Aerosmith - Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy) Lyrics

Flatbush boy cruisin' Sheepshead Bay
His boardwalk mama just a sniff away
Underground DMT, ridin' thunder train
The Coney Island white fish boy is on the run again

Ooooh, runnin' with the pack
Ooooh, and never lookin' back
Ooooh, know's just where he's been
That Coney Island white fish boy's
Been there and back again

Sixteen years with his boardwalk queen
And at steeplechase, she used to wet his dreams
She combs her hair, that flamin' jewel
Streaked with Clorox bleach
Coney gettin' down and dirty
Snortin' up the beach

And she'd be screamin' (Coney)
And she'd be dreamin' (Coney)
Go get 'em Coney

(Coney), Bone To Bone screamin'
(Coney) She be screamin' (Coney)

In town
Get back in town
Get back, a get down
Get back in town
She'd be screamin' (Coney)
Best believe it (Coney)

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Aerosmith Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy) Comments
  1. mark horton

    Always been one of my favorite Asmith cookers.

  2. C.R. Big-Empty

    ... pumps me up ..

  3. Joseph Lampo

    The greatest guitar riff ever!

  4. Jeff Cosner

    Good jam...very underappreciated song and album...I always thought this album had a great sound to it...the band was really messed up at the time....Brad Whitford and Joe Perry leaving but being on many cuts on this album...Jimmy Crespo coming on the scene who ended up on Rock in a Hard Place...bad drug problems for Steven and Joe...but yet they came out with one of their best in my opinion...