Adrian Marcel - Waiting Lyrics

I'm tryna find the words to say
See, I'm a little faded so excuse my feelings
Girl, you know I think about you everyday
I ain't gonna lie, I'm so caught in my feelings
We know that roses are red
Damn the blues skip the violets
And splash my poor heart instead

Since I've been waiting
Since I've been waiting for you
It's a hard pill to swallow I can't get over
When you walked out on me
I regret the day you told me it was over
Won't you come back to me?

Reminiscing ain't good for me now
No, I'm thinking about the time that I
Spent with you
Probably somewhere with another nigga
Missing me, at least this is how I wanna picture it to be
Got me crazy I'm thinking shit up
On my second bottle, I need to slow up
See my mirror up on my wall
Said it's too many women for me to have these withdrawals
But I can't stop waiting, no
Oh, I can't stop waiting
No no no no

It's a hard pill to swallow I can't get over
When you walked out on me
I regret the day you told me it was over
Won’t you come back to me?

Damn I can't fight the pain
Girl you promised me I could always depend on you
Whenever time is rough I would always just lean on you
Why you wanna hurt me so
Girl I can't let go

It's a hard pill to swallow I can't get over
When you walked out on me
I regret the day you told me it was over
Won't you come back to me?

Come back, baby
Come back, girl
Oh oooh

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Adrian Marcel Waiting Comments


  2. flora Hawkins

    This song hit my soul so much. This happened too me before. I felt every pain, I cried

  3. Candace Pryor

    Did you see that face when he sang the line" Girl you said I could always depend on you"...He looked back with serious eyes and licked his lips....girl go back... AM what did you do for her to leave those lips.....😂😭

  4. Candace Pryor

    Passionate and this dude can sing!!!!! Gemini's are the best lovers.....ha...😁😋

  5. Candace Pryor

    Talented as hell....Look at the way he looked back at the camera when he said in the song girl you said I could always depend on you......SEXY AS HELL.....

  6. J-Soul

    This song never get's old! My future wife finna be looking at me like why you always playin that damn song. Who you thinkin about? Lol he just kills every part of this song

  7. Amanda Archuleta

    Maybe your waiting for me Amoure 🤪

  8. princess102477

    This song still jams...

  9. IceCoffee Blogger

    I dont understand why this female left him if man would cry and sing songs about me like this let's say song wouldn't be a break up song with his fine self 😍😍😍

  10. M. H.

    I Just stepped a few years ago in this heaven room.. True and beautiful talented artist mr. Marcel ❤️🎹🎤🎶🔥👌

  11. Demetria Calvin

    Longtime love for Adrian's music!!🌟😍

  12. NJ HTX

    He looks like a mix of Chris brown and some else nice songs maybe tray songz maybe he a clone ♡ the music though

  13. Breezy Mass

    I swear he is so worthy of successfull music career ! but if u take a look every famous and success full celebrity is a devil worshipper , may be its the reason!! his career didn't take off! I feel sorry for u! cause ur songs are really worthy!

  14. Melina Ebta

    Still bumping his music.. love his music!!❤️ knowing every word🎶

  15. N. B.

    This was my shiz *12.11.18*


    Ive been trying to find this song for years 😫👌

  17. The3veezandme Cheryl Delacruz

    To my life, this artist has always moved us. Waiting for the moment you are ready to move forward again together! You chose me to be your wife.. I promised to not ever give up on you if you get lost.

  18. faith gorham

    I can get it to get back home and get home tomorrow and work for work and work tomorrow and work work for tomorrow work 🥠🍦🍚🍦❤️🍢🍦🍚🥠

  19. Tennille Genise

    Slept on people just wont regonize great gifts and talent he was supposed to take off like a rocket👍🏾🎤🚀💜

  20. Damon Hackett


  21. camille harper

    He should be bigger than this, love his voice omg 8/14/2018

  22. H Hash

    This is my fav song.

