Aesop Rock - Getaway Car Lyrics

A yo, I send this to all of my corporate
Corpses tryin' to abort the thoughts of coming out wildn'
Dumbin' out time to off the office, I was surely sorta
Twisted, worked at a TV studio, an audio assistant, easy

Do my duty though at times was in a mean mood
Hot I gotta be cool, on the brink of fiend's drool
Glaring at the green room, made a brother the same color
But beyond neon, pushin' me to peon, barkin' at dreams to be gone

Tending to the talent and many they haven't any
Was especially a challenge when he be like goddamit
Can he hear his vocal as he cuffin' it, "How my mic sound?"
Thinkin' on the low it's perfect when he put the mic down

Clown stand steady grillin' wanting subservience
Sound man buryin' thinkin' I'd fuckin' murder them
And I'm steamin' as I'm watchin' duke, leavin' on some hot pursuit
I gotta win as these cats be modelin', what not to do?

6 in the morning and the walls close in
High noon calls and the walls own him
Kings at the ready know the walls won't win

Storms on the harbor like a harbinger of gore
Gore is my harbinger, pardon the art of war
Get your doors darkened by the house of card carpenters
Who never thought a slave could be a sparticus and more

Pencil sharpener with a resume for the carnivores
Who take important conference calls in corner office walls
Still a buck is a buck and he punch numbers five punch
Just say no to company functions and he duck into the dungeons

Nothing says, "Kill it" like a day of fetching
Paper-clips and staplers for the privileged
Two lives one is chores for whores, one is
Where I want to be when you begin regretting yours

And I poured in with a large coffee
Tardy every morning to a man who
Took authority beyond what it was for
How you gonna pay the rent day job free?
Make rap records, matter of fact, thanks, peace

In a hospital gown day off
From being tied down in recreation
Swinging a paddle at mental patients
Raping the competition to smother the pain and sin

So he pounds you out in table tennis like Wang Liqin
Too strange within just to stop demented interactions sleep
And thoughts documented
He's lingering insane paint thinner in his vein

Colors blown out around the doctors finger
In his brain with a needle unable to beat him
In a fetal position he crafted a path to escape his condition
Would cling to the white walls the psych halls in his mind
Soon bled the words he would speak to the world in time

But not before more injections strapped to the bed
Until the psycho-tropics took hold of the rap in his head
When his wrists released he wrote tunes you could snoop through
Day of release said depart from me I never knew you

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Aesop Rock Getaway Car Comments
  1. Johnny Guit-Fiddle

    Every word is poetry. Better than all the shit out today. Think otherwise? You're opinion is invalid

  2. Connor Ollive

    cage's verse is damn good

  3. Larry Simpson

    featuring Breezly Brewin

  4. TrueNorth StreetVision

    pardon the Art of War.........

  5. WLG1

    imagine playing ping pong with cage at an in patient facility.


    +Liam O'Quin listen to his verse doggie

    Alien Pumpkinhead

    WLG1 It wasn’t too bright of the nurses to hand mental patients paddles, hahahaha.

    James Kennedy

    WLG1. Imagine smoking dust with cage in a project

  6. Ranger Kasdorf

    Underrated track, bumps too hard.


    D O P E O N E !
    check my version
    Aesop Rock ft Cage Getawaycar (Gran Reversa Remix)

  8. kakr8991

    And why the fuck is breeze not in the title this song has been up mad long and he had the BEST verse by fucking miles. Smh

    Ghost Murmur

    kakr8991 I think cages verse is dope, but I agree. He's in the song, needs to be in the title

  9. kakr8991

    Cage sounds best here I think and this phase lasted like 5 minutes.

  10. Shastik

    Breezley Bruin raps first.



  11. killboi207

    The dude on the left with the pipe in his mouth looks exactly like my friend Larry lol.


    That's Aesop

  12. H¥pΣr N¤vα


  13. akaVice

    Breeze Brewin will never get the credit he deserves. Every verse he spits is a gem. The entire Juggaknots "Clear Blue Skies" is something every hip hop head needs to respect. The fact you didn't list him when you uploaded this is a travesty.

