Aesop Rock - Klutz Lyrics

I am a man who uses the techniques of a bat to navigate...

Can't motherfuck a motherfucker
From the underfunded Klutz who never undercut the butcher
The pick-a-booger-at-your-wake is bumping "I'm your pusher"
Also at your wake, Juvenile Intruders at the gate
Brooding over waking history that bubbles from the blinking 12s of VCRs and Microwaves
Like time machines for shrinking elders, rifling through their recipe
Carrots, onions, celery, what unique amalgam of piss and repugnant energy
Spun him out of the 70s, to b-line for dessert?
Fire-eater trying to keep it on the green side of the dirt
This is tea-time with the worst, geriatrics on the decline of berserk
Back in my day we were three times more alert
Now I go through my old clothing trying to find nostalgic threads to sell
Walk away feeling like I should have never dressed myself
Sincerely I was never on the cutting edge, my hand was on the hilt
You're free to build with the other end
Shriek into the vacuum if in spite of your accomplishments
You wake up feeling empty like Houdini's grave probably is
Volley with the quintessential digital ager, I'm offended by everything
My opinions come in a manger, oh boy
Depreciating since they drove me off the lot, still into ghost stories and pot and the classic coconut bra
Procedural crime drama shows with holes in the plot, and reminding clones there's more to coping than a nose full of snot
Ah, old pros throw 'bows to the 808, you couldn't throw a rope over a baby gate
Bishop to queen 4 in damn Daniels under ram skulls
Plan for cloudy with a chance of anvils
Fever dreams of padded cells and jagged pills in frozen pipes
Socialites from pageant hell with plastic smiles and robot eyes
I'm hoping you all grow into the sentience you assume
As your moment of self-reflection is a moment for me too
Look, with the steel chair, sure to serve the veal rare, brush up your evasion and basic tactical field care
I was on that constant futile rage before the internet
I been ignored for longer than you've been interested
The posse promise you nobody feels threatened by a scarecrow covered in crows who feel welcomed
That's like hellions thinking hell is just ok but needs some polish
It helps to know intimidation's all about the optics
Come duck a bounty, it's a hoot, Suffolk County it's a zoo, puppy chow and bitches brew
It's not exactly chicken soup, it's heavy-lifters lifting, it's ginseng on his whistling
It's we don't find the flippancy convincing, 2 for flinching, older yeller
Never knew a no-kill shelter in his doggie days
Now I draw my neighbors over Kouign-amanns and coffee stains
A walled and whirling urchin, more observant than audacious
I document the great unwashed and curse in Lithuanian
For a gallery of grifters channeling Sid's action figures grafted with his little sister's after markers glue and scissors
It's trippy, the truth and fiction moving to a center
Maybe it's weirder they've never been photographed together
Sometimes the stomach disappears from under a retreating lens
And patterns of a need to please abusive folk reveal themselves
I'm peeling back the layers, I'm sneaking past the lasers
I'm a lover, I'm a fighter, I'm a seed to blackened acres
The dogs I think are following me home are out to kill me
Your music makes a motherfucker wanna move to Elm Street
Rejection of the spirit by the body at your service, if you mess-up every friendship come get swept up in the current
Here, wheels fall off of cars when they see him, seas part, green trees march out of Eden
I'm known to eat the heart and keep the archery uneven, are you starting to be part of the kinesis?

Got me on some other shit
Got me on some other shit
Got me on some other shit

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Aesop Rock Klutz Comments
  1. Dayton Peters

    This guy should do music with Slim Shady. Those two could have a heck of a freestyle session

  2. Braeden Gendron

    he always looks like he hasn't slept for 18 hours

  3. Neokate

    "The truth and fiction moving to a center
    Maybe it's weirder they've never been photographed together"
    this fucking guy

    listening to impossible kid is amazing, it wasn't just music that sounded good, it wasn't just a nice experience, it was like listening to a movie of hilariously told stories, excessively thought-provoking dilemmas, etc

  4. Unknown Abuser

    This my introduction to Aesop! Thanks algorithm!

  5. Schlomo Goldberg

    this is so dope, its like he´s me on acid haha

  6. Thomas Myers

    damn dude, fire

  7. Lotoman5

    If "Cookies with Aesop" ever gets printed, sign me the heck up.

  8. cyNic 74

    Tom Waits of rap...metaphores in every line

  9. Kevin Kilbride

    I’ll be on some other shit

  10. Ryan James

    I think he might be an N type on MBTI (in Jungian "P" terms, but not sure of his stronger J function).

