Aerosmith - Just Push Play Lyrics

She gave you a flower
The one that God gave her
You all up in de kool-aid
But u do not know de flavor
Get into the zone baybee
And do yourself a favor
Head down spin around
Get a little refried
If that don't get it you can
Ketch it on the b side
Just push play
Fuckin' A
Just push play
Theyre gonna bleep it anyway
Just push play
Fuckin' A
Just push play
Were comin at you anyway
Sweet leaf dreamer you been
Smoking up the ganja
Damned if you do yeah
But don't get any on ya
Kickin off the cashmere
Putting on the kasbah
It's a kiss, a diss
And trade it 4 a coo hah
Just push play
Fuckin' A
Just push play
Theyre gonna bleep it anyway
Just push play
Fuckin' A
Just push play
Were comin at you anyway
Instead of growin old
All dapper and neat
Im gonna grow my hair
Right down to my feet
Its u and me baby
No pimp daddy jack
Its Cadillac wack no Cadillac wack back
Just push play
Fuckin' A
Just push play
Theyre gonna bleep it anyway
Just push play
Fuckin' A
Just push play
Were comin at you anyway
Fuckin' A
Theyre gonna bleep it anyway
Walk this way
Were comin at you anyway
Just Push play
Fuckin A
Just push play
Theyre gonna bleep it anyway
S'il vous plait
Fuckin' A
Just push play
We're comin at u anyway

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Aerosmith Just Push Play Comments
  1. Joan Jett

    Loving the sound of this one.....

  2. Connor Moore

    all my years of drumming i just love playing this song

  3. Pandorax Cc


  4. Martin Zeta

    Me hubiese gustado que este fuese el primer corte difusión del CD #justpushplay Sería #1 indudablemente

  5. Ronnie Hill

    I miss my early days of listening to this album. 2001 was a helluva year for me.

  6. Alicja Urbaniak

    2019? Am I Alone?

  7. Matheus Vinicius

    Bom, eu não vou

  8. Arturo Jesus

    2:40 the best

  9. Romulo Damasceno

    Amo essa música na minha opinião é o melhor álbum 😁

    stop crazzy

    Senta na casca

  10. Atner Emanuel

    yeahhh she is beyound beautiful

  11. Arteviz Art

    Fav Aerosmith album above all else...The chords are awesome...
    Especially this song...

  12. THE GUY

    My dad bought me this years ago

  13. Jeremy Scott

    One of Joe Perry's best solos -- serious.

  14. Matheus Eleoterio

    Essa música é muito loca aerosmith melhor banda de rock

  15. Mckayla Reneee



    hermosa cancion

  17. Jey

    Is the art a motherfuckin' JoJo reference ?

  18. arandomguy46

    This and Jaded are the only two good songs off of Just Push Play.

    lizy lollipop

    what about sunshine and fly away from here?!

  19. Andrea Trinidad Velásquez

    is beautiful☺

  20. タカノブスタンダードピアノ弾き語り歌手

    very good song.

  21. guitarrosegroove

    This song, whole album is astonishingly sexy...
    This album was my introduction of Aerosmith, I was 14, this song made me get crazy into atmosphere of this album...
    I'm 23 now and my musical sphere hell widen a lot, but I still love this album, nothing can be substitute of this.

  22. jacobrocket173

    finally, this is the good stuff compared to the shit we have now

  23. TheProfhavok

    why can't I take the moral of this and cement it to my brain

  24. Samantha Saunders

    love this song!

  25. andrew marlowe

    Album was decent but their last really good album was nine lives

    Vitor Ferreira

    You really are clueless about this band when you don't even list "Mama Kin", "Sweet Emotion", and above all, fucking "Dream On"...


    this is the best and darkest aerosmith album, not even comparable with the rest of their discography. i guess you enjoy the more pop plastic hard rock aspect of them...

    fuzztsimmers 3

    dude i havent had an album of theirs come out that i havent like most of the songs.

    Finrod Felagund

    Nine Lives is fucking perfect, but Just Push Play is pretty damn good.


    Not sure about the albums themselves but this song is pretty fucking good!

  26. zeke Porter

    this is a good smith jam....all haters be damned!

  27. denise gonzalez

    yeah she's beyond beautiful Guitar hero me trajo hasta aquí!!

    Yeshua Ortigoza

    tu si sabes papuh :v

    perdon eres mujer ;)

  28. Giuseppe Raffa

    The two guitar solos are incredible much better then modern shredders!


    You just aren’t looking hard enough. You’d be surprised how many contemporary bands have surpassed these guys in terms of talent.


    Look up Misha Mansoor, you’d be surprised at how brilliant his solos are. But yeah, Joe Perry is hard to compete with.

  29. vyoletmychaels

    This song is beyond awesome, seriously. Top 10 fav Aerosmith songs easily

  30. Fabiana De Conti

    Muito louca

  31. Filippo Stoppa

    i love this track and all the album! <3 aerosmith ! \m/,

  32. Tyler Johns

    Call me crazy but I like the diverse use of instruments in Aerosmith accordion violin harmonica and the sound fx in sweet emotion

  33. Andres Ospina

    best aerosmith song

  34. DrObviously

    Best song of the century, in MY opinion.


    @Tim Gladden Best song of all time*


    Best song in the entire universe

  35. Dylan Gibson

    This song just kicks so much ass dude

  36. Sporting

    great song

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  37. Gaming Story Indonesia

    I love playing this song on Guitar Hero,, My most favourite song in all Guitar Hero Aerosmith songs

    Andres Ospina

    @Ariel Nugie me too, only good song of that game for me

    peter morales

    the only one?