    Dirty Bubble

    That album seriously is an East Coast classic that just got swept under the rug somehow.



    Aerial Penn

    Dopest verse on the song for sure. When I first heard his verse shit blew my mind. And instantly I was like oh shit that's the guy from Cannibal Oxs life's I'll (that's my shit too).

    Glad I can listen to that Juggaknots album and it be completely new to me. He's ill as fuck. And I agree when I saw the track listing and he wasn't featured I was personally offended too.

  14. Trevor Cory

    who rhymes first


    A guy who goes by "Cage"

    Weird Title

    @213213yoyo breeze brewin dont be an idiot

  15. Trevor Cory

    I want a new aseop and cage song, on another note .. GOOGLE you need to recognize " Aseop " as a proper noun, its not just his name.

  16. JeyzVideos

    how can you not mention breeze brewin in the features of this song!?!?!?!?!? correct it!

  17. Kaleb Johnson

    So why is Breezly Brewin not mentioned in the features like he wasn't the opening artist

    Kalif Bell


  18. Loco Roco

    now you jack cars?:D

  19. MrArtPolice

    That fucking shit is the THING man. sick.

  20. TheJenbamin

    Demigodz ripped him a new asshole


    Weathermen all day SON

  21. Jabari Mallory

    Qwel Qwazaar, Denizen Kane, Wombaticus Rex, Godforbid, Oddjobs.

  22. tomdissonance

    shout to the Brewin

  23. tomdissonance

    nah, it's his own story

  24. therealljmason

    I love this track. Aesop and Cage both kill it, and I relate to the whole day job/double life motif going on on Aesop's bit.

  25. Devious12253

    I hate to bother you like this, but one of my favorite rappers (Chaos Theory) is a huge fan of Aesop Rock and got him into him, seeing your conversation about the lists of dope underground rappers I have to suggest you check this guy out, his shit's hot. Hell, even uploading a song of his would be extremely considerate of you but even just leaving him feedback would be cool. I have at least one recent song of his in my favorites, I guarantee it. Please do me, and obviously him, a favor & listen.

  26. MyHipHopTunes

    Haha, nothing personal, I could write a list of dope artists 10 times as long as that one.

    If anyone's after new music just go search through my uploads/favourites.

  27. dundalkfights

    noticed Percee P didn't make the cut. why not? his earlier stuff was amazing

  28. lockstock

    Thanks, I know of some of those but I'll check out the others :)

  29. MyHipHopTunes

    Jakki Da Motamouth, P.O.S., Evidence, Termanology, Phonte, CunninLynguists, RHYME ASYLUM!!!! (Probably the best rappers on the planet), Zion I, Aceyalone, Lowkey, Klashnekoff, One Be Lo, Binary Star, Solilaquists of Sound, Fashawn, The Grouch, Muja Messiah, Tonedeff, Mr. Lif, Despot, Living Legends, Brown Bag All Stars, Wax, Sadistik, The High and Mighty, Grayskul, Eligh, Kano, Scribe (Dope NZ rapper), Izzy Dunfore, Del The Funky Homosapian, and so on.

  30. lockstock

    Hey could I ask a question? Is there any really good underground artists that I have overlooked? I have stuff from Cage, Eyedea, Aesop Rock, Slug, Brother Ali, Grieves, Kristoff Krane, Sage Francis, Yak Ballz, EL-P, General Steele, Blueprint, Illogic, Copywrite, Crescent Moon, Impulse, Tame One, and Tamu. Any suggestions for other artists to check out?

    Matt Thompson

    Ill Bill, Goretex

  31. MyHipHopTunes

    Thank you, that is by far the best compliment I've ever had on the internet.

    FiswaT is pretty dope too, 1love!

  32. lockstock

    MyHipHop Tunes is nearly as dope as Tairy Hesticles.