  11. Killa Cali Hustle

    Hold fuck dude!! That was insane I honestly dont think I've ever heard or seen you before but this was absolute FIRE! And I really love how you did the video, would there be any kinda tips for a super low budget self direct/editing emcee looking to make some shit of this caliber?? Much love dude I will definitely be checking out more

    Night Man

    None Shall Pass

  12. Alan Cashman

    The only Kimya Dawson diss track ever recorded

  13. Spidey

    "If you mess up every friendship, come get swept up in the current here." DUDE. It's like Aes is in my head.

  14. P Squiddy

    I bet he has a big dick

  15. Night Man

    Holy Shit 🤯

  16. LRShark

    The other day I met a guy at the local gas station that listened to AES, Walked in and heard Mystery Fish playing in the background. Instantly became friends

  17. MF DOOM Madvillain

    He checkmated your ass with his lyrics!

  18. 2BallsAnd aCane

    Who gonna take Aes on?

  19. Brodonamus

    “I’ve been ignored longer than you’ve been interested”

  20. Memento Catharsis


  21. Thomas Myers

    The beat is just too sick

  22. Caleb Bains

    "I've been ignored for longer than you've been interested" love this line

  23. Yung Reggie

    Aes is starting to look more and more like your friend’s dad who you think is a chump but is actually a really cool and chill guy

    Night Man

    Then when you're 16, he lets you hit his blunt when he finds out you smoke.

  24. Derek Brumley

    I like the flow but the guy said alot of words but didnt get any message across like it was just a mash of sentences that rhymed

    Night Man

    Watch the video How Aesop Rock Writes Rhymes, You will start to catch on to his flow.

    Thomas Myers

    That or just read the lyrics, you may have to do some reading but they are all fire I swear to you

    Night Man

    @Thomas Myers Derek Brumley is New, So He will get a bit of it. But won't get all of it, until he has heard it a couple of more times.

    If you didn't pull anything from my songs either you didn't look hard enough, Or you were just did not interested in the first place.
    - Aesop Rock, (Rolling Stone Magazine Interview about the None Shall Pass Song.) Era. 2009

  25. paul sallee

    This should have a million views.
    Oh good, it does.

    Night Man


  26. Paranormal Banana

    how do i "Super Like" a video

  27. LRShark

    His songs are less that 5 yet I feel like I'm ingesting an hours worth of material

  28. patrick primrose

    Suffolk county it’s a zoo (631)

  29. Manus

    How did i not catch onto the fact that this is a blatant diss to the current rap game

    Night Man

    Check out Dorks for another mainstream diss. They even deleted his live performance of the song from Stephen Colbert show

  30. Grapesandraisens Fireandice

    Lets let me be better....

  31. Grapesandraisens Fireandice

    The guys in the office should already be part of putting this together zack don't do good

  32. Grapesandraisens Fireandice

    Look put anyone in my position....

  33. Grapesandraisens Fireandice

    Yea you never experienced a fire reader in expirments ready to fire any one your got higher
    Higher me then fire me.....
    Yall got a better fire breather lets go!

  34. cyNic 74

    Keeps old headz alive'n believing


    This dude said "Bishop to queen 4 in "Damn Daniel"s under ram skulls
    Plan for cloudy with a chance of anvils"....


  36. Christian Black

    Just realized he's holding Dick Tracy when he's holding the VHS

  37. combat wombat

    Bishob to Q4 is a fools mate if your knight is properly placed

  38. stevie ray genoch

    Stevie ray genoch is on

  39. Your Mom

    Well if nothing else I put Ace on so your welcome.

  40. Corbin Garber

    Bars and beat iller than an unvaccinated kid in Chernobyl

  41. Elmer Strang

    "You wake up feeling empty like hoodinis grave problably is" jesus christ

  42. Zackary Ray

    Rock starr stevie ray genoch is on

  43. Zackary Ray

    Stevie ray likes the video...

  44. Razvan

    To my shame I found Aesop rather soon, but since I did he is topping my playlists

  45. stevie ray genoch


  46. frokopop

    Absolutely fucking facemelting

  47. nemo monies

    And marks

  48. nemo monies

    Fuck y’all bitch ass busters

  49. dghi

    1:17 Excuse me?

  50. Jaaa Beee

    How the fuck is the world sleeping on this man??

    Night Man

    He's has been around longer than You have been Interested.

  51. Mr Freeman

    Can't motherfuck a motherfucker, especially when he cremated his dead mother....

  52. 2BallsAnd aCane

    4 bars of Aes contain more thought pound for pound than some's entire career.....

  53. L.I.P. Productions

    The Intro must be a reference to Mos Def - Mathematics

  54. Aaron How

    Solid!!!!!! :)

  55. Omar Who

    I think Aesop and Royce should collab. Theyre two of the absolute best, both just getting better with time...

