Aesop Rock - Corn Maze Lyrics

I'm the world weekly news bat child
B-lining ash pile to ash pile to ash pile
For every ghost climbing out the flat file
Every gaffe, every lone spaz in the snack aisle
Cracked out, don't touch that dial ever
These trap doors forecast quagmire weather
But it's worth it
From cobras out to kiss him on the cheek
To snatching victory from out the jaws of imminent defeat
The phone ping from a pillow fort in a corn maze
I don't have a horse in your war games
I don't even really like horses
I like wild orchids and neighbors with wide orbits
Electric fence and pets that tend to pretty much ignore us
We headbutt in the mornings then report to separate corners
Criminy, ya killin' me Smalls, the fist balls up
I pull my hood down, I got some walls up

Walls up
I keep my coat on I got some walls up
Chips down, walls up
I cut the lights off

Every day I wake up in a gallon of sweat
Puke blood, hit the shower, turn to Malibu Ken
While you were asking all your lackeys, "Are we jackals or men?"
I've been the sorcery authority should catch if they can
Mostly a master of none
Come try the coffee, it's burnt
He type a chapter it sucks
Top of the moth-eaten world
Pick a one horse town, four horsemen got his number
I feed each one the others camouflaged in Fluffernutters
The million-dollar free jazz-speak in a secret garden
Some people think its freakish, but they can't deny the harvest
Its funny when they're later made to celebrate the shit they said was garbage
It only show the city who the mark is
Are we Donatello's David or delicate Frozen Charlottes?
Even Davids know in art there often will be no catharsis
The voices in my head still talk tough
I go to bed stoned, I got some walls up

Walls up
I keep my coat on I got some walls up
Chips down, walls up
I cut the lights off

In a lavish rabbit hole with no rabbits
Young, dumb dust-bunnies jump into traffic
Casually gussied up and done feeling unsung and savage
Punk, we have come for your cabbage
I'm bad news travel like a rat through your cabinet
Twenty paw pads full of scabs
Off in a false ad, fall plaid, all dander
Blast off, black jackdaws on his antlers
Zero faithers
Wearily fear his neighbors
Someday we'll find a way to make these billionaires obey us
Someday we'll earn a subdivision gaudier than reprobates
Who sit around depressed and guess the order of the Tetris rain
With biblical misreckoning
Son of surly Satan torn asunder
Private number, public urination
We socialize with pundits who encompass all the wrong stuff
I count the bread quick, I got some walls up

Walls up
I keep my coat on I got some walls up
Chips down, walls up
I cut the lights off

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Aesop Rock Corn Maze Comments

    Stay woke

  2. Codey Larimore

    🔥 🔥

  3. Ron Muldrew Muldrew

    Production ALWAYS on point ! Lyrics too !

  4. Monarch Cypher

    Shout out to "Kirby" 😸 0:11

  5. Chris

    Aes is what happens when you put all your stat points into lyricism

  6. arex82

    I like wild orchids

    And neighbors with wide orbits

    I feel you, Aes

  7. Donovan Nelson

    Dope track

  8. Garasu Ka

    How did I miss this video for this long 😣. Aes the modern 🐐

  9. Scott Goulet

  10. Ecx Static

    This album was low key fire AF, every single song on this album 10/10. Ace still on point.


    I shed a tear when I saw that Sop is back

  12. Andy Mejia

    I go to bed stoned, I got some walls up.

  13. PCVXD

    Aesop should try an Aeropress so the coffee doesn't taste burned

  14. GO AT

    I love the use off odd time signatures.

  15. Randall Rubenstein

    This is tight

  16. Jon Hoskins

    Aesop Rock: I don't even like horses

  17. master toe succer

    yo your dumb ass should colab with joji / pinkguy would nut for that shit

    True Knight

    if that happens i'll do my own circumcision with a rusty can opener

  18. Igby Fitz

    One of the greatest to ever to do it! How is he just getting better and better?? Aesop is one of my biggest influences in my music journey. If yous guys like Aesop Rock, you should go stop by my YouTube page and check out some of my music. I would LOVE any support and feedback you have to give. Thank you humans. Shred or Die! Life's strange, How do you identify?

