Aerosmith - Mia Lyrics

Honey, na, na, na, na....

Hush a bye my baby soft and new
Oooh, loveliness, gypsy dance in the rain
Hush a bye my baby what you do
Oooh, the baby cry
The wind she's callin your name... (Mia)
Ooooh... (Mia) ooooh... (Mia)
Ooooh... (Mia) ooooh...

Where you came from you ain't alone
Live and loved from the old jaw bone
Oh, don't you cry you're home sweet home

Rock a bye sweet lady gypsy blue
Oooh, the nightingale's singin' her song in the rain
Hush a bye sweet lady, soft and new
Oooh, don't you cry, the wind she's a screamin' your name... (Mia)
Ooooh... (Mia) ooooh... (Mia)
Ooooh... (Mia) ooooh...

Come too soon that sunny day
You give your heart away
No divorcee, or repouise...yeah...yeah

Ooooh... (Mia) ooooh... (Mia)
Ooooh... (Mia) ooooh... (Mia)
Ooooh... (Mia) ooooh... (Mia)

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Aerosmith Mia Comments
  1. boris nachev

    My favorite aerosmith song

  2. Dave Todd

    Moy bien

  3. Diana Peterson

    Been an Aerosmith fan for years love this song.

  4. Charlie D

    One of the prettiest songs Aerosmith has ever recorded.

  5. Gabriele Cervaro

    They recorded it without Joe Perry

  6. FishHeadSalad

    Tribute to the chubby daughter. No offense inferred or intended. I always loved this song. Even before I knew what it was about. Minor chords...obviously very haunting. Oddly one of my favorite Aerosmith songs that I never heard them play in concert the 3 times I saw them over 3 decades. I'll take that one right in the nuts!

  7. Keith Leeuwen

    Great !

  8. Brittany Brown

    Great song! I’m 27 and proud to say my parents raised me on there music ! They were my first concert! Passing this band on to my children!

  9. Thomas Norton

    This band has to be the epitome of phony posers they play Rockstar but they sound like little lullabies come on America look past the radio these guys are wimps the music is so soft and pussy makes me want to puke be a rocker be a rocker

  10. rufurn

    Hush-a-bye my baby soft and new
    Ooh her loveliness, gypsy dance in the rain
    Hush-a-bye my baby what you do
    Ooh, the baby cries, the wind she's a-callin' your name

    Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh

    Where you came from you ain't alone
    Live and loved from the old jaw bone
    Ahh don't you cry, you're home sweet home

    Rock-a-bye sweet lady gypsy blue
    Ooh, the nightingale singin her song in the rain
    Hush-a-bye sweet lady soft and new
    Ooh don't you cry, the wind she's a-screamin' your name

    Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh

    Come too soon that sunny day
    You give your heart away
    No divorcee, no repouise

  11. Tim Graffagnino

    great song, anytime you write song aboit a child its awesome

  12. Éva Szögi

    Very special! We rarely hear that from Aerosmith!

  13. tatjana monique vega

    He really loves his children 💞 it warms my heart up so much when i hear this song

  14. Tuatha DeDanann


  15. Fabio De Magistris

    Even better than i don't want...

  16. Éva Szögi

    Very nice song!!!

  17. Éva Szögi

    Very nice song!

  18. John Doerner

    Grandpa loves you Lana. Forever.

    Lana Rayphole

    John Doerner Thank you Grandpa. I love you too.

    John Doerner

    Your comment meant the world to me. And Lana remember, Grandpa will love you. Forever.

  19. Luca Zavater


  20. Fabio De Magistris

    my favourite aerosmith's song...

  21. Angelo De Nuzzo

    Grande !

  22. Joyce Stjohn


  23. Steven Michael

    The ending was the closing of the real Aerosmith till there comeback

  24. Laque Tepario

    jaj hasta podría ser de horacio guarany esta canción

  25. Tyler Citaah

    No haberme llamado Mía....

