Aerosmith - Lightning Strikes Lyrics

The boys and Dukes are ready to rumble
The word on the street some heads are gonna tumble
Blades gonna flash when the street gangs clash
In this avenue tonight

When the lightning strikes

Zip gun Johnny's finger is itchin'
Oh the lid's gonna blow up in hell's kitchen
It's an eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
They're so ruthless when they fight

When the lightning strikes...Oooooh

And it's a free for all in the parking lot
Tell me who will rule the street
And the night explodes
When the cops bring down the heat

And the chains they crash like thunder
While the weak ones all retreat
Gotta draw first blood
Or they'll read your funeral rights

When the lightning strikes's dog eat dog when you're meetin' your rival
In the combat zone it's a means of survival
Gonna get last licks on a suicide blitz
On a cloak and dagger night

When the lightning strikes's a free for all in the parking lot
Over who'll rule the street
And the night explodes
When the cops bring down the heat

And the chains they crash like a thunder
While the weak ones all retreat
Gotta draw first blood
Or they'll read your funeral rights

Oooh, oooh...

When the lightning strikes
When the lightning strikes
When the lightning strikes
Can'tcha hear the thunder
When the Lightning Strikes
Can'tcha hear the thunder
When the lightning strikes
Can'tcha, can'tcha, can'tcha hear the thunder
When the lightning strikes
Can'tcha, can'tcha, can'tcha hear the thunder
When the lightning strikes
Can'tcha, can'tcha, can'tcha hear the thunder
When the lightning strikes
Can'tcha, can'tcha, can'tcha hear the thunder
When the lightning strikes

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Aerosmith Lightning Strikes Comments
  1. Indraneel Mukherjee

    Criminally underrated Aerosmith tune.

  2. Sugar D

    Their BEST album. Just a twisted, sleazy mess.

  3. lastcall170

    Bad asses are not their strong point here. The music does kick ass tho...

  4. 0sum gamezzz

    After this video was shot back in 1982, cantaloupe prices went through the roof.

  5. Rupert May


  6. Antney Fatts

    One of my favorite songs from them. Anybody other than me remember this being the first 3-d vid?


    on Dee Sniders Heavy Metal Mania Dec ? 1985

  8. Rory Cunningham

    Way better then the later Aerosmith albums but nothing beats Rocks of course.

  9. Destiny MGTOW

    This song ROCKS!

  10. ricky pasket official

    Jimmy crespo is a nice guy, I called him Mr crespo 😁

  11. Alton Williams

    A low point in their career. No Joe Perry either. 👎

  12. Andrew DeBerry

    Not all hard rock is the same. Some talk about lust (AC/DC) others talk about sex and drugs. (Aerosmith) I’d rather listen to sex and drugs. It’s part of everyday life.

  13. Frank M

    This was an excellent Album!😎👍🏻

    Sugar D

    Their best

  14. Joe King

    WOW! I haven't heard this in over 40 years! Gives me chills.

    Jason Quinn

    first Aerosmith album I heard at about 8 still awesome

  15. P.J. Snow

    I don't think Joe Perry was with them in this period, he went on his own with the Joe Perry Project.

  16. Maciel

    Clipe bem besta kkķkkk mas a música é boa

  17. darquestarr

    Crespo and Dufay were killer replacements. They helped make Rock in a Hard Place equal to anything Aerosmith did post-Get Your Wings/Toys in the Attic/Rocks. Those, of course, are the A-team at their absolute peak.

  18. Josie Springfield

    $100,000,000 lawsuit against Crescent City Ca attacking you tube and videos that don't belong to me.

  19. Lou Campione

    Rhythm section was so tight on this album. Practiced their asses off thanks to Jimmy insisting! Joey was great!

  20. Joan Jett

    Damn it ....gotta love these guys ....some of the best music ever

  21. michael Castle

    Great song, cheese video. lol

  22. vincent jones

    Is this when Aerosmith was playing small clubs? Jimmy Crespo thought he joining a world class band. What a bunch of losers.

