Aesop Rock - Hot Dogs Lyrics

We're so excited, we don't know what to do
Because we're about to reenter the level above humans

I couldn't of had a better life than I've had in since 21 years
And if it was good here, I know it is going to be good-twice as good when I get up there

This isn't a troubling circumstance, don't take it as that-it is just a gateway, just a drawing

W-What we're doing is we're going home
We're going home to those individuals who sent us here to do this task, and this is the happiest and joyous thing that you can...

Raised on dirty hot dog water and popcorn butter
EPMD tellin' me every popstar a sucker
Don't let him smell the pot stickers, he'll stick around for supper
He'll stick around for cheese cake, then three days, then the summer
Where spiders eat their mothers, where rodents eat their young
I'm not here to make sense where there is none, that's dumb
My attitude is ghastly, any gallant tree been going gone
I think I'm probably a lot like dating Mola Ram, I should work on that
The geezer not a leader I'm a loner
Lover, believer, upholder of the under
Just not a people person, please forgive me if I'm flustered
I'll save a thousand whales before your grits are even buttered
My name is Aesop Rock, I've been a mess for my entire life
All I know is fight or flight, what the fuck is a silent night?
Who the fuck are you to tell me who the fuck you even are
This is more than band aids over itsy-bitsy bleeding hearts
This is GNR announcing Jesus Christ on lead guitar
Finding Heather Hunter still inside your college VCR
Mirror mirror on the wall, I feel like a fucking dog
Something this depraved is not a product of a loving god
Periwinkle Pegasus through rat-infested LEGO bricks
Hug his mother briefly, then we're off to see the exorcist
I will not be checking messages
Why, should I be?

Special is as special does, you aren't special just because
Yes your mother said you was, that's pretty much what mothers does
Someday I might find a pluck to roam the Earth with zero strings
Cut the tether float this feather over eastern seaboard winds, forever
Like seaboard kings invested in the the froth and fog
They'll talk of his adventuring and call him things like salty dog
He freed like a bajillion prisoners from some secret haunted bog
Always had an L to puff, never yelled "Get off my lawn!"
Full disclosure I don't even have a lawn
If I did I'd probably grow the grass until the house was gone
Kick into the town forget the address or the house at all
This is how performance art exacerbates an albatross
I should maybe shake some hands
I should turn the music down
Have some people over without asking them to move a couch
But, since you're here I got this awful futon I could do without
Should take like two seconds...

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Aesop Rock Hot Dogs Comments
  1. n14qua

    How he find so many extras that look like him?


    Damn. He so good.

  3. Ben Gallaty

    Legit don't know how this track is already two years old.

  4. FLux


  5. Nathan Souther

    Somethig this depraved is not the product of a loving God.

  6. Dilly Dilly

    Bruh dude stole my skate spot

  7. TEMP

    i never cried watching a music video before, this is magic

  8. Gabriel Villegas

    Damn switch tre like nothing the song sucks but the skating made me stay lol

  9. Matt Hans

    if i good remember skatebord hype create after game tony hawk xD please dont promo this sport in realm.

  10. WiggleWorx

    This video made me want to start skateboarding for the first time in 15 years

  11. Luna12345 Fr

    I came from Doja cats video I was just curious to see what this is hahaha

  12. stevie ray genoch

    This skate boarder is something to whatch! But you will not be checking comments why should you be this one left by lil steve

  13. stevie ray genoch

    Excuse me but did you say my shit was on net....after you said I'm more like dating mollrron.....

  14. Kelly Rankin

    Anyone know what the voice overs in the beginning are from?

  15. Marsel Music

    crazy flow

  16. Charlie Wilcox

    what happened to his snacks?

  17. Grapesandraisens Fireandice

    "$tevie Ray Genoch"-- Mixtaping... Where is aesop rocky?
    It's ok.... Im still working. Im in need of another week im dealing with other problems on top of everything.... No another few weeks i won't be ready to meet for a short while... But you can get a hold of me offline and i will step up in a song with you any day!
    It's just because of your raps...
    You seem smarter than most rappers i have ever heard and your songs are not annoying like the rap stations on the radio. You not cooking dope on a spoon, your not fucking a bitch and taking all her money, your not repeating a chorus till i want to throw the stereo... So these are a few reasons why ive turned my sights to aesop rocky. Let's meet.

  18. Grapesandraisens Fireandice

    Stevie ray genoch is on thanx

  19. Winger Records

    So Good.

  20. Thomas Haselrig

    Still the king of Hip Hop!!!!

  21. godlike46

    What city was this shot in? Does anyone know?

  22. Belligerent Official

    This entire video is basically a town of Aesop Rock's being mildly annoyed by some kid with a skateboard.

  23. Youtubba12

    0.5 speed, sounds like David goes to the dentist haha

  24. Kane's Crimes

    This poem-song never gets old for me.
    The video is right up "my" ally too.

  25. cinapps

    Underrated af.

  26. Jon Palmer

    Damn that kid is sick on a skate! Bad-ass video.

  27. Salvador Velázquez

    Que fea esa cansion

  28. Nope No

    Think he needs a tissue

  29. Diegesis

    "Special is as special does. You are not special just because."

    Gawd, say it again!

  30. Panley Goobis

    I suck at skating

  31. Andrew Kalwitz

    I keep coming back.

  32. Dillon DeShane

    Mirror mirror on the wall i feel like a fucking dog somthing that's deprived that's not a product of loving God

  33. 87411111 803133

    oh aesop, never change

  34. Dakota Roberts

    What city is this? Anybody know?

    RT & J

    I think Portland, Oregon.