    Josh Kittrell

    Well in my opinion here's a list of the songs I play on there all the time:
    No surprise
    Draw the line
    Beyond beautiful
    Sweet emotion
    Kings and queens
    Train kept a rolling
    Mama kin
    Living on the edge

    Denzel Huicochea Vera

    Me too brooo
    Y love Aerosmith in Guitar Hero

  38. Wilfredo J. Garrido

    why so many dislikes? not their best song but come on is a good song 

  39. PaulStanleyLover26

    happy birthday steven tyler!!!

  40. David Roark

    Good song

  41. makhs makis

    im a huge fan of AEROSMITH but just push play was one of there worst albums ever.they had some good tunes like this one under my skin face and mabbye jaded but the rest was not AEROSMITH matterial ..but they still are one of the biggest RNR bands of all time


    Just Push Play is a good album! Is commercial and have a modern sound but what? This is an awesome song! Just push play, Jaded, Fly Away, Under My Skin, Drop dead gorgeous, Avant Garden, there are good songs!

    makhs makis

    i think you should listen too more aerosmith.after albums like toys in the attic rocks pump permanate vacation get a grip nine lives and many other amazing albums they realesed just push play?it was a washed up album.ok it had 2 or 3 good songs like unred my skin and face but the rest of them were NOT aerosmith or rock n roll..


    Man, I'm fan of Aerosmith, and I listen songs like Somebody, Make it, One way street, S.O.S too bad, I really love all the music from them.

    Stocking Anarchy

    I agree that it didn't have Aerosmith's usual sound, but that doesn't make it bad. It's just more risky on their part.

  42. TheDukedawg1

    They recorded this song in Joe Perry's basement! His phone fell off the hook! Hence dial tone at the start! They thought it sounded pretty cool so they left it in!

  43. 13paulis

    I hope my neighbours like it

  44. GmenAgain

    Here's why there's so many dislikes....Aerosmith set the bar very high early on.Personally, I agree with Steven Tyler who contributes the creativity from drug use to much of their success. Yes, this is good, but it's not great. This falls far behind aerosmith's capabilities. Also they started to lean towards the pop culture. Less drugs, less balls.

  45. Marcos Vinicius

    omg, why so dislikes??? D:

  46. chan

    Favorite Aerosmith song of all time I'm freaking obsessed<3

  47. sasuke65743

    i love the energy and that feel of peace when starts the chorus

  48. lucas tavares

    this music is very beautiful

  49. Alejandro P. Medoza

    No entiendo por qué #$%& tiene tantos dislikes :/

  50. KingInferno93

    lol top comment :p

  51. Bakaro 58

    My All time favorite probably :O

  52. Nabila Verdeccio

    dis no facebook

  53. Deadman_Inc86

    Not the best song by any means but it is not bad.

  54. GunsnRosesfan2012

    AEROSMITH FTW 2013 they will rule the rock rule while the newest lineup of Guns N' Roses licks the underground

  55. Renato Pereira

    Não sabe o que perde cara

  56. Matheus Costa

    musica muito boa, não conheço a banda direito, mas ja concidero a melhor

  57. Márcio Assunção

    My favorite song *---*

  58. Jorge Paulino

    amoooo este video la cancion es la mejor k hay en aerosmith

  59. TB3hnz

    With 106 dislikes there must be more than one Joe Perry :)

  60. brunao410

    106 peoples have black hair

  61. MajorPwnage96


  62. gm77777

    this song is beyond beautiful

  63. Dánely Jéssica Yépez Sánchez

    Yeah, she's a beyond beautiful!!! ♥

  64. Devon Evans

    yeah she's beyond beautiful...

  65. Devon Evans

    why would joe perry dislike this did something happen

  66. HevyDevy101

    Such an awesome riff

  67. Mike Sparrow

    This song is awesome, but my god, it sounds so much better live, especially the hard rock cafe gig version!


    THE BEST AEROSMITH!!! 1970 - 2012 2013....

  69. GuitarHeroAddict1234

    -_- 105 This song is one of my all-time favorites and definitely my favorite Aerosmith song. And I understand I have an opinion and so do 105 people but seriously how did that many people dislike this song/video. It's amazing!

  70. sergio elegante


  71. Márk Szabó

    Fuck off

  72. Márk Szabó

    Fuck you

  73. Deanna Wolf

    hahahaha that was a good night right? :)

  74. Morgan Booth

    I cant stop listening to this song! It fits my character so well

  75. Morgan Booth

    Ffff Yes

  76. Morgan Booth

    Ive had the same dream!! *high five*

  77. Octavio Castanedo

    When the music was music

  78. Samuel Brito

    @madi267980 it actually have one.

  79. Joe Moffett

    Love this song!

  80. Deanna Wolf

    This may sound creepy... but the best dream i ever had was steven tyler being my daaaad :)

  81. StaringAtTheSun

    Joe "mutha f***ing" Perry!!

  82. DreamLover

    Love this song, love playing this on guitar hero XD it make me feel like Joe Perry haha!

  83. Madi Mckinley

    youtube needs a repeat button so fucking bad!!!!!

  84. Chris Betancourt

    that one dislike is a person whos never seen someone beyond beautiful

  85. Angelmind4

    I can't just push play Aerosmith...I also need to push Repeat All button

  86. Raymond Costanzo

    there is no way to play this song loud enough.

  87. Demaker222

    @freddythefish100 I´m glad you´re not... beacuse you can´t sing as him :P

  88. freddythefish100

    i wish i was steven tyler :P

  89. Vesco

    I can't belive I forgot this song..amazing.

  90. Gabriel P. Bulhões

    I think Just Push Play it's the one of the best albuns of Aerosmith

  91. Iako Sakichi

    Lo que sea por cantar como
    Steven Tyler !!!!!!

  92. Traveler246

    The whole fucking album is awesome!