  26. Fieldy Wike

    This sounds like you see me crying almost

  27. Adream withinadream

    It seems many reguard Aerosmith as the debut 'til Rocks then skip directly to Permanent Vacation which to me is wrong. While I don't think either Draw the Line, Night In The Ruts, Rock In A Hard Place or Down With Mirrors is the perfect follow-up to Rocks there is still good things to be found. I can enjoy all the records with all the wrongs and rights. Underrated albums for sure!


    Draw the Line and Night in the Ruts are absolutely fantastic

  28. Diegocrue

    One of their best ballads

  29. Danjoker

    Very underrated song. 

    Thomas Norton

    Danjoker are you kidding me this is wimpy pussy shit where the fuck have you been look further than the radio and you'll find some Real Men Real Rock is not these cross-dressing little pussies

  30. Broncos7007

    Youre an idiot.....

  31. Anton Smith

    Dream On. Seasons of Wither. You See Me Crying. Home Tonight. Mia. There you have five classic Aerosmith tunes you really should give a try if you like any of them! On their new album "Music From Another Dimension!" the last track "Another Last Goodbye" is quite similar to previously mentioned songs.. It's slightly more mainstream but still worth a shot. I think it's one of the best tracks of the album !

  32. Márcio Assunção

    Aerosmith has the best balads!

  33. Agus Sosa

    yeah, cause her daughter wrote a book, and she told the world she was a cutter, and steven didn´t know too many things bout his own daughter, so he felt guilty and he wrote this song to give her strenght, and to say he loved her


    Lol except she was an infant when he wrote this! She wasn't even cutting teeth when this was written.

    The Goodlife985

    RequestedNameTaken Thanks. I'm so tired of these Internet Professors that think they know everything.😂

  34. SuperBalucci

    sono i MIGLIORI,e BASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Cosimo

    ma "Mia" per la figlia?

  36. Danny Hood

    If you really know both guitar parts for dream on you will know its not so simple only one person on youtube plays all the guitar parts in dream on, almost sound out of tune by themselves, There is simple ways to follow it sound like it but i like playing to the tee excactly like record, No half ass dream on. This one is a little simpler but the lead on changes up you cant just jam C # minor and find notes in that key, C# minor the key for this song Im tuned to at the moment

  37. Melissa Toledo

    mia is named after the daughter of aerosmith's lead vocal steven tyler...

  38. Danny Hood

    This song is almost hard to play as 'dream on' with one guitar playing piano riff, this is mostly piano. It was to deep for radio in 79, underground radio had to play dark because late 60s early 70s cult bands sabbath Floyd purple Heep big prehistoric stupid sabbath 'iommies' cut off fingers primitave neanderthalic approach got him busted after a raid in 68 If 'dream on' had not been released til 'right in the nuts' 79 it would probably be stoner cult song, if even considered by an orchestra

  39. Koker Daniel

    Mia is amazing. Amazing is by Aerosmith. Aerosmith is beyond Godlike!!!

  40. pol .e

    there is no such amazing songs nowadays:'(

    boris nachev

    So true

  41. Martina Pecorari

    E' molto toccante. Evviva Gli Aerosmith Eternamente!

  42. Mia O.

    My name is Mia :D

  43. Gio_Falcone

    troppo bella!!

  44. jandy howler

    This song was hardly ever played and not very well known & it is my fav aerosmith song! Absolutely Fantastic! old school aerosmith. So Underrated... ooooh! ooooooh oooh! oooooh ---- love love love it! kudos to steven.. thanks for putting this on here!

  45. jandy howler

    my fav aerosmith song, old school aerosmith. So Underrated... ooooh! love it!

  46. Michael Casanova

    rimarranno sempre i migliori!!!!

  47. Robby Taccini

    he wrote this 4 his daughter

  48. Holly82Golightly

    bellissima ballata <3 la mia gatta si chiama mia ^^

  49. Jenn Bress

    Love the photo at 2:06

  50. Stefano Lobbia

    @ratphinc no it means that "the video was made by:" ;) saluti dall'Italia

  51. Alonso de Hojeda

    Such an underrated gem...

  52. Alonso de Hojeda

    Great sonG! This is the real Aerosmith!