Adrian Marcel - Slow Burn Lyrics

Inhale by body
Now I'm in your body
I hope you keep a secret
Girl don't tell nobody
Oh, can you feel it
Oh, girl the limit ain't the sky

I'm on a mission
To file all division
Just watch me reassure
I'm all you been missin'
There'll be times in your life
When it ain't always right
Right now come with me lil baby
We can fly

No stress girl it's alright
We can take our time
Let's go relax, you're mine
Let's just slow burn
La-dee-da, la-dee-da
Slow burn (ay)
La-dee-da (slow burn)

I could tell that they never
Had love together
They ain't never did it good
When they made your world stop
No fear, why you think you came here
To show you, everything that ain't it
I'm lovin' us together
I'll make you feel like it's forever

I'm all on your body
You give me chills down my body
Can you keep a secret
Baby girl don't tell nobody
(Don't tell 'em)

There'll be times in your life
When it ain't always right
Right now come with me lil baby
We can fly

No stress girl it's alright
We can take our time
Let's go relax, you're mine
Let's just slow burn
La-dee-da, la-dee-da
Slow burn (ay)
La-dee-da (slow burn)

No stress girl it's alright
We can take our time
Let's go relax, you're mine
Let's just slow burn
La-dee-da, la-dee-da
Slow burn
La-dee-da (slow burn)

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Adrian Marcel Slow Burn Comments
  1. Marchelle Griffin

    That's the baby

  2. STG Filmmakers

    Yo Adrian. Too dope! Concept met the final product spot on. Stay real homey. We out here on Guam supportin bruh.

  3. Christal Davis

    Adrian is one ☝️ fine men ❤️🥰

  4. Dreambig listen to my mixtapes

    Been bumping this errday!

  5. Soul Central TV

    Really good London says FUEGOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. Alexander Zichem

    This man mad for real🤣💯

  7. Da Truth Seeka

    Yessssssuuuuhhhh!! A.M.

  8. Dilexus Adams

    Love this song and he fine

  9. Dej C

    Damn what a PLOT TWIST there HAS to be a PT. 2 there's no way it's supposed to end like that 🤣🤦🏾‍♀😳

  10. prettyncali23

    Come on Adrian I’ve been missing your music 🎶

  11. Vixtage Cartel

    He has Meth Face

  12. chili jungo

    Love your music bro, but every time I see you, you look just like Imarra (Marri) and I miss him, damn... keep doing your thing man.


    Mans has zero facial hair. Tf he combin😄

  14. Candace Pryor

    Listen to the music and beat....then put the words with it. I always listen to the music first then the words.......Don't know why. That's how I interpret music.....Nice flow right now.....pass the spliff......

  15. Unik0 Official

    Nice ! Really Talented 🔥💥muy bien!

  16. Bianca Perkins he taken? That's all I wanna know cause....DAMN!! He is everything! 😍😍😍😍

  17. Felicia H.

    Aww he's gonna have some pretty babies one day 😍😂 but I love this song 💕❤🔥

  18. Mik Monroe

    Adrian is sexy vibes .. period ♥️

  19. Paradise Entertainment

    Are u available ? Thought he had a crush on spice the Jamaican singer

  20. V Perez

    I did not expect that ending I felt that how hot he got and he try to keep a cool head and not it bother him.

  21. Darkness Divine

    Ekk that skin. All that money get some magic cream or something! Sexy still.

    adrian Marcel

    Darkness Divine naw I fuck wit how I look .. you can always not look tho.. 👍🏽

  22. badgalmiri 177

    He looked better with his old hairstyle 😫😫

  23. T. Maluwana

    Nigga think he sexy he ugly asf 😂😂😂

  24. chris babie

    My boy got the waves going. You swimming bro. It’s a good luck no homo

  25. Ty Mitchell

    This was a bop. Glad you’re still making music. Hopefully to meet you one day. Also I watched the Bobby Debarge story and you did good. Hopefully to see you in more movies as well. Much love 💕

  26. SouthSide Bankroll

    We need more RnB like this!!

