!

  76. killyamomz

    Who da fk is Aes Rock. Nice cat walk lol.

  77. AweShons ProFiness

    no one wants to hear boom mic camera audio

  78. Lee Poling

    Man I wanted some of those impossible kid enamel pins so bad but they're no longer available :(

  79. Scott Goulet

    Great live video.

  80. akshay de

    bad bad bad bad bad video. if you aint gonna show the imagery of your lyrics in your video then whats the point. needed a better director and more budget I suppose and better photography. this album is one of my favorites of 2016


    Aesop Rock demands you to pay attention to the lyrics and not have it spelled out for you with pictures.

  81. James Oliver

    OMG this song is ducking I'll. he is gonna b at Toads Place on Jan 23rd, new haven CT,and finally after 18 years of fandom I will witness my and I got off probation today lol, good times ahead

  82. rebelsneverdie

    aesop lookin like he can barely waddle in them pants XD

  83. P digi317

    Aesop you are one of the most amazing rappers ever, but please take those skinny jeans off son 😜😝 btw absolutely love this track/video !

  84. jef ho

    I loved asop rock way before this song and had moved to Portland 2012. Fun to see him walking around places I know while performing

  85. Lobo Tommy

    Last 2 videos are in Portland, you relocate here?

  86. Zach zaffis

    This was fucking epic

  87. brennan eaton

    OH AESOP PORTLAND MISSES YOU!!!!! SE misses you.

  88. Austibong

    or wait skinny jeans? nope wont talk to you LOL

  89. Austibong

    ?22 LOL ok talk to you in a bit bud.

  90. Ted Duepner

    Love this song so hard, only wish it had another verse so it was longer.

  91. john1120

    damn aesop wats tighter those lyrics? those pants? or ur eyes.. aesop looked so high lol.

  92. Sean Arey

    is it me or is actually seeing these real people kind of a buzzkill?


    I feel like they just got any kid to play the BR employee. It would've worked better if he didn't look like a burnout.

  93. Psyentist


  94. mr. vincent van goghIII

    greatest writer of all time

  95. mr. vincent van goghIII

    dope as always

  96. John Coffee

    About time a video was made ! LOVE IT !!!!!! LOTTA FUCKIN' YEARS

  97. TheWatsonGreen

    My hair was underwhelming; my juice was fuckin great

    Adsti Nookles

    TheWatsonGreen makes me smile every single damn time

  98. elementofnaivity

    Lookin like Illmaculate a bit