Aesop Rock - Homemade Mummy Lyrics

How to make a homemade mummy:
Get a corpse, get gauze, get comfy
Shampoo and disinfect dead fluffy
For the hallowed excavation of his x-marked tummy
Scalpel to stern, the butter cutter b-lines well
Tongs butterfly the unzipped feline shell
We'll be escorting vital organs
With exception of the precious kittens heart
Into the privacy of separate pickle jars
Or mayonnaise or jelly pick a card
Shit, pick a part and scissor
Stomach, lung, intestine or liver
In a world of sanitizers and preservatives forever
Brain exterminated through the whiskers (kiss & blow)
Ditched, I blank NY alone
We usher in the salts that call the husk home
Might embalm and stiffen and rid the fawn of all his liquids
Slather it in beeswax, wrap it up in ribbons
Like limb by limb, by tail by ear by chin
With the new hereafter I hereby win
I hope you vow to meow another day and never
Decompose, by the way before we seal these molds
The shorten version goes...

Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Paper playgrounds, leave your harvest
Take the brain out...

Gadzooks, punk's dead, last good gut wrenched
Antennae sam cook, black book pushead
Cat skulls stacked to the black hole sunset
Olive on a toothpick, Dagwood Bumstead
Tagged-hoof hatchery, matter amass naturally
Bad wolf, dash for the last rook castling
Blue ox, red plaid bass pro flannel king
Hasbro crown, sour apple Abba-Zabba teeth
In poorly taken pictures antiquating on his mantlepiece
Before we only spoke in letters cut from magazines
Folk broke bear claws over gross coffee
Not as milquestoast men, as los muertos walking
Ergo the scarecrow in rare barley
Squared-off harpy to armchair: say a prayer for me
I feel that mystifying times have gotten ugly
I also feel that you could learn a lot from a mummy

Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Major take down, eat your porridge
Take the brain out, leave the carcass

Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Games to reign now, pleased to bargain
Take the brain out, leafed in garlic

Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Fading halos, feeding herpes
Take the brain out, eager starlets

Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Take the brain out, leave the heart in
Take the brain out...

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Aesop Rock Homemade Mummy Comments
  1. Carolina Santos


  2. Ya Boi Danny Devito

    Like some aspects of the song but goddamn that old ass arcade is a holy place I would love to visit

  3. MrChase115

    Finally! A comprehensive tutorial that’s easy to follow !

  4. Barun Chanda

    May be the best hip hop album of this decade and after going back and forth with the colaboration albums, Impossible Kid and Malibu Ken, this album has more depth and substance and I keep coming back to it as a benchmark.

  5. Pandora . Seaclearly


  6. Paul S


  7. Psilocin Finite

    i can't remember when I slipped into this parallel universe where terrible music is praised and genius music like this is overlooked, but, me no like this.

  8. Benjamin Kempler

    skating thoughts are the best though. The Adrenalin causes sharp wit... from personal experience

  9. oedipa maas

    Who's Aes playing with in the thumbnail? Is that Edison?

  10. Chris Masamune

    This is Aesop's "Dead Body Disposal"

  11. Amber Davis

    He astonished me with his wacky but genius videos

  12. Alex Zurp7

    shittiest shit i've ever shitted in my shitty life

  13. Kryptic

    Can you dumbasses learn to use REPLY and not continuously comment on this video

  14. Derek Rogers#1

    dead fish....favorite part. aces

  15. Gabe Ballou

    the place where this video is filmed is in cali I think. San Fran if I'm not incorrect.

    Gabe Ballou

    might be wrong though

  16. iheartjimothy

    I've been to this arcade! <3

  17. Scorpius Jones

    "Dead Fish" lol

  18. Hank Crawdad

    Aes totally just went into someone's office and was like "hey I need some money for the arcade." and they were like wtf and Aes was like "yeah... it's for a... music video? yeah, that's it"

  19. Bluemanzee

    This is rad dude. I was at the same arcade when I visited San Francisco.

  20. Elena Scheave

    I think I've listened to this song a million times and it even get's better the more I listen to it!

  21. MrEpic7203

    If Aes is a dead fish then he must be the sexiest dead fish in the ocean.

  22. adam fuller

    dude... did u kill ur fuckin cat?

  23. Matt Smith 612

    Video would of been better if he was making a mummy. Animated style.

  24. The Ritalin Kid

    cat skulls stacked to the black hole sunset, olive on a toothpick, dagwood bumstead

  25. Theodor Tallqvist

    Aesop brought me here

  26. TheSomnambule

    what is that skate trick at 1:03? really cool

    Cameron Nielsen

    +TheSomnambule It was a no-comply 360

    dylano johanson

    +Cameron Nielsen Front side.

  27. Lowry Cannalte


  28. Ranger Kasdorf

    Don't worry, we all think you're sexy Aes <3


    @Ranger Kasdorf true~<3


    +556FATHOMS i hope you get typhoid.


