Adrian Marcel - Spending The Night Alone Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
(Turn the lights off)
Those kisses never seem to fade away
I can feel em on my face
They still feel perfect
That’s why I can’t go another day
Love it when I see you smile
Happy just to be there
Even when you’re down girl
I’ve been needing you around girl yeah yeah

But you been missing for too long
And I ain’t ready to move on
I’m calling all your friends to
Help me find you baby

[Hook x2:]
She got me laying here by the phone
I can’t keep spending the night alone
I’ve got all I could ever want
But it just ain’t enough if it ain’t you baby

Ain’t enough
When it ain’t you baby

[Verse 2:]
Driving past your mama’s house
Hoping just to catch a
Short glimpse of you
And I’ll be hoping that you don’t find out
How much it’s killing me girl
Please girl, my heart can’t take another day, no no no no no


[Hook x2]


[Verse 3 - x2:]
It’s hurting me when she’s not near
Our love it bleeds, I need her here
I’m not complete, no she’s my air
Yeah, yeah

[Hook x2]

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Adrian Marcel Spending The Night Alone Comments
  1. Yer Yang

    Still listening to this in 2019. Its lit 🔥

  2. Karnage Kabuto

    2019 anyone?🔥🔥🔥

  3. Blaccbuni Delatorre

    kristina alonso

  4. Peter García

    Amo la voz de este hombre saludos desde México

  5. Marchelle Griffin

    He's handsome wondering what he's mixed with

  6. Tisa Reid

    I love this song so much love from Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  7. Tay Tha Shoota


  8. Nnegrita J.R

    😍😍😍 why!?

  9. Harry nua Gy


  10. Kim Puerto

    It ain't enough...if it ain't you 💔😥

  11. Kiwwiana Kaanyé

    Anybody else alone right now 🤣

  12. Etuate Racolo

    This song had me in tears yo ... beautiful song

  13. Samantha Alvarez

    Way too underrated

  14. Peter García

    Que rolón

  15. Peter García

    Que rolón

  16. Phi Nguyen/ /ANAFERNAPE

    2018 anyone this song is still soooo goood!!


    Awwww this song is cute

  18. Claudia Bravo

    Another Trey Songz😍

  19. alyssa jones

    I'm in love with him OMG he so fine

  20. Corinthia Brown

    This make me cry everytime i listen to it at least 10 times a day.It let me know how much u got and how attractive u r that the one u want may just not want u!Nice to know someone that dont even know me know how i feel!SALUTE ADRIAN always Ms.Cori

  21. yolie guzman

    2018 baby !

  22. Drake

    acoustic is better tbh.

  23. lashay howard

    Willieee cant wait to see u

  24. Paris Garner

    Who’s listening in 2018??

  25. Zipporah Bell

    This song brings back hella memories 😩😩💯

  26. Patricia Murray

    I love this song so much it❤😓 reminds me of my last break up we was so happy together until to everybody started standing in the way of our friendship , every since then I been alone , 😢💔

  27. Koua Vue

    How do random people keep becoming famous but not this guy?

  28. Joi Postal

    why he is so underrated like all these other good artists this generation today needs to know what real music is instead of listening to all this music that doesnt talk about anything thats why i barley listen to music today cuz artists like him, jhene aiko,and maurice moore or eric bellinger are being slept on

  29. Cristina Albers

    How am I just hearing this song now in 2017? One of the most beautiful songs and melodies I have ever heard. <3

  30. Nate Bubba&Mepa. P Xo


  31. Joey Mcghee

    Adrian, I'm starting to really like your music. you maybe gaining notice from an older crowd even. you must get more tv exposure and answer those who write on your posts. come to Birmingham. When you're in Georgia, you're a stone's throw away, but please let me know so I can for once get a good seat.

  32. Meralie Molina

    beautiful song

  33. StaRR1111 The Supernova Reaux Tarot

    This song just touch my heart 😁🎤🎼 love is beautiful but a battle at times #Keepfightingforwhatyouwant

  34. Blair

    This is amazing Adrian

  35. - Hifza


  36. Angela Ramos

    his music is melting women's hearts

  37. Kristine Yang

    This could be a Korean song ❤️

  38. agness Fruean

    who's listening in 2017

  39. keyy Smith


  40. Erik Boyles

    I swear, this song is everything right now!

  41. kushkilla/ESF559

    13 years and she leaves this shit doesn't get easyer i miss her like it happened yesterday and its been 2 months y laura contreras


    It’s been two years and I still hurt for her she broke my heart more then any person ever did I’m just not right anymore

  42. RC LaROCK /The Micstro

    nice talent ..sounds like trey and mario combo

  43. Watching YouTube 1

    i love your songs

  44. Lanisha Campbell

    Great song, wishes album would drop sooner!! Love ur haters!!

