Ady Suleiman - Longing For Your Love Lyrics

Dreaming of the day when your heart
Just to see your smile and hear your laugh
Give me more time, before you go
Let me be apart of your world

Cause if you leave you're just a memory, yeah
A faded shadow that haunts my dreams
I need you girl can't you see?

I'm longing for your love, you're moving away
Don't leave me behind still words I want to say, oo no
With you, I'd share my life forever and always
Falling in love with you each and every day

Waitin' for the night you lay by my side
Hold you in my arms you tell me you're all mine
When I'm not with you oh it tortures my mind
And all I want to do oh is have you in my life, yeah

And if you leave you're just a memory, mm ooh
A faded shadow that haunts my dreams, oooh
I need you girl can't you see?

I'm longing for your love, but you're moving away
Don't leave me behind still words I want to say
With you, I'd share my life forever and always, yeah
I'm falling in love with you each and every day

I'm longing for your love, but you're moving away oo love I-
Don't leave me behind still words I want to say, say
Say it to you, my love, oh no
For you, I would share my life for forever and always
Oh no, no, no, no I-
And I'm falling in love with you each and every day
Each and every day



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Ady Suleiman Longing For Your Love Comments
  1. Francine King

    I have a new crush.

  2. L. H.

    I discovered Ady's music because of this video. I'm so thankful for it. Mahogany has brought me to come great musicians.

  3. ORACYmusic

    I still listen to his everyday. A fantastic album!

  4. wellsparker

    What an incredible voice

  5. Rebeca Barrera

    You're so amazing and beautiful 💕

  6. BenRhysFisher

    beautiful video beautiful voice x

  7. C B


  8. isaac Movimiento sensible

    i love the things that make me feel in me when i listen to you . Love , kindness , peace , acept the pain , shy , take care of me . A few months ago we created a performance with your music , thats was amazing , we created something with soul and vulnerability . Here the link when we danced in Worl of dance :

  9. christopher starr

    something this beautiful how can there not be a god

  10. KOH Joo Hua

  11. FerriTruck

    I really want to know where is this place.

    Mahogany Sessions

    Filmed in the Vineyards of Champagne in France 🍾🇫🇷


    Huge thanks!🙏🏼🌞

  12. Orlando Pirsch

    beautiful baby

  13. take a pil

    sounds like phum

  14. asena

    This song is so fitting

  15. Awesome Jorleigh

    I love him.

  16. damian maciel

    I think you are so amazing I love your music and voice ady Suleiman

  17. YH k

    this is b e a u t i f u l.

  18. eddiedazle

    I was working in my office when this song played... my receptionist walked in to my office and caught me .. full of tears i said...."you know whats funny?, this song explained my whole relationship"

  19. Jonah Edwards

    Can i get some lyrics anybody?

  20. Michelle Castro

    Everything about this is perfect 😍 I have watched this video way too many times and I never get tired of it! It's so soothing ☺️

  21. Sue Bee

    Can I please live in this video!!!

  22. ✿Gianne✿

    Wow, I'm in love

  23. Mark Maetreya

    man this guy is Awesome!

  24. Carmel Fauth


  25. Demitri Curry

    My dude Andy STAYS on Mahogany lol youd think he was related to one of yall but truth is dude is just talented

  26. dudetbobbidoo

    I love this song so much, since hearing it I've listened to it at least once everyday since.

  27. rossabel melgar

    I can't find this version or song in spotify :(

  28. Jason Henrie

    He doesn't have the song up on spotify :(

  29. Jungle Dodow

    This is pure magic.

  30. yannis marigo

    Thank you guys. Great to see you both together again with this lovely song.

  31. Emily Clarke

    Beautiful x

  32. stanlome1

    i need this on spotifyyyyy

  33. Jordi MTK

    Beautyfull song, Beautyfull voice

  34. Charlie Lind

    Ady is the best plain and simple and ed black is pretty cool too his guitarist

  35. KuJo

    Funny how you find songs right when they fit in life. Missed Ady

  36. Ayesha Mutiara

    oh my goodness wow. It's crazy that this channel actually introduced me to his music. Been loving Ady ever since, but i forgot about that until I saw this video. Full circle haha

  37. Alex Luke

    Love this video! Is it Lavalier mics you have used ? If so what make and model?

  38. Yugal Gurung

    Beautiful song beautifully captured. Wondering how they recorded the vocals. It sounds amazing.

  39. Le Ravez

    where is he from?

    Lucy Bayley

    Ravez Nottingham/London

  40. Leticia Herranz Preysler

    Sweet song ♥🍭

  41. Tom L

    I love Mahogady!

  42. Joseph Gabriel Coughlin

    1524, looking back and having a smile

  43. Joseph Gabriel Coughlin

    19 heartbroken yutes

  44. Steve Smith

    why do they try and pretend it's a live recording lol, it clearly isn't sigh.

    Georges Abitbol

    Steve Smith cause nobody cares

  45. elisabeth leveque


  46. Hufflepuff

    Mohammadz! Deez remind me of meroon five


    Hufflepuff maroon 5 you mean ?!

  47. Caio Dias

    Very good !