    @thousandcanine That's pretty fucking toxic

  29. Brandon Stewart

    Dude the penny arcade in SF!!

  30. Skyler Tice

    hook: "take the brain out, leave the heart in"
    now, in the mummification process, what did the ancient egyptians use to remove the brain?
    a hook.

    lorri salmon

    And Gee aesop said it himself lol

    Outer Galactic Marauder Faction


    Gavin Campbell

    >.> neat.


    ...oh goddammit

  31. Andrew Cleair

    is that Edison playing rock 'em sock 'em?

  32. ergman

    You know I usually want a visual representation of the lyrics for the video, but for this song I'll make an exception

  33. Bazooka Tooth

    Bad wolf, dash for the last rook castling
    Blue ox, red plaid bass pro flannel king
    Hasbro crown, sour apple Abba-Zabba teeth
    In poorly taken pictures antiquating on his mantlepiece
    Before we only spoke in letters cut from magazines
    Folk broke bear claws over gross coffee- damnnn

  34. Shaun Hill

    Hey I've been to that arcade, it's full of old shit, and it's really cool Frisco biatch


    Shaun Hill where is that arcade? is that Coney sland?

    Chris Vazquez

    @ab0bna Super late to the party but that's Musée Mécanique in San Francisco.

  35. Brandon Shaw


  36. Ashley Dufault

    I find myself humming this song unexpectedly.  Love it.

  37. Drew CW

    Aes is sexy as dead fish.


    keep that to yourself chris bosh.


    i know what he meant, but still tho..

  38. killurself33

    That museum is so dope! Very time I go to sf I go to that mug

  39. Philus

    rob and aes killed this shit live, they know how to get you hyped

  40. Brad Nealon

    No soundset this year Ace?!

    TK Mouse

    listen to Hail Mary Mallon

  41. Johnothon


  42. Chelle G

    I could not possibly disagree more with the "Dead Fish". Zomg!

    Benjamin Verheijden

    you're a dead fish too?

  43. trey perkins

    Musee mechanique! I always go there ! Dope ass super old school arcade, with games and attractions going all the way back to the late 1800's! They have penny, nickel and dime games too! If you're ever near pier 39 in San francisco, check it out!

    Derek Rogers#1

    Saw it for it like a second. I wished Icouldve spent more time in san fran.

  44. tunalik

    There are opinions then there is something that's just known. For example, McDonald's has crap food. They cut every corner to bring you the worst product they can which people will still purchase. It's what they do. Like your music selections most are crap, you are just buying a fake image on poorly made rap. Or trolling....

  45. tunalik

    You don't understand because it's hard to grasp the meaning of metaphors, similes, idioms, synecdoches and personification from listening to something 1 time. It's even more difficult when you don't know the language being used very well either.

  46. Flappypantsful

    It's possible that a lawyer wouldn't enjoy Aesop rock because a lawyer is often forced to think in terms of a strict linear series of events with obvious precedents and clearly explained implications of rulings, whereas Aes's music looks more like a dadaist collage in which someone is forced to create a gestalt formed of abstract language and seemingly unlike concepts in order to draw forth a greater meaning. That's my guess as to why this wouldn't be a lawyers jam. It's mine though, I'm happy.

    Quin McFly

    Flappypantsful the idea of a “lawyers jam” is funny

  47. Chris T

    This is killing me! That "I'm back" sample that plays throughout, I've heard it before but I don't know where. Anyone have any ideas?

  48. PAULbloodSHART

    "I speak three languages and am a lawyer."

    None of these things are true.

  49. twisted8903

    That place looks fun as fuck.

  50. kourtknee09


    Virtual Blaze

    Wonder what this was about

  51. mebemetal

    HAHA you're so full of shit. how could a LAWYER listen to the king of wordplay and not vibe with it? if you are really a lawyer (which you're not. you're most likely some overweight 25-year-old living with his mother), you are a shitty one. Tu es un homme pathetique

  52. O Ra

    peopel who say that are usually low-brow sociopaths. fuck em.

  53. Josh Tinsley

    He does! Look at the "Behind Skelethon" videos. Sometimes, he doesn't explain it all too in depth, but he gives a general understanding, so that one can at least begin to have an idea of the meaning, and figure out the rest.

  54. Alex

    Rob $onic

  55. funknotik

    So it seems learning three languages and going to law school has made you unable to appreciate good music and poetry. Sorry to hear that.

  56. SkrrT MasterZ Gathering

    Search: behind skelethon

    he talks about every song in the album and what they are about ;)

  57. Dick Andrews

    It's called Musée Mécanique, at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. One of the coolest places ever!

  58. nevile333

    Eye candy

  59. can2ej6

    more than likely he has really good advertising, its kinda the candy wrapper conundrum:
    not known....SUPERMASIVEEXPOSURETOAMERICA!!!!!....does ok in sales....sails of into obscurity, (time line), but please read my last question.