  45. Iyanna Brooks

    Brought back so many memories 💯😭🌌

  46. Alivia Kelley

    2k16 gang?😍😈👌💪🔥

  47. Tracy Garcia

    💌😘😘😘😘😘Stunning Voice !!!!!

  48. Rae Johnson

    come back Adrian 😭

  49. Victor Carmichael

    this join hot🔥🔥

  50. Wolf Of fear

    why dont we share this video on social media it is a good song and the only reason i heard about it from my ex but thats my opionon

  51. Tyshawn Tyson

    😢 my song

  52. Queenie Rhowee

    come back adrian! the music industry needs your music! <3

  53. stuckn mywayz

    he should've got way more recognition

  54. shukkks

    This really needs more views.

  55. Jen Taofia

    He sounds like Usher... ;-)

    trevoria _always

    Jen Taofia ehh sorta

  56. Isaiah Hinojosa

    this guy had so much potential, why did he quit making music

    Isaiah Hinojosa

    yeah,I understand


    His album entitled GMFU will be released in January the next year.

    Darrius Nunnery

    InfinitelyJapan that's a lie its January where its at tho

    petre villa

    #gmfu is coming out the end of march

    Etuate Racolo

    He didn't quit he still out there...promoting his tour he is here in Fiji right now watched him performed last night...

  57. C MG

    His voice is angelic...soothes my soul, my goodness!!

  58. Tasha'sfablife

    Love this song so much!

  59. Ana Cruz

    la la love this love this shit 💕

  60. Champion

    sexy song

  61. Iyaloo Nghikwafelwa

    he look almost like chris brown


    Not really.

  62. Sandra Weaver Smalls

    love this song


    like this song☺☺

  64. merry pajamas

    I hate 2AM It's just too wannabe DJ Mustard but this is good as fuck

  65. Reggie Wayne

    Makes you think. This song is banging

  66. Lous math joseph

    the top favorite song is

    August alsina
    nicki minaj
    Jason derulo
    chris brown
    adrian marcel
    meek milli
    celine dion
    kent jones
    Lil Wayne

  67. ArilovesJB

    This song is amazing!!!

  68. fatima ali

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! You killed it x

  69. Samantha Gaspard

    the song got feelings in it so that makes A+ from me

  70. Samantha Gaspard

    I love this song.

  71. Cherrie Armoni

    Omg!!! I listened to this song a few years ago and I didn't know he wrote it!! His voice is incredible!😍💍❤

  72. BeingAnAutismMommy 6littles

    phôLabor q i.

  73. Real g-Nius

    So underrated that's sad yo.

  74. Selin Kutlu


  75. Alan Murtagh

    love this tune made me cry and still dose thinking of my girl how much I want her close to me and how much i miss her and love her love you baby girl xxxxx

  76. Margarito Santiago

    I like this song

  77. Never_Active

    I Thought This Was Jason Delruo
    Idk How To Spell He's Last Name Lol

    Alejandro Moreno

    yogi bbl lack eat lip LPP copy hi idea


    +Alejandro Moreno
    ??? O.o

  78. Dejah_ beauty

    I'm in love with this fucking song like come on who's not? 😣😣😣

  79. Sometimes Love

    On replay ❤️😩😩 why he's voice gotta be soo good !! I can listen to his all Night and day lol 😂❤️❤️

  80. Kel Alexander

    I've been here like 7 times within the last hour 🙈😍❤️

  81. c.u. !!

    ทำไมฟังเพลงนี้แล้วอยากร้องไห้ !! 😂😭😭

  82. Samantha Balderas

    Love his music ^_^

  83. d'sha w

    great vocals

  84. Csuka Gabor

    How come this song has no music video? This song is amazing!

  85. Daddieh Savage

    Man my ex girlfriend had me on this song I really miss her I want her back

  86. my queen go bad

    i love your song lol ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  87. asizle09

    great song if u married and going through a rough time.

  88. DedicatedDad

    Best song if your missing someone who means/meant the world to you. He or She will know who they are...

  89. jada

    like it I like the old shit like guy and jodeci

  90. nabin Pun

    Adrian and Chris brown need to do a song!

    Lina Trogdon

    omg truth

    Emilio Hernandez

    u right

    Floofi Floof

    they need to make a damn baby


    nabin Pun nah, he's good by himself

  91. Davy Boon

    she dancing by herself


    Yes I was, the girl originally filmed couldn’t continue so they subbed me in

  92. sunshine00241

    What's his ethnicity?

  93. wølfy døg

    dedicated to shane anderson one evil pig...

  94. Lucian

    His name is so Romanian, lol

  95. sherman lozano

    Perfect girl

  96. Phyllis Migasi

    I love this shit

  97. Sydney Nolen

    Best song ever I love it

  98. Jocelyn Cole

    This song got me in my feelings.😒😭😭