Adrian Marcel - Runnin' Lyrics

Runnin runnin runnin
Running with no where to go
I'm callin callin callin
Calling girl just come on home
I can see it in your eyes at night
I know you're broken
I can feel it every time
You cry at night so hopeless

Girl you cant keep runnin run away
You can't keep runnin forever babe
Don't know why your runnin run away
Cant keep runnin forever babe

Girl you cant keep runnin
I wanna love you babe
Doing everything I'm tryna understand
Why you runnin in and out of my life
Wanna waste my time I'm tryna make it right
Girl why you runnin cuz I wanna love u better
And we could do this [?]
Why you runnin in n out my life
Wanna waste my time I'm tryna treat you right
Stop runnin

Girl I wanna love you better
Girl I wanna love you better
Tell me tell me tell me
Tell me where did we go wrong
What got you runnin runnin runnin
Runnin like u got no where to go
Oh why oh why
I love you in my heart n my soul I mean it
So excuse me if its hard to let you go ain't easy

Girl you cant keep runnin run away
Can't keep runnin forever babe
Don't know why your runnin run away
Cant keep runnin forever babe

Girl you cant keep runnin
I wanna love you babe
Doing everything I'm tryna understand
Why you runnin in and out of my life
Wanna waste my time I'm tryna make it right
Girl why you runnin cuz I wanna love u better
And we could do this [?]
Why you runnin in n out my life
Wanna waste my time I'm tryna treat you right
Stop runnin

Girl I wanna love you better
Girl I wanna love you better

There you go again with the games
Different day the shits still the same
You said you wanna leave
That's how you deal with pain
You say you wanna love
But the fear remain
N I gave u all that u asked
Fast cars and them bags
Took you out forever 21
Now you shopping at sacs
But all I get is yo ass
From that bullshit and your past
All them other niggas you fucked with
Known for doing that fuck shit
But all I do is function
And I ain't playing no games
Imma let you just keep runnin
And imma stay in my lane

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Adrian Marcel Runnin' Comments
  1. I_Got_That_ White

    Still listening and it’s abouta be 2020

  2. f7pro87

    Mlody Jan Los

  3. character4thought

    This whole mixtape was everything from beginning to end

  4. Baby Doll


  5. M. H.

    Cause love has got a sweet flowing, Just like this another great classic Adrian Marcel song. Still gonna love this May 2019 and on and on...❤️🎶👌🙏

    M. H.

    Stay blessed all TY ❤️ 🙏

  6. Letícia Ramos

    Still wondering why it didn't explode... such a good song!!!

  7. Naturally Cute Bean

    Yes lawd

  8. Ashley B

    Where did this man go!

  9. Dray Day

    Spotify ????????

  10. Enheritance Derrico

    Still listening in 2019 💕💕

  11. Tay P

    I’m so pissed that you are slept on man . I’m still listening

  12. Marlene Douw

    Team 2019 where you at ?

  13. WaterThEPlAnts

    Didn’t know it was a video for this glad I found it

  14. Chill Boy Floyd

    Wassup on a feature. Killing shit on momma.

  15. Chill Boy Floyd

    Wassup AM. Still Jammin Yo shit Cuz.

  16. Muradin 83

    2018 anyone?

  17. Andrea Hawkins


  18. Julia Strange

    This song is UNDERRATED!!!😍💍❤🔥


    Lady Shotta!!!!! 😁

  20. jessica smith

    2015? i never even heard of this song till today what the hell?

  21. Danny D

    wow this song hit me hard

  22. The New Packed Entertainments Zone

    Can u please make more music

  23. Purple Wind

    ШЕДЕВР НАХУЙ слушаю ас 2014 и до сих пор не надоела

  24. BMRNG.

    he's been working plus 4 u m8 !!!

  25. Marilyn Theard

    He should be on the show STAR

  26. Jnai Lard

    How new is this song

  27. Immaturity

    This song is always bumpin

  28. Luis Franco Reyes

    Saca algo nuevo Adrián men cantan tus canciones al go nuevo 2018 xfa si


    I can related the guy i married was the one I kept running from but he continued to wait

  30. Amanda Rodriguez

    I really want this song on iTunes. Ughhhj it’s sooo good 😍😍❤️

  31. Amairyia Johnson


  32. K. Love

    2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. Shani Shay

    I love this song

  34. Seth Bennett

    Ok this song is actually not on iTunes, it’s saying it is there at the end of this video but the song isn’t in any of the albums provided in iTunes

  35. Marcelo Lima

    Mil grau

  36. Andrea Michell Life

    He is sooo hot I'm sorry but he is so freaking hot and when he rap I just melt haaaa

  37. Karen Venturini

    PLEASE PLEASE I need this song available on Tidal! Come on!!!!!! ❤ best ever, I can't find it anywhere, only on YouTube!

  38. Jurnee Mccarty

    This song is so underrated

  39. Enheritance Derrico

    This is still the song <3

  40. Jeniece Tucker

    This song is 🔥

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    'Cus I have hpv and you don't knows it now let me run bitch

  42. Thomas copeland

    Hail Ahmen Hail REAL Ahmen Beings

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  44. TheCubarican619

    After all this time, I still don't understand why I don't hear this man more than I hear Justin Bieber dumb ass.