    Night Man

    Em and Royce don't like Weathermen, so as amazing as that sounds. It mostly likely won't happen.

    Omar Who

    @Night Man that's a darn shame. Either way, Aesop keeps on doin it.

    Night Man

    @Omar Who But you should still check Weathermen (Cage, Tame1, Copywrite, Aesop, E-lp, and more), Just watch Cage - Left it to Us.

  56. Josue Ramirez

    I love you

  57. Immortal Ideas

    Straight S●LID work!!

  58. Yes, I expect you to read all of it.

    I don't think some white people can hear the beat and in turn they have fans who also suffer from this lack of rhythm .

  59. erik osborn

    Its trippy.....

  60. z cheeze

    Shout out to Elm Street!

  61. Chris Green

    Nicer than nice when's the next tour

  62. Business Raptor

    The amount of references both old and new in this song is astounding

  63. Brinkwolf

    Rapper < Wordsmith

  64. Paranormal Banana

    Cool video awesome song amazing artist keep up the good work aes

  65. aesop2020

    He’s the fuckin man

  66. Serjeant Pepper

    I understood some of those words 😊

  67. Derek Brumley

    Imagine trying to sing along like wtf this white dude talking about

    Night Man

    Aes said if you not pulling anything from his songs. You're not looking hard enough or your don't care.

    Derek Brumley

    @Night Man I know he is dope and that was deep but I wish he could like connect his rhymes more like they seem like a random mashup of lines lol but otherwise always fire like always

  68. Stiz anley

    Aes Rock is the best to ever do it

  69. Seth Nelson

    Skateboard superstunts! Hell yeah!!

  70. L Fenney

    lyrical mastermind...All hail

  71. Your Mom

    If u wanna be helpful can u fucking take Alex out. All these games are gonna make me break someones fucking face If y'all don't give me wht I need. Ur mirrors are boring. Straight Up!

  72. Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead

    Has Aesop Rock ever collaborated with Atmosphere?

    deacon burghardt

    Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead yea

    deacon burghardt

    Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead the lonely rose by atmosphere

    Night Man

    Orphanage Cypher also feature with Eyedea

  73. Cunning Linguist

    Klutz... cause homie "stumbled over" not having a hook..

  74. Evol Wayne

    This is a deep ass song


    Like each from Aes

  75. AKA Stacks

    I think Aesop and Mick Jenkins should collab.

  76. turtle4614

    🔥 stays on repeat!

  77. LaserFeesh

    I think I had a dream I was that dog following you home a couple days before this dropped. Remember looking at you through a flip phone with night vision. It was strange when this dropped the next day. Lol

  78. face

    Lot of people forget to like the video

  79. Curricane

    1 verse.

  80. bad1080

    he be on some other shit

  81. Elmer Ingram

    Message to AESOP: Go on Hot 97!!! And just do you, U'LL F'ING KILL IT !

  82. KnowThe Ledge

    If Mitch Fatel was a rapper..

  83. nab ban

    the stain on his shirt gets bigger with time

  84. rxibot

    I've been a fan since the big bang. That was the day I was woke and found out I was deaf.


    Now I can hear. Feed an apple to a deer.

  85. Dillon DeShane

    Before this came i told an ex lover of mine "i literally should have never dressed mysef" and said "im such a klutz" multiple times also had some would be hooligan friends coming through the back gate. Ex also ended up pregant trippy shit.

  86. Uncle Spaceman

    is it just me orrr does it sound like he's taking shots at someone on the low… aha

  87. BansheeMilk

    The man is a mad genius

  88. Jason Green

    Weird, when I listen to this 100x's plus, I've always heard "still into ghost stories and pot and the classic coke and a brat"(as in wurst). It made since to me, because he ends the next line with plot. Now I'm befuddled as to what a classic coconut bra is... as movies, pot, a drink, and some food make sense to me... I can't see where classic coconut bra is relevant. Any thoughts on this verse anyone? Lol, I listened again after I read the lyrics and heard coconut bra. I guess sometimes we hear what we want. Another Aesop puzzle unsolved...

  89. Nykkii Sahl

    I felt like he knew I was watching this from another universe.

  90. Brandon Kane

    Aesop is a motherfucking problem.

  91. James Garcia

    how now brown cow

  92. sokota

    Aesop Rock is the only rapper alive in the entire universe that can put a chess move and a Vine reference on the same rhyme and make it sound cool.

  93. Cod3Thr33

    “Like Houdini’s grave probably is...”

  94. FullRetardRepTar

    Daniel Kish... heh.

  95. FullRetardRepTar

    I just love you aes. Love. Love. Love.

  96. space ho's

    Aesop illest lycrist!