Adrian Marcel - Timeless Lyrics

Hey J turn me up
You know I'm just bein' honest

I've been thinkin' about
Where we headed tryna' figure it out
Hopin' that you'll still be around
Oh I do, oh I do
You should know it by now
It's more than just me hangin' around
I wanna be the reason you smile
It's true, oh it's true

There's no me without you
It's like the sky, with no blue
See ain't no me, without you
Girl you show me something that I never knew

'Cause I never thought I'd find it
Love so timeless, yeah
I've never found nothing like this
Love so timeless, yeah

Girl you open my eyes
It's crazy how you came in my life
You took a nigga heart by surprise
You know, yeah you know
The other girls wanna ride
But you the one to walk by my side
You the truth I can't even lie
You know, yeah you know



I know what they say
Love don't exist
This day and age
But girl you the shit
Can't believe I found you
I thought you'd feel the same
Matter of fact fuck rap
You make me wanna sing like
Ooooh Oooh Oooh Oooooh Ooooh Ooooh Oooh Oooh
Ohhh yeah
Ooooh Oooh Oooh Oooooh Ooooh Ooooh Oooh Oooh


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Adrian Marcel Timeless Comments
  1. Marchelle Griffin

    He look sum is scrumptious

  2. x_purpleplug

    This will always be in my R&B rotation always makes me feel some typa way

  3. Just A Trucker

    What happened to you bro..... you still making 🔥🔥🔥 joints??

  4. La Dreem formerly known as Sunshine

    Didn't forget.

  5. Omarr Koroma

    so good to hear

  6. simone griffiths

    I love his music keep doing it baby you'll get big like u should

  7. Francisco Mejia

    Minidulo Adran marcel mifaborito

  8. Candace Pryor

    Matter of fact f---k rap she makes me wanna sing know the rest.......Candy red listening again in 2019. Just riding this beat....

  9. Aryonna Monae

    I wish this was on Apple Music

  10. Stoneyboi Josh

    2019? Probably the only one🤟🏼

  11. Toya

    Beautiful song

  12. mike white

    Here July 2nd 2019! Salute

  13. Peter García

    Amo la voz de este este hombre saludos desde México

  14. Candace Pryor

    Turn him up!!!!

  15. Tonio McCathron

    CHANELLE etch cuff sch xxx chic shy chic see ssh

  16. Omarr Koroma

    The adverts arent important

  17. beautiful soul

    Whoever says they have never daydreamed has never heard this song its takes you on a first class flight to planet extascy

  18. Jim Metayer

    How many people still listen to this song in 2019

  19. Naenae85

    Hes beautiful

  20. Toya

    Very talented

  21. rippermcneal

    Still bumping this in late 2018.

  22. WhoIsJay

    ain’t nothing like some real good love music🖤

  23. PLR 88

    Adrian Marcel & TAYF3RD should collab!

  24. PLR 88

    His voice is top 5 R&B 2018

  25. Travis Hollis

    Chris Brown's long lost brother.

  26. camille harper

    Uhh love him

  27. CamiLuv U

    First time hearing this and I love it

  28. Rosevida Reinhold

    Lmao I'd really love to work with him on a song 😂😥🔥🔥

  29. almazansales


  30. Peter García

    Que gran voz me cautiva

  31. Jasmine Martinez

    My son Loves to sing and Dance his Name is Adrian too ❤ Handsome like him aswell


    The video girl being too upitty like she dont lnow he fine I would be hugging him kissing his neck omg being into it 😍😍😍😍

  33. Cryss Yanez

    He is so amazing in concert. These videos do no justice. Legit, voice of angel.

  34. Princess DaDoll

    This song is sooo soothing 😌❤️


    Such a unique soul


    I love guys that can sing who are real men who show real emotion for a woman in thier songs! Love u Adrian! Keep up the good work

  37. Char La

    He cute as hell and can sang lol. Stop sleeping on ya boy PLEASE!!!!

  38. Aysha Edmondson

    love it 💖💦😍😘

  39. Toya

    beautiful music

  40. Julia Yates

    Adrian Marcel timeless this my hit

  41. Aysha Edmondson

    Love you Adrian Marcel💖💦😘😍

  42. Aysha Edmondson

    Love it😍😘

  43. 割Bäđđïë

    He looks like the boy i go to school with 😂.