  35. Obi Jawn

    heaven's gate sample is haunting

  36. Casey Smith

    Holy SHIT, this was filmed in my neighborhood! DOWNTOWN PORTLAND ORE

  37. Tyler Mada

    I fucking dig this

  38. Trevor Irwin

    “Who the fuck are you to even tell me who the fuck you are?” 😂

  39. Im Eating Ramen Mom!!

    When you have almost 1 mill views but 12k likes. makes you wonder how many times these people have heard this song over and over again lol

  40. Cali Mango

    Is this what apathy sound likes

  41. Rodpod

    Hard-working man rises from unemployment only to be terrorized by skateboarder

  42. what i watch

    what kinda dog is that

  43. Jeff Brown

    Love how aes is playing the homeless guy

  44. Chill Winston

    I was watching this thinking "damn that looks like my hometown in this video but I'm not sure" ...then I saw my old high school in the background! Fuck yeah Aesop chillin in pdx!

  45. Blaq Shiep

    god bless your lyrics

  46. Blaq Shiep

    you crazy ian

  47. Blaq Shiep

    you crazy aesop

  48. casey t

    Soo good and I laughed a few times

  49. Alex Macdon

    what does “perrywinkle pegasus through rat infested lego bricks” mean?

  50. Walnut OfTerror

    Such a good flow

  51. MemeMasterJackal _

    Wait... Were those Oregon plates? Nice.

  52. joel reyes

    Awesome videos.

  53. Clay Kinser

    When you give away 2/3rds of the universe in the opening sample and do your god forsalen best to peoce together the last 1/3 in the song. I wake up panicking about shit like that. Maybe i should be rapping.

  54. James Merritt


  55. canavanibus

    I only clicked on this video cause I thought it said Hot Dongs

  56. Kane's Crimes

    My 3 favorite things in the entire world in one video.
    EDIT: Had to come back and add one more favorite thing after seeing the dog...'cause dogs are my favorite too.

  57. Андрей Березин

    Bring that skater to the streets of any city here in Russia outside Moscow, and he'll break both his legs in half-a-kilometer ride.)))))
    The song and video are beautiful.

  58. Keith Dick

    One of the illest beats ever created. Aesop kills it like always. I keep coming back!

  59. Brian Novak

    Who's the skater? Haven't seen mention in any of the comments?


    Jake Gascoyne, hit the "show more" in the discretion

  60. Scared Folks

    Did yall know in Disney's Snow White she never says Mirror Mirror she says Magic Mirror... Mirror Mirror is from the original book version!

  61. Lucas Smith

    Possibly my favorite Aesop Rock to date.

  62. Bryant W

    *song starts*


  63. Seth

    1:40 nice joy division car sticker

  64. DB N

    Holy shit, I just learned, on pure coincidence, the opening dialogue "we're so excited...." is an audio clip of the leader of Heavens Gate. I've listened to this song ad nauseum. AR what's your underlying message and theme here? Elevation? Gotta study this one more now

  65. Joseph Correa

    Peace to Aesop Rock always stayin true to the craft and doing what others are not. The skating was on point..beautiful vid. And much love too anybody that listens to Aesop

  66. Nelson Stack

    im tripping over this shit ace. lol.

  67. волк

    1 year today boys!

  68. Ellie Ness

    4 am hail Mary Mallon.

  69. lassiecomehome

    the best song ever

  70. Nibbometa Trusted

    Instrumental please ?

  71. Khori the Boardwalker

    what is this time signature

  72. Yogi Nonya

    I absoluty love this video...tell me when an artist critically (eben though in joust) commented on his OWN video?! Brilliant!

  73. acm billy

    I should work on that 🙃

  74. Jozef Mak

    I was desecrated, HALLELUJAH

  75. rick s

    Some days Aes' music is the only thing keeping me from losing my shit entirely...

  76. Dope Stone Lion

    I'm like dating Mola Ram.. That's awesome. He's the guy from Temple of Doom that literally rips hearts out. Friggin Aes.

  77. Kody Mackie

    It’s amazing how mainstream hip hop is mainstream to begin with and excepted and appealing and artist like Aesop are underground and misunderstood by the masses, I can’t wrap my head around how ass backwards it is.

  78. NoobsLuckyDay

    What was the audio at the beginning? Heavens Gate?

  79. Nam Lotus


  80. Edzel Mejia

    They're like 'omygawsh he's gotten better.' But I'm strickly recreational.

  81. Allomelle

    The lens used is by lensbaby

  82. xele fonte


  83. joiless

    Man that Heaven's Gate sample is fucking creepy though.

  84. emanJr noneya

    Yo!!! Let's bring this VERY talented individual known as Aesop ROCK!!! .... Out toooooo maybe a GoSho?.... Jus sayin, one of the most lyrically inclined artist's I've ever heard!#NONESHALLsurPASS💪

  85. Empty V

    Hes always done things differently, mad refreshing style

  86. Alec Burriss

    darker lyrics than ever! Love it aes

  87. bearsemen

    lol heavens gate

  88. Robyn Shayde

    This is GNR announcing Jesus Christ on lead guitar. I'm sold.

  89. Kalvin Panther


  90. Abstract Idea

    Upgrade from the doge Aries to a Honda Accord. Nice!

  91. Jason Evas

    What's this sample at the start?

  92. RyanBradley

    this and klutz are both sofucking good i cant stop looping both all day

  93. Lostsoul Sound Alchemy

    Im pretty sure Ace has went full blown genius. I thought that def jux period was pinnacle, fuckin guy still climbing, cheers brotha.

  94. kevo Themedicated

    Special is as special does, you aren't special just because your mother said you was

  95. P4T21CK'S C4RD5

    This song is hilarious.

  96. Thomas Marcum

    Holy shit Thats my city!!