  23. Edward Harshaw

    Aerosmith was somewhat o k in the 70's but now they are just terrible

  24. Shawn Marney


  25. brian hester

    My first concert was the tour for this album. I know it’s not joe perry but this is one of my favorite Aerosmith tunes. Not the best video, though

  26. Butch Keenan

    I am 56 years old. I have worked hard skilled manual labor all my life. Looking back at this band, i now realize what a bunch of fruity prima-donnas they truly were and are.

  27. Sonaj 6969

    Damn! Toxic twins hit the bricks and aerosmith got a harder edge to the sound! This is bad ass!

  28. Robert Sullivan

    Probably there most under rated songs

  29. Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall

    I used to LOVE these guys until they disrespected our amazing President Trump!!! He's done so many phenomenal things for our country, how can people hate a man who has done so much and given so much!!! It's not right!!!

  30. Jim Jim

    I can feel joe’s influence on slash in this song

    Sugar D

    No you can't

  31. Fernando Azevedo

    Cláudio Cavalcante on the guitar

  32. Vergón 666

    DUDE!?? WTF happened to these guys!?? THIS IS SO SICK

  33. Cameron Hasko

    Criminally underrated

  34. Soccer_Vance

    As I said a minute ago, best song ever, hands down. But still, I am a bit conflicted, since I happen to love cantaloupes too. Why couldn't they have wasted watermelon instead?!?

  35. Soccer_Vance

    Best song ever, period. No clue how this didn't make it big.

    Geoffrey Kelty

    Two reasons I can think of; the previous album, "A Night in the Ruts", was a coked out mess and a commercial flop. The other was by the early eighties, unless your band was AC/DC seventies hard rock was about as lame to the public as disco(even the mighty aforementioned AC/DC finally hit the skids from '83 to '89.)


    @Geoffrey Kelty maybe you are right. But "Chiquita" was a great song too.

    Geoffrey Kelty

    Oh absolutley; just because the masses did like it doesn't make it bad..

  36. tis4657

    Notice how he tends to go into his pre “Rocks” blues voice a lot in this song

  37. Lefh Harrison

    Bluestars orion mars vt

  38. Lefh Harrison

    Hello friendo

  39. Lefh Harrison

    Baby dragon

  40. Lefh Harrison

    Hi now aces

  41. Paul Debault

    When heroin and money splits a band in half and you still have some rocket sauce in the bottle. Priceless.

  42. Cindy Mell

    This is when a bow would be nice

  43. Cindy Mell

    Wow whole sky lit up

  44. Cindy Mell

    Kinda scary

  45. Cindy Mell

    Love cranked

  46. 0sum gamezzz

    The boys should play this song at every concert as an homage to this album and this incarnation of the band, that made it possible for them to reunite and finish what they started.


    esta mejor que thunderstrok

  48. Peter Carey

    GOTTA DRAW FIRST BLOOD- Love it , my hood was full of rockers , 'n so am I , rock on

  49. Frank M

    Ah the non Perry years !😲

  50. John Forand

    Thanks for the info... It's been almost 40 years and I'm from this era and still had no clue... So I thank you

  51. John Forand

    Who were the 2 guitarists who played in the video.... Whatever happened to them and where are they now?

    Vinslom Bardy

    Bradley Whitford actually played guitar on this track, but he left shortly thereafter. Some dude named Rick Dufay received liner notes credits, but didn't play on the record (it's probably him in this vid). The main guy, who replaced Joe Perry, is Jimmy Crespo, who co-wrote a lot of the album with Tyler. This is an interesting look back into a fairly dark and unheralded phase of the band. Despite all of their personal and professional struggles, they managed to put out some really good music.

  52. Ace Man


  53. Cindy Mell

    Excellent cranking jam Woops popo

  54. Mark Perry

    Dufray has his wanna-be upside down Joe Perry Fender Strat going....

  55. scott stewart

    Something very "The Warriors" about this song. :)

  56. LEO1WOLF

    Welllll, slap my ass & call me Alice! I heard only an f'n COVER of this song, years ago - - so thought it was that band's original. I tried searching by the lyrics days ago & kept coming across this from Aerosmith & holy shit, it is THIS song I was tryin' to find. Seen Aero twice live & never knew they did this song. Makes me think, what kind of holes in the wall did I live in back in the day? L.o.L.! This VID is shockingly, wayyy too anti-cantaloupe! ;-)

    Thanks for yet another classic to Mr. Tyler & clan!!!

