Adriano Celentano - Rap Lyrics

Once again on the mic I seek a beat
Wit a freaky technique
I'm on the flow I'm here too
A lady on the mic comin' straight at you
And bringin' knowledge to the youth
Oh yes we always speak the truth
We like CNN around the world
Again and again
Checkin' the politician checkin' the pope
Keepin' an eye
On corruption and givin' the people hope

Gettin' buck wild like a beast in a cage
If need be you need to
Open your eyes to see
The government takin' you out like
Grand larceny grand larceny
Now it's kinda wacked when I look back
There's a dude in Italy I don't know
Were he be
Who is he who is he
Who knows were he stands
He's not the man
Is his name Celentino
Not Celentino Celentano
Yo Celentano you need to know
I'm authentic to the bone and you need
To tell the chief so
Cause its Ronny money down with the
Celentano flow
Taken it to the top while I'm preppin'
For the props

This is lady Linda lettin' you know
That I'm true too, just like the both of you
And now I'm asking you
Celentano are you true

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Adriano Celentano Rap Comments
  1. Ferdinand Ries

    Who came to watch this video after watching Willy Moon’s video?

  2. michael davies

    Try getting Amazon Alexa to play this song. Nightmare....

  3. stige

    Mostro sacro

  4. Joseph Paul

    So 70’s! Love it!

  5. Joselyn Fallas

    Q genero es???

  6. Osman A.

    Is this a first rap ?

  7. Glass Menagerie

    It would be fun to write some english lyrics for this that roughly correspond with the phonetics... haha! End it with a riff in fake Italian... fun!


    I rediscoveret this tune a week ago and was thinking exactly the same. When It came out back then I was wondering why I hardly understood a word of it. I never found out till now.

  8. steve prichard

    Grammarly It's a piece of shit, I bought it, and it sucks.

  9. mayenne53 M

    yessssss d'enfer,j'adore.!!!!!!!!

  10. walendxweg

    00027 09 2019 THEM COURT miroirs <👻👻>vestibulants Darksowilosen ECHO GESPAN kx Méfiez vous çA s allume ENCORE ''

  11. carlo vandenbrink

    first rap song in history rap invented by italians

  12. simonisable

    Lyrics please? 😵

  13. Al Gr

    Memories from my teen years!! Love it. Grazie.

  14. Famous Ramus22

    So this is what English sounds like to non English speakers

  15. SJ DS


  16. Susan M. Frey

    this is brilliant. I love Prisencolinensinainciusol.

  17. genewitch

    by far one of the best mixes of the song. linking it places!

  18. Rana Nur Yavuz

    still great music and progressive video clip

  19. wildturkey1960

    I can’t believe this came out in 1972. It sounds like it could have been done last year.


    This is a remix. The electronic drums arent in the original.

  20. bayoume

    Rush Bumper Music 14 Aug 19

  21. frank stark

    not many hard d or e sounds in there. sounded a little like Spanish.

  22. Max

    Great job! enhanced but not destroyed!

  23. sabrinalina 76


  24. Simona Marsi

    Questa canzone è bella proprio perché ci voleva solo la sua pazzia per inventarsi un intera canzone like per ADRIANO

  25. Rafaela Garcia Siles

    Very much and love😘😘👍👍🎶🎶

  26. jinglebells55

    Fargo tv series brought me here. Thanks, Mr Hawley.
    ..I'm still learning about the episodes

  27. Angelo Marino

    Per tutti i professori, la lingua incomprensibile fu una scelta artistica, che stava a rappresentare l'individualismo e la mancata comunicazione tra le persone dell'epoca, (oggi a quanto pare siamo messi peggio). Genio. Celentano.

  28. horny&violent

    If you're watching this you're EXTREMELY drunk and need to go to bed right NOW lol!

  29. moost66

    Very good dancers

  30. Scott E

    Definitely adds to a great song

  31. SJ DS

    The original footage used to be on youtube, cant find it anymore, anyone has a clue ?

  32. Bill Whitton

    smoke a joint sit back and space out wow that blond is hot.........................

    Daniele Winter

    You re goddamn right mate

    Bill Whitton

    @Daniele Winter she wears me out thanks daniele

  33. Çağrı Gürel

    This is pop

  34. Marvin Prado Arley


  35. Paolo Ghelardini

    È il mio Vate, il mio dio, la mia religione! Tutto il resto: guerre, odio, malvagità: porcheria, spazzatura!

