Aesop Rock - Cat Food Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
At night I wear a wolf's head on my regular head
Considering a regular character sketch
Food hoarder, communes with the flora
Computes in cahoots with beauty and brute force
I've got a brand new normal at a thirty in New York, plus
Years at the fire pulling portions out of corn husks
Never mind time on the short bus
Terrifying errant knights thwarting any motherfucking fork tongued-sport
Agita flashing the hind molars, though his body less a weapon more a bag of lipomas
Over medium, treat skin-tags like scratch-offs
Rap like black-ops, rappers like lap dogs
He got the rad moves, catty alpha rat-proof (wait)
Twenty-sided die at the crap-shoot (wait)
Looking for a black hole to casually collapse through
Try aisle nine by the cat food
There it is
Ooh wee, do we roast in a bilge, when the skinny from afar is "Thar be gold in them hills"
Time better let a couple truths decay, or somebody going to rue the day
Check, check, check

[Hook 1:]
Catch 'em on the lam
(I ain't joking)
No maps, no muster point
(Nah, I ain't joking)
I put a pebble on a tomb
(I ain't joking)
Makin bath tub meth
I'm joking
Here we go

[Verse 2:]
The whip got a tongue and teeth
Too tough, two blood-shot eyes with a Tungston bleep
When any putrefying arrow wants your lungs in reach
I field a vessel going zero to the fuck y'all think
And when your function fails I'm on an undisclosed island
Stroking exotic animals, open up rocket science
Leaning a jewellers loupe over a stolen sock 'o diamonds
Palm-made products a portrait of modern triumph, try us
Back at the battering ram post-haste
Cro-mags, wait till this Saturday plant grow legs
All you hear is intermittent code names
Ricochet around the geometry of a closed space
Unfrozen part of his new J.O
Face of divine evil, heart of Camu Tao
Some people find the daylight to be oddly alluring
I was in the dark, dodging and burning

[Hook 2:]
Maybe cause I look like an ugly doll
(I ain't joking)
Pack a wallop in the wheelhouse
(Nah, I ain't joking)
Leave brass tacks everywhere
(I ain't joking)
I own many many homes
I'm joking
Here we go

[Verse 3:]
All hog to we know costume
Black hoodie you can set your watch to
Tall drink, depths like an air raid
Radically detach with purveyors of the hair-brain
Down with the ship go a dozen fried wild links
Upperway, upper-case tri-state style kings
Get pie-faced, sent home tied to the sinewaves
Lights off, spine on sideways
Riding down the block, scooping Bobby in a boogie-down
Tome told me tell 'em "Hello, 7: 30 noodle-town"
Cool 'em down, global domination over salt bake
Situation commanding a broke dude cosplay
You don't want a meeting on an off-day trading horror stories from the hollows
The summary is as follows:
"These hate those and this thinks, that's absurd"
Yip yap, y'all cats and birds

[Hook 3:]
Meow meow meow meow meow
(I ain't joking)
Talking rubes on the radio
(Nah, I ain't joking)
Uh, suckers never play me
(I ain't joking)
I found Jimmy Hoffa's body
I'm joking
Here we go

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Aesop Rock Cat Food Comments
  1. Eeezer K

    'Daps like an air-raid'

  2. CasperInkyMagoo

    Aesop’s not that talented - I’m jokin’.

  3. Isabella Morris

    My first ever Aes song. A friend had recommended him to me ages prior and I decided to finally listen. Proper jaw drop moment... I didn't realise this was something you could actually do with words

    Ricky Spanish

    Welcome to the party. We are all confused.

  4. Franzi Basler

    1 nicer Boi.

  5. Castrosaint

    When the strings come in at 0:42 that beat is amazing

  6. Daniel Guru

    A lot of people don't know what a Muster Point is....

  7. Dylan Nenkov

    Yip yap, ya'll. Cats and birds.

  8. Clay Kinser

    Kinda reminds me of gehena in a way

  9. Christian Black

    You know what?.. I love Dr. Dre and his beats ARE sick but... Why the fuck doesn't ANYBODY bring up Aesop Rock and the person who makes HIS beats?? Like dude this isn't a diamond in the ruff this is an entire fucking mine!

    Jake Ryan

    Depends on which song. Aes does his own recently, Blockhead did most of his old stuff, and EL-P did a bunch too. Depends on the album but you can def feel the difference in their productions.