  19. TyphoidBryan

    Odd thing, I love the album, but this first track doesn't quite do it for me.

  20. _JB_

    Ya killin' me smalls

  21. Kylander Son of Der

    Show of hand whos been here since b4 A$ap?!

  22. Carlos. Posada

    His house must have alot of walls.

  23. Fredy Bats

    Wtf happen to you man...

    Night Man

    Depression, because he just didn't do much for a while after Camu Tao passed away.

  24. Clay Cook

    Cry Little Sister by Gerard Mcmann is the sample used here?

  25. Edward Teach

    May 2019 and the voices in my head still talk tough. Still go to bed stoned. Still got some walls up.

  26. George A

    HELP! I'm trapped in this cartoon!

  27. Ezonkiel walkturd

    I want a Fluffer Nutter

  28. TOMA Therealdeal

    I go to bed stoned . I got some walls up

  29. Connor McHugh

    "The voices in my head still talk tough"
    nice bro, whole album is pretty lit.

  30. Arekusu

    Aes never ceases to amaze me

  31. What're Water

    You there hecs?

  32. 9arc

    this album was honestly pretty bad, not aes’ fault at all

  33. DotComma7550

    we need full episodes of death force

  34. WeDont LikeShit

    It's not Captain Murphy but it's good. I was hatin but the more I hear I'm like damn

  35. Cody Morgan

    Aesop the goat!!!

  36. 4some2joe0

    lol....he's like "who's this kid?"

  37. Jeff Brown

    dat existential rabbit

  38. Benny Smith

    Can't wait to listen to this album completely fucked out on acid 👌

  39. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    what is it with aesop with his neighbors?


    i was taking about aesop and how he always mentions neighbors in general.


    is this an inside joke?


    ​@dysperisenjoyinghimself.: I don't know why you do this.


    please elaborate. also, i’m black.


    @dymob. Nah, that person is just a jerk. Aes is a hermit/recluse. He likes his space.

  40. Titanium

    I recently discovered Aesop. It was like when I found out. That SNES Mario world, had a sequel. But this is obviously better. It's a shame, this encyclopedia of a human being. Is not being discussed.

  41. Implausible Kid

    Bee lining to ash pile to ash pile to ash pile

  42. supersonic118 boi

    Props to the artist.


    There was actually two of them.

  43. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    new aesop listener. i don’t really understand his lyrics even after repeated listens, but it seems like all the older aesop fans get it easily. could somebody give me tips on how to easier decipher what he has to say?

    ZeDo GiCa

    "beelining ashpile to ashpile to ashpile" could be a reference to touring, and almost depicts each venue as just another ashtray for him to snuff into. could also be a reference to burnout.


    J Yes^^^


    dymob. If you aren’t familiar with that site go there and search Aesop Rock.

    Btw, which album/tracks introduced ya to Aes?


    shards0fwords klutz. i also got incredibly discouraged as at the time, nobody had anything down.

  44. Pandora . Seaclearly

    can't that bitch help herself for once

  45. Literati Crux

    This album is so dense and dope. The lyrics are a logical conclusion of hiphop, almost no analog in the spectrum of song writing. And tobacco's acid pool synths are growingly compelling with each listen.

  46. Eloise B

    This makes me laugh so hard I finally Burst a lung. love, love, love!!

  47. Isak The Baron

    Does Aesop have a kid...? Impossible.

    Kanye West

    That's The Impossible Kid I guess :u

  48. Cavaletti Bnu

    Speed up 1.25x! Ur welcome

  49. Sir Wojenheim the third

    Been rockin with Aes since 2000. He is the GOAT and it warms my heart to see some younger people in today’s hip hop scene realize the same.

  50. gnarlyrad kids

    Probably one of the dopest music videos ever

  51. Zack Wells

    Criminally underrated

  52. Russell Burton

    This portion of the horde is bored, sounding kinda like the shit from before.
    Just saying oh well...
    Next time... last nail.

  53. Raúl Salazar

    No hay duda, Malibu Ken está destinado a ser de lo mejor de 2019.