  36. walendxweg


  37. Howard Maxwell

    New round for Never Mind The Buzzcocks: intentionally indecipherable lyrics

  38. Hug Groin

    "With the sand in his shoes now

    Hold Billy's hand

    An' I holler at maybe

    At a quarter past time

    Thhhhhe chickens behind me

    Keep a cohort

    Baby just stay yeah

    Blue Joe-oh

    With the sand in his shoes now

    Hold Billy's hand

    An' I holler at maybe

    At a quarter past time

    When it's the same IQ copy of Steam

    You know a job another Tuba called David's a jam

    You'd a coming off obtuse a pie

    For not sure


    Dis' a getting off a cover no time

    All it did was just Dan

    Light the shoes of government

    Give it costume and might call it

    The Rainy Girls

    Open something.

    Eye eyes

    Nine slapstick

    And he get some dough with Miso


    You the poor man cinnamon

    Breeze and culminating Mancuso


    Eye eyes

    Nine slapstick

    And he get some dough with Miso


    Breeze and culminating Mancuso


    What else you got sleeping

    And you keeping deceived

    To land the jizzum on

    But don't full hole

    For landing a tame

    For like freeze, yo."

  39. Carjascaps

    How english sounds like to non-english speaker.

    Tabula Rasa

    American English , hence the drawn out vowels. Basically what Americans sound like and I can confirm



    Rajel Wildcard

    Because he is italian

    FatToDaCat Yo

    @Rajel Wildcard He made this song with an American accent, and the lyrics are " deliberate unintelligible gibberish" from what I've looked up. This is a great song either way

  40. Marie Christine

    De la 💣

  41. Musa Musazade

    Azerbaijan ❤️👑🇦🇿

  42. snsnn bvaaahh

    Ascoltatela con il volume a 0! Diventa bellissima!

    Il Patriota

    Ma vaffanculo

  43. tea leaf green

    Can someone make captions please!!!

    Chiara Benedetta Condorelli

    From what I heard, Celentano wrote these lyrics to imitate the American language, without making actual words, and this was his actual design.

  44. Justme77

    Freezing our shoes off?

  45. Moyra S

    Jadore je ne lm'en lasse pas de l'écouter cette chanson
    de bons souvenirs même si j'étais très très jeune ^^

  46. Maycol Rios

    Muy buena cálida de rrismo muy bueno

  47. Bill Negron

    Is there just an instrumental?? Can't find it.

  48. Seekthetruth3000

    Rush Limbaugh brought me here😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    love hearing this on my daily Rush binges...

  49. David Taylor

    The original song about nothing

  50. C.D. Sutherland

    Admittedly, I have a predilection for most anything Amer-Italian. This has a beat, and you can dance to it, but for some reason, I can't understand the lyrics; maybe that's my fault. Prisencolinensinainciusol, all right.

    Chiara Benedetta Condorelli

    Actually, it wasn't your fault. From what I heard, Celentano wrote these lyrics to imitate the American language, without making actual words, and this was his actual design.

  51. SafeSpace2018

    Damn tune wakes me up at two AM and will not stop playing.

  52. John LaStrada

    Celentano is a giant in rock in Italy -- he was even referenced in a 1979 Ian Dury and the Blockheads song -- "Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3." A recent Italian broadcast of one of his shows netted 9 million viewers. No chump change. He's 81 now and still performing. He's been recording since the late '50s. His daughter Rosalinda is most notable to worldwide audiences for playing Satan in Mel Gibson's classic film The Passion of the Christ. There are giants in the music world Americans know nothing about. Eugenio Finardi would be another and he sings in English sometimes -- perfectly.

  53. KantBFaded

    Who else is here cause of Rush Limbaugh?


    @San Autin lmao

    The Truth Hurts

    KantBFaded how is this song connected with Rush?


    The Truth Hurts he plays it at the beginning of a ‘rejoin’ segment.


    The Truth Hurts ...I believe he calls it ‘bumper’ music or something like that

    The Truth Hurts

    KantBFaded I couldn’t find it on YouTube

  54. Gerd Krieger

    was ein geiler scheiß

  55. Gariations

    Nicolas Cage in real life.

  56. Pier Paolo Montanari

    si ma la Carrà? 0:36 ciao proprio

  57. Paola Fior

    Questo è il vero Celentano .

