Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Diamond cutter spine
Armadillo armor that bends around the blades
Bugs in the beard
Ebony in the lungpiece
Bricks in the Timbs
Bazooka in the tooth that he's flashing at your friends
This is the lifestyle, baby
Know and sip the recipe
Not a single innocuous side up in the centerpiece
Oh my god
Journalists across the globe are officially critiquing my first eight bars

[Verse 2]
Piety for the fam, embargo piggybackers
Navigate sim-city backwards
Bazooka Tooth, baby!
Zephyrs less dextrimental expect to tone down terrordome for starter crews
Like jousting Pompeii with a garden hose
If you wake up to the sound of helicopters bumping Wagner
It's bodycast to Pilates class
Buckle in the Bronx back alley batting cage with bottle smacks

Drag them prophecies, be them celestine or Mothman to the bumper boat monster mash
See, the pristine kittens fiddle with new yarn
Decrepit sickly dogs get shot behind the barn
One shan't put in long hours like Tim Leary's lava lamps
To be second headlined under the boy born with lobster hands
Isolated, biological phenomenon
First nocturnally orchestrated car alarms
Y'all sketch portraits of your neighbors, tack em up without fail
See a robored pitchforks and alligator tails [?]
Offical Max Fischer Blume break cable clipper (Def)
Picket train buffer, the riverboat, and the switcher (Jux)
Pipe-dreaming that so fresh and so clean plummage
Is an appleseed of bore that resorts to Bazooka Tooth shit

You don't want me smiling at your cameras

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Aesop Rock Bazooka Tooth Comments
  1. Amiclare Hutton

    Hula hoop dance?

  2. Tyler Bailey

    Is this asap rocky?

    Tyler Bailey

    I was making a joke.

    paul sallee

    @Tyler Bailey
    Trip on a knife.

    I was joking.

    Tyler Bailey

    paul sallee what in the goddamn hell are you talking about boy??


    @Tyler Bailey he is telling you to k1ll yourself but is a joke like your life

    Tyler Bailey

    @-COLOMBIANCHANNEL-TM wouldn't it make more sense to say trip while holding a knife? I could trip on a knife and at worst I'd cut my foot. You're both fucking dense. Congrats

  3. Lovemywife

    “Whose captain tounge gonna spew stale venom?
    Not mine I hung my hammock in the bedlam.”

    “David Goliath Live paleontologist bias, who walks on all fours, dragging the cadaver of King Midas
    Now it’s dwarf drawn war hammer
    Elven Bow&arrow wind
    Documentation of the pace which narrow tappers
    Ernest cat hermit crab
    Tryin to raise the roof in my own tv room & still get the security deposit back”

  4. Aidan Searle

    One of the best ones ever

  5. immaculate woRks

    'maRs wins. I thought that you would like it.'

  6. ECO dom

    Listen to this track... I am not sure why this song hasn't yet gone viral... a new track from Vast Aire...

  7. ArchiGuru

    This was the soundtrack to my freshman year in college, good times!

  8. Stephan Hawkins

    One of his Best Albums Aesop Rock Forever

  9. wissen

    this album is on Danny Brown's top 25 favorite albums. That tells us this Album is something very special


    this was definetly an inspiration for Atrocity Exhibition

    Tyler Bailey

    This album is in my top 3 favorite albums. Tells me it's pretty dope.

  10. Suicide_King

    It's a lifestyle baby

  11. iBust

    damn easy is outta space shit

  12. chelsea6671

    i want to hear another Aes and Lif collab so bad right now. Great album.

  13. HipHop Everyday

    I found it from : Gavlyn - What i do official video :D

  14. sierra janelle

    I'm pretending to type something really important so it seems like I'm busy just ignore me

    sierra janelle

    heey great album tho

  15. Bop Bop Perono

    In reference to the title track, this is a rare example of my favorite track by an artist being located on an album that I otherwise can't get into.

  16. Ryan Henry

    My favourite version of Aesop Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :DDDDD forrrealz Aes is weird but this is Aes weird AND agressive
    I hope every other rapper dies in a fire!! :)

    kevo Themedicated

    Love this comment, hit me up if you ever in Scotland bro

    Tyler Bailey

    Wow man that's kind of hurtful

  17. halbtoter Eulenträger

    Hey, can i upload it too? now its old and i make a channel with things gone classik

  18. Jeff LaZarrus

    Forgot about this album somehow... thanks for uploading.
    🏴You Da BoMb❗⛿

  19. 900cats

    Ah Skippy

  20. Blackdragon78031

    I can't get into it. The beats are awkward and it sounds terrible. It doesn't even sound right. And his lyrics are so complex that I can't even understand what he is saying.

    Kelly Rankin

    I suggest reading his lyrics while listening a few times.

    lil BIG

    lmfao!!!! 😂😂😂


    all your complaints are kinda the point
    the beats are extremely awkward on purpose, and Aesop still weaves crazy lyricism between it. heavily stylized and complex, that's the appeal lol


    i can agree, aes doesnt make good beats, he makes good lyrics.

    Jamie Brown

    You haven't evolved yet!