  23. Amanda Smith

    Yesss I'm feeling this! Why am I just now hearing this smh

  24. Marie White

    Yep...In my feelings...Been here too Adrian. 💔.

  25. judge

    This song was way ahead of that time.

  26. AY- B

    for ever be my favorite!

  27. Enheritance Derrico

    This is still my jam . 2017 ❤️

  28. josy clares

    how she legit walked out on him..

  29. Angie Ramos

    love it video and song

  30. Jamal Pierce

    Oakland feel. Love this song

  31. Rustie Shelton

    Talent and class...he's going far in this world💙

  32. Rhino Black

    The kid has got something..

  33. Ę.Ž. FęTTy Currillo

    Yoo ADRIAAAAAN!!! Lol this here Dope mane!!

  34. Leonard Watson

    This guy belongs in the ranks of a Chris Brown.

  35. R_N_C _

    He meant that shit....geesh

  36. Jayla Clemente

    Baeeeee afff👅👅👅

  37. Dorothy Bostic

    " It's Hard pill to swallow"... "Can't get over you"... feeling your lyrics... Loving your music for four years now.

  38. Simone Williams

    I get such a Ryan Leslie vibe from this song

  39. Nisha Williams


  40. Adelynn Goins

    This really my stuff ☄️💯

  41. thatkidhaile -.-

    he fine ooo my god😍😘💞

  42. Jet Kurlz

    Damn that's what music these days are missing, a story, passion. Music that will make you feel what the artist is expressing. Ugh, tell more stories guys. Bravo Adrian👏💕👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Sherelle Willis

    India Myshae Exactly we need more of that soul and passion something we can relate to

  43. Nikita Stowe

    I'm feeling this song

  44. Love Only

    Beautiful video girl & straight quality video & just top notch.. You got it A.M. period

  45. Shannon Hankins

    love this song

  46. Terrin

    Pandora brought me here. Love this song!

  47. Thanh Williams

    this shit is real should get more views than thos mfkr like chris brown n fetty

  48. Breka Lachelle

    Peep him being super taller than her tho..,,LOL really loving this song

  49. OAK2MIA

    in my feelings too, listening to this.....

  50. Lotus Bee

    He is fine as hell

    Heatha B

    he sure is

    Alicia Givens



    yesssss @lotus bell
    my sentiments exactly

    this song is fire
    im really feeling/living it!!

  51. Tatiana Wright

    I like this song

  52. Anthony Guerrido

    🔥🔥wassup with the music why is playing

  53. Amina Lazu

    this is a classic!

  54. JaLisa Muhammad

    I love this song and love the fact the video girl is chocolate :)


    Right..the brother keeps some brown skin ladies

  55. teyatoy

    i listen to this song so many times, and i feel his pain. i feel my pain. powerful song. u cant make this up. If you've never been heartbroken, you wont feel it as bad. This is a beautiful song. Its the words i feel, but cant express. Adrian Marcel, seems like you have really been through it.

    sherelle willis

    I can so relate to this song and every time I hear it it makes me want to cry makes me get so deep in my feelings

  56. Norris Walker

    @3:50... nawww she didn't walk homie... she was hauling ass...

    Chrissy Cole

    Mannie Beatz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Norris Walker

    He looks like Chris Brown, with mannerisms like Trey Songs, and a sound like a mix between Joe Thomas and Ryan Leslie (his falsetto)...

    Norris Walker

    love the song though... Heard it on Pandora and paused my station to come to YouTube to play it on repeat...

    Simone Williams

    You're so spot on with that lol

  58. Robert Seals

    AM is the truth

  59. Quantez Johnson

    I don't understand why his career haven't took off yet...

    Lotus Bee

    Me either

    Flames360 Beats

    Quantez Johnson I'm still sayin this shit today like the dude has classic rnb shit .


    Me too...he has a golden voice.


    Simple American fickle music fans! Another reason why artist like Adrian need to start boating overseas they are appreciate more.