  58. fernandes debaro

    Adrian 2019 io ci sono ,,,,,,,,

  59. Enzo - Ignazio Domilici

    Ti amo Celentano!

  60. habana libre

    Chi come me è passato da qui dopo lo spot 2019

    habana libre

    @McSega quella chiavica di mammata cosa pensi sia del Nord .. mmerda umana che nu si auru


    @bho ma hai 6 anni che devi insultare così a caso?


    @bho se parlassi in italiano capirei quello che mi stai dicendo

    habana libre

    @Lolita Non ha,la faccia per parlare italiano è un povero scemo

    Paolo Rosin

    @bho che cazzo di lingua parla ? Sembra tunisino

  61. Silvano Ferrara

    Stupendo 😍

  62. Nico303

    A me fa impazzire sta canzone!!!

  63. Giusy Cusano

    spettacolare unico per sempre adrianoooooooo tua 64 enne fas

  64. Stefano Minafra

    sssssssssstraordinario! prisencolinensinainciusol....... ALL RIGHT?!


    al rait!

  65. Assunta Sarno

    Ero piccola e adesso??? È ancora più bellaaaaa grande Adriano❤❤❤

  66. Flavio Sergio

    Prisencolinensinainciusol (Svveepa's progressive bump)?

  67. HenryRC1


  68. madsli

    >No texting option.

  69. Matthias Blasi

    Che forza maschia aveva in contrapposizione con il corpo di ballo

  70. Teddy Morales

    Music the :-)¡¡¡¡¡¡¡=¡¡¡¡:-) :-) :-) :-[:-[:-[! ;-)

  71. Arsenico971

    Adriano e la Raffaellona che trollavano l'anericanomania dei tempi. Fantastici.

  72. Jon Armistead

    It's banging

  73. Jay M

    Those dance moves, tho!

  74. Tom O'Connor

    Celantano did it as a spoof on English because to the Italians who didn't understand English, all songs in English sounded similar to that "gibberish" to them. I liked the Original classroom version because his wife, Claudia Mori, famous in her own right, was the girl in the white top that stood up and sang Carra's lines in that one.

    Peony Rose

    Never knew that. Cool! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  75. Triptech79

    RIP Color boss


    this song is my anthem of life

  77. rocksolid71

    The dance moves are like the badgers in Badgers Badgers Badgers

  78. Brandan Majeske

    Friendly Fire

    Joshua Parr


  79. kyzf

    What's with the shitty video effects added to this? Fuck off with that garbage

  80. Nazdoga Doga

    I had watched this videoclipp in the "Rafaella Carra Show" and am happy to find it again. Oh those were the days!

    Tom O'Connor

    Carra was a Hottie!

  81. Rod Prynne

    horrible effects ruin it...

  82. einie hausen

    whites have best rhytm this proves it he was first rapper in the world

  83. Marco Quaranta

    First Rap Song!1973

  84. Hakeem Hasworth

    This would be cool with the bleeps and blips removed!

  85. Noname noname

    ...very sexy!!!

  86. Richard Leonard

    Reminds me of Trouble in River City.

    Tom O'Connor

    I was never a great fan of Musicals, but The Music Man was a great one for its time. At that age I adored Shirley Jones, and Buddy Hackett was hilarious, as usual. Ronnie Howard-pre Opie!

    Richard Leonard

    @Tom O'Connor Yup , absolutely. Shirley Jones was wonderful.

  87. Jill Hellary

    Heard this on "Trust" the Drama about the Getty's. It's Great, So Catchy.😃👍🏼

  88. Pablo Morera

    como me gusta este temazooo

  89. Silvia 79

    Fantastici!!!!I pilastri della tv italiana

  90. Paolo Bon

    Troppo avanti primo brano house in assoluto


    Ahahah house?

    Gi Mfx1908

    Forse rap ma no house


    Questo è Rock...punto

  91. marko corleone

    beautiful song

  92. SunshineBurns

    Not really techno, I think more a tribal beat. It is a clever mix, I do like it. I prefer the original.

  93. Fabrizio Romondini

    Che meraviglia...ora c'è la robaccia de filippica...

  94. Hypergraphic Writers Workshop

  95. Rocco Galata

    Rappers delight considered first rap song was released in 1979 .....this song was released in 1973.....


    Rocco Galata This could be considered rap. Just Italian rap, though.

  96. Giorgio P

    Questo momento va tenuto al museo della cultura

  97. Lady Morgaine Rose

    Mito - mito - mito