  27. Menaisag

    Love love this song wit his fine ass 💕💕

  28. Sara R

    Why isnt he viral

  29. Rahi a

    can't stop listening to this

  30. TL Carman

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, yes been a fan since 7 days of weak. Won't lie, didn't feel your debut album and was disappointed af. But this album right here, THIS ALBUM RIGHT HERE! 🔥🔥💋🔥🔥🔥
    Thank you for this one A.M.

  31. Beautiful Rosemary

    He used to be my husband, then he left me at 2am. Now he wants to come and give me a burn 😂🤣😂🤣

    Jk ... Missed you Adrian

  32. Abri Baker-Lawrence

    Issavibe #slowburn

  33. Lester Allen

    No lie a 98th short film would be dope include all tracks from the album and a good story bam! Its golden! 📽📽📽😎

  34. K S


  35. jopimp14

    Dam! That end tho!

  36. jopimp14

    The homie from DEEP EAST OAKLAND!
    NORTE X4 =ENE=


    Ok. Adrienne

  38. Emily Bronks

    So slick.

  39. sheydline moise

    I’m tryna listen to this song and the only thing I hear in my mind is “...said it’s twooo A.M” 😩

    ComedicPrince Entertainment

    sheydline moise Lmaoo


    sheydline moise 😂

  40. paricew

    He’s a cutie

  41. Lifeinpink

    Cute video and song!

  42. Linda Mouton

    About time. This dude is for real

    adrian Marcel

    Linda Mouton thank you

  43. Darrell Jolley

    2AM Still A Hit🔥

  44. Akil Ameen

    Nice track

  45. M K


  46. Denise Williams

    been fine and them waves yasssss

    adrian Marcel

    Denise Williams aye!

  47. Jason Jimenez

    He keeps brushing his chin hair 😂😂😂

    adrian Marcel

    Jason Jimenez so they’ll grow haha

    Jason Jimenez

    adrian Marcel at least the waves is flowing 🏄🏼‍♂️

  48. SparklezandSweetzTV

    I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR VOICE👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  49. simi vRx


  50. Xo.goddess.cee

    Themmmm vibbessss babyyy


    Follow my insta!!! @ xo.goddess.cee

  51. Jadianna Hugle

    Ms. Hancock better get it singin background tho!

    adrian Marcel

    Jadianna Hugle exactly

  52. Itsesha_ Bxtch

    Yayyy he’s back 😩🎉

  53. Taliyah Faulkner

    I like how he mixes throwback in his song with new music

    adrian Marcel

    Taliyah Faulkner the greats did it best

    Taliyah Faulkner

    @adrian Marcel you right but I think for him to take and bring throwback back to New music he did great especially with this song

  54. Traffic Control

    Chemistry between these two is incredible 👀

  55. Jet Kurlz

    I'm so happy you are back! Your talent is so bright! Keep going, Mr. Marcel. Sending♥️ love, hugs, and support from Louisiana!!

    adrian Marcel

    Indi Indi all love baby!

  56. Donnie Babeh

    Finally ❤️❤️❤️

  57. I see Jewelz


  58. Retroworldnews

    New Video: Adrian Marcel – Slow Burn
    Shared ,

  59. YKDez

    Been waiting low key 🔥🔥

  60. Mac or Die

    *YOU *AIN'T *GOTTA *TRIP *ITS *AUTO *MATIC.. (Real ones know)

    adrian Marcel

    Mac or Die off top that’s the one!!

    Nakita O.

    Yes that should be the next Single!!!!

  61. Mac or Die

    My DAWG Always come Wit FLAMES 🔥

  62. AY- B

    keep it up Adrian! Would love to produce for you

  63. Joy Moore


  64. Almighty Hendrixx

    Gawd that man is so fiiinnnnnne😍 Adrian you can get it

    adrian Marcel

    Almighty Hendrixx lol

    Almighty Hendrixx

    You think I’m playing Adrian🤨 We both grown wassup🤪😂

  65. Chechy

    Great song 👌🏼

  66. Allure Trena

    *I swear HE COULD actually be one of the DEBARGE'S actual son! He looks like he could be a part of their family..*

    adrian Marcel

    Allure Trena I do tho! So it wasn’t only right for me to play “James Debarge” in the #BobbyDebargeStory On TVOne


    adrian Marcel I’ll be watching can’t wait

  67. Toya

    All your videos are classy and timeless u always give a good vibe. Jus needed me in the video

    O'Shea T.G.