  54. Matt Mill

    This is weird but neet

  55. bao s

    i keep my coat on

  56. Ross Conrod

    Aesop you, are by everymeaning of the words i hopelessly try to speak telling me off for no reason

  57. begglesworth21

    Huh, I really expected to see Jesse Moynihan in the credits... The blue creature with the rubix cube reminds me of Forming.

  58. Crackers (PhD in Wumbology)

    I feel so bad for that rat/gerbil princess thing

  59. 김wg

    2:39 this part sounds like NIN a bit, I mean, I likes it

  60. Pandora . Seaclearly

    ...baked a Pi 4 U kid...

  61. Phriendship

    Every day I wake up in a gallon of sweat
    Puke blood hit the shower turn to Malibu Ken

  62. Complx Oner

    I went to c u perform a few years ago unforgettable 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  63. Amber Martin

    I just Aesop would come to Kansas

  64. My Dude?

    @RhymesayersEntertainment you should release the instrumental to this song

  65. What're Water

    Great song

  66. Social Media

    Yo yo wordddddd😎

  67. Larry Knicks

    Someday we'll find a way to make these billionaires obey us...

  68. Kid Crack

    2:17 to 2:28 *is legitness*

  69. O Strasky

    When you say neighbours with wide orbits do you mean the ad management system or they big? I dont know why i want to know this but i think about it every time.


    neighbors that stay far the fuck away from aes, notorious hermit and recluse

  70. James Wyatt DuGrey

    I got that same goddamn bowl

  71. zan dawacki

    Riding a capybara?

  72. Jesus Saez

    Total banger

  73. Chase Sturgeon

    knock em out the box aes

  74. Kid Crack

    Art reminds me of Bomb Thrown. Defo not a bad thing.

  75. Smartyrdumb ?

    I too, am The World Weekly News bat child.. what are the chances..?.

  76. imaghostya

    Fucken wild collaboration! so much yes....

  77. Michael Auberry

    "I'm the world weekly news bat child" what a line to start an album on.

  78. Wired-Up

    Adult swim should hop on this and throw it into an off the air episode.

  79. Smartyrdumb ?

    This 1 is on constant rotation, thanks AES.. cherry no whip yes..

  80. Aelo Balthrop

    Fuk rap. Everyone needs to die


    Are you not the world's weekly news bat child?

    ZeDo GiCa

    cool dude


    Go back to douchebag mountain

  81. Wolf Doug

    The best doing it

  82. Froad

    It amazes me how Aesop Rock is seemingly at his peak WITH NO END IN SIGHT, even though the dude's been releasing albums for like 20 years. GOOD ON YA, AES. KEEP IT UP!

  83. Philip Elliott

    Review: "The album hits its stride when the two artists are playing to each other’s strengths, with Tobacco amplifying the metallic rustle of Aesop’s voice and cadence, and Aesop letting the flickering neon of Tobacco’s production to swell and take up space on the songs."

  84. Elijah Flowers

    Idk what this song was about.

  85. Connor Van Johnson

    Gotta come to GR again!

  86. sndr b

    got it on bandcamp, bandcamp rocks.

  87. Lil Smoisty

    Thank you saints row.

  88. Hunu

    The music is lucky the videos and art is so cool, because otherwise it would just be mediocre.

  89. Molten_

    the beat sounds like video game music


    Molten_ kinda ya,
    mostly unrelated if ya haven’t heard of “Ocarina of rhyme” go check it out(or at least aesops track)

  90. rush

    What the fuck this is really good

  91. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    1:25 aesop’s pulling out that gummy flow.

  92. Jester Logic

    wow there's a group of people that deserve to be really fucking proud of making this

  93. wrarmatei

    I relate to the cartoon.

    Aesop keeps getting better—beein listening to him for like 15 years...he’s always getting better. Crazy.

  94. chaosinorderrr

    "The million dollar free-jazz speak in a secret garden
    Some people think it's freakish but they can't deny the harvest"

    Damn fucking right!

  95. Eveka

    I've been a huge fan of Tobacco and BMSR for years now but I'm really not digging this collab at all. It sounds so messy and mismatched. I would probably love just the raw Tobacco tracks, without Aesop. I just hate ARs sound, he's too normal, not weird enough.

  96. Faeton Music Blog

    Veery nice!