Aerosmith - Never Loved A Girl Lyrics

You're a no good heartbreaker
You're a liar and you're a cheat
I don't know why I let you do these thing to me
My friends keep telling me that you ain't no good
They don't know that I would leave you if I could
I guess I'm on tight
And I'm stuck like glue
Cause I ain't never
I ain't never
I ain't never... no... no...
Loved a girl the way that I
I love you

Sometimes I know I thought
You would run out of fools
But I was so wrong
You got one that you'll never lose
The way you treat me is shame
How could you hurt me so bad
Baby you know that I'm the best thing that you ever had
Kiss me once again
Don't you never never say that we're through
Cause I ain't never
Never no no
Loved a girl the way that I
I love you

I can't sleep at night I can't eat a bite
I guess I'll never be free
Since you got your hooks in me

I ain't never loved a girl
I ain't never loved a girl
Ain't never loved a girl that hurt me so bad
What am I gonna do about it
I tell you I'm gonna hold on to her
I'm gonna hold on to her

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Aerosmith Never Loved A Girl Comments
  1. Susan Moran

    This song was one of many that brought aerosmith back to the blues.

  2. Ryan Brown

    Blues: the ONLY genre of music that isn't total b.s

    Susan Moran

    I totally agree.

  3. CaliforniaDebi

    Steven you sexy bitch. No one like him that's for certain.

  4. Gabriela Matteo

    I´m speechless

  5. Pisko Music


    facundo riesco


  6. Egenaz Sarı

    its so underrated....

  7. Cheryl Familant

    Steven, you may be a skinny white boy, but your voice gives me chills. You're the best there is!

  8. Mary Clifford

    GIRLFRIEND, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU,,,,WANT, ANOTHER ALBUM??? WE'LL TALK,,,,JECK, & JIVE.............

  9. Igor Lino

    RIP aretha

  10. James Street Band Whiteville NC


  11. yesiownfrodo

    OMG. Man. I've never loved this song so much as I do now.

  12. Meli MLV

    Música REAL 🤘🏻 no la mierda que vende actualmente la industria

  13. La Croix


  14. Mia Lapierre

    This is one of my very 'favorite' songs that Steven sings. Sooooo sexy, and I love it when they sing the blues. Reminds me of when I saw them in the early 70's, and they're still the greatest rock and roll band ever.

  15. Frank Stola

    ""BLUEHER""---our girls got us blue----I say it again----our girls got us blue----they think we don't know what to do----yeah-but we do----honey I got the keys----the keys 2 the house--the benz and u---have me suffering----and suffering----over and over again---but when I see---what u been through---I feel even bluer than blue---even bluer than u---so % blueher----and blueher----and then she did me 2---blue blue bue her   went down on me 2----I blueher---c 2017  from frank stola

  16. Daisy Q

    He ain't no Aretha.....but he's pretty good for a skinny white boy.


    I respect Aretha and I'm sure she's all they she is... but I have to give it to Steven on this one. He rocks this song.LOVE IT!!

    Kan Gaxx

    Joe Perry is a cracking good guitarist.

    Dyn Jarren

    Heh Daisy...that is true.
    Though she did say once that after the Texxas Jam '78 that 'that boy ain't gonna let the lid stay on the rock n roll cooker'

    0sum gamezzz

    If he was an Aretha, Aerosmith would never have gotten any R E S P E C T.

  17. Honestlyawesome

    All of there songs are in my head transitioning from song to song on loop.... AND I LOVE IT!!!!

  18. Mia Baller

    Wait when is his birthday???

    T P s

    Mia baller no c Xd

    Cheryl Familant

    March 26, 1948.

  19. Carolyn Jordan

    Happy Early Birthday StevenTyler,

  20. Suelen Silva

    Liiinnndaaaaa s2

    Pedro Augusto

    Br Gata

  21. ChiefSoul C

    Beast live

  22. Edw Tyler


  23. Jonathan Lalrempuia


  24. Lady Dyke Vader

    And Steven... always loved man. <3

  25. Nanche Blunt

    los amo <3 

  26. Diegocrue

    it sounds awesome live

  27. El Portal de los sueños

    I love you steven

  28. Z E L I K

    Awesome :3