  48. Xavier McDonald

    This song just makes me hurt so much. i recently got dumped without a word, without a text, not even a goodbye 😔. I loved her like no other and this song just makes me think of times when things were good. I fucking miss her 💔

    Ellie McRae

    stay strong <3

    Samuel Nicklin

    Hi Xavier, hope you're well. I'm just wondering how exactly the dumping occurred without any communication - You may still be together!

  49. Clarissa Moreira

    why isn't this song on spotify?

    Alex Rodriguez

    On his most recent album release!
    Incredible incredible listen

    miguel tavares

    this version tho @Ady Suleiman

    Michael Bergamini

    @Ady Suleiman Please please please come to New York. Been wanting to see you for years. Keep it up!

    Nejat Mohammed

    @Ady Suleiman we want this verison also we are greedy fans

    Jason Avron Samuels

    @miguel tavares I come to YouTube for this version.

  50. Stephanie Moreira

    whoaahh this is great!

  51. El Senko

    Ady is incredible as always! Was so lucky to meet him at the Lambeth Country Fair, such a cool guy! Much love and respect <3

  52. C Fernando


  53. Kayla Schoonraad

    oh my...

  54. Calma Music Sessions

    Bravooo! All sessions are great ! This one is so special .!

  55. Sara Suk


  56. Robert

    the second fella did a great job too!

    Juan Diego Villagomez Vicente

    his artistic name is Ed black,he's the main guitarist,stunning skills!

  57. will davis


  58. Rachel Lisette

    gorgeous... 💜

  59. Tamás Fábián


  60. brendilladederp

    He is so absolutely amazing he needs to release some more music for me to buy

  61. mooenterprises

    Yeay Ady!

  62. Robert

    so simple and clean ❤

  63. phival2003


  64. Mundane


  65. Pascal Warr

    Ady! Release an album and take my money. Please!!!

  66. ZombieKilla

    Jesus fuck this is amazing

  67. Phillip Isayev

    Aww yup he's back on here

  68. Slávka Čertíková

    How is this so pretty? ♡.♡

  69. nicomiga

    that place is paradise

  70. Theoz198

    I get so excited every time I see there's a new Ady video in you tube! He's just great!!

  71. Michael Blackburn


  72. Ari Miller

    the highlight roll off of the c300 mkii is BEAUTIFUL, very well executed and the color looks amazing, KUDOS

  73. mjstc

    i clicked as soon as i saw Ady Suleiman

  74. Diane O'Neill

    Man oh mighty if only the one I am so beautifully in love with was singing more importantly speaking these words to me wanting me in his life LOST I would be NO more! In his arms I know is where I have belonged and to know that I am his and he would hold me forever and ever the absolute GREATEST to me ever! Perhaps he have not realized BUT he has had me and ALL my LOVE and my THOUGHTS never stray from him! To be in his arms in his life is what I need now and forever! LOVE me in real time for it is HIM and only HIM my HEART continues to call for. HE is the BEST of the very BEST NO one compares to HIM and NO one could ever NOT ever REPLACE HIM my LOVE my TRUE REAL LOVE for that would be IMPOSSIBLE!

    N. B.

    Diane O'Neill 💙


    Diane O'Neill tell them

  75. Evan McCausland

    Ady you're too talented m8. Please start coming out with new stuff

  76. Ana Laura Berghahn

    Beautiful 💛

  77. Shawshank Redemption

    Beautiful locations as always.
    Just adds that extra layer of experience when listening to these sessions.

  78. Lucy Bayley

    Love ,love this ❤️❤️❤️

  79. Nicolas Tapia

    Replay, replay, replay and replay

  80. Franky

    I've been waiting for this! Favourite Ady song xxx

  81. Sam D

    So i just started crying?

    Just Be

    Nothing is more touching than knowing any man who cries and that alone puts tears in these green eyes thank you and blesSINGS for you Sam!


    Sam D i was at work when this song came up on pandora... i was sitting ...working on my desk..... i started crying like juat to my self. And my receptionist walked in and said.... are you ok..? What are you doing to yourself why are you torturing yourself...we laughed and she a
    She knew i needed that lil cry session
    .. never knew why i cried but it helped

  82. Winona

    Tabs anyone? This is amazing!!

  83. lndnlvr

    Was so suprised about seeing him in my sub box, love this!!

  84. Shanice Joseph

    Love anything by Ady

  85. Larissa Soto

    I want to live in this video.

  86. Beulah O

    I've been longing for more of Ady Suleiman since I heard him last summer at V Fest 😍 His voice is just so intensely beautiful!

  87. Emmy J

    Always look forward to see this guy on the channel. The talent is unreal

  88. Camy Idy

    I'm in loooooove with his voice man!
    *Hope that you're having a great day* 😛

    *Check my covers if you want, even if there's only one person that would make my day* 😀❤️

  89. A R D C A

    Grantham represent! 🙌

  90. Seb Whiting

    It's great to see Ady back on Mahogany again

    Hozan Saiyd

    Sebastian Whiting ABSOLUTELY❤️

    C Fernando

    Sebastian Whiting LONG overdue!!!


    serious was done like you said