    Trey Shead

    It's called relatable, simple as that, you either get it, or you dont

  60. can2ej6

    -_- you couldn't even answer my first question and it wasnt even that complex, but ill tune it down: "how are they produced?" (because you used the word producted), ok does it have sale value?, how well is it produced (producted), did it meet market price? did it go over their budget? to whom does it serve? why should i buy it? i dont need to be pumped up, i just want music that can entertain me. why talk about him here? god i feel stupid now...

  61. can2ej6

    lol how are they producted amazingly? and what service do they serve?

  62. C3MI _ CON


  63. Matthew Miller

    i took my mom there for mothers day

  64. Mciran KalaMity

    This place. I want to go there. YES!

  65. Kenny Brown

    I know it's Aesop. There are 16 dislikes on this video. You obviously didn't catch that.

  66. Brian Prato

    don't drink the haterade on experimentation, his voice goes well with Kimya Dawson material, also, did you ever take the time to actually listen to the lyrics that he lays with the uncluded, take earthquake for instance, that shit go deep.

  67. Adia Jolie

    Its Aesop Rock

  68. Matt

    1:56 Dead Fish? Suicidal Tetra Fish? Coicidence? I think not.

  69. Kenny Brown

    Only 16 people who watched this video must really love A$AP Rocky.

  70. MTomkins

    Musee Mecanique. San Francisco, CA. Free admission. Bring quarters.

  71. kappastamp17

    This is dope music. Aesop is my fav mc. Sorry to say but Uncluded is shitty music. Get that outta here man. Rhymesayers really?

  72. Mathieu Boquet

    no, but maybe you can ?

  73. Dorian Graylee

    lol grieves can suckadick

  74. battleboots1

    @ 156 sexy meter=dead fish....

  75. Pacarb915

    Pretty sure it's in San Fran.

  76. Pacarb915

    Is that the arcade in san fran near the WWII ships?

  77. PECHE

    I want to go to this place.

  78. antonio diaz

    epic response!

  79. Wildo Ricci

    keep listening to the music that has no heart, hopefully one day you will realize the error of your ways home fry

  80. FuckYeahBra

    If you can't understand what he is saying it is at the fault of your low cognitive skills. That is all. His lyrics are pure genius, and that is not debatable. People are always saying "Anyone can be good if they rap like aesop, just use a bunch of words and make them rhyme." Those people either, lack of a deep understanding of the English language or they have been conditioned by the standardized cattle feed hip hop (if we can call it that). Being a lawyer =/= being intelligent.

  81. FuckYeahBra

    Because Anziz Ansari isn't a FAMOUS comedian.....

  82. NicDoMic

    Q: What is the hardest part about ROLLER SKATING?

  83. Jay Diaz

    That dude sucks ass Aesop Rock would kill him any day

  84. john Elderlyone


  85. SSAvian

    What makes you say Aesop has fell off? I don't get where you are coming from with that opinion.

  86. jordan peterson

    If you're an aspiring hip hop artist from some bumble fuck town nobody cares about, please take the time to stop spamming your shitty music all over YouTube comments sections.

    Headfuck The Wise!

    okay I hate those comments too but seriously as fans we should promote an atmosphere of supporting the art. underground artist's can't keep making music if they don't get seen.

    If a good artist posts their music on a comments section and I discover it, than I'm greatful. If I hear shitty music for 1 minute before closing the video and moving on.. so what?

  87. kcg773

    none taken lol

  88. Rudebwoy

    no offense man. ;)

  89. MurderousLlama

    99% sure its Musee Mecanique in San Francisco.

  90. opiateEP

    Holy shit how does he rap like that i looked up the lyrics there amazing

  91. Jack Brown

    Does anyone know where they filmed this? The place looks amazing, like a bigger version of a place we have here near Detroit, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

  92. dead0ne69

    god have mercy on the person you represent in court.

  93. killertaco26

    That is one badass arcade!

  94. gumbymofugga

    Then SAY it's not his style and that he can't relate to it rather than insult it. I criticize Aesop myself, for example I prefer his style on his earlier albums where he used inflection, in my opinion, much more effectively. Him calling it "yuppie wannabe cool get high music" is not only insulting, but incredibly ignorant. That's not constructive criticism, and he CLEARLY doesn't "respect the art."

  95. kcg773

    some of the cats today I like listening to apart from the hip hop of 90s, lil herb (chi town), jah safe, rick ross, kendrick lamar, joey badass, gucci mane, j cole, t.i., stuff like that. Its cool, I aint mad at noone's opinion, it is what it is... }-)

  96. sidrosteel

    Coney Island...?

  97. MTomkins

    I can't believe he made a video at Musee Mecanique. That place is awesome, and just down the street from Bob's Donuts. lol

  98. Rudebwoy

    plz tell me that you listen to justin bieber katy perry one direction and all these "music" dicks