    DIIVIE 2.0

    He doesn't wanna sign his Soul, so that's why it's taking forever to takeoff

  60. d'sha w

    love it

  61. Ni Good

    Dis right chere! lol have you in yo feelings man😢 even if you was the one walked out lol

  62. Keep it 1000

    when I'm sad I will just listen to the song don't want to listen to it just makes me even more sad cuz the way he sings but he seems so sad but so good

  63. Jarrett Mackall

    he got pipes

  64. Mike Spagnola

    bad ass Song😎

  65. Celeste Kell

    My favorite. He's music is so honest. Love it

  66. Sarena Ross

    This song is the shit

  67. Ninecara Eugene

    I love that song! Its how I'm feeling right now.😖😔🎵🎵sence I've been waiting..🎵🎵

  68. Sarena Ross

    I love me some him

  69. Elizabeth DeRosa

    On Repeat. Loving this song!

  70. Chellspirit

    All I can say is Talented, Amazing. I can listen to this over and over again, all day !

    Keep doing your thing. I Love this !!

  71. Tee Tee

    I really like this song, not only is he cute but talented. I wish people would stop trying to compare every artist to someone else. Why can't that artist just be them...

  72. Zaphira Perkins

    you are a good singer adrian

  73. MR PR

    great voice and I love da song but c'mon now ladies, he needs Proactiv X's 1000!!! I could grate concrete off his forehead...😖

  74. hotasevermehn2

    this should have more views

  75. Cornelius Parker

    My shit 💯

  76. lexci Monnity

    u gotta slow down

  77. Leydee Kashmariie

    Is he phine or is he phiiiine! 😍

  78. Alexis Dos Santos

    I love his music! Beautiful voice.

  79. Charlene Ibarra

    This and "2AM" "my life" his best songs

    Charlene Ibarra

    Both great songs as well I just like those
    A bit better lol :)


    lol i like those a bit better too :) which do you like more "2am"or "My life" and why?

    Charlene Ibarra

    2am it's a old song but I still bump that in my car lol


    +Charlene Ibarra What about "Feelings," "Runnin'," "Honey," "I Get it," basically everything on the Week After Next mixtape


    Searching and killa

  80. kayla perez

    Its A Hard Pill To Swallow I Cant Get Over , When You Walked Out On Me .

  81. Dino Cool

    Gosh I love this man lol

  82. noir.

    Awww, snap! He in love with the coco? Okayyy... I see you, baby! 😘💘

  83. Mira Taylor

    I feel what your going through. I can just...feel your emotions through your words.

  84. Dory Rowe

    Im a huge Adrian fan, great voice and musical content, lets be honest. ANYWAY that gets the seal of approval from Raphael Saadiq has to be talented!! But lets keep it 100...Adrian looks like he fell straight off the De'Barge family tree!! lol

  85. Maya Abu Dhabi

    wont you  come back  back to me ....

  86. Maya Abu Dhabi

    i hope   Adrian Marcel makes A Song with Chris  Brown !!!

  87. Star J

    Love all his music

  88. Angel L.

    God has blessed you with an amazing voice... I mean INCREDIBLE, I really love this specific vibe I get off of your music.. really talented. True supporter of your work! And P.S. I'm sure every woman in America would like to know, "Are You Single? "

  89. Maya Abu Dhabi

    his haircut is what makes him  Unique   !!! 

  90. Maya Abu Dhabi

    From the moment i heard  his song  I Get It i became  a a fan of his music !!!

    wish you all the best  Adrian Marcel  !!! 

    Hope you make a Concert In Abu Dhabi      :)

  91. Maya Abu Dhabi

    love   From Abu Dhabi 

  92. Marc Avon Evans

    I come back to this tune regularly.  #dopeshit  

  93. Isaiah McQueen

    Such a raw talent. Best singer in the industry imo

  94. Shin Ha Yoo Love

    You know all his videos have blck gurls in it 😛 dats good cause im black x"D 😂