Aesop Rock - Limelighters Lyrics

[Aesop Rock:]
Pain cave uno
Smokin' a broken Blue Note
Tar pit escape artist carcass, linger in the blue doze
Rose radio Lazarus via linear bark screaming
"I'm back to kill the video star and I'm double parked"

[Sonny Cheeba:]
You can kite this or yet maybe baby you won't
Corvette, green Mercedes, steady one hundred four
When I'm stuntin', simply stunnin', funkin' with twenty monkeys
They can be like "I'm talkin' about WE"
Slap that orangutan, drop her on her knees
Please be very cautious, the funkin' makes me nauseous
Hate the Bogota, the target it ain't off it's...right here
And the volume's on three

[Geechi Suede:]
See, we keep the black plastic stuck in the elastics
Even Chevy's heavy hallows lift you higher, legend has it
White crows crossing broken bridges
double deucy clickin' but the round never runnin' out
Pounds of your blood just comin' out

We Limelighters
Up until the uglier unplug me
We limelighters
Kill it now, fade to black comfortably
Spark the dynomite till the limelight's gone
As far as I can see the limelight stays on
And on and on and on
The limelight stays on and on and on
The limelight stays on and on and on
The limelight
So we got something built if we all die tonight

[Sonny Cheeba:]
She piss champagne and shit caviar
Don't watch the stars, the stars ain't fallin
Any sight of glimmer...Lo
Shimmering king, spring, they're tremb-ling

[Aesop Rock:]
OK, the web (web) spread (spread) from Brooklynites to born in barn kittens
Who's gimpy half step hid behind Noah's Arc systems
Inconspicuously clustered with the boas, sharks and pigeons
Like Zoo York won't clock them rusted crutches up mopping the ship deck
Texas hold 'em pocket ace investment
Totem altimeter tiki torch it
Freak abort, fold or hold a cold cell in peak enforcement fortress
That's a sheep corpse who under penumbra turned tail like a sea horse

[Geechi Suede:]
We got that...permanent ink, that's stainin' the paper
Murderer's drink steamin' my soul, I'm breathing green vapors
We them last of them falcons that's soarin' beyond your altitude
Please show us some gratitude, we're carvin' your grave for you


[Aesop Rock:]
16 D batteries (back it up)
See the halflings flee the Shire before he tore open the packaging
Plus, minus, in proper Panasonic alignment
Pseudo Pliskins O.D. on kick drums
Snake, escape THAT environment

[Geechi Suede:]
Wave that colt .44
Bolts of ligtning with Travolta grease
Strip your skeleton, it's swelterin' inside Miami Heat
Your fishnet and red vette are sizzling
Shoot through chocolate city
Wonder Woman went whistling
Freeze, presidential sleaze with Egyptian cuts
Valentine Ave., Jack Daniels out of them plastic cups
Winter white pinstripe lookin' Hugo
Poison Ivy out the windpipe blowin' the crucial

[Sonny Cheeba:]
First they line up
We'll divide them
SUEDE get the roscoe, then design 'em
AESOP Rock box, drop the hot rod getaway car
And head up the rock highway


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Aesop Rock Limelighters Comments
  1. Brian Marquet

    One of the most satisfying featuring ever .. LO! Classic album

  2. Marrow

    Camp Lo kills this.

  3. biggz0414