  21. Caleb Mauer

    I love the album art on this.

    Mark Wasabi

    Yeah me too. i was listening to aesop's discography from the beginning, and i was so excited to listen to Bazooka Tooth just Because of the Artwork, and i thought this album is gonna be amazing. and then when i listened to the whole album, it turned out SO much better than i Expected. its my fav album of all time and aesop rock is my fav rapper of all time.

  22. Life.Sucks.Die.

    may i recommend punching the wall at 1:13 that shit just feels right.

    Nuclear ClusterFunk

    I have hepatitis c

  23. Bo Jack

    This is censored. They blocked out "Shoot yourself in the foot while it was in your mouth".


    they also cut out the intro to no jumper cables, fucking lame

  24. InDaGloom

    really original... breaks you out of habitual retardation...

  25. Ezethu Sidziya

    Dud the guy is dope

  26. gabriel patton

    Didn't know yall would sill be talking

  27. gabriel patton

    10 years I check you feelings homie! Appreciate it


    holy shit, i need to fucking use my recommended bar more, this shit hits so hard my ears got cauliflower.

    jeremy sims

    Yes. Everyone including you need to listen to much more Aesop Rock. Dude is a genius. And the def jux days are some of the best

    Acuzio Izanagi

    @jeremy sims they sure were


    If you haven't heard already, I discovered Weerd Science through a suggestion while listening to Cage.

    Dennis Reynolds

    it threw drake and ASAP on mine cause of one Big Sean song.... lol

    Emoji Cooper


  29. Matthew Bader


  30. Andres Elgin

    Did you get your username from the Conker Squirrel Remake??

    Soapy Illusion

    Oh yeah

    Andres Elgin

    Non sarcastically?? lol

    Soapy Illusion

    Yes, is one of my favorite games :0

  31. Jarad Clayton

    his best album imo

    jeremy sims

    Completely agree. Labor Days and Float are up there. And his last few were really good but Bazooka Tooth has this Def Jux feel that's just nuts. On a level of its own....

  32. Azel P

    this is great its lot different than none shall pass and skeleton,this has more of A aggressive feel to it. the bass feels like it wants to take A piss on my rug.

    Tyler Bailey

    Woo peed on my rug too

    John Edwards

    When you phrase it that way, I really feel like this bass needs to chill tf out.

    Jamie Brown

    The dude just wants his fucking rug back

    siru moon

    this came out and in highschool i had a sub in the back. ive never had a car since even though i live on the west coast like ace now

    Jerry Piper

    Yo you must b new, i think you mean skelethon and none shall pass is different, he been rappin since the last time you had sex bruh

  33. American Folk Art

    ehhh yeaaaaa idk

  34. Eli Protich

    The instrumental on the opening is filthy

  35. LegitimateKill

    This was my introduction to hip hop. First ever hip hop album I remember.

    Davin Payne

    First rapper i learned to respect for content and creative expression

  36. Oscar Montez

    Don't let stupid delusions lesson super duty labor students dragnet lifer solutions.
    That is an incredibly deep line and I love it!

    Gage Morris

    +Oscar Montez Films And that whole little segment is all words following the pattern of "L-S-D"
    "Lost summers display", "Life sucks dichkhead", "Daddy loves sloppy dimensions, like son daughter link", "Some dont like sobrieties dirty lenses, some do". It's really incredible how much of a word-smith he is.

    Oscar Montez

    +Gage Morris haha yeah I know that's why Aesop Rock is so sick!!

  37. Phil Foul Up

    aesop the sickest... after all these years I still catch double entandre and metaphors I missed in his lyrics after over a decade of relistening.. he defies genre. genius.

  38. Joey Francois

    were famous is the hardest song of all time

    Cornelis van Nielen (Slinkse Wijze)

    check out the remix aesop rock meets portishead!!

    Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    I love the Portishead mashups, especially Easy, but my favourite We're Famous version is We're Radiohead.


    way way way too far ahead of its time.

    These beats are wayyy too relevant now.

    Tyler Bailey

    AKRISONER relevancy is relevant bro

    paul sallee

    Aesop is timeless.

  40. Travis R

    no thumbs down :)


    3 years later. 30 thumbs down. i think you jinxed it and caused 10 thumbs down a year

  41. john doe

    his best

  42. RYAN F

    aesop is finally gettn love dammit i been shovin him down peepls ears since 2005

    Mark Henry

    +556FATHOMS he means more than 100k copies of the album were sold. that means more than views on yt....


    You are a saint for that because that is how I learned of Aesop in 2004..


    ..and funny enough the reason why i started talking to the guy is because he was wearing a hoodie with the heiroglyphics logo on it (i listened to Del back then along with other underground shit).. Vincennes University 2004..

    Ayentee The Lyricist

    I bought a copy of labor days. Ive never streamed it on youtube, cus I own it. You'd think that it helps Aes more that I own a physical copy. Not sure if it does these days tho. Either way, dude SEEMS highly successful from my vantage point.

    Tyler Bailey

    RYAN F bird up

  43. Maria Giannakaki

    kalo vradino akousma