  68. Itsjust_Dest J


  69. Soojeong

    He is underrated asf🔥😔

  70. NoChillJay

    Been a min since my life my guy 💪🏾👏🏾

  71. only1 showtime

    Dope glad to see you back my brother 🔥🔥🔥

  72. CoolGent87

    This is really great 🎶

  73. Jasmaine Thompson

    LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️...... but that end part tho 😂

  74. Diamond Franklin

    To be continued.... Adrian becomes obsessed, has a psychotic break, kills the other Adrian and runs off with the girl🤔🤔

    Diamond Franklin

    Plot twist the girl ends up helping Adrian get rid of fiancé Adrian, and then turns on Marcel 🤗🤗

    adrian Marcel

    Diamond Franklin that would be crazy

  75. Lotus

    I wouldn't mind working wit this dude booth time 🔥👏💆❤fuck it I'm coming out of hiding I want sum of this r&b 💸

    O'Shea T.G.

    Ayyyeeeee OK ☝🏾

  76. InterLina Milian

    YASS ITS 2Am 💦💦

  77. Ms. Fowler

    @AdrianMarcel stays with the sensual vibe. Not overly raunchy just smooth! I need people to respect his grind and play him more. Still rocking with him since the mixtapes.

    adrian marcel

    all love!

  78. June the Goon

    “2am I want it girl”


  79. Mrs Hubbard89

    Someone please tell me what does slow burn mean

    adrian marcel

    Its all about what you want it to mean! The video shows 3 ways you can slow burn if you watch it close

  80. Cecelia Esquibel

    Love it Adrian Please make another beautiful song..

    adrian marcel

    stream my NEW ALBUM "98th" on all digital platforms Available NOW!

  81. Tiphany757

    Adrian got that kind of handsomeness that I haven't seen in a long time...the kind that makes a woman do a double take and lose her breath when she sees him.


    Went to his show and met him in person and he is very good looking and his voice is even better.

  82. Clickformyname

    Glad to see you back out 🎉🙏🏻 keep it coming like this!!!!!!!! Follow @clickformyname ☀️

  83. Kamill Gants

    Babyyyy 😍😍😍💖💖💖

    O'Shea T.G.

    Kamill Gants your snapchat, thanks.

  84. Alex Campbell

    Gwarn adrian 👍🏽

  85. Adrian Witherspoon

    My name is Adrian too ha doppppe

  86. Adrian Witherspoon

    One of the best

    adrian marcel

    thank you

  87. Marmac RV Adventures

    Who is the Asian dude? He's cute

    adrian marcel

    keoni Mars! Look him up

  88. tis4tweety

    smooth 🌊 can't wait to hear more, we've been waiting patiently enough🤗

    adrian marcel

    My New Album "98th" is OUT NOW! 12 new jams on that thing! stream on all platforms now!


    @adrian marcel🤓 thanks for the heads up. off to Spotify I go👀💨💕

  89. MahoganyCHET

    GMFU... 😂

  90. Isaiah Corn

    😂😂😂 the end is funny but in all seriousness glad to see he’s back 💯💯💪🏿

    adrian marcel

    preciate it!

  91. itsNotedd


  92. Love Jones

    I was wishing for new music<3

  93. Pheno G

    Damn he went in on this 💯, pac influence

    adrian marcel

    right on! Appreciate it

  94. Gain Flings

    been here since 2am😭😍

  95. DeNero Randle

    Yeah big bro i dig

  96. Amanda Archuleta

    You are gorgeous 🤪 Your talent is unmeasurable 🤩

    adrian marcel

    thank you love!

    Amanda Archuleta

    adrian marcel Your welcome, baby boy 🌬💨💙💙💙💙

  97. Jazz Baker

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥

    adrian marcel

    thank You!

  98. Jamelia Pugh

    Ayyyy always putting on for Oakland and the Bay!!!

    adrian marcel

    that'll never change! Townbizness

  99. JuJu Baby

    That’s a niceeee twist! 😅😂💀🙏🏽💯👏🏽🙌🏽 Bravo