  10. Alexander C

    Thank You, Couldn't have said it better

  11. Sasquatch

    Yip yap y’all cats and birds. Meow meow meow

  12. Andre The Great

    I played this at a party once, and my friend came up to me when i was searching this song. Said i spelled asap rocky wrong. I laughed at him put it on and the whole party vibed to it, ppl danceing. Ppl scratching there heads. Was a good night.

  13. D. Chavez

    "Daps like an air raid"
    Gives first bumps everywhere to everyone.

  14. Jess Starr

    Oh my fucking GOD. MURDAH.

  15. Zuzu

    Clicked on this hoping for another Kirby video.

  16. Yogi Martínez

    Aes and Blockhead always kill it.

  17. Taylor Ronan

    this beat is fucking incredible

  18. lunatic fringes

    love vocabulary ?

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    cool video

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  21. Beat Junkie2016

    Modern day Shakespeare

  22. David Dobarganes

    Top notch

  23. Kenniff Kanniff

    Remember that time aesop fucking sucked on that one song??

    Nah me neither. ..

    Ace n block are,redunk together

  24. Ian MacMunn

    Bare with me here....the final verse...

    All hock-tooie (spitting) no costume
    Black hoodie you could set your watch to.....
    He's a real rapper who spits. He's not fake so theres no costume...OOOOR/AAAND later in the verse.....

    Situation comedy and broke-dude Cosplay.
    He's just wearing a black hoodie or dark clothing all the time, he's in a costume but it's a broke dude Cosplay...😮🙃😻

    Did that make sense? Haha

  25. Slop Oner

    Looking for a black hole to comfortably collapse through...

  26. duanebg

    this is ridiculous... and that beat!

  27. Try Again


  28. thewirah1

    Beat is bonkers.

  29. Josh Range

    First time hearing this, awesome track

  30. Agent N

    Aesop is my all time fav artist, any rapper that sais “ post haste” in a song is fuckin dope haha

  31. BreadAndTheKnife

    Instagram is terrible.

  32. Jordan Fox

    blockhead beats creep into the flesh time jesus

  33. rel dude

    How do you not say any of the same words in the same exact rap song

  34. keith schubert

    If anyone can save hip hop it’s AES

  35. Luc PHAROAH

    hello world....... king pharoah here
    things I have observed in my 35 years on the planet.........when I was a child on a lincon log farmsted....... cows had 1 stomach 4 teets ......and front teeth that would grow in when its old enough to ween from the milk....... now 6 stomachs 6 teets and no top front teeth and often more then one calf at at time......... now also strange changes in other things......... like the strange lack of fossil and prehistoric evidence in asia......... when I was a child even a fish had and adult skeleton and a fixed set of bones....... today it seems that they all verry....... andult fish now never stop getting more and larger bones an impossibility even 24 years ago........... the premaxilla is shrinking in all mamillia.......... probably so the animals can live off their mothers milk longer..... and maybe one day canabalizing.......using the mothers as food for the offspring and not viceversa which has been happening in nature for quite some time but not on the regular........ the most alarming was that I have heard....... on more then one ocasion in the city that babys are being born already circumsized......... terrifying time we live I guess.............. as you know in the past my messages were more cryptic but you could understand hind sight....... now Im off to buy and fertalized egg with 2 yolks a heat pad a thermomiter and a wine flask........that last one i stared at those drawings for over a year to figure out and I want the 250000 $ some societys were offering for how it was done.......... just a mere parlor trick........

  36. Zach Byrd Adventure Hour

    dodging and burning.

  37. OxyRottenTMS

    this outfit has some phenomenal writing & production. found this through a hieroglyphics song. this is some excellent music. thanks for putting it up. buying this for sure. cheers!! (A)

  38. jason auble

    "Some people find "Daylight" oddly alluring" -
    That's me. When I met Aes on the Skelethon Tour we talked about the lyrics to that song.

  39. Robert Trammel

    Meow meow meow meow

  40. Cameron Brown

    In the beginning of the song he was admitting to being a furry

  41. Siggy LootFish

    He's a freakin genius

  42. VirtuousHeathen 69


  43. Frederick Davison

    i love how quick he throws in the im jokin after the jimmy hoffas body line

  44. ???????

    This guy is 'great' at taking care of his pets. Just look at that fish!

    Matt Mott

    The fish was "cat food"

  45. botoru719

    Who are the 48 sick fucks that don't recognize genius?

  46. Laszlo Szabo

    My cat told that this tastes much better than Royal Canin!!!

  47. thiago ribeiro

    cade o brasil, não tem nenhum porque brasileiro é uma merda na propria cultura e consegue ser ignorante com outras, só ouvem o que rende milhões.