  57. Cindy Mell

    I had so many parties with my JVC cranked up to this fabulous jam thanks

  58. Mark Perry

    Not a lot of $$$$$$ went into the making of this video....

  59. BRIAN

    Crespo played also on some of Night I the ruts, Coney island whitefish boy, top 5 Aerosmith songs, period. Joe Perry said that was a tune he regretted not playing on

  60. swainson southern hot mess

    Icons til the end of time

  61. Jeffrey Wallis

    some of aerosmiths best work, awesome album. this was 80s music, just one year before guns n roses released their first album

    Sugar D

    This was 1982 dude

  62. David Lee

    Intro. The best part

  63. bluehappyscrap

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! 😃🎈😃🎈😃🎈😃🎈😃🎈😃🎈😃🎈😃🎈😃

  64. Eric Bomberger

    Bad ass Aerosmith 🤘


    Sorry Rams the Lightning is going to Srike.

  66. Joseph Zaremba

    This song is down and dirty Smith. Liked it then and know. Fuck Perry its always Tyler!!!

  67. Elizabeth Elliott

    One of their best songs. Still love it.

  68. Marco Antonio


  69. crisscat2006

    This album was really good. Steven Tyler took the total command of the band and showed he IS the leader

  70. Pale Shelter

    Listening on earphones..
    walking in the bad part of

  71. Dragonsfire6664

    Saw the Tour, Pat Travers opened for them, Stevens voice was shot

  72. Alan Smithback

    No comment, just sharing some new music, sounds like classic rock!
    Band is GLITTER DOGS. 2 albums on Spotify, iTunes!

  73. Keith Carlson

    Rock in a Hard Place in my opinion is one of their most badass and heavy albums!! It sucks it didn't get any positive reception from the critics.

    Grant Harris

    Keith Carlson what Aerosmith album ever got a positive review from the critics?

  74. topssuite

    Last of the best of Aerosmith.    Then they started playing Angel / Love in an elevator and lost me for good.

  75. Mr. Giraffe


  76. Tony Wesolowsky

    pity the cantaloupe

  77. Robert Demcher

    This is Jimmy Crespo not Joe Perry

  78. Robert Distefano

    the poor cantaloupes!!!

  79. Kelley Manning

    Killer song.

  80. stephen larson it....but speaking as an ex-hairdresser...Steven's hair is sooo over-layered ..

  81. Doobie1975

    I find it interesting that Joey Kramer actually has a beard during this time period, I've never imagined him having a beard at all.

  82. David Sobrevilla

    The keyboard intro is atypical, but when the drums enter, it's Aerosmith rocking hard at their best.

  83. Bob Shy

    Great tune. I dug it when it came out and still do to this day! ROKKKK \../

  84. James Ramsey

    If they didn't do the video as a tribute to West Side Story the song wouldn't be half bad.

  85. Hugo Alejandro Pinilla Calderón

    Who´s the guitar player at 3:50 wearing a t-shirt? What´s his name? Who´s the guitar player at 3:58? What´s his name? Besides, in this video, the drumme´r is not Joe Kramer. Who´s the drummer of this video? Only 2 of the 5 current Aerosmith members are here. Who are the others 3?

  86. Mike Davitt

    I will always remember this time period. We could have lost Aerosmith forever!

  87. christopher james

    God, things were so cheesy in 1982. I was there and I am sure this wasn't so laughable then like it is today as an adult.

  88. gurra88

    An underrated album. The music police will say it's their worst album but I really enjoy it. I do think "Nine Lives" is their best album ever but maybe that's just me.

  89. Brett Schneider

    Joey Krammer looks like Alan from the Hangover

  90. PitBull May

    Fun Video To Make

  91. Andrew Burgess

    thats some weird sounding lightning!

  92. pdogmurderface

    What happened? They got sober. Done with mirrors was a excellent album.

  93. wanda James

    Before Steven Tyler was on “Oprah” and the narrator to all the VH1 “Where Are They Now?” Not to mention that “talent” show

  94. Mike Davitt

    Nothing can compare to the first 3 plus Draw The Line and Rocks for me anyway.