  33. fishingbone

    Cage brewin and aes killed this shit

  34. flyawayhome3

    appreciate that this comment's been here for a year but... yes definitely worth buying this album. or if not buying it then obtaining it. people seem to prefer labour days but personally i think this album is the best hiphop album i have ever heard, from anyone including aes. other sick songs (imo) are five fingers, fumes, citronella, coffee, pigs... etc. almost every song is amazing - it's like he's created an album where each song is equivalent to the best work of other good rappers.

  35. Taste The Diff'rence


  36. MrFuzzySlippas


  37. MyHipHopTunes

    Sorry about the ads people, copyright issue.

  38. Luis Siul

    the 1 dislike is really not needed -__- this song is too dope.

  39. Roger Wynn

    Cage is a god.

  40. Creap0fluigi

    Just met some guy on Omegle and I linked him to this but we disconnected. Are you there brah?


    im here brah

  41. kevenator12

    oh your so called gooooooooodddddddddddd, this song is amazing

  42. dulaone

    brewin killed that shit

  43. Shack83

    Where the hell is the horn sample in the beginning from?

  44. xFRITOx

    @AlexIsSmalll if you havent looked it up that is cage

  45. Alex Zahn

    Who's rapping at 2:11. is that cage?


    Bow to the King

  46. Benjamin Black

    Ben Black - Still Alive

    Listen if you skillful music

  47. MyHipHopTunes

    Don't forget to follow me @AshesToAshley to talk Hip Hop and bunch of other shit that's going on, peace!

  48. FiremanPC

    Sounds like Cage used the story of Vincent van Gogh, only then with rap as the way to express himself.

  49. Hedgehogs4Me

    @spawny56 But, sir, I'm Canadian and I like this. D:

  50. jazz mataz

    Is this album worth buying? Buy 2 copies in case you lose one!

  51. Ace Vibez

    i just rediscovered this album...sooo ill

  52. Joe M



    idk not alot of info on it right now

  54. Craig Brittain

    1 Person thought 'Dislike' meant 'Dis-I-Like!'


    the aesop/cage collab album is gona be sickkk

  56. grape conqs

    @SpongeyShanAMVKing exactly, people like ace prove that the music doesn't discriminate.

  57. AEgamesFtw

    @MyHipHopTunes what about it?

  58. T Bell

    Who said white guys couldn't rap.

  59. eci4

    @didyouseethatunicorn Yeah, exactly. I know there's videos where Yak Ballz does a verse at live shows, but I can't find one with decent enough audio to catch the lyrics. I want to know what he was escaping from too. Such a good concept for a song

  60. Fredrik Stenman

    Can't wait for a new album! Love this one.

  61. Ess.Allen

    @eci4 exactly what i was thinking theyre telling there stories of them before they were rappers and using rap as a "getaway car" to depart from their old lives breeze was tired of how the way hip hop was going, aes was probably pushing a dayjob that sucked dick and didnt make him happy and cage was in a mental institute getting his shit strait...

  62. Ben Tschirhart

    I don't know what it is...better ask blockhead...seriously though, he's a really friendly guy. He'd probably answer you.

  63. Shack83

    do you know what the sample used here is?

  64. Ben Tschirhart

    props for being able to hear that. aesop and blockhead both use an amazingly broad range of samples.

  65. Ben Tschirhart

    this song helped give me the courage to quit my dayjob and start my own business.

  66. eci4

    I think you're right for the most part but it goes further... it's not just aesop and breeze... it's cage too. The whole thing is about using rap to get away from something shitty in your life. for breeze it was bad rappers, for aes it was a shitty dayjob (or any dayjob really) and for cage it's mental shit.

  67. Edward Lemon

    cage killed it

  68. MyHipHopTunes

    Aesop released the "None Shall Pass - Instrumentals And Accepellas" in 2009, its got this on there. peace.

  69. Shack83

    The opening horns are the same samples used in "Next to Die" by Domingo and "Back In Town" by Black Moon. Does anyone know what that sample is?

  70. Jason Martin

    what do you think this songs about?

  71. miller0237

    this song is fuckin bomb!

  72. andrew paul

    Cage kills this