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    2 yrs later and I'm still in love with this song





  49. Sheddene bennett

    My Bae is the best and know you will come thru hun . #teamadrianmarcel

  50. holson Charles

    Can someone tell me what's the song meaning? Why is she running?running from what?

    Kendra Marsh

    She scared to fall in love again because she been hurt by men. So she can going keep running away from love and him.

  51. Heaven Jenkins

    love love this song:)

  52. Pray for Everyone

    always runnin...that's meh!😧

  53. Rodnesha Strickland

    Love This Song 😍😭🖤

  54. shadia chatman

    Why isn't this song on iTunes like not even available to purchase. I can only hear it on here and SoundCloud 😔

  55. Angela Ramos

    on point

  56. Twin jazzy

    wow this music is dope meen love it

  57. Maria Y

    This is so good, I'm crying

  58. Zaniyah

    - So Nobody Else Peeped That Lil Durk Remixed This ?

  59. Loch That Monsta

    This the beat from Lil Durk and Jeremiah Like Me

  60. Marcel Adrian

    This song touches me


    I like this song me and my mom it's so sad

  62. Dorothy Bostic

    I have been listening to you Adrian for the past four years. Love your voice.

  63. brownsuga blakkbeauty

    this is still my favorite song of yours @adrian marcel

  64. Da Truth Seeka

    forever will be my shit right here!!!

  65. Kathleen Sue Moïse

    this song affected me deeply cause I've always been runnin

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    I'm surprised this hasn't hit a million views yet 🙄

    holson Charles

    Blanca Rivera me too the fuck is going on

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    I love a drain arcel he's my boo

  69. Alexandra Loette

    Dope in 2017

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    Adrians a beast honey...Lort have mercy. U kill em honeybun..u on a roll

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    this shit got a nigga in his feels





  74. Nikita Stowe

    I'm not running away from you boo

    The LOUD House

    Nikita Stowe Me either 😂😂

  75. Sexy Chick

    Adrian Marcel got a great voice. Love this song

  76. Its AVI

    I really think i love you 😭😂😍 cant belee im Jus gettin hooked on this ! u shud be Hella Poppin

  77. Diego Henrique

    Brazil 2016

  78. Rosalyn Hoskins

    I have to see him in concert. his voice is like the flow to my soul

  79. Rosalyn Hoskins


  80. Neako Harris

    ft with Bryson Tiller would be 🔥LIT🔥

    Neako Harris

    ittybitty5609... True

    love jones

    ittybitty5609 I mostly listen to Olds chool rnb and these new guys like Bryson I heard one of his songs. it did not spark any interest. I heard a clip on the song with Chris Brown , Keep you in mind. I love that song. but his voice sounds like a kid trying to sing. He can not sing like Adrian. I agree. He does not belong on this song. I heard Adrian sing the national anthem that boy can sang.


    @love jones Exactly. The BET Awards showed me that first hand. Studio singers stand to the left, real singers stand to the right. And they do NOT need to mix.

    Make out hill

    Neako Harris W


    @love jones Lol not the Jackson 5 movie. And yeah vh1 is the damn worse and a CANCER lol.

  81. Symone Thomas

    Chris Brown should have been on this song with him. I love this song!

    Michael Weston

    Symone Thomas least it'd get publicity

    Symone Thomas

    I love his music! I'm trying to figure out why he's not on the radio

    Yesenia Darby

    No need👌

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    omggg!!!! that vioce so sexxy 😋😘😍🤗😘

    Michelle Johnson


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    Or Spotify🙃🤔


    swagsaucegirl shirt because it's on datpiff/the internet for $free.99

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    510 E.S.O

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    how come ive never heard of this dude until today...? thank you sound cloud good shit here!

    Yvette Herrera

    You such


    Johnny Sparks Because Chris and Trey are the only "R&B" singers that get heavy mainstream radio play. I am surprised I never hear him on R&B stations though. With the plugs Raphael Saadiq has, you'd think he'd be on now.

    Underrated! Just like Miguel.

    EverybodyK _

    ittybitty5609 V

  86. Yvette Herrera

    I'm a big fan of your songs and my mom

  87. Missy Lilith

    I missed out on Aug 13 here in GU

  88. kim lee

    So in love with this song!!!

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    my fave of his

  90. Shawn Ellis

    fuck what anyone say, this song goes dumb hard!!! hope he keeps going hard like this!!

  91. been there

    I gotta run don't trust men anymore

  92. Cassandra Nawegulo

    i only ever heard this shit didn't realize he was the one who raps??????

    Angela Romero

    Cassandra Nawegulo same here

  93. maya steele


  94. Alberto Rodriguez

    this beat is By Vinylz and was released in 2014 on Adrian Marcel's mixtape, Weak After Next

  95. Derrick L

    Serious Flow

  96. 1000000 Subs With No Videos

    same beat as Lil durk... who copied who?

    2k Queen

    He Copied Durk.

    Malyse Lindsey

    He did NOT copy Lil Durk. This song came out in 2014. Like Me didn't come out until 2015.

    James Garcia

    actually, no lil durk swooped in and took the beat after Marcel. In my opinion, Marcel killed it!!!!!

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