  44. Sirita Anderson

    I 😍😍😍😍😍 this song😄 I remember when this first came out 😊

  45. Apple Love


  46. Tough Shit

    Chris Brown alter ego

  47. Lexci Monnity

    adrian got mr vibin'

  48. Zen Phobia

    Adrian Marcel💯 Is the Man, The Music, The Truth❤❤❤ Ya!

  49. David Taylor

    Good music straight up another stand out artist

  50. Todd Mayberry

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. MzJemm

    So in love with this song... makes me want to believe in love again



  53. angelique jenkins

    Adrian Marcel is daddy he so sexy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. Beautiful_ Michole

    I love how playful he is in this video. 😍😍😍

  55. kanny bright

    love it

  56. YoYute27 Zeet

    who cares about wtf he looks like he's talented as fuck

  57. blessed020506

    Fuck rap you make me wanna sing...ooooh ooooh oooooh ooh aahhh yeahhhh ooooh ooh

  58. Kendra Jones

    My favorite song by him.

  59. Delilah Chavez

    I love this song

  60. Zuri Mo'ise

    Anybody know where I can download this?

  61. Chris McCall


  62. Quin Arnett


  63. Terrence Scales

    This girl saying she wants this played at her wedding. So I'm 👂.

  64. Rosalyn Hoskins


    Rosalyn Hoskins

    Honeymoon music....

  65. Rosalyn Hoskins


  66. Noiix d' Coco

    c'est doux et léger je kiff 😍😍

  67. William Richardson

    first time hearing this song and all i can say is that its good

  68. Kieta Queen

    He's beautiful💜! I play this song everyday!

  69. Bluetooth Musiq

    Great song He Getting There

  70. Sherelle Willis

    I love this song

  71. Ana

    that's fee!!!!

    Meg Carnival

    he will blow up he is handsome has a greAt voice and very humble

  72. Mia Hall

    Dayummmm...Adrian your dope...History in the mak'n.....every song gets me hyped for the next...keep do'n your thing I support you 100%..

  73. josh idun

    Hey made this song on my birthday 🙈😍😍

  74. Clémentine Makali

    J'adore c'est doux

  75. K P

    Sad this guy didn't blow up he deserves it //:

  76. Sabiha Tebib

    the old chris Brown 😍😍😍

  77. Cara Lou

    This song is everything 😩❤️

    April Mccoy

    Love this song, he is on fire!!

  78. Genesis Arreaga


  79. Michelangelo Parker

    "why hasnt this guy blown up yet?" because his fans dont advertise him enough

    Niecey Smith

    Michelangelo Parker exactly!!!

  80. CoolieHigh61 Productions

    This track makes me miss making music. :/ I am in love with this so much!!! This song is #MusicGoals. #VocalGoals

  81. Ezmermaid

    You deserve to be more popular 😑💕🔥

  82. Lucas Felix

    essa musica é top das top

  83. swtcndy

    I love this song

  84. Perla Contreras

    This song is beautiful

  85. Cecilya Vanessa

    Melhor música de todos os tempos . Brasil

  86. Keilah Visesio

    Oh yeah just what people like to be called. Adrian Marcel- "Girl you're the SHIT" Saying or not. No just no. No one should be called 💩

  87. queen.heylie

    all ya need to need the fuck up he's my boyfriend since day one... byeeeee

  88. Lady T Oates

    This Mixtape was proper, this the director was RnB needs but they won't let it be

  89. Ibaryath Natazar

    He's not Puerto Rican he's Louisiana Crèole like Lloyd polite and lil fizz.

  90. sadityyy. laylay

    Bruhh this is my favorite song in going to cry I love him he soooo fine and talented

  91. Kaysinger

    Damn, how I'm I just discovering this sensationally soulful being?

  92. Elijah

    The soundtrack is just awsome

  93. Lazoris Briggs

    sounds and looks like Chris breezy...this must be a sci-fi clone experiment that broke out of the song tho

    Zariah Harris

    No , such thing he's ADRIAN MARCEL & he has a soul sound to him !!

  94. Link W

    So gifted, man.