  48. jay305

    At night I wear a wolf's head on my regular head

  49. Matrxmonky



    I have to read his lyrics carefully to even begin to understand what's going on in his songs ( ftw). But holy crap, once I finally get it, my mind is blown every time.

  51. Jermel Lanier

    sounds like a rip of Tyler the Creator and Eminem not hating do you.

    Samuel Foley

    Aes has been rapping before Tyler was a sperm. Also this beat is a bit too mellow for either Tyler or Em. I don't get where you're coming from at all my dude.

    Jermel Lanier

    +Samuel Foley Tyler has the weirdest beats like this song Eminem has crazy flow patterns this guy does both not hating just an opinion lol before he was a sperm damn


    This is maybe one of the strangest comments on YT. I mean I can't change the way you think, but I have no idea how Aesop Rock could somehow sound like a mix between Tyler and Eminem. It's just absurd.
    It's kinda like saying a Ferrarie F12 looks like a mix of a old Jeep and a green Bobbycar.

  52. wissen

    "At night I wear a wolf's head on my regular head"

    Dork's music video anyone???

    "I walk with hawaii on a greenscreen behind me" (<-- from Bug Zapper)

    Breakdance Beach music video

    am I fuckin trippin???

  53. B_ onez

    But Eyedea is dead....


    Eye(i)dea(s) doesn't die

  54. Karl Trinkwasser

    Long live Blockhead!


    good suggestion Mr. Freepsnood

  55. jt wee

    27 people wouldn't know good music if it beat them to death with their own arm

    Joel McFarland

    jt wee you can lead a horse to water or beat it to death with a bag of Aesop rock bootlegged CDs (that's more fun anyways)

    Scott Catling

    You can lead a horse to fresh water but you cant teach it to be okay when the water is spiked wid LsD

  56. brennan eaton

    Some day i will live in a world where Aesop is getting grammys and being played on every radio station.

    I can dream. :)

    Aloha SnackBar

    Just keep showing your friends Aesop rock

    Aloha SnackBar

    I've introduced at least 10 people to his music

    dan costa

    thatd be terrible. hes where he should be, he has a large devoted fan base, at least from my perspective on the east coast, large enough that he sold out both times i saw him, once in new york and the second time in connecticut, a sold out show in ct was a real surprise, ny not so much. not that i think fame would change him or his music in anyway, i just dont think he'd be appreciated if he was to be played on the radio, i assume this is true by a quick bit of research, scanning through the popular radio stations and seeing what simple bit of uncreative garbage is the music that the american public demands. i wouldnt want the same person who likes taylor swift to tell me they also like aesop rock, because if that was true then very quickly would they realize that taylor swift is shit, and actually isnt a talented muscian whatsoever. i do agree with Nick, introduce him to people, show people what they're missing, show them that they have options beyond the top 50 charts, but be happy that aesop rock isnt up next after bruno mars and before B.O.B. cos you could imagine the young girls and boys with beiber hair who would act like they like him just cos its what everyone else likes. "turn a fucking pop star into a trash fire."

    Jay Wood

    brennan eaton ... and someday maybe you'll pull your head out of your ass. Grammys and radio play? Only fuckboys and talentless fuck wads care about that shit

    Headfuck The Wise!

    this response thread is strange, wanting talented artists to be played all around the world instead of utter garbage shouldn't be such a controversial idea

  57. Jhonka411

    "Meow meow meow meow meow"
    -Aesop Rock 2015

    Scared Folks

    Mumble Rap King.

    Chris Stuerman

    @SledgeHammer [SSS SSquad] Dirty cooperative Neptune blue head hurt splits
    Ridiculous fathom the splicing of first generation
    fuck up or trickle down anti hero smack (Cracking!)
    I paste the game to zero all completion green (Splash!)
    Only aes fans will understand the fuckery

    Ayrton Kinner

    He's not the only rapper to do it though,
    Andre Nickatina - 3 AM

    Covan B

    I aint joking


    Lyrical GOLD

  58. Patrick Brand

    "heart of camu tao"

    Patrick Brand

    +Urkel Wipperschnapp aes went hard af

  59. Tim Teller

    Fuck this is like pure dope Fire

  60. Be Franky

    beat is bangin

  61. Ricky Lahey

    Haha know every word to this shit

  62. The Rhetorical

    Everytime I listen to Aesop's songs my mind implodes. Jesus.

  63. Droid

    Aesop's lyrics feel like a wall of graffiti - loads of interesting fragments coming together to make something huge and complicated. It's like exploring a jungle, filled with carnivorous plants - no doubt! Everyone comes out with something different. Aesop Rock(s)!

    Ryan Fredericks

    +Dee Asus well said

    Andy Broberg

    not bad

    Keith Carlson

    Every song is somewhere on the same wall. Overlapped and leaking sub plots against eachother.

  64. TheGameLix

    The Beat sucks!
    I am joking!

    bug guy

    i actually never even listened to this song for the longest time because i never let it drop past the first few seconds. all the while ive been listening to big zapper. but now i like them equally

    Ragnar The Red

    trolla la la lalalalalal

  65. Graphic Vandalism

    I have loved Aesop Rock for years, but this has to be one of his best songs EVER damn the beat for cat food is beautiful!

    John Doe

    @GraphicVandalism731 It's not a pronoun fight, lol. I was just explaining my reasoning for using the one I did when I didn't know if it was just one person or some such shit.

    Graphic Vandalism

    @John Doe LOL its all good man. I know what you meant

    Andrew O'Brien

    Didn't assume, he's one of my favorite Producers, so I know that he is ONE person, which was what I was trying to convey, not his gender, but that he is not a group, but one dude. Sorry to rain on your PC Parade, bro.

    John Doe

    Andrew O'Brien It was a joke, man. Did you read the rest of my post?

    Andrew O'Brien

    no. ;) sorry homie.

  66. Myshtah

    If you could label this with a genre what would it be? I'd like to listen to more songs like this


    +Myshtah This is underground hip-hop, more specifically east coast. Heavy use of samples and full, lively beats. A good place to start is with the two dominant labels, Def Jux and Rhymesayers. You'll find stuff more like Aesop in Def Jux and a lot of variety in Rhymesayers. I'd recommend Aesop, El-P, Rob Sonic, Killer Mike, HMM(Aes + Rob), Run The Jewels(El-P + Killer Mike), Immortal Technique, and Doom as they are all similar to this.


    Wow thank you so much for this extensive answer! I'll be sure to enjoy the artists you recommended and check out the labels. :)

  67. The Ritalin Kid

    23 people are stoopid

  68. Scott Goulet

    One of the top 5 rappers ever. Period. #IndieRaps

  69. Shatterproof315

    Also the lyrics are listed wrong for that part, it's "Up Away" not upperway. It's an allude to FUA graffiti crew out of the northeast. Hence "tri state style kings"

  70. Shatterproof315

    Shoutout FUA. That one went way over heads I bet

  71. Justin Rosenschein

    blockheads beats are on point.

  72. Nicholas Ledue

    i can't stop listening to this and bug zapper! He is legit the best, waiting for his next album, skelethon is one of my favorites

  73. Jughand

    big j baby j brick j broke j brittle j bruckle jaw thorn chew bliriquiwish jor dc inic

  74. Jughand

    wasap wizzplurals reik 3rillorg

  75. TrueNorth StreetVision

    talkin Rubes on the Radio........


  76. Latency

    So good man!

  77. Nathan Tellier

    dude is a wild beast among house pets

  78. Kamz

    Trying to find meaning in his lyrics is like trying to solve The Da Vinci Code

    Ryan Fredericks

    +Kamz Yo, in my opinion, that's one of the best parts of Aesops' arsenal. His lexicon is so huge that a lot of things just go over my head at first. Some days I'll be in class or reading a paper and I'll catch a term I've heard AR drop and suddenly the line clicks. Even looking them up to make sense of them is interesting. Not many MCs hold my interest with the complexity of their dialect but Aesop does it with every single track.

    Nicholas Ledue

    @Ryan Fredericks definitely. Like I can follow his emotion, meaning, get the gyst of most of his tracks, but after listening and relisting somethings will pop up and make sense and i'll be like wow that was awesome and deep and cool 

    bug guy

    nah. i understand him pretty well.

    Emerson L

    This is one of the things I love most about Aes. not only do I find new meaning in tracks I've been listening to for a decade but I seen an interview where he talked about how he puts in references from his life that no one but him would understand. It's that level of complexity and discovery that always keeps me coming back for more and why I consider him one of the best ever.

    Nikola Tesla

    yo, this is aesop's way of shitting on mc's, theres your meaning, this is like that braggadocio im the lyrical king because blah blah from another rapper type shit, while aesop just felt like being aes while shitting on mc's, thats all it is...,its brilliant tho, he needs to do this more

  79. Breezy Berryman

    we're drinkin homeade shine killin aesop so go fuk yoself

  80. BiGsPeBoWsKi78

    It will be a sad day when Ian Bavitz leaves this earth. I ain't jokin.

  81. deftones 26

    Aesops music is usually way too over the top but this is ferocious, straight to the point. Hard hitting!!!

  82. ASecondOpinion

    I miss my cats.. 'Merica causes death. Love to Aesop and everyone alike.

  83. chase vortex

    Hell yeah, good to see Aesop is makin music again!!

  84. Shady Aeon

    U look like cat food we hungry

  85. Hank Voorhees

    Looking for a blackhole to casually collapse through....

    Bird Rustler


    Sam S

    Have you tried aisle 9, by the cat food? That's where they sell wormholes and the like, and at one helluva bargain too, I might add.

    Peyton Stewart


    Adam Hinckley

    Black Tar Heroine street name Dog Food. Thats why its by the cat food and its a black hole cause it sucks you in to addiction

  86. Jewish Fergussion

    no maps no muster point!

  87. Micah VonWerssowetz

    One wrong line in the description, I believe it's "all hach-tooey, no costume", as in he (Aes) is all spit and no posing. Not super important, just interesting.

  88. Yeti Malone

    "Looking for a black hole to casually collapse through, try aisle 9 by the cat food"
    So sad :'(


    I heard it yes, but i didn't really identify this song (directly) with the same topic (even tho the name suggests it).
    I pretty much share my opinion with this guy:
    "Pair this with the thematic elements of his verses on HMM’s Bestiary, and you can infer that he’s speaking from the standpoint of 2007-ish Aesop Rock, even though he’s rapping in the present tense. He’s trying to describe the process by which he finds himself where he is currently (in 2015). This is largely in line with AR’s memoir-through-rap modus operandi. He found his way out of the underground ‘scene,’ which he seems to despise, and into some ‘black hole’ or (as some scientists might suggest) another universe."
    This song definitely has references to Homemade Mummy, but i actually don't think it's meant to be the same.

    Yeti Malone

    I dont know about the whole "other universe thing". Aes is smart, he would have used "wormhole" in place of black hole.The whole song doesn't seem to be about that one cat, just this one line. 
     I guess thats the best part about his songs, you can find different meanings within the lyrics  



    @Reco Pijeaux
    True that.


    +Avanger1304 He posted a picture on twitter of an actual sign in a grocery store where "Black Hole" was grouped alongside "Cat Food" in Isle 9. Link is here:

    J B

    @Avanger1304 The people at are "pretty much always right with their interpretations"? You must have been on a different site from me...

  89. The Internet

    шалим се.

  90. Ty Valentine

    "At night I wear a wolf's head on my regular head." You've got to be fucking kidding me.


    +Ty Valentine It's a reference to the 'None Shall Pass' video


    +Dendronephthya he says 5 seconds later that its a regular character sketch

  91. David Johnston

    Solid, Too Solid....

  92. Kalas82

    Aes and Blockhead...Daylight?...more!

    besides those 2 new tracks are fuckin epic.

  93. itsaUSBline

    Are these lyrics official? A couple of the lines sound off to me.

  94. Cocky Balboa

    I like that feeling that I get when Im cruisin around listening to Aesop Rock. Its that sense of knowing that regardless of all the other meatheads drivin around bumpin this that or whatever, only the illest fucking lyrics ever are coming out of my windows and nobody elses :)

    Cocky Balboa

    You know what the answer to your question is? Go fuck yourself.

  95. Juriën Cornelissen

    Daaammn, such a dope beat and his voice fits perfectly on this.

  96. mike dobson

    If its all a bunch a bunch if metaphors, applying Ockham's razor suggests its a vendetta against the world. Criticism of the norms with colourful imagery.

    Bazooka Tooth

    Way to simplify something that you can't simplify. Just because you don't understand it or you interpret it one way doesn't make it cliché or cookie cutter material. You can't subject art to something like. Your comment on the other-hand showcases not only a lack of understanding but a refusal to admit it. Occam's razor tells me you feel minimized, so you're downsizing what is making you feel this way. You can't subject art to something like Occam's razor.


    You basically just assumed and hypothesized without an ounce of thought. Did you even try to relate? Are you always this cynical?

    mike dobson

    +ReppeNThA707 way to make mountains outta ant hills.

    Bazooka Tooth

    Ant hills are actually quite complex and interconnected. Occam's razor shows me you have clue about that either. Lol Take your dogma elsewhere, please.

    mike dobson

    Ha-ha master of peusdo intellectualism if you wanna go to rap genious